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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani comes to her room, and watches it. There was a pic of Amba and RV. RV also comes to the room. He says she has come the right place, they will stay here now. Unpack your bag, put it in cup board and rest. Ishaani says he must not show any hopes to her, nor hope much. She came here only for her mother. She goes to the cupboard, which was full of RV’s clothes. She looks at him and asks where she can keep her things. He says anywhere his wild cat, as it is their room now. She says nothing can be related to both of them, neither the relation nor the room. RV shifts his shirts to one cupboard and empties the other for her. A collection of Ishaani’s photos fell off his face. He picks them up, looks at Ishaani and smiles.
Amba blames Lakshmi, that she said she won’t keep them

here. Lakshmi says RV would have left with them, otherwise. She tells Amba that her real enemy is Ishaani.
Pratik, Derwash and Sharman discuss good times are comings. He says his dream girl will enter, where he will look. Parul comes inside with the food. They both smile looking at each other. Sharman and Pratik take food and leaves. Parul says he may call her if he needs something.
RV and Ishaani head to go to washroom. He asks her to go, but she says he must go inside. Ishaani says if he wants her to take towels for him, she will do it; not for him but for her family who considers him an angel. He holds her by shoulders, and says he never wants to becomes a God, but she can’t imagine how his family must have lived had he not brought them inside. He asks her to fight with him, and goes inside. She thinks he didn’t shut the door and watches him using her tooth brush. She says that brush is hers. He comes out, and asks couldn’t she tell him. He says blue is for boys, she says there is no colors for men and women. He says his brush is also blue, as hers. She asks will they fight for it. He says no, and goes to mark the brushes. She writes her name as IP, Ishaani Parek saying she wont share his bathroom.

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Chaitali comes and says she came missing her children. Baa teases that she was showing Amba her loyalty. Ritesh says Chaitali dragged her. Ishaani comes and says she doesn’t want to use anything of RV not even his washroom. Falguni stops her, and drags her inside. She says she has married him, she has to share her life with him. Ishaani says she wont accept him as husband. Falguni asks she really thinks Chiraag will return. Ishaani says she doesn’t want to think about him, she was mistaken and will now slap him or take his life on confrontation. She accepts that whatever RV did, she knew the true face of Chiraag. But she will one day say thanks to him. She can’t love the man, who snatched her everything. Falguni says she must atleast regard him for providing her family with food and shelter. RV is doing what her dad did for them. She must solve her issues in a room. Her papa always gave RV his place, it is true today. She must get ready, like a daughter in law else people will blame her.
Ishani leaves crying. She bolts her room. RV comes and thinks Ishaani wasn’t in the room. He struggles the room gets opened. He comes to study a file when Ishaani comes out it bath. She dries her hair and water splashes on RV’s face. Both look at each other and are shocked!

PRECAP: RV holds her and says she is his wife, he will come whenever he wants. She will have to see this face daily.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Wow today’s episode is soo nice. Ishaani and ranveer both are looking hot. Waiting for tomorrow episode. Baa always used to tell madirey. What does madirey means? Can any one of you explain it?

    1. Madirey=something like i’m dead…

      1. Thanks Monica

    2. Madyre means mataji ( mother )

  2. Some of the dialogues are missing. Translation is not proper

  3. thank u sona

  4. Pls improve your English….whoever is translating this.

  5. thik toh english pagal

  6. Great indian show man n a really hot actor:)

  7. lovely episode…………..

  8. this serial is really good but ishani is so dumb tired of watching ishani not understanding RV time to do some changes or else people will get bored….

  9. kuch logon ko aap kabhi bhi “Satisfy” nahin kar sakte….

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