Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr. Mehra is excited and asks Kanchal no make noice, beat drum and announce the wedding. Pratibha comes to Manas and caresses the baby. He says the baby is so intelligent, he is so calm here in such noise. Manas is worried if he isn’t getting affected by this sound or can’t he hear it. He fears if this child is a deaf. Manas takes the child at once.
Ishaani asks Shekhar to come to a side, she wants to talk to him. RV notices this, Krisha tries to stop them and says now they will talk alone as their wedding has been fixed. In the room, Shekhar asks Ishaani what it is about. Ishaani says it is very important, she says when she first fell in love, she didn’t know herself that she is in love. She doesn’t know about it now. She just know that forgetting first love is really difficult.

Shekhar asks her to be clear. Ishaani says he is a good person, he not only gave her a new life but a reason to live. He was there when no one was, he gave her courage. She already owes him a lot, she can’t do this to her. Shekhar says he doesn’t understand. Ishaani says their families are happy and celebrating, what he fells for her is also respectable, but she can’t hide the truth from him. Shekhar asks what truth. Ishaani stammers, then says whatever she has been doing, she is doing it for her selfishness. She has a reason behind it, she doesn’t love him but will marry him. She knows that it is wrong, but she took this decision because of Ranveer. Shekhar is shocked hearing this. Ishaani says she got to know that Ranveer and Ritika aren’t married, he hasn’t ever given Ritika the right of a wife, they aren’t one being spouses. This is all because of her, she can’t live with this burder so she took this decision to keep Ranveer away from herself. She wants to move on because she is still in his love. Shekhar asks whose love? Ishaani says memories…. Those connected to her. Shekhar asks how can one live with memories love. Ishaani says memories are with someone till a person is alive. Such is happening with Ranveer, she says she doesn’t love Ranveer but she wants him to live with the one who loves him. She says she has told him the reason. SHekhar asks why she told the truth now? Ishaani says he is a good man, she may not return his love but can give him her trust.
Shekhar claps and laughs, he says she is a blo*dy good actress. Shekhar says why cancel a wedding when she knows he loves her and she cares for him. He says he knows RV is obsessed with her, she must not worry what RV must think. He calls RV standing out, he asks him to come join them and tells him it isn’t good to hear a couple’s talk and specially a couple whose marriage has been fixed. He says he told Ishaani, it doesn’t affect them what RV thinks about them. He asks him to give a fresh introduction of Ishaani as Ishaani Shekhar Mehra. He keeps hand around her shoulder, then takes her hand and says if he can’t forget his relation with Ishaani he must remember this new relation. Both laugh. Pratibha comes to take a photo of them in this pose. SHekhar and Ishaani pose hand in hand for the photo, Ishaani smiles. Pratik asks for another photo, Shekhar asks him not to forget post it on Friend Book, everyone must know they are about to get married. RV leaves curtly, Pratik goes to show everyone about it.
Shekhar leaves Ishaani, he says he knows about her past, her relation with RV and her memories. He isn’t concerned with any of them, she wanted to start the relation with a truth, how can he break this relation. She wants to know a truth, does she think him worth of her. Ishaani nods. He says that is all, this is enough for him. He says she must be thinking how a man will live with her who can’t stay with a girl for more than a month. He says she is different, and then her father’s theory that she told Krisha that one person’s love is enough for both. He wants to test it. He promises her that he will love her so much that she will fell in love, and if not they are friends and have a connection. He asks will she side him, until she makes new memories. Ishaani smiles. Shekhar asks her to go, Krisha must be gossiping what they are doing here. They head for downstairs arm in arm.
RV comes down in the hall, Ishaani’s words echo in his mind that she had called him a son of a driver. Ishaani and Shekhar also come there. RV turns to make an announcement, everyone goes to him. He says today is a good day, they got all the good news. Watching this wedding season, he also wants to do something new. He is also feeling love for someone. He calls Ritika, smiles and asks her hand. Ritika comes with him to the centre. RV kneels down in front of her, he says he knows every girl has dreams taking marriage, he wants to fulfil all the dreams of her. He accepts her his wife, but they didn’t have a grand wedding so he wants to remarry her again. Amba is elated. He says he feels they must also marry with all these marriages. All the same rituals and vows, but in a new way; this wedding will have everything grand. He kisses the back of her hand, she smiles and nods. Shekhar watches Ishaani who had tears in eyes. RV says to Ritika he wants to remarry her the day Dewarsh and Krisha will and Ishaani and SHekhar will get married, Pandit ji said anyone can marry on that day. Mr. Mehra says it is great. Everyone claps. RV meets Ishaani’s eyes victoriously. Ishaani had tears in eyes.

PRECAP: Shekhar tells Baa that people thinks lawyers to be bad because of their professions because in their lives, feelings have less space than talkings. But since Ishaani came to his life he has started to feel more. RV was standing on the door, hearing about all this.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good. Like Shikhar Ishaani Scene.. atlast Ishaani plan worked.I can able to see both hate as well as jealousy in Ranveer’s eyes clearly. Though Ranveer thinking about Shikhar’s welfare.. more than that he don’t want Ishaani to marry him. Doesnt know whether this shadi hogi or nahi..Ranveer is an idiot.. cant able to understand truth.. hate u. annoying. Hope the so called grand wedding which ranveer says wont happen. He may not be ablr to forget Ishaani.. since the Love is from childhood days.please reveal the truth soon about Rithika soon.. dont drag further.. Please.. Precap what shikhar want to convey. ?Waiting for a good episode.

  2. kowsi

    Omg shikar u r rocking yaar….i really love the scenes between ishikar..i really hate rv and rithika scene ….gud episode.. waiting for upcoming gud episodes ..

  3. george

    Good episode! But I don’t think this positive vibes will last as this marriage is not gonna take place..

  4. Omg
    New twist
    Ishani u r outstanding True lover
    Anywyz last me ishani aur ranveer ki aashiqui puri hogi….because name of this serial is meri aashiqui tum se hi……..not so meri aashiqui sab se hi
    But this episode’s ritika likes churel,
    Dayaan, atma …….
    I hate ritika

  5. ee episode rv is jelous i think.why ishani us playing like dis..too bad for her life..if one day another girl claims about shikar if they married then what may do that ishani????

  6. arora

    today episode is good, shekhar also understand her feelings, he has help ishaani, wow this is nice, but i hate rithika, rithika va parthale avlo tention aavdu, and waiting for good episode

  7. arora

    ishkar scene sema cute, i really enjoy it, venune rv ya verupethunan la, wow…….., great shekhar, i like shekhar,

      • sona

        to make him jump to the conclusion which rv did…..rv nowadays has closed his heart and just believes what he sees or hears….thats y shikhar did that to help ish…

  8. sri

    Rightu… Mothama oothi mooditanunga.. Inimel idhapathi discussion pani no use.. let it b on its zigzag track..

    let’s talk further about ishkar.. I feel they r better Jodi to b seen

  9. MATSH

    OMG did Ishani really decide to move onn with Shiker after all listening to only one dialogue of his?
    why ws she so happy with shiker at last after hearing to him,,,,

    • kashish

      bcoz at least there is someone who can understand her……even by listening her words, he agreed to support her….though ishani will never be able to love or make a relationship with shikhar, c was happy that shikhar at least knows her truth…..i dont understand y rv is behaving like this..??? but yes ritika & amba very happy today….

      • Didn’t RV understand her for so many long years,,,?
        Now RV is not a god to understand the truth behind her harsh words,,,
        She is the one who is not understanding RV and just mistrusting him and twisting his life and love the way she want,,,
        ,, I respect her love but fed up her decisions and moves

      • kashish

        MATSH, i wont comment about so long years….but he is not understanding her right now… can he believe that girl to be characterless all of a sudden…..he said that she only has money-hunger…..does he believe that she had all complete transformation in few weeks??….. he has seen her behave stupidly many times but this tym his ego won over his heart……true, c makes hasty decisions but that is bcoz c is ishani, c is meant for crossing all limits when it comes of ranveer…..i agreed when c said- “meri nafrat mei bhi tumhare liye pyar h”

    • Did ranveer cross all limits when it came for Ishani,,,? Who is the root for all problems???? U will be blinking with the answer in ur mind,,,
      That’s what I hate her,, she don’t deserve Rv’s love,,, she worth only to break pols heart,, although she loves him she goes t know to protect her love or relationship with her husband,,
      She is just thinking life is like a toy.,, when ever she wants she will avoid him , and when she wants she will run behind him,,

      • jyo

        she can do anything for rv ki khushi. in this way she hurts rv”s heart so many times. alantapdu rv ishani bath ke liye ila behaive chestunnadu. totally rv mistake em cheyatledu. bcoz all r humans. howmany times chustadu .he is right in his opinion whenever he will know truth about rithika nd ishani

    • Even shiker is believing what Ishani says he doesn’t know about Ishani’s love for RV ,, he thinks its Chirag,, can’t shiker understand that she loves RV?,?
      Even RV is in the same impression,, even he believes what Ishani says,.
      He understood and believed her so much but she forced him to think she is negative and broke the trust,, she did all these not RV,,

  10. maya

    nice ishkhar part today—– loved it….. i appreciate ishani that u told the truth to shikhar and as i had guessed shikhar has proved to be a very gud frend of yours…..there is suspense over ishkhar marriage but now i feel even if it happens, the charm of the show will not go away….good bonding b/w ishkhar……….though expressions of rv jealousy were gud but i had seen much better ones earlier….ritika does not have any acting skills……plz help i cant bear rari scenes….

    in the upcoming ceremony, again rv will make a plan to reveal the truth of ishani in front of shikhar but ritika comes there and lectures him yet again….hahaha, plan flopped!!! .after that when rv returns his home, he sees ritika packing her bags and says that she is going away bcoz he always breaks his promises…c says again he went for ishani, c wants him to ask forgiveness from ishani for creating such drama…..rv as always remains silent and agrees to do the same…..he promises he will never meet shikhar or ishani afterwards……N THATS y call rv a complete puppet of ritika….

    • MATSH

      he is not a puppet.. he is just giving her too much space,,, as a friend and now that she crept in to the status of a wife,,, then even ishani is the damn king of puppets who twist RV according to the way she want.. and shiker is a another puppet in her hand

      • maya

        neither shikhar is a puppet nor ishani a controller……c told the truth to shikhar and it was his own decision to support her… c already asked him to cancel the marriage if he wants after revealing all….but he said yes to her……ranveer never got twisted by ishani in any way c wanted rather he has always manipulated her….yes, ishani insults him by calling drivers son but he has also called illegitimate in front of, y to complain??………btw, rv is not only gave ritika the space but also the remote control of his in her hand by his own will……but yes, now ritika has lost it and taking full advantage of it,..

      • maya

        cant u understand that it was not happiness but rather satisfaction that c revealed the truth…..c told that though c can never love him but will always maintain the trust…..its friendship not love which is portrayed in case of ishkhar

  11. MATSH

    what the hell is going onn, why should even shiker join ishanis boat .?.why the hell did he tease RV,,,? IS IT FUN.. ITS SO AMAZING TO SEE PEOPLE HERE JUST enjoying the person who loved a girl so purely for so many years getting humiliated,,, How weird,,,!

    i cant understand how ishani just change her mind to accept shiker so soon coz she even went to the death penalty for RVs love,,,what the hell is going onn.?
    but i cant really really undertstand from the begining how can ishani hurt RV to this extent,,dumb woman without knowing the truth…. Today i really felt that RV must move onn in his life leaving this witch who hurts him so much by looking at his eyes,,no matter how much he loves,,
    my blood is boiling ,,, i cant resist this blo*dy show off sacrifice of Ishani ..u sacrifice to any extent doesnt matter but the hell are hurting RV so much.. idiot woman
    its u and u who is making him to give more more space to Ritika .. coz ur pushing hiom to that extent and making him to test his love.. what the hell? why are u trying to change his love.. ?

    • Shâžñā

      he he…b cool yar…juz njoy d shw 🙂 wtevr happenin nw both RV n Ishani equally responsible…n ofcos writers n ekta lso…. 🙂

    • maya

      dont get me wrong dear but its now that what rv must have to suffer b4 he comes to know about ritika’s real face……even i dont agree with humiliating someone to this extent but u tell has rv himself not created such conditions where everyone can poke him???….
      though u r very angry on ishani now but u will appreciate her if u ever analyse the other part, i m sure….. shikhar is just giving help, nothing else…….
      ishani can never move on wid shikhar even if they r married, u must know……i dont understand y u want rv to move on wid ritika???…to tell the truth, i want rv to find the truth about behind other things…….just by being jealous and such announcements, it will not help…..the situation is that only rv can help rv…!!!

      • Shâžñā

        Maya u r ryt….evry1 must analyse frm both side….if v analyse frm Ishani’s side thn defntly ll understand her ashiqui lso….n I luv Ishani’s ashiqui ♥♥♥

        Earlier thy showed Rv’s ashiqui♥♥n nw itz Ishani’s ashiqui ♥♥

      • I knew all these,, RV was jus like a robot with Ritika post leap,, he had no any other feelings and haven’t even thought of marrying her,, he only said he will try,, but after seeing Ishani and her harsh words only he is reacting like this,,
        She is responsible for RV accepting Ritika. But RV never said to Ishani to marry shiker,,,?
        I analyse from the sides and I’m not a fool only to brleive one side here and be anti feminist,, I only hate her for stupidity but I respect her unconditional love for RV,,
        Why should she do all these mere sacrifices when she really doesn’t want to,, coz she clearly knows that RV cannot move on with Ritika. Coz he loves her,, And why does she want him to give that sadness life long living with another woman having Ishani in mind,,?
        How easily can she Accept shiker and she nods her head for shiker saying they will make new memories ..?? Is thus her sacrifice,,,

      • maya

        rv accepted ritika as his wife in front of everyone, the society….he promised to give his name to the child,…though he said he will try to move on but it is not a choice rather a compulsion bcoz ritika bcum totally dependent on rv after that… that soon there will be delivery, how can (ish) think of taking away ritika’s husband when she is pregnant??…. u told that rv always loved ishani but i guess some society rules are higher than that……to save the disgrace of refusal of father, ishani is forcing to accept rv that child…..c knows that pain bcoz c herself was not accepted by her father, remember….
        i wont complain that u r being anti-feminist, but today i will support ish bcoz c did it ryt today…..if her little stupidity can make rv move on, c will accept it with smile……and lastly, i will tell u must know ish never accept shikhar from her heart bcoz c is living only for rv…..though brainless, but ish still has feelings…

      • If its true that Ishani didn’t accept shiker with her heart then I’m happy,, coz this is the love story of RV and Ishani we can’t make matches with their love,, it’s so stupid of us if we really enjoy these u ethical twists brought by the directors,,,

      • U to me y should she do l these sacrifices,,? Does she really have to,,,?
        Coz RV loves her so much ,easily she can be together with him,, y is she hurting him so much saying that’s the best for him?
        It’s Ishani who is forcing indirectly RV to marry Ritika coz all these days he was just giving her a name coz it would bring disgrace to the baby;;like what Ishani faced in childhood

      • maya

        plz understand this MATSH that ishveer cannot be together until and unless someone comes to know about the truth of ritika’s baby…..rv never questioned her and ishani did not bcoz rv had already accepted that baby…….i know that rv’s love can never die but the situation is not helping him…in this case it seems that ish is hurting rv but actually rv is himself hurting himself by not speaking up for his life…yes, ish can always come back in rv’s life but its not easy as that…..think!!

    • I can’t understand how easily she just accepted shiker,,
      I didn’t say say RV should move onn,, with Ritika but in his life.
      I said clearly in my comment above who is pushing RV to this extent to accept Ritika,,
      Is Ishani now ready to make new memories with shiker???
      I hate this track from today,, it showed real and pure love,, but today it’s too unethical.,

  12. MATSH

    I cant understand why people here just not want the couple who loves really together but their newly matched partners by the directors,,? whats the use of real love when u guys enjoy new partners for each time period,,,?

    the essence of the show is RVs love for Ishani.. please dont make matches between these real lovers,,, its so unethical..

    i have only considered shiker as a character in MATSH so far,, nothing important.. he is just to me as Ritika,devarsh,baa or someone of the show,, its only RV and Ishani important to me..

    • Shâžñā

      I thnk Ishani’s marg won’t happen as she ll get to knw abt Ritika’s truth…n she ll call f her marg n decides go bck 2 Rv’s lyf to get bck her rytz 🙂

  13. sree

    arey….mad writer writting someting…..n we r reacting fr it….vat r all nonsence he s writting?let him see his serial himself….but actors r acting very good fr bad story….dats y we r reacting…but dis writter thinking we r reacting fr his story….stupid….even though its a bad story…..actors r doing deir job in out standing way….but pity on dem bcz of stry s bad ppl getting irritated n left watching it…

  14. sree

    yr one thing s clear….ishani ll b happy vit rv …nas well as shikar …we have to b pity of rv character…if ishaani leaves him…he have to stay vit negative character….n as u ppl said lik puppet fr whole life…

  15. aish

    I love this episode. But I feel sorrry for rv and ishaani. Plx meet them forever. Dht let them separate. I want both to b together.

  16. sam

    where r u all- girish, shinaila, gauri, nitin, rishi, disha, sharman???….n where is that fon of ishani where most of u said c will c the msg and get to know about ritika’s true intentions?? ….whatever twists they have brought and irritated all viewers but i will really love it if they show that actually ritika is faking her pregnancy…..

  17. ashi

    the current track is very boring . serial band kr do it is better to watch some other program

  18. shakti

    ishani wants ranveer to move on but i really want the show to move on…i want the show to move from the ongoing track….feeling too frustrated >< but i can neither get rid of the serial nor i can digest the ongoing track of the story…Hell man!!

  19. ayshu

    i lv ish nd shikar
    .. ht rv nd ritika… wt d hell is gng on.. ashqui kis se hi ishani…???? .. thr is no value fo lv … too much of sacrifice is not good… plzzz reveal the truth .. nd gv good episode… boring nw ds serial bcz of ths nonsense

  20. Manisha

    Whatever u all say about Ranveer but u can’t compare him with Shekhar.ranveer doesn’t know anything what hand with Ishani actually?and she always creates wrong impression in ranveers eyes.but he still cares for her and miss her .i hope Shekhar should find out whom Ishani loves is he Chirag or Ranveer ?once he will find out he will reunite ishveer.even in yesterday’s episode I felt that Shekhar will soon come to know that Ishani loves Ranveer.when ranveer was announcing Shekhar was looking ishanis expressions.if he is smart lawyer he can easily find out.hope Shekhar find out truth and soon Ishani find out that Ritika is not her friend but killer.

    • Agreed manisha,,, when everyone today can support shiker who is just a character in MATSH, we cannot forget RV,,
      RV the best and cannot compare his love to shiker..,
      Still he loves her so much and that’s what he reacts this way,.
      Ok then even shiker believes what Ishani says,, even he doesn’t know wether she loved RV or not,, he even thinks she loves Chirag.. Even RV in same impression,,, this hurts RV most coz she was his wife once,,

      • maya

        i m not forgetting ranveer’s love coz i agree that none can love ishani the way he does…..i will never compare ranveer’s love with shikhar coz thats not worth it, rv love is eternal……but y is he not leaving ritikas hand?? y is he not opening up??? of course he will feel jealous—that is common for husband…..but its common for ishani too—she never speaks her love, she creates drama…..only her eyes and her actions show where her heart lies….sometimes words are not imp but emotions…..of course c fooled evryone by her words but still c cant control her eyes, emotions…

    • He left her hand in the hospital that’s where he accepted and hugged Ishani back into his life,,, but she refused to go with him,, she spoke bad and hurt him ,, only after that he said he will never show his face to her if that’s her happiness,,,
      He was ready to accept,,
      And what he said when once Ritika asked what if Ishani come back,,,? He said he will never let her go,, he did when at the hospital but she went from him coz she wants to move onn with Ritika… Finally it her plan of RV to accept ritika

      • komal

        he says but cant do so bcoz of his earlier acts….though he wanted to accept ishani but he could not……he is trapped in a web he himself had once made…..i will not say further MATSH bcoz its the story which will prove what was right and what actually they trying to portray…..

  21. ic

    Ishani hurts rv many times in many ways But still he is loving her.this is the greatness of rv’s roll.he is still loving her after she did many things also….no one likes his wife nd also lover with someone. That is the thing rv dng.he love’s ish a lot and expressing his feelings….like this

    • Agreed,,,, so much of pain in his eyes when Ishani moves with shiker,,, I can understand how that pain would be

      • kajal

        what about the pain when ishani, after coming from jail, saw ranveer calling other lady as his wife in that award ceremony???…….c wanted to see ranveer the most at that tym, but rv had accepted ritika at that tym…

    • ic

      When amba said ish is pregnant he took the said of ish.she just c the pgm and didnt try to find truth from rv.he knows ish is also loving him and he is to get truth from her by behaving rude with her.he always love hher.she never trust him and saying dat dis is all his sake.

  22. y ranveer can’t understand its too foolish ishanii have done lot to him can’t he think about it and can’t he remember once and how can ritika do like dis actually she got engaged with other guy and now she wants to live wit ranveer wat is it meaning less

  23. kowsi

    Arey wah wah…Shikarr U r rocking yaar….bcoz of u this show gain trp…superb intro for ish…she s ishaani shikar mehra…shikar xpressions awsme …im really enjoyed this episode …but rv y u r think about ishaani hating words..remember wen u brought the some girl in ur bedroom ishaani wat did …she buring ur bed…dnt service the devil rithika…drama queen y u shouting rv….rv kissing her wife wats ur pblm..he s not ur husband..divorce agama ishaani marriage pana this marriage is not accepted..pls remember ur promise for mota babu ji… unite ishaani and nitin…

  24. Why did Ishani make all these troubles in her love life,,, ?
    Ishani wanted RV to move onn,, with Ritika,, not finding wether her husband RV is responsible for the baby or not?,, wether they are married or not,, ?
    When u all say that she believed what amba and RV said ,,, it’s even not wrong wen RV believes what Ishani said,,,?
    She is the one who is pushing to the level RV to extent to accept Ritika,, why is she trying to change his heart,, can she forget him? Can’t rite then why is she trying to change his heart,, ?

  25. sidarth

    What the hell is this issani doing. Telling everyone but not rv. Jb use pta LG gya h ki rv ne shadi ni ki h to use Sach kyu ni bta rahi. Aur sabse jyada dumb shikhar h khne ko to vakeel h par use ishani ki bato ka matlab pta ni challa. Ekta ji dhany ho aapki script writer ko

  26. rithu

    shikar ishaani jodi is awsome but i luv ishveer more. Plzzz unite them. This track is very boring. I can’t see ranveer with that dirty rithika.

  27. ammy

    Ye log script ko kheech kheech ke aur kitna lamba karenge uparwala jane…jaldi jaldi ishani aur ranvir ko waapas lao… 5 minutes

  28. keerthana gupta

    i like ishikar couple….they r awesome….
    but its interesting… but pls unite ishveer soon……may ishikar is better nd ishveer is the best!!!!!!!

  29. keerthana gupta

    i like ishikar couple….they r awesome…. its interesting… but pls unite ishveer soon……may ishikar is better nd ishveer is the best!!!!!!!

  30. sidarth

    Rv u r a great actor and like rv style really gud ans given by u.aur jo log kh rhe h rv galat h vo aise hi bol rhe h I think rv shi kr rha h

  31. Wt the hell is going on …..i hte u shekhr and rithika…….ranvr plzz fnd out the truth………. waitng fr a good …m

  32. naima

    friends,how can u blame shekar? he was the one,who saved ishaani from hanging.if he was not there then………….

  33. Mourine

    We hv earlier decided that Rv is better for Ishaani bt after watching this episode, we want Ishaani to move on with Shikhar only. Shikhar is really casanova… u …..

  34. Manisha

    just waiting for good episode and hope they come to know the truth of each other and hope all misunderstanding they solve soon.they both have to think properly.ishani should know ranveers reality and Ranveer should know that Ishani is not bad and still loves him a lot and she did everything for him only.and Ishani should read ritikas message then she will get the clues of Falguni death.once she will know abt Ritika she will back to ranveers life.we don’t know who will find out first?but I read somewhere that Ishani will go to Vaghela house to claim her rights as a per promo they give us many hints but they are showing nothing in episode.we are just eagerly waiting.

  35. rudra

    If ritika is so worried abt her child’ respect n future, she shd hav aborted it long back when her secret lover eloped who never wanted the baby, instead she cant search n snatch a guy for sur name or emotional blackmail him r earn his sympathy, y cant she becom a dignified single mother if she wants dat baby so much? evn wen she s ready to giv way both these pagal lovers take turn to play spoilsport, kindly giv a break to dis sacrifice n move on games, uff! Exhaused!

  36. Rosh

    I was silent after watching yesterday’s episode , because I felt it was hilarious .
    I am happy to see RV is getting angry a real angry young man which Shakthi did amazingly well. It look like our angry RV going to be like an elephant he going to destroy every thing comes in the middle of him and Ishani.
    Shiker made fun of RV , it was unexpected but enjoyable . RV is an emotional person suddenly when Shiker made fun of him he didn’t know how to react !!!!!
    RV is becoming strong now not like a half dead rat in the he hands of the cat called Ritika.
    I wanted this RV angry & jealous now his brain will work , because eventthough emotional he is a very intelligent man.
    RV is an emotional man loved and lived for his childhood sweetheart who is a dumb from the beginning , my favourite all the time. In his whole life he only knew one single girl called Ishani . So he has all the right to do what he wants to do !!!! He can’t even digest his love can change this way.
    Ishani had no brain in love wether it was Chirag or her true love Ranveer . From the beginning she jumbled in to conclusions in the second or third episode it self she was seen fighting with Ranveer . When Guari ran away she thought Ranveer called Baa and informed in fact he called Mr. Harshad that time . So now in his anger and confusion RV forgot Ishani’s behavior . Hope he will come to his senses soon.
    Shiker he was a Casanova , he was flirting with many girls . He is not an emotional person .
    Actually Shiker can bring Ishani to her senses better than RV . Remember the wash room incedent how emotional RV became with Nirupa !!! Where as Shiker made fun of her telling ur fans are waiting , gone Ish crying. It is behavior that is his way of dealing with things.
    But I like RV with a fire in his eyes, the bold , intelligent and brainy man not dead body kind.
    Common RV turn around , don’t be so kind hearted to that Ritika , she is using you .
    RV is back , so friends relax enjoy …..

    • maya

      i have always liked the way u see the things dear……i agree too, the fire in ranveer’s eyes can only make him come to the truth….i love these jealousy expressions……though many people hate ishani but i dont bcoz c was always this…..she never think of future aspects and always makes hasty decisions, thats her way……shikhar’s way is different and better…..u r ryt,that shikhar can make ishani come back to senses better than rv…..

      i m just waiting for the track when ishani will know ritika’s truth and come back in rv’s life to claim back her rights…ritika show up ur real face soon…..

    • Please don’t enjoy when true lovers get humiliated,, even I don’t like when Ishani herself gets humiliated,,
      Ishani is crying for her own decisions and she is the root of it,,, that’s all
      RV is only trapped in it coz of her stupid decisions and drama,,,
      His love never changed from the beginning she is only jumping from RV to Chirag back to RV and now shiker although she only loves RV,,
      With all these RV only sees her with love nothing else,, but she disguise herself as characterless,,

      • maya

        dont get this wrong…..i m not enjoying humiliation as u said….i m just enjoying the way the story is trying to come up…arey, i also accept ishani is brainless and always makes hasty decisions…..but the way of ranveer is changed these days……in earlier days he was not this but i like that he is soon going to b back in his form……..anyways, y r we fighting??? u also watever we say writers will not change it… last ishveer will unite only.. 🙂

      • Rosh

        See dear it is just a drama you shouldn’t forget that .
        As in real life every one has their own point of view and freedom of choice .
        You say RV hasn’t done any thing .., are sure forget about Chirag . RV always manipulated Ishani’s mind he always controlled her but now he is unable to do that . He can’t predict his friend’s behavior.
        Imagine a lady went jail because of her own dumbness to die for her man . What ever reason u give it can’t justify that even before her death he started living with another woman and made drama of award function and a lot of stupidities .
        Even when Ishani was with him he was b*t*hing about her to Ritika that no husband must never do. You get what I am trying to say , RV always gave more place for Ritika that is why he is in this mess now. I feel people are obsessed with RV, he is no God . Ishani called him servant that to in private but RV made Ishani to sweep the floor in front of the a lot of people during hate track. But my Dumb Ish only felt love in it.!!!!!!!!
        RV himself told Nirupa that my wife , what Ishani overheard was also sounded like RV impregnated Ritika . The way he behaved earlier was also same always cried in her lap.there are many loo ,hamara bacha a lot. You openion is your opinion .
        My view is clear RV and Ishani both did their mistake . Even though I love Ishani I like RV and Shiker . I never insulted a character just to defend another.i don’t even hate Ritika but of course I feel disgusted when I look at her. He is making fool out of such a gentle man called RV . How could she?
        I only hate Amba maid because of the lies she told

  37. lakshmi

    Cmon RV , u used to feel her feelings… wat happ to dem nw?? Cant u c she z stil wearing d ring dat u gifted her .. I mean which ritika gave n tld dat dey can neva b apart

  38. Rosh

    Shiker is funny and cute he too love Ishani but no one can love Ishani like RV does .
    The problem with RV is that he forget to respect her , may because he thinks Ishsni is his own some thing like a soul mate or some thing of that sort. He thinks she is a part of him.
    Where as RV give respect to Ritika and made a big drama of being husband and father of her child .
    I hope every thing will fall in to correct places very soon

    • That’s how ppl forget the respect barrier when the relationship is too intimate,, that’s normal in every love,,
      Now shiker’s love for Ishani is with respect as well as RV and Ritika’s relationship is with respect,, but Ishani too fights with so much whenever she wants coz she doesn’t have that respect barrier,, coz they grew up together,,
      But it doesn’t mean RV is not in love with Ishani,, he is so sensitive now that he doesn’t wanna give up her but faking him himself that saving shiker,,,
      But what I don’t like is how Ishani flawlessly hurt RV with her hate drama,, why is she trying to give him pain,,,? She can just move away from him if she wants but with love ,, atleast she can tell that she loves him,,,
      Also she knows RVovef only for her but why is she trying to make him to tie the knot with another woman,,, ? And give him pain life long that he can’t forget Ishani???

      Why is she trying to change his eternal love for another woman,,

  39. komal

    check out the new promo…..preparations of ishkhar marriage when rv comes to ish and says- “bechara shikhar, isse to pata hi nhi ki uske ghar mei luteri dulhan aa rahi h”…. shikhar bcums angry and says to rv that he is crossing his limits…rv smirks….

  40. Manisha

    Ritika is really pregnant ?i have still she faking or what ?chirag is really dead or it’s the drama of Ritika and Chirag to destroy Ranveer and Ishani?i feel so sad we are just waiting and waiting for good episode and now feel we are just begging for episode as if cvs don’t care for the show.we are watching the show for entertainment .but they just trying our patience but everything has limit atleast now they should show everything properly

  41. Manisha

    Ranveer and Ishani got divorced?they have not cleared yet so how come they are marry to another partner without divorce?

    • komal

      directors think that we r idiots and they can make us accept anything they show…..but wait, there is news that ishani will say c is yet not divorced and claims her rights as wife….waiting 4 that..!!

    • Yeah now when Ishani wants she will get back to RV,, here in this show everyone dances like puppets for Ishani’s music,,,

  42. It’s the makers had spoiled the essence of the show,, it’s hell,, now,, it’s like so stupid,,, but we r addicted,, p

  43. maya

    stop the fight– y to take sides of ishani or ranveer…..actually d script writer has already destroyed the whole story……the show has crossed all the limits of impracticality……both the lead roles are behaving like the way never before… so many additional characters which only complicate the situation……..y cant we focus on past mysteries, y everyone interested in this marriage drama which is of no use actually coz whatever it takes but only ishveer is to unite………

  44. Rosh

    MATSH where are you pls go to colors TV poll and vote for Ishweer , because suddenly
    Ishker is leading in the poll .
    So who ever Ishweerians vote for Ishweer and Ishkar vote for Ishker

  45. Hey guyzz y oll thinking soo much
    Sit back n relax its just a fiction
    N do hell wid chiraag if he is alive or not
    N do hell wid dat ritika olso as we all now k ishaani ranveer Ki hi hone waali hai
    Good episod

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.