Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit ji asks Ishaani to take her pallu on head, they all are worried. Ranveer stares Ishaani, Shekhar dislikes but RV has to put sindoor into Ishaani’s head. He takes Mangal sootar from Ishaani’s hand, their wedding flash backs into both minds. Ritika stands irked, Ranveer and Ishaani look into each other’s eyes. Ranveer puts Ishaani’s pallu of saree over her head. He asks for Ishaani’s hand over his which she keeps for pooja. Ritika leaves the place. Ishaani, Baa and Shekhar notice her movement. Shekhar nods at Baa and goes behind Ritika. Ishaani victoriously looks at RV. Shekhar thinks he must know what is going into his best friend-Ritika’s mind.
Ritika comes to the corner and says she thinks Ishaani has really lost her memory else she must have told everything to Ranveer.

It is also possible that she is pretending, but in both cases defeat is hers. She wonders when will she get out of this vicious cycle. Shekhar calls never. Ritika thinks Ishaani is pretending, she has told Shekhar about everything. Shekhar comes to Ritika and says that love cycles are like this, he has been into this as well. He says to Ritika its good she came here, he also dislikes Ishaani with Ranveer. He says to Ritika that both of them share the same pain. He says a lot has happened to her since yesterday, she didn’t react. He wants her to share her pain with her. Ritika says she heard love isn’t a game but it becomes when… Shekhar qualifies when it becomes your craziness. Ritika says no, it becomes your need. Ritika says she lost love in her life always. Shekhar thinks smart of her, she wants to say something else and is saying something else. Shekhar says he has been really angry at RV, whenever he watches Ishaani with him he feels like… Ritika says she wants to punish Ishaani for this gritting her teeth. She asks Shekhar is this what he wants to say, but this is wrong. This will get them relieved for a while but will never get them peace. Shekhar thinks he wish she had done this too. Ritika says to Shekhar that both of them will have to face their matters separately, she isn’t alone and is going to have a child as well. Pratik calls Shekhar for Pooja, Shekhar takes a leave.
Ritika comes to the place of pooja, Ishaani was standing up but faints as she feels pain in her injury. RV holds her, Shekhar dislikes as Ishaani and RV look into each other for a while. Pandit ji tells Ishaani never to remove this Mangal sootar and sindoor, this way they will be bound for the next seven births. RV leaves the stage, Ishaani holds his arm as she follows him. RV takes her hand, he is concerned and helps Ishaani come down the stage. Ritika leaves again. Ishaani looks at her.
In a corner, Ritika says she doesn’t get it if Ishaani has really lost her memory or not. Her mind says she has not but her heart says she has, she must think about her mind. The bar man offers her a drink which she takes, when she looks at Ishaani approaching her. She wonders why Ishaani is so angry, does she wants to bring her truth in front of everyone. Ishaani comes to Ritika, Ritika thinks Ishaani’s eyes tell her Ishaani remembers everything. Ishaani thinks she only knows how she is bearing her, the person who killed her mother is standing in front of her. Ishaani thinks she can no more pretend and will bring her truth to everyone. Ishaani slaps Ritika, everyone is shocked. RV comes to see this too.
Pandit ji asks Chaitali what next? Chaitali asks him to let this drama stop. Ritika asks Ishaani why she slapped her. RV comes to confront Ishaani angrily and takes her aside enraged. Shekhar says to Baa this may fail their plan. Chaitali curses Ishaani in front of Ritesh while Mr. and Mrs. Mehra had come to stand with them. Chaitali tries to cover herself up.
RV takes Ishaani into a room and holds her asking what is she doing and what she wants. He asks what drama is she playing with his life, she has left his life as a drama. He asks Ishaani why she is pretending to lose this memory when she had decided to get separated from him. He asks why is she punishing him, if she wants to punish she must kill him once. Ishaani looks at Ranveer without saying a word.

PRECAP: RV asks Ishaani to tell him what is her truth, she says he might not be able to hear the truth, and if he does he might not be able to bear it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  10. Gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes of Balaji’ Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi…

    As per the current track, Pandit asks RV to put mangalsutra and sindoor on Ishaani. In the meantime, Ritika walks away from the ceremony and Shikhar follows her for a chat. Later, Shikhar is informed that he is wanted for the ceremony. Meanwhile, Ishaani slaps Ritika, who questions her about it. On the other hand, Chaitali questions Mitesh about Ishaani’s actions.

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ranveer aggressively will hold Ishani and will take her away. Baa will take Shikhar aside.

    Ranveer will pull Ishani into a room, he will hold her tightly and will ask her what is her problem , why did she slap Ritika?. Ishani will tell her as Ritika is pregnant and she was about to consume alcohol that’s why she slapped her. Ranveer will get shocked. Ishani will fell dizzy and will loss her control and will fall.

    Ranveer will quickly hold her and will carry her. Shikhar will show his concern and will put ice pack on Ritika’s cheek. Ritika will tell Shikhar that Ishani hasn’t lost her memory. Ranveer will put Ishani on sofa. Doctor will check her. Ranveer will run Ishani’s hand. Shikhar will get uncomfortable and Ritika will get psyched.

    Ranveer’s eyes will fall on Ritika. Ritika will feel scared. Ranveer will go after Ritika. Ranveer will apologize to Ritika for putting sindoor on Ishani. Ritika will ask why did slapped her. Ranveer will inform her that, ” she was about to have alcohol that’s why” and will tell her that she is so careless. Ritika will get angry ..Ishani will be gasping for breath. Ranveer will come back ,Shikhar will give him a space..
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