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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba explains to Milan thinking him as Ranveer that it is their mistake, he had to lose his brother because of him. Kailash says that the changes he underwent is partially because of medicines and because of Milan. Milan says they are all because of Milan. Milan says they only think about their pain, if they even though what he must have suffered. He asks why they didn’t find him when they got rich. Amba says they got to know he has died. Milan says he had died the day they separated him from them, how much he must have cried. Amba says they did this all for him, to save him. Milan says they sacrificed one son for the other, they wrote badluck for Milan. Kailash says they didn’t want anything. Milan says he remembers when he was afraid he used to hug Maa, what would Milan have done.

Amba cries that she wish she could compensate for this. Milan says for some sin there isn’t any compensation. He leaves the room thinking some mistakes only have a punishment, he will disturb them more than they did.
The next morning, Amba stood lost in kitchen. Her dish was burning, Ishaani comes there and turns the stove off. She asks Amba why she came here when she isn’t fine. Amba says she doesn’t want to do anything, she misses her son a lot. Ishaani says one of her son is there with her, she says that she herself say that at times of festivals one must not cry. And this is their first festival in this home, they have to go shopping and then do pooja as well. They struggle for holding saucepan of soup, the soup fells over Ishaani’s hand. Amba says sorry, Ishaani tells her not to say any sorry but go and get ready instead. Amba asks her to put on medicine on it.
Ishaani was struggling with saree in the room when Milan enters. She asks him to help her wear the saree, she has been trying for a long time but couldn’t. Milan watches her burnt hand, she struggled with her saree. She asks him to come soon. Milan walks towards her. She hands the saree to him. He smiles at her, she smiles back. She remembers Ranveer helping her with saree before. She turns to find Milan was still struggling with the saree. She turns around, Milan asks what happened. She says she will do it herself, thank you. Milan’s phone rings and he goes to take the call. Ishaani was upset, she thinks what has happened to Ranveer. Why he seems so strange to her everytime. She will find out about this split personality, she gets weak everytime he comes close to her. She thinks she must do something tonight.
Milan comes to the study asking what the problem with them is now. The men say Ranveer is really restless since he sent sweet to him. They feared if he dies, they removed his chains and tied him with rope. Ranveer asks for phone call, he says if he has a problem with him he must leave his family. Milan says Diwali is his favorite festival, this time Raavan will win Seeta. He tells Ranveer that he must wait to know what he has told his parents and Ishaani. Milan cuts the phone, the men leave while Ranveer still shout at them to open him up. He struggles with his ropes and prays God for help as his family is unaware whom they are with. He thinks he must do something and save his family. He struggles on the chairs, pants tired.
Krish was crying in the room, Disha walked in tension. She shouts at him to stop crying. Parul goes through the corridor and hears Disha cursing Krish and holding hand on him. Parul shouts at her not to touch him at all, she takes Krish in his arms and says can’t she see her child crying. Disha says this is her child. Manas comes and asks why they are fighting. Parul says this is what she was telling him, when he goes to office Disha doesn’t take care of Krish. Disha tells Parul not to lie, she takes care of Krish. They argue, Krish cries badly. Manas shouts at them to shut up, he is upset because of them both fighting. Disha is worried.
Manas gets into his car and leaves. Some boys were playing with crackers in the street. Milan’s men played cards in the godown. The children shouted in celebrations of Diwali. The boys burn a rocket that comes directly into the godown. The children run away, Ranveer watches the fire being caught in godown. He shouts about it.
Milan comes to room asking Ishaani why she called and is shocked to see the room decorated with candles and flowers. She asks if he liked the surprise, tonight they will unite. Milan thinks if she considers him Ranveer, if he can’t dance with her how he can celebrate wedding night with her then.
Ranveer shouts at the men to untie the ropes and put off the fire. He called for help as he was helpless got in fire.

PRECAP: Ranveer comes home while Milan was coming downstairs, he shouts Milan! Milan is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. no renveer have any plastic surgery.dont change our rv face.

  2. OMG.. What an awesome precap.. eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode..

  3. Isvr unite com fast .idiot millon

  4. Waiting fr tmrw epi..

  5. Precape aswsome. Finally rv escape from milan goons. Rv comes back to home then everything will be fine. But ishaani y r u doing like this. I don’t expect this. U not anware about milan. U really loves rv. Then how u could not find about milan is not rv.

    1. Abhi sure mat ho guys…. Rv wha se b gayab ho sakta h

  6. precape intersting waiting 4 it…..?????

  7. I see the some latest news on matsh. Rv comes to home. But no one find out the real rv.

  8. I don’t want any plastic surgery drama. This so hurting to me. I just hear that rv comes back the home but no one regonises him. I thought milan lyied to everyone that rv is a lyier and he wants to luxuary life so he comes to with my faces changes to be plastic surgery. But somehope rv prove himself that i’m ranveer. I waiting for the ishani rv reunite epi. But ishani could not find real rv. So sad how many clue gets in about milan but she thinks its all bcoz of medicine side effects . Disgussting.

  9. I hope every one will come to know the truth but i have learnt that rv will come and know except ishani will recognice him waiting for tomorrow’s episode and reunite of ISHVEER

  10. Yaeh thats true.

  11. ishani is dump totally milan u r so goon u r not getting closer to ishani……..but she is an idiot forever and dont worry guyz there is no plastic surgury of rv this twist is just bcoz radikha madan get injured and she need cmplete bedrest 4 smedayz so dont worry like u mila day by day more……but rv awsme waiting 4 tomorrow………??????????

  12. ishani is dump totally milan u r so good u r not getting closer to ishani……..but she is an idiot forever and dont worry guyz there is no plastic surgury of rv this twist is just bcoz radikha madan get injured and she need cmplete bedrest 4 smedayz so dont worry like u mila day by day more……but rv awsme waiting 4 tomorrow………??????????

  13. awesome ranveer and milan next episode will be julum

  14. mary christodoulou

    tommorrow the epi will be more interesting…..waiting to see it..shakti arora is a vr good actor

  15. Awesome.

  16. I like ishveer jodi .
    They are made for each other.
    I also like milan,becoz he suffered
    so much of pain in his childhood.But i
    don’t like milan,to interfere in ishveer’s
    life.Bcoz “rv’s ashiqui ishani se hi”

  17. Hey Merlin i like ur comment and totally agree with u

  18. Gud news guys ranveer and milan both said i am real ranveer amba is so confused amba said to ishani ur luv is so strong u tell me who is real ranveer ishani sees ranveer eyes background music play and she said he is my real ranveer. I am so happy

  19. Ranveer ishani reunit wow that’s great news i can’t express my feeling i am jumping i am dancing o my god

  20. Radhika i read ur comment. I really happy. My face full of smiles. I can’t define. Aswsome. Waiting for that moment.

    1. Ya k praveena but i can’t understan sergery drama pls tell me what’s this

    2. Ya k.praveena but i can’t understand surgery drama pls tell me.

  21. I don’t want any plastic surgery of ranveer. I want see always shakti in Ranveer’s role I loved it

  22. Millon plastic surjery mathi

  23. Ya k praveena but i can’t understan surgery drama pls tell me what’s this

  24. I hate ekta ma’m

  25. O sorry yaar maine ek hi bar comment kiya but my cousins are very naughty ye unhi ka kaam hai i am really sry.

  26. new promo ou! rv cries ishaniiiii .. and ishani comes and hug him, she recognise him . nd they said “IS DIWALI, RANVEER AUR ISHAANI JALEGI PYAAR KI DIYA”

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