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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani asks RV what happened at night, and see the marks of nails on his neck. She asks what is that, and stammers. He asks what is her new style. She asks what happened at his neck, and how it happened. He asks she really doesn’t know how it happened, as he is really shy. He peeks at her, then asks doesn’t they have to go home. He asks will she go in the same clothes, he won’t mind. He then asks her to bring clothes from her home, and get ready quickly. Ishaani calls Falguni, who says her clothes have ruined, can she send someone. Falguni says she will, Ishaani disconnects. RV smiles looking at her.
Baa oils Amba’s head, Amba complains hasn’t she eaten food. She tells her to stop, and make her hair now. She recalls Baa’s past, and hits Baa on her hand. She shouts

in pain, Amba says from next time not a single hair must break and sends her to bring Chaaj for her.
She pites as Baa leaves, saying her days have changed.
Darwaish and Pratik do the dusting of the house. Parul comes to Darwaish and says she will help her. He cheers that he is a work stealer, she laughs. Pratik comes to share the joke. Lakshmi comes and scolds Parul for being with these servants. Parul asks Lakshmi to stop it, why is making maasi against them. She must at least think about RV. Lakshmi sends her to clean RV’s room. Amba comes to stop them, and asks Lakshmi that she is going to kitchen to make something for RV. She asks them all to change, as her son is coming home.
RV and Ishaani come home. Amba does the aarti, Falguni comes eagerly. Ishaani smiles at her. Amba gives RV sweet, them enter the house. She notices the bruises, and asks what marks are there on his hand and neck.
RV looks at Ishaani, then says a wild cat came to their room. He says now cats attack one’s neck. Everyone steals smiles. Chaitali says it was all the gifts of juice. Amba asks Parul to take her bhabi to RV’s room and dress her up; as the guests are coming. Amba asks RV to get ready too. Baba stops RV and says he has something important to talk. Amba asks them all to go to their rooms, and stay there. She doesn’t want their faces when the guests arrive.
Parul asks Ishaani how was their first day. She asks what did she like the most, hotel, suite, or her brother.
Ishaani comes to her room, and recalls all about the past. She says she can’t go inside the room. Parul says it is her room, she has to talk to maa; where is she. Parul says she will show her and takes her downstairs.
Ishaani gets worried, and asks maa and baa what they are doing here. She asks Parul what is happening here. Falguni says they all came here themselves, as they don’t like living there. Baa tells her not to lie to her daughter. Falguni forbids her, but Baa says Ishaani must know what is happening to her.
RV was worried that maa did this. He leaves in anger, and confronts Ishaani coming out of the rooms. She asks RV will he do this to her family here, this is why he married her. He wanted to take revenge from her, he wants to torture her family. Falguni hears this. There is limit to love and hate. Falguni comes and scolds her for talking this way to RV. Ishaani says he isn’t her husband, but a revenger.
Falguni apologizes RV, he tells her not to worry as everything will get alright. Falguni says Amba isn’t wrong, she suffered a lot.
She says she will get even angry at him. They will adjust. She doesn’t want anything to happen among the families, so that nothing comes between his and Ishaani’s life. If he respects her a bit, he should let it happen as it is. Sharman stops her and says they owe him so much. They cant take anything else from him, they will find another house. RV says he knows his self-respect is letting his say this. He is doing what a good employer do, his company is giving him accommodation. Chaitali asks about it. RV says Sharman is working in his company. Sharman says he had lost his job sometime ago, so RV gave him the job. Chaitali says he is an angel. RV says his help isn’t his owing.
RV comes to the table. Amba calls him for breakfast. He was staring at her. She stands up and asks what happened. He asks the servant to take all the necessities to the rooms and AC rooms to be allotted to Ishaani’s families. From today everyone will be considered human.

PRECAP: Ishaani says to RV that it is her brush. He stops, comes to her and asks why she didn’t tell him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think now a days Ishaani is improving her acting skills. Amba you are treating Baa very well but why are you giving punishment to entire family. Finally about Ranveer he is such a lovely guy. Every women wants a husband like you

  2. I miss rithika sooo much …she was just perfect in every way for rv! I wish ishaani is replaced with her…coz rv deserves better.
    But now I think ishaani is really improving in her acting skills

  3. ˧ťhër..!!!

    Ya even I think so tht ishaani is improving her acting skills . It is good the show will become better

  4. awsm acting of ishani….now seriously ishani’s acting is improving…11th Nov epi was fabulous…. n rv….as usual he is d best!!!! all characters r good….either baa..or..amba….parul…disha… rishi….very nice serial….

  5. I impressed by RV acting.keep it up RV

  6. I agree Ishani is has improved little bit in her acting skill but the crying scene is horrible to see. But RV will be good paired with Rithika. Replace Ishaani

  7. in MATH i only like to watch IshVeer scene

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