Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Ritika threatening the killer that she will harm his son She black mails him into doing just as she asked him to , she would fo n meet his son today

At PS ishaani is shocked to think her bro devarsh could hate her so much that he hired a contract killer to kip her
Shikhar assures her that there was some mistake, contract killers were very clever. The could take any ones name to hide the names of the person who hired him
They plan to talk to that killer

As ritika is leaving the prison. Ishkar enter the same prison from the other end
Ri notices them approaching towards her, she is covered her face with Veil of burqua
Ishaani notices the police inspector leaving , ishaani is disappointed
Ri removes her veil after getting

out of the prison and drives off with a wicked smile on her face

Ishkar try to request the police officer to let them talk to the killer but he refuses, shikhar pleads him using various excuses , but he still refuses

At home Ri looks at the photo of her lover chirag She regrets she was already in relationship with sharman when she met him

Flash back begins

Ri is at a party with friends at a discotheque , where chirag is eying her. He adds sedatives to her drinks and she feels giddy while dancing ,
It was too late by the time she came to k ow chirag liked her. She was about to marry sharman , but chirag took advantage of her condition and got intimate with her in hotel room But slowly she gradually fell for chirag, , she got attracted to him slowly as there was a wicked charm in chirag while Sharman was too goody goody
Soon she relises Ri was pregnant with chirag’s baby
Ri was trying to paas on the baby as Sharman’s but sharma broka off with her and called off their marriage
She jad no option but to go back to chirag and marry him
She takes a pandit ji and drives to the wilderness on the highway and orders him to get her married to her groom , she bribes him with money
When she goes to get chirag , he was bashed ip by RV and was injured ,
Ri asks him to forget about RV , they would deal with him later , but right now he needed to marry her. She loved him. She had left Sharman

Chirag asks her to go back to Sharman, he refuses to marry her as they were only fun friends, intimate friends, he fefuses to marry her
Ri pleads chirag to marry her as she loved chirag. She was carrying his child. She wanted chirag to give this child his name. They would live happily
Chirag retorts he was just having fun with her, he refuses to marry her
Ri is shocked at his refusal

Ritika offers him wealth, property. She would make him richer than RV ,Ri pleads him to marry her but chirag was not interested in wealth, he wanted revenge, he wanted to take away Rv’s love ishaani from him, he wanted RV at his feet by taking ishaani RV would do anything just to get ishaani back, that would be his revenge
Ri laughs wickedly , and angrily pushes him off the cliff Chirag falls to his death ,

Flash back ends
Ri throws the foto of chirag and walks pver it , promises her baby that she would found a new papa for him , devarsh , but he too left them and ran away
She tells the baby that god had sent her their saviour (Massiah ) in form of RV , caresses her tummy

In presence of meheras, parikh families RV confronts devarsh for trying to kill ishaani
Devarsh is shocked. So are parikhs and meheras
Ishaani enters and calls RV

Update Credit to: Sutapasima


  1. Suga

    Today’s episode was good.. OMG.. what a twist.. atlast the mystery behind Rithika is revealed.. the way Rithika laugh is is like truly like a devil… The one who betray will always be betrayed at end.. Evil vamp Rithika.. your chapter is going to get over.. waiting for shadi episode in which she will get exposed to all.. and especially like to see Amba reaction… ha ha.. And like to see Ranveer Ishaani patchup.. precap seems to be interesting.. waiting for a good episode..

  2. sruthi

    Superb episode. We all are Waiting for this chirag death mystery episode … how ritika can use ranveer as her child’s father knowing that its chirag’s….. she is plaging a big game in the life of all – ishani ranveer shikhar dewarsh krisha… but smriti khana was acting very good but not equal to radhika n sakthi. I loved her performance. I think ritika killed zaveri
    .. waiting for other mysteries solving episodes like falguni maa death and ishaani accident etc

  3. sruthi

    Negative shades kaamikave maatangalam thideernu ritika kaaranam nu solvangalam .directors neenga apo apo rituka va pathi different ah kaamichitu then neenga ava than reason nu solli irukalaam.on sangeet which is day before yesterday we saw that ritika stopped ishveer. Then yesterday itself showed she is behind accident. Today whole mystery revealed. On monday falguni maa death also will be reveal… gap vitta orediya vidureenga unmaiya sonna orediya solreenga…

  4. arora

    Important News for MATh Fans
    Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ritika prepones the
    wedding; Ishani discovers the father of
    Ritika’s baby
    In The Previous Episode, Ranveer (Shakti
    Arora) and Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani) discover
    the contract killer who tried to kill Ishani
    (Radhika Madan). Initially RV doubts that it is
    Devarsh (Anmol Parnami) who is trying to
    get his sister killed, but Ishani refuses to
    believe him. In the jail, they try to get the
    name of the person who gave the contract,
    but all they come to know is that it is
    someone tall and thin. Devarsh gets
    arrested, but Shikhar gets him out once his
    name gets cleared.
    In the upcoming episode, both the couples –
    Ishani-Shikhar and Ritika (Smriti Khanna)-
    Ranveer are gearing up for the mehndi
    ceremony, but no one’s mind is into the
    celebrations except Shikhar and Ritika.
    Ishani comes to know that the child Ritika is
    carrying may not be RV’s so she calls her up
    and asks her to meet somewhere asap.
    When Ritika meets Ishani, she tells her that
    Sharman (Gautam Gupta) is actually the
    father of her child, but when he refused to
    take responsibility RV took it up. Ishani later
    confronts Sharman, but her brother claims
    that RV is father of the child not him,
    because according to him Ritika cheated on
    Anyway, Ishani soon gets the confirmation
    that the child is not Ranveer’s and this
    makes the prime base point for her to
    return to RV. Considering her own
    grandmother wants RV and her united,
    Ishani may just consider the options.
    On the other hand, Ritika’s wedding which
    is actually a month behind, she pushes it
    forward. Son Ritika will get married to RV
    two days after her mehndi unless Ishani
    does something to stall the wedding and
    get back to the love of her life.
    Looks like the next two weeks major drama
    is going to unfold which will leave poor
    Shikhar and Ritika heart broken. But since
    Ritika is going to turn negative in the show
    ahead, we feel no real sympathies for her.
    Stay tuned to this space to see what
    happens next on Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi.

  5. Shâžñā

    Haha wt an epi…Ritika’s real face..haha. ..seriously…shez crazy grl…till nw i thot shez deeply lovin RV frm earlier oly n her marg wid sharman ws plan n al…bt here itz fst sharman n thn Chirag n nw RV…n tat dialogue ” don wry baby…v ll find a nw father 4 u..” lol….It seems funny while watching todyz epi…… n I thnk Ritika havin sme psychological prblm… 🙂 🙂

    Hpy tat Ishveer gonna reunite♥♥

  6. Shâžñā

    Haha…wt an epi…Ritika’s real face…seriously..shez crazy grl….till nw i thot lyk shez in love wid RV deeply n her marg wid sharman ws plan n al… here itz fst sharman n thn Chirag n nw RV…..n tat dialogue ” don wry baby….v ll find a nw father 4 u…”lol haha…It seems funny while watching todyz epi…n I thnk Ritika havin sme psychological prblm 🙂 🙂

    Hpy tat Ishveer gonna reunite ♥♥

  7. swain

    Massah Allah wat an episode din ke dil far says just waiting for ritika to out of the serial nd eager waiting for ishveer’s patchup but yes I am also feeling very bad for sweet and caring shikhar.

  8. Thasleema

    Really happy to know that Rithika doesn’t love Ranveer…she just need a father for her child…really happy for my ISHVEER….love u guys…waiting for ur Reunion…….but feeling a little sad that it will be happen during Ramdan time…can’t enjoy it properly…..But iam Happy that the Rithika’s drama is going to end …nd my ISHVEER is uniting:D:D:D

    • XYZ

      Watch it on youtube like many of us do.. U can watch at your pace 🙂 have a great family time during the festival. Am sure, u wont miss this one 🙂

      • sona

        u r ryt but youtube has many sound issues… is also an option u can consider thasleema…..anyways, i must say the show is finally coming back on its track nicely….waiting for the marriage day….. many have said that shikhar will behave like salman khan of kuch kuch kota h and finally ishveer remarry…

  9. anita

    finally the knot is released…
    so all this time this ishani has thought that it was ranveer’s child..
    how can she think of ranveer like that…
    dumb ishani

  10. chinnu

    bechara shikar what happens to him at the end ?
    plz writers bring a better person for shikar. Hey guys i think ishani’s sister whom rv n rithika saved will b married to shikar? what happened to her/
    is she alive?

  11. todays episode was nice . today i am happy to kow that hritika does not love RV . finally the truth of hrithika revealed . I am eagerly waiting 4 ishveer reunite…..

  12. annah(sad)

    Gud episode!!! At least Ritz truth iz revealed…….hate her!! She is just taking advantage of gud persons …….wen she finds sum1 gud she vil go towards him……wen she finds sum1 bad she vil kill him…….wat d hell……she is a b*t*h?!!!

  13. annah(sad)

    Ohkk….sorry I vil not use it again frnz…….sorry….was a little disturbed…..u know na prads

    • anita

      this may be the reason i guess
      bcos falguni came to know that ishani was alive….and she did’nt kill chiraag..
      and she also said that she herself will talk to ritika about ishani and ranveer’s new life…

  14. annah(anu)

    Luk, I had already apologized for my mistake! N many ppl have said many things bout her…..u can luk above n read d comments…..n now u r d one who is using that word…..

  15. abhay

    smriti khanna (ritika) is playing negative role in much better way than her positive part……psycho killer—–wow, what a performance!!!! also to mention is baa who is acting as mediator between rv and ishani,……i came to know that after knowing ritika is not carrying rv’s child, ishani will choose rv over shikhar and will shock everyone during pheras in marriage day –also ritika’s truth will come in front of everyone….while i m happy that ishveer finally going to reunite, i m bit worried for shikhar because he may turn into villain later which is not gud……..

  16. sneha

    there are many videos to keep us updated—
    1. ritika saying to ranveer that their marriage will take place only after ranveer files divorce papers so ranveer goes to the court to submit the papers where ishani sees him and cries bitterly….
    2. shikhar asks ishani to reconsider about their marriage but ishani is in confusion since she was still not still not sure of ritika’s true intentions….ishani did not share the problem with shikhar and they drive back to house….
    3. in the mehendi ceremony, to make ish jealous ritika shows rv’s name in her hand. ishani there signals rv to come and talk to her in other space….it is here where ishani will clear her doubts on ritika’s baby…..
    4. after knowing ritika’s baby is of sharman, ishani asks him about the same but he tells that it is not his as ritika had cheated on him but dont worry, finally ishani will know that ritika is the true vamp….
    5. during the feras, ishani will choose to marry ranveer where the whole drama will start and the truth will come in front of everyone……
    it is all not exciting??? expressions, dialogues, timings, performances—MATSH is all set to bring the fire again…….. btw, can anyone tell what about shikhar’s sister krisha who is carrying dewarshs baby??

  17. jasmine

    in the flash back end part..what is the meaning of that line ” Devarsh but he too left them and ran
    away” ….confused with that line

  18. jasmine

    which type of this girl is ritika..she is in love with guy..who raped her…writer’s get a good girl in the world will love a rapist…

  19. shalini

    ritika`s performance was nice.but tis girl`s character is not fair.SELFISH GHOST!OMG!IRRITATING a lot.ranveer,don`t talk against ishani.i hate that scene.she is doing everything fr u but that ghost is doing evrything fr her sake.FIRST OF ALL want to see ishveer in same house.Ranveer u can guess every evil persons in past episodes but now u r acting like a foolish.u can`t understand ishani,ritika,amba and finally baa also.I think that it`s better to watch MATSH after two weeks.

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