Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amba tells them that the woman married her son only for money, her son loved her dearly but she only lied to him. She then married another rich man and left. Aarti says bad happened to Ranveer. Maa says bad was done to him, that woman was selfish. Aarti says such women must be thrown out of the society who only finds happiness in money. Amba says her son didn’t get peace until she lived with him, now she will live without peace. She says that there was no mistake of her son, and she believes it won’t affect the proposal of Ranveer and Naina. Maa says that past is never in their hand. Maa says Ranveer returned Naina her happiness, she has no problem with his past. Amba asks Naina about it. Naina watches Nurbhay and was silent, Nurbhay goes inside the room. Maa thinks Naina won’t go

against Nurbhay. Naina goes upstairs, knocks at Nurbhay’s door and enters. Nurbhay asks if she would also need to knock the door before coming to his brother’s room. Naina comes and hugs him, she pleads him to let her marry Ranveer but she won’t marry until he agrees. Nurbhay wipes her tears off her face. He comes downstairs with Naina. Maa introduces him to Amba and Kailash. Nurbhay asks them to decide the date of marriage, he will do his sister’s wedding well. Everyone is happy, Naina hugs Nurbhay. Ishaani is restless. Nurbhay leaves. Maa gives them all sweets. Ishaani goes to Nurbhay. She says to Nurbhay that she got the promise fulfilled, now she needs all the information of Ranveer’s injections. Nurbhay says he won’t give anything. Ishaani says he can’t back up from his promise. Nurbhay says he promised when he didn’t know Veer is Ranveer. If Ranveer marries Naina, may be he becomes a devil for Naina. He twists her hands, and says for Naina’s happiness he can’t give her the injections. Ishaani goes behind him saying he can’t do this to her.
Nurbhay comes to Pooja’s room, he shouts why he is so helpless that he has to do this all. He speaks to Pooja that Naina loves the man who he hates. He has to marry Naina with the one he wants to destroy. He, Nurbhay Singh Alawat is so helpless, that he has to hug the one who took Pooja’s life and killed Pooja. He has to marry Naina to the same man. Ishaani heard this all. She thinks Ranveer killed Nurbhay’s wife, this isn’t possible. Why Nurbhay thinks so? Nurbhay comes out of the room, locks the door again. Ishaani comes in front of him, she says she heard what he said inside. She says he is thinking wrong, her Ranveer can’t kill his wife. A man who can’t hurt anyone, how can he kill someone? And if someone would have happened, Ranveer would tell him. Nurbhay asks how many times he must tell Ishaani she must not come to this room. He locks Ishaani into the room and tells her to think what Ranveer could have done. Ishaani says there is a misunderstanding, she must teach Nurbhay in his own way. She knocks the door calling Nurbhay, then wonders what she should do and how she should make him understand. She thinks that Naina and Ranveer can’t marry each other.
The next morning, Maa asks Ranveer this is why his name is Veer. Ranveer says in business world people know him as RV and in painting world he is known as Veer. Vikram laughs that this is why they got confused. Ranveer looks around, Amba asks if he is still looking for her? Vikram says he would find Naina. Maa asks Aarti to bring Naina. Naina brings the tea and serves it. Ranveer asks about Naina’s elder brother, he had come to meet him. Nurbhay comes down saying he wanted to meet him too.

PRECAP: Ritika tells the family that Ishaani is the ex wife of Ranveer, will Ranveer be able to keep Naina happy? Nurbhay says to Ishaani that he won’t spare her now, as she will go to Ranveer that will make him away from Naina. He deters her not to put any hurdle in the marriage else she knows what he can do with Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    Honestly says i don’t like this epi. Plz ishani do the accident drama infront of nibh and reveals the nibhray’s wife death truth.

  2. ammu

    Oh that Nurbhay??How dare he twists Ishaanis hand like this!! Next time I m surely gonna enter the TV n twist his hand.. stupid amba n kailash.

  3. Thanks sona,sorry for my ishaani.u poor girl ,y u love ranvi tis much he cannot deserve tis,ishaani loves ranvi not money .eventhough ur dragging i am still wait for ishveer reunite..i hate that nain charecter,pls end that charecter soon its very irritating,eventhough she is good or bad girl we want ishveer one come bw them

  4. K.praveena

    I really hate nibhray house its not well(it’s immense but not interested) and also all family member of nibhray house. Disguesting.

  5. Keerthi

    It’s hurting and poor ishaani is helpless….oh my Amba u don’t deserve ishaani how can u speak like this when u all come to know the truth where will u keep ur face….it’s ishaani always getting hurt because of ur family atleast if she would have married shikhar she would have lived happily..she stopped the marriage only to save rv from rithika…..ishaani please don’t sacrifice for anyone u better leave everyone and live ur life peacefully….when u are getting hurt by everyone I really feel very bad

  6. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    episode was okkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyyyyy i gonna cryyyyyyyy plzzzzzzz do all these rubbish episodes fast plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i m waiting for reunion………i cant see this rubbishhh come on cv,s hurry up plzzz…………and how r u dear @shalini ????crazyy fan of matsh like me……..

  7. Hy

    Wat stupidity is this story.first they showed how a true loves be and now they are showing us how to hate a person whom we like most.pls reunite ishweer.we miss them????

  8. Ritika

    Hey people
    In the upcoming episodes we will see ishani dressing up as pooja and enacting the same accident that took place long ago which killed pooja . Ishani will act as if she is dead and Nirbhay will come to her rescue , assuming her to be pooja . He will shout pooja in wrath and sadness . He will cry for her and ask if ranveer has done all this . Ishani will do all this to find out the reason behind Nirbhay ‘s hatred for ranverr .

  9. Suga

    Hello everyone hw r u?
    marry vyshu ishveer unite ishurv shalini praveena jasa arhav arora radhika payal..

    hope episode is interesting.. hope Ishveer unite soon.. waiting for a very long time.. 🙂

  10. Keerthi

    Ranveer please save ishaani from the clutches of rithika and nirbhay…..after watching the latest video I feel like u ll definitely know the truth and save ishaani….even though ishaani never told u the truth understand her and save her ranveer….when I saw the scene I could not stop tears coming out of my eyes …..

  11. Saranya

    What happened to u ranveer. U always said tat u can understand ishani well but now its all gone. How can u do dis ranveer to ishani. Amba & kailash always did dis to ishani. Ishani ur sacrifice is becoming waste don’t do dis to tat stupid ranveer. If writers have plan to reunite ishveer den I ill be happy

  12. Hai Guys….

    Yester i didnt sleep well

    Bcouz Matsh is going to be end na… payal dr who give news to dr …

    But i want Matsh 1 lakh episodes only ishveer….

    I am still crying????????????

  13. K.praveena

    Hai vyshu dr. I trust u. And my matsh going end soon. Oh my god. I can’t imagine my whole without matsh show. I already addictted this matsh. How i will manage. When i read the matsh enging soon till now i feel restless. Oh my ishveer. Ekta ji plz create some new track without ishveer seperation. Matsh show True fan , loyal fans r here.

  14. K.praveena

    Hai vyshu dr. I trust u. And my matsh going end soon. Oh my god. I can’t imagine my whole without matsh show. I already addictted this matsh. How i will manage. When i read the matsh enging soon news till now i feel restless. Oh my ishveer. Ekta ji plz create some new track without ishveer seperation. Matsh show True fan , loyal fans r here.

  15. Hi praveena dr….

    i aslo cant imagine dr…. whole day without Matsh……

    Reallyyyy….. i am vry die hard fan of ishveer…

    1st ektha keep ishveer seperation….

    And now ishveer are going to be united

    Matsh is going to be end….

    Ektha always did hurt so many fans …

    Today i didnt take breakfast ….. Dr….

    i cant imagine whole day without ……
    …….ishveer…… ????????????????

    praveena …. Dr …. whr U get that news… Dr….

  16. hai vyshu and praveena dear…is it tru na…really i fell crying na…plzz ektaji we want matsh 2 r 3 more na…plzz dont end it soon na….ennama ipdi panrangaley ma…

  17. hi payal whr u got tis news na..plzz tell me yaar…is it tru na…i cant live without matsh and ishveer na…i am crazy and mad for ishveer…plzz anyone tell me yaar

  18. zen

    gys whether it’s gng to end or not, the impact it made…..v can’t 4gt that right… i don’t undrstnd hindi yet i m watchng it not 1nly me many peopl r dr like me that’s d victory i gues..actng and bgms are marvlus yaar…i must mention shakti’s act wat an actng i thnk drctr hasn’t tried 2 get d best out of him and radhi seriosly i cdn’t beliv it’s her debut.besides all of dis custms and rituls they shw yeah a movy r a tele shw must spk of dr cultrs that i like d most…bt most of d ekta serl r fcsng on high sctis (yt i m nt sure abt it ) busns tycns, celebrty…wich i dnt undrstnd….masth s relly consmng…try 2 share ur thought abt matsh budys……..

  19. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    matshhhh is not going to b end (100%) suRe ,,,,,,,, if its happening then plzzz first show some romanceee and then show there childs to us and then end i dont have any problem 😛 becozzzzzzz i m totally furstrated of this seperartion mature ishveer i bear then these stupidities …………..i cant see that evry one is craazy on ishani ranveer is not less handsome than else only def naina or psyco ritika is for ranveer …….plz unite ishveerrrrrrrr

    • Payal

      Marry plzzzz tum sahi ho m bhi nhi chti abhi 1.5 yrs to aur chal skta h matsh aur ekta to new interestibg tracks create krne m expert h

  20. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz people watch matshhhhhhhhhh just once hope theyy unite ishveeer 4 longgg………..what hesitation for u to see ishveeer its just a serial if u can see naagin kumkum bhaya yeh hain muhabtein then plzzz give 25 min to matshhh also,,,,,,,,plzzzzz dont hate matshhh……

    • shalini

      well said marry……….I dont want criticise other shows…but wat i feel is compared to other shows MATSH is best……….then why people r hesitating to watch matsh…..plzzzzzzzzzzzz ekta show some romantic scenes……..then automatically trp wil rise……..plzzzzzz ektaji do smething………..u r always suffering us..u used to separate ishveer and now u r ending tis show………shit………..I dont know wat to say…………

  21. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    matsh trp is 1.7 and u know in june july aug its on top 2nd with 4.0 trp……..if trpis now upto 3 then these off air rumors (only) didnt spread ………….if kkb yhm and naagin havee huge fanzz then how manyyyy fans r here of shakti arora and radikha madan r here so plzzzzzzzzz watchhh matshhhhh just for shadikha atleast if not ishveer offair rumors r onlyyyyyyy for low trp…………

  22. K.praveena

    Where r u vyshu, arham, ishurv, suga, jesa kerala, sathya, marry,payal. Plz check matsh really going end or not? Now i feel restless drs.

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….its my request to u all watch matsh promote matsh like matsh love matsh………

  23. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    and cv,s u also are major reason of imatsh offair rumor u dont have brain all serialss have lead pairs which romace and in matsh u onlyy tell leapsssssss only 6 month leap 2 year leap etc plzz focus on lovestoryy not on hatestoryyyyy cv,s just ruin the whole story of matsh…………so sad 🙁

    • Payal

      Marry ho skta h ki sirf rumour ho becoz nirbhay ne ek interview m kha tha ki initially audience not liking new family but now they are liking and accepting and trp is going better

      • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

        yes i know tomorrow is latest trp anounced plzzzzz matsh fanzz all chek 2morrow the latest trp which is coming tomorrow chek on trp of indian serials facebook…….

  24. Payal

    Guys i am not saying this yestrdy in sbs chugalkhor aunty said that udti udti khabre aa rhi hi ki meri aashiqui off air jaa skta h vajh lagatar low trp bataye jaa rhi h

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      i saw that,,,,,,,,,,, but she said urti urti khaber and this rumors 75% r just for chugli onlyyy there is no official news and plzzzzzzzzzz all search on goole about colos upcoming serials soon ………..if there willl serial at slot of 10 pm than matsh endss i v search there is no serial at 10 pm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anywayssssss i know these r onlyy rumors but plzzzzzzzz promote MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI…………

  25. Payal

    Guys once sasural simar ka ke end hone ki ki rumour bhi to sbs ki is budiya aunty n hi btayi thi ab tk chl rha h

  26. Payal

    India forum m sbne twitter pr promote krna shuru kr diya h and vo ise ek comment bta rhe h due to low trps ya publicity stunt

  27. Payal

    Plzzzz guys watch matsh mon to fri 10:00 pm only on colors not on yutube plzzzz it is a humble request

  28. K.praveena

    I feel relief, thank dr 4 ur comments. It’s rumour of matsh. I pray to god 4 matsh that trp level gets increasing in upcoming epi.

  29. Payal

    Ye sb bhi audience ki vajh se hua h sasural simar, that bluddy thapki kya h un serials m jo matsh nhi dekha ab to dekh lo acha ho to gya h plzzzzzz it is a humble request

  30. Payal

    Ppromote matsh guyssss as far as possible now god will only help if we will help ourselves and guysssss ekta shares a good bond with colors ceo raj nayak so it can survive and then after ishveer reunion trp will automatically increase hogi pakka fr story will be like before back on track

  31. K.praveena

    Don’t worry Guys. I already suppourt to matsh. Bcoz matsh is core of my heart. How i will hate my matsh. Plz promote matsh forever.

  32. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)
    .chek this……….

  33. shalini

    its very disappointing……..i felt a lot when manmarziyan went off air.and now rumours abt matsh……..very disgusting….

  34. Manisha

    I don’t think matsh is going to end.but one thing I am observing that now they start the show very late and end it at 10.30 pm sharp.just 20 minutes they show(with advertisement).yesterday also they start at 10.10.since many days they show us like this.whats the reason ?they don’t have story or any other reason ?they should show this serial for Monday to Saturday like kukum Bhagya.we are waiting for 10pm everyday but they show late and end it early so I am surprised.

  35. Payal

    Guys matsh 1.5 yrs to ache se chal hi gya h bs ab 1.5 yrs aur ache se chal jye and shakti once told in an interview last to last year that this show will go on for 3-4 years so pray to God God will definitely listen to us

  36. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    MATSH is not goingg off air but due to 1.7 trp its axpecting that Matsh will go off air and if trp increase to above 3.0 then there is lesser chance of popular serial MERI AASHIQUI TUMSE HI to go off air so itssssss time to watch matsh…………..

    • Payal

      Yessss marry try to promote the show on social sites and our trp will surely increase once ranveer and ishani are together but this week fb pr tha ki tam rating week 1 2016 m matsh ki trp 2.6 h to ye to achi baat h

  37. Payal

    Ekta kapoor is experienced use pta h ki serial ko jada kse khichte h to vo to vo kr lege ache tracks lakar aur hmare ishveer to h hi top class

  38. Payal

    Thapki aur ishq ja rang piche h aur piche hi rhnge i pray it is my inner curse to both these shows and it include sasural simar ka and balika vadhu also so irritating

  39. Ranaji

    Guys in spoilers they told Ishaani will be crying and ranveer will see her in which episode guys???????????????

  40. Hai now only i saw ur comments it true,omg i fl crying ,i am not live without my ishveer pls pls god i trust u pls god do something,i cant imagine without my ishveer,pls anybody search yaar is it true?praveena arham marry ishurv suga radhika vyshu payal pls yaar any tell tis is not true news na,my matsh always best

  41. Keerthi

    Thanks for the reply yaar….
    I am really happy now as they ll be in my play list from now on
    And when it plays I ll only be thinking about Ishveer ?

  42. K.praveena

    Ranaji nice to see ur cömments. And ur ff aswell as superb ya. How was going in ur chess touranament?.

  43. Keerthi

    Ishveer fans please don’t worry there is a new serial coming on colors kriahnadaasi and the time slot is 10.30 from jan 25th…. So please don’t worry…. Our matsh is better than any other serial in colors…so please everyone watch the serial on colors lets increase the trp…..we know the hatred track of ranveer and ishaani is heartbreaking but we have to support our show to go on

  44. K.praveena

    Ranaji it’s upcoming epi aarti gives to alhocal to ishani and ishani unknowingily drink it and she acts joker in naina and ranvi roka fun.

  45. K.praveena

    Keerthi thanx for ur news. Any other seriel can’t take my matsh seriel in colors tv especially in my heart.

  46. Hai Guys….

    Thnx Guys …. U Relaxed me for Ur comments….

    Matsh never end…. I want matsh 1 lakh episodes…. only ishveer…….

  47. K.praveena

    I eagerly waiting 4 the upcoming epi. Especially 2 scences of the week
    1. Ranvi concern ishani in room and also he doubts her activity and he says ishani to tell the truth
    2. Ishani making accident drama infront of nibhray.

  48. Ranaji

    Guys this is the only show in Hindi 5divorce 2marriage and 1murder but we are all watching it for ishveer only sonali mam

  49. Ranaji

    Guys scold sonali mam and not ekta becoz she is only producer sonali is only writer and she also spoiled madhubala ek ishq ek junoon also like this only …..she is just a bit. Devil

  50. Keerthi

    Praveena dear don’t worry matsh is really in the top
    When sasural simar Ka and that thapki pyaar ki is running y can’t our show run for more episodes
    This show taught us what true love is ranveer taught many how to love a person unconditionally and ishaani taught us love is all about sacrifices… definitely our show will go on…..waiting for ranveer pleading ishaani scene so eagerly hope it comes this week…..I am getting irritated with swaragini as they only end the show around 10.10pm in the night and our show is only for fifteen
    Minutes?when the trp increases maybe colors gives more tym for MATSH

    • Payal

      Yes yu said it right why they are doing this and all other bakwasssssss crap jb vo chl skta h to Hmara matsh to one 5 serials vala h hmesha no 1 online and in top 5 serials

  51. Payal

    Krishnadasi kitna boring lag rha h mujhe lagta h ki finite series hogi aur jada to ye drama chlne nhi vala

    • Keerthi

      Yes payal all other serials don’t bring the feel full crap stories and I am always annoyed with Balika vadhu sasural simar Ka thapki pyaar ki swaragini all nonsense stories
      But matsh surely a trend setter both shakthi and radhika make us feel a lot…..praying for matsh trp to increase soon??????????

  52. Payal

    Lekin hmara MATSH to september tak top 5 serials m tha aur online bhi no. 1 tha abhi 2-3 months se hi aisa hua h to aisa ho hi nhi skta h it will again reach at the top after ishveer reunion and back to mumbai from haryana

  53. Payal


  54. chandani

    Here is bad news for all Colors’ Ishveer and Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi fans. There are rumours that the show may go off-air soon! The show that was once on top, ruling the TRP charts has now dropped down. The makers are trying to bring in a lot of changes by introducing new characters and plots. But looks like the audiences are not impressed with the new track and the rating is drastically coming down.

    Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, which was once on top slot, this year (first week), was seen on 12th place, with 1.7 TRPs. There are also rumours that the show may go off air due to low TRPs. The makers are almost giving up as the show is not regaining its positing even after introducing new twist. It has to be recalled that the makers have been separating the couple by reintroducing the villain (Ritika) and also bringing in duplicate (Milan, who was Ranveer’s duplicate). And now, Nirbhay’s track has really spoiled the story. Moreover, torturing Ishaani (Radhika Madan) for her sacrifices every time, we are sure, Ishaani’s fans must be irked with this plot and must have boycotted watching the show. Also, Ishaani and Ranveer’s (Shakti Arora) reunion is being dragged so much which is the major reason for its downfall. Currently, in the show, Ritika is helping Nirbhay in taking revenge on Ranveer, using Ishaani. Nirbhay will be torturing Ishaani, as he thinks Ranveer was the reason for his wife’s (Pooja) death. Well, we have a suggestion to the makers, bring back the couple together, and some romance in their track. With this we are sure the TRP may improve. What say guys? Hit the comment box to share your views.

  55. Payal

    Yu r right chandini it is not confirmed they said may be reason low trp but now i think trp has start increasing

  56. sana

    I am very much addicted to this serial.l can’t think about days without matsh.l will always support this serial.this is the best serial l had ever seen and it have such cute actors like shadhika.

  57. K.praveena

    Hai chantini.i dön’t know How i react the news. People r not accepting ishveer seperation. Bcoz seperation scence r shown in months but few days of ishveer unite portion shows in matsh. If creater add some family drama, or adds some new charector in matsh (eg:ssk, etc)then creater spocous önly the other charector r gives same importance to other role na. But the tittle said the story is only 4 ishveer love. Whatever people r enjoing or not i can’t hate my matsh. But same time i want old matsh that high trp level and thrilling etc. I really feel very bad 4 low trp of matsh. Whenever i see trp rating of matsh then i feel very bad.

  58. Keerthi

    For all Ishveer fans please everyone watch matsh on colors even it’s heartbreaking please watch our show swaragini is getting high trp y can’t our matsh get the high trp

  59. K.praveena

    I can’t see matsh in low trp. Guys tell me. How do increasing trp level of matsh show in viewer pt of view.

  60. IshuRV

    guys matsh can’t go off-air. its just a rumour . I have not searched it but still I’m telling u guys . first they will tell us that matsh is going off-air due to low trp. than they will reunite ishveer to end the show and will show some romance and happy life of ishveer . on watching the reunion of ishveer the trp of matsh will increase up to 4.00 and more and matsh will be in top 5 shows and because of increased trp our matsh will not end . I’m telling this because I heard that same happened in zee TV’s shows. I only watch matsh so I don’t know it’s name. it’s sasural vasural or something. tell me if somebody agree with me.

  61. Fans please vote for our Ishveer in twitter as colors has set up a poll for the fav jodi lets get the most votes for them lets prove to COLORS Tv that our matsh is the best

  62. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    rana ji i mmiss and ff was really lovelyy and promote matshhhhhh and guyzzzz its do or die situation us justt promote matshhhhhhh ………minnu y u r saying this ishveer unite soon…….

  63. K.praveena

    Hai sathya, arham. How i will vote in twitter. Plz tell me yaar. If any other option fb to vote in ishveer.

  64. Keerthi

    Sathya (Ishveer unite)
    Actually I follow matsh on google+ profile and I saw one post regarding signing the petition so I clicked on the link entered my name email id and reason for y I don’t want MATSH to end and signed the petition dear….sorry for the late reply as was watching MATSH on colors now and update is taking tym I ll give u the proper link yaar

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