Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


There was no telecast today either

due to longer episode of Swaragini.

Hopefully next episode on Monday.

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  1. Yes I can understand ur feelings sathya dr.l also love shadhika pair.but shakthi loves neha a lot .how will we separate is real.we have to accept that.if shadhika love each other god will surely unite them.I will respect shakthi’s decisions.l think u r not is my opinion dr.every one has their own feelings.l can understand ur feelings sathya dr.I know u love shadhika madly.

  2. Yeh hai ashiqui is only an they can show shadhika in one episode.if it happen then l am really happy.

  3. I like to see pair in 2mt.

  4. FB,Twitter&Instagram….

  5. no sleep , only crying still crying …. only …..

    If shadika not be together in real life …..

    Then i am going to die …. my die after shadika together….

    What ever im saying my heart feel response …..

    Shakti hurted me ysterday so much ….




    Who makes hot pair together ?


    RADHIKA MADAN , SHAKTI AORA ( shadika Reel life )
    —————————————————————————————————————-♥ 89 % Votes : 65 .. ? ? ? ? ?

    neh, shakti ( real life ) __ 11% votes 8

  7. Ya vyshu shakti hurt us lot,i m also die for shadhika dr,i didn t concentrate on any other work dr,shadhika only revolving in my mind,even in dreams also they come,now i hv severe headach becoz yes nt i cried lot

  8. Sathya, keerthi pls calm down we want shadhika in real life …but what is going on …we dont do anything ..only we pray to god ….pls calm down …why shadhika ur doing like this …lots of fans wants u in real life ….but u….

  9. Shadhika kills lots of fans sleep…but i have a hope both r love each other …

  10. But

    My life is only ISHVEER nd SHADIKA ……….
    i dont care about anything

  11. sathya …. dr i am suffering fever yestrday nght i could not even sleep properly …. night only crying …. still iam crying ….,

    I want neha go to hell ….,

    Then shakti definetly proposed to Radhika ….

  12. why shadika cant understand fans feelings ???

    They are hurting nd killing fans …..

    I am tottaly depressed …. iam very weak now nd im suffering from fever….
    ? ? ?

  13. sathya … dr No words only crying ….

    My die only shadika bring together ….. I die for them ….

  14. Vyshu and sathya
    Don’t speak like this dear life is so precious don’t say like this……
    See if there is a destiny that both will join together in life they ll definitely join together
    There has to be some connection between both of them u ll need to wait and see
    But it was radhika s destiny to play the role of ishaani making us all to love them as ishveer
    So let’s wait even though they like each other they are silent as because they are committed
    Just think how difficult it would be for them
    U know na when u are together u don’t know the value of a person when there is a distance between two people only u know the value of other person
    Everything happens for a reason
    God has seperated them for some purpose let’s wait and watch
    Until then don’t talk like this dear like ending ur life …….we need to live for our family especially our mom ….

    1. Now i saw ur cmment …. dr Thank u so much …. for ur advice for me …. u r saying 100 % right…. dr

      shakti aslo ask Matsh 2 in twitter ……
      Next Radhika ask matsh 2 ….

      what i can do i hurted so much dr ….. bcouz of shakti im suffering frm fever ….. yst i didnt sleep dr ….. only crying ….

      I am waiting for shadika marriage ….. when i got these news….. Then only iam happy….

      1. Take care of ur health dear…….
        Let me tell u one thing
        So don’t worry dear if they are destined the whole universe will help them unite….
        U don’t cry and spoil ur health na….plz
        Take tablet and sleep well

  15. Ya u r right keerthi i saw the last day shoot scenes which is show the true love between shadhika ….&on twittwr shakthi also retweet matsh want a another chance forums….so he also wamt the same ….itsvclear ….keerthi,sathya dr

    1. Yeah raji but let’s wait and watch what happens

  16. Yeah u r 100 % right raji i aslo saw that last day shoot in abp news …. channel …. sbs segement feb 6 th happy ending ….

    That video i can understand they are in 100 % love …. why shadika hiding …..? ?

  17. Vyshu dr pls take care ur health,i hd severe headach mrng onwards so i slept dr,hope god ll hear our voice and do something

  18. Keerthi and raji dr thanks for ur advice,i know drs What u r telling was Wright but my heart not tame as easy,reallt am fed up drs,yesterday shakti hurt me a lot,hopw for gud thing

    1. I know sathya but please take care of health na ……
      Some things take time
      So patience dear

  19. Guys I saw in some news that shakti smooched neha many times 🙁
    I am crying

  20. I hate shakti
    Reason in one interview
    Question was: did you ever smooch any girl?
    Shakti replied: yes and the girl is my darling neha.
    Question: ok then how many times?
    Shakti replied: oh how many times….well to say many many times so many that I can’t count.:-) 🙂 🙂
    After seeing this interview my heart is broken
    I hate you shakti 🙁

  21. Now we have to focused on how to come back our shadhika….leave ig the other things …after matah ending where we r command like this ….kerthi,sathya , dr..

  22. Raji dr ….. we have so many fan fictions …. dr …. there we cmment …. dr …..

  23. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Oh god what the hell yaar I’m also fed up with this love of shakti for neha but vyshu and sathya pls don’t spoil your health because of one mistake of shakti……guys remember Ranveer mistrust Ishani and then he come to know reality he apologize pls don’t make same situation here we’re mistrusting shakti and I feel that somewhere and some else their is love in his heart for radhika……and soon if god want they will reveal it…… pls guys don’t spoil your health and pls pls pls just be like this only…..

    1. Ya dhruva i know dr shakti loves radz bit he is loyal to neha that is y he hide his feelings,when he realize radz is the best pair for him,when matsh 2 Started

  24. Vyshu keerthi raji dr u saw engagement shoot scene dr,in that Scene shadhika play in offscreen drs,shakthi touch her hand and hip throudg the cocounet and both r picha each other and in one screen shakthi fold her hand and try to kick on her hip that time he noticed some one take tis in camera so he suddenly peave her hand and sit innocently,he is very close in offscreen with radz but he try to hide himself infront of camera,becoz he wants to be loyal with neha,i keenly watch that video dr he is very comfortable with radz,and tosay i download shadhika frndship celebration last yr,both r look happy ,y god did tis all,y shakti meet neha first if he meet radz sure they became couple now,matsh 2 s solution for all our prblm,what raji told is crct we r all do something for brimgback our shadhika on onscreen

    1. I did not see it dear ll see it definitely

  25. U r right sathya matsh 2 be the soln of unite shadhika in real life ….we have to keep on trending after matsh ending …dont lost hope ..bez some people said on twitter they may plan to air matsh 2 ..its not confirmed still but we have to trendingggggggg……..

  26. Yes hai ashiqui will come on colors ? When ?do something for matsh 2 friends.we are very sad.

  27. I read an interview of shakti in which he was asked that had he ever smooch neha and shockingly his reply was yes he said,” I love neha from core of my heart and I smooch my darling many many times which I can’t count also I love you a lot neha my sweet heart and except her I never thought of any girl”
    These errors disheartened me. I hate you shakti I am crying:-(

  28. Raji when matsh 2 Started then only shadhika hv an chance to work together dr

  29. Guys I have decided to stop my ff becoz I get less comments and I m studying +2 portion in that situation I update daily but there is no one to comment then there is no use na yaar. I completed 41epi in season-1 but now I have planned to end in 50epi and I will continue only kkb becoz there I get 10comments for an epi now a days I am happy with that but I am disappointed with matsh many ff have started so many forgot my ff??????????????

    1. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

      Narendra you’re just crying like a baby yaar go on your ff page and dr.there more comment and if their are less then p change the track yaar you’re doing and acting same as colors channel and ekta mam……trip low end the show…..this is not hide away yaar change it and get high trip ( comments ) ……..sorry if I hurted you but its my opinion because MATSH end and then we all are being connected through the ffs only….so pls don’t stop…….

      1. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

        Sorry its not trip its trp….

  30. Guys golden petal awards I have voted where ever I get chance to vote ishveer pls don’t miss it guys best Jodi vote for ritvik and shivanya becoz there is no ishveer???

  31. why they stopped telecasting matsh for 3 days.. just one week to go and they are doing this to us…!! why so…!! i am getting so fed up on colors channel… wish they get doomed… please if anyone have information please let me know….

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