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Chiraag watches RV bring a girl in arm. Ishaani runs calling Goridi, and was worried. The doctor comes there, Ranveer gets severe cough Ishaani brings water for him and asks him to have it. He was panting and looks at her. He apologizes for her birthday, she says her birthday isn’t important Goridi is and she is glad for him too. Chiraag says he wanted a fight between them, but Ranveer became the hero. He is determined to come back.
The doctor announces the patient is serious, Ranveer picks her up and takes her downstairs. Ishaani asks Ritika how it happened, Ritika asks her not to tell anyone at home as Ranveer promised her and she is in problem, it is better she tells everyone by herself. Ishaani asks Ritika to talk to Sharman, who is upset and thinks there is something between

her and Ranveer. Ritika says she will go home and sends Ishaani to hospital.
In the hospital, Ranveer tells the doctor her lungs filled with smoke due to fire in the room of hotel she was staying in. He looks at the worried Ishaani, and says he is going to fulfil the formalities of the hospital.
At home, Sharman was worried, everyone was waiting for Ishaani and Ranveer. Pratik looked at the cake, he says to Derwash something is wrong and there is something Sharman knows. Parul says when Ranveer and Ritika left and Ishaani went behind them, there is something wrong. They come to Sharman, Derwash asks what is the tension. Sharman was angry and says he doesn’t want to tell anyone about it.

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Goridi wakes up and recognizes Ishaani. RV was also there, standing with the window. Ishaani says she had never thought she will meet her like this, but its good she is fine. She asks what she was doing in hotel, Goridi looks at Ranveer then stops. She asks her not to take her wrong, but she didn’t want her to know she was there. Ishaani asks why. Goridi says she didn’t want her bad times to come to her family, she says Ranveer has helped her a lot. Ishaani asks did he know, and what bad times she is going through. She asks Goridi what has happened to her, Ranveer leaves the room. Goridi says that when a girl marries, her husband is the whole world to her and she has all hopes to him. Her husband adopted her but she came to know his real face, he harassed her and hit her; not only him but his family. They kidnapped her into the store room of their home, snatched her phone as well. She cries that she lived with much difficulty in that room, no one was there to hear her. But then one day, she ran away from their house. She didn’t know how to share, then she called Ranveer, he came to meet her and supported her, understanding her. It was she whom he hugged, when Pratik watched them. Goridi says she stayed in the hotel room, till they could decide what to do next, Ritika saw her once, she can’t tell her they have supported her so much. She took promise from them not to tell her. Ishaani says she should have filed a complaint against him in police, she was angry and says she must do something against him. Goridi stops her saying he isn’t a good man. Ishaani says marriage doesn’t mean breaking all the relations after marriage. Goridi says she didn’t want them all to get hurt again, she called Ranveer only because he only has been with them at all times. She says Ranveer is a very good man, he supported her when she had no one. She says she is sure, he will always keep her happy. Ishaani says she knows, and is proud of being his wife; but she must be very happy had he told her. Goridi says he was finding a correct time to tell her, he told her in the morning that he will let them meet at surprise of her birthday.
Ranveer comes inside again, Ishaani says to Goridi that Ranveer is here, nothing will happen. Ranveer says Ishaani is right, no one can do anything wrong to her now.
It was morning now, Pratik asks Parul to call Ishaani. Sharman was still walking. Ranveer indicates to Ishaani that her phone is ringing, Parul asks where is she. Ishaani says sorry, she must have called them. There was emergency in office, they are together. Parul asks what has happened, Ishaani says she will tell them at home, they must sleep. Ranveer says to Ishaani she must go home. Goridi says yes she must go, she will send Ranveer home too soon once he talks to doctor. Ishaani agrees, and leaves. She owes Ishaani not to tell anyone.
Derwash and Pratik leave to sleep. Sharman was awake and says Ishaani is lying, he must have known about an emergency in office, he won’t sleep without knowing the truth. Ishaani comes home and drinks a glass of water on table. She says thanks God that everyone is asleep. Sharman comes to her from behind and turns her.

PRECAP: Ranveer and Ishaani come to each other. Ishaani says she wants to thanks him for what he did for her sister, thank you. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode good.Atlast the most expected girl’s identity is shown as goridi. surely Chiraag will pay the price for creating misunderstandings between Ishani and Ranveer.Ranveer loves ishaani undoubtedly very much,waiting for the expression of love. want Ranveer to beat Chiraag brutally. Hope Ishaani Ranveer romantic lovely scenes will be on the track.Hope Rithiks Sharman will also clear all their MU’s.waiting for the special episode.

  2. Waiting for that moment when you both confess your love !! All the best May god bless you .!!
    Tu jaruri sa hai mujhko zinda rahene ke liye!!!

  3. Wow. Much awaited heart melting episode.. Ranveer ur great man. So happy to see ishveer scenes. Hope they will have good days ahead. All the best for their never ending love life.

  4. Very nice episode, mystery girl showed at last. Waiting for special episode. Love you IshVeer. 🙂

  5. How come Goridi is related to Ishaani?

    1. Gauri is Ishaani’s cousin…

      1. I told to u all tht she is gowri ishaani cousin sister my guess is right…..hope so rv and ishaani patch up….

  6. Very nice episode, , in the beginning of the episode , I was confused as who this girl and I though that Chirag G/F, was I wrong. So that mean that this is Ishani cousin sister, that is big family. The more the story develop , the more I love the man name Ranveer. This servant boy turn out to Ishani dream man. Still hope that Nitin and his first wife will reunite and explain to Ishani what happen that day. That the misunderstanding between Ritika/Sherman will clear up soooooooooon. They are drag this too long. Run out ideas. Peace Out

  7. Ranveer loves ishanee but she can not unterstand

  8. I feel Ishaani will come to know about the photos chirag sent to RV, and that way she will conspire to destroy Chirag’s life with help..

  9. Ishaani how are you my Jaan? See Your birthday will be celebrated happily and……………No Chirag, No Girish,No Sharit……………

  10. Today episode is so good

  11. superbbbbbb episode. finally they both came to know abt their luv. want some romantic scenes plzzzzzzz. waiting for tmrws episode.

  12. most awaited and lovely episode please show ishaani and ranveer romanti scenes please . waiting for todays episode

  13. today episode is good. Wow great nose cut for chiraag nice. Waiting for ishveer patchup as soon as sharman misunderstanding is clear. All the truth will come on saturday?

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