Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani asks Mala if Amba prepared laddu for breakfast. Mala brings them and gives it to Ishaani.
The key maker tells them that the keys doesn’t belong to this lock. Chaitali asks how this keys can be wrong, but he says they are. He isn’t interested in making fool of them at this time of night.
Ishaani comes to study where RV was awake. He asks Ishaani how is she so awake till this late. Ishaani says this was Teej so she had to wake up soon. RV says she doesn’t need to do this because her treatment has been going on. Ishaani says that when you have to ask for the life of your husband you fast. Ranveer says she doesn’t need to do this all. Ishaani says she is doing this all with her own will. She and Ranveer share an eye-lock. Ishaani says that Amba had to do this all

but she might have forgotten, and if mother in law doesn’t do this a husband has to do it all. Ranveer was reluctant. Ishaani says that he is her husband, though they are having differences between them because she lost her memory but still she considers him as her husband. She further says that the happiness in this house are dependent on his life, she wants to fast for his wellbeing. Ranveer nod, then makes Ishaani take a seat, kneels in front of her and makes her wear the jewellery, puts in sindoor and drapes her in red chunri. He smiles and was about to put a laddu in her mouth. They hear the voice of Ritika shouting, he runs outside. Ritika stood beside the door and the vase had fell down. She apologizes that she broke the vase. She watches the laddu in his hand and says she wanted to fast for him, but Amba told her not to stay hungry for this long. She smiles at Ishaani, then says to Ranveer that she can’t fast but can fulfil all the rituals and eat Sargi with his hand. She says alright, everything is getting apart. Ranveer says he promised her to marry but till Ishaani’s memory returns. Ritika says alright, but atleast she can eat this laddu with his hand. Ishaani cries that Ritika has been playing with the rituals.
Sharman, Pratik, Ritesh sat on stairs outside the house. Chaitali made a lot of chaos and said that they must call Ritika to tell her that keys are the wrong ones. Ishaani thinks about calling Chaitali because she gets up really early. Chaitali receives the call, but Ritesh snatches it from her. Pratik and Sharman stuffs Chaitali’s mouth. Ritesh tells Ishaani that Chaitali is only worried because they shifted just today, that there has been no preparations of Reej as well. Chaitali asks Ritesh why he didn’t let her tell Ishaani. Ritesh shouts and strictly tells her that no one will talk to Ishaani. Ishaani thinks she must go to see if the family is fine of not, as they will never tell her about their pains.
Kanchal sat with Sargi, Mr. Mehra comes there. Kanchal says she prepared this but Ishaani didn’t even recognize them in Krisha’s wedding. Mr. Mehra says he must go and give this to Ishaani anyway. Kanchal says she must be fasting for RV. Mr. Mehra says when she has eaten her Sargi, Kanchal must think Ishaani is fasting for their Shekhar. He goes to change.
A neighbor brings police and tells him to see they are the people. Others get together as well. The police man questions why are they worrying people 5 at night. Sharman says that their flat owner gave them a wrong key. The police man says weren’t they trying to break the lock of the house. He says that he got a call from society that some people are trying to break the lock of the flat. He says that he spoke to the owner of the house Heera Nanda that he didn’t give any keys to anyone. Chaitali says that this house belongs to Ritika Zaveri, but the inspector says this belongs to Heera Nanda. He tells them all to be taken to police station. Sharman has a fight with him as the inspector tries to hold Chaitali’s hand. They take him to police station.
In her room, Ritika thanks the inspector. She speaks to herself that they must go to Ishaani. Ishaani must be about to get her family’s call that police took Sharman. She won’t let Ishaani help them. Chaitali asks Ritesh to call Ishaani, Ritesh says they won’t. Pratik suggests to call Sharman, but Ritesh says they can’t even call Shekhar as well. They are Dewarsh’s in laws, what will they think of them. He says he needs to think about something.
Ishaani was trying Sharman’s number and worried where Ritika sent them. Ritika comes and asks Ishaani why is she worried. She says that Ishaani challenged her so this must happen. She says that she separated her from her loving family and now in the morning she ate Sargi from RV’s hand. Ishaani jerks her hand angrily. Ritika tells her not to show any hate for her, this is the beginning of Ishaani’s defeat.

PRECAP: Mr. Mehra comes to the door. He watches Ishaani eating Sargi with Ranveer’s hand and returns from the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was disappointed.. everytime they are showing interesting stuff in precap… but nothing…
    Hope we get some good episodes further… waiting for a good episode.. please dont drag much.. reveal the Rithika truth soon..

  2. When will ritika true come out .it and kkb so much draging.

  3. Yes no need to attach non sense scenes. It was good start up and nice move till Ishani memory loss. Pls don’t deviate it. Try to be on path dear director.

  4. Suga mere khyal mr tm b mere tarah ye drama her raat ko dekte ho aor mera tera aap b sirf yahe kehte he k dnt drag plz

    1. Hmmm K3…

  5. I thnk all d lead characters shud go n die in d same pkace wer chirag died.. thr can b no better ending to ths useless pointless hopeless directionless show..I wonder how actors keep tolerating ths headache! !

  6. Writer’s ruining this show…..I heard in SBS that ritika had a miscarriage and blames ishani…amba throw her out and ranveer also blame ishani and won’t trust her and finally decide to marry ritika as soon as possible…….
    Now this show is going on a worst track… I can’t tolerate this bullshit anymore…..they’re dragging unnecessarily…… Go to hell writer’s….. Dimag kharab kar diya hai!!!!!
    They are creating so many twists at a time instead of solving matters, or revealing the truth of ritika….. I thought that rv is a positive character but he turns negative for believing ritika.
    Rv and his entire family are negative characters whereas ishani and shikhar’s family are positive……rv and ritika you both go to hell or died in this show…ishani plz marry shikhar coz
    1…he loves u a lot
    2..he cares for you, he’s the one person who bring you hospital when ritika stabbed you..
    3..he believes you blindly.
    4..shikhar’s family really cares for you and give respect to you and your family too,,,whereas rv’s family always curse, taunt and hate you and your family also.
    Really fed up this show now….day by day its becoming boring.?

  7. shakthi kalaiarasan

    plz unite ishani and shikhar.he only loves her sincerely…..

  8. manikarnika sourabh

    this show is unnecessarily dragging….stopped watching other colours tv prgms are better than this….

  9. Ha ha juz love it when viewers curse…. On a serious note please writers if this blog is of any use n u value our feelings n comments write in a way which make us love d serial.. If u think having all good looking actors can keep the trp high it’s wrong!! Look even in our busy lives we undergo so much of stress be it a student or employees.. Inspite of that we wake up till late night to watch our fav actors n show.. N if u make this storyline so clueless n meaningless we end up the day in frustration.. Daily soaps are for our entertainment we are not jobless to accept wtever stories u bring up..instead of patching everyone u r making evil take over this love story.. It’s not necessary that ritika has to remain as negative character till end killing everyone n it’s just u know so frustrating really.. Wtz the Serial title n wt is better shown where is tat pure love which was in rv on day 1 ?? Please it’s request don’t blindly write stories tat too having all such good actors.. If u really can’t handle it then end d serial don’t disappoint viewers

  10. I hate dis show nonsence its so much of dragingggggggg ishani plz yar u marry sekhar its good for u I hate rv n ritika also rv ill never understand u nw adays d show is boringggggg

  11. Rv you deserve that devil ritika only…..always trust ritika not ishani… Ishani plz marry shikhar, he only gives you all happiness of the world…not rv……
    Rv ko ritika se shadi krne do,,,shadi me baad hi writer’s rv ko ritika ka sach batayenge,, tabhi rv ko akal ayegi k usne ritika pe trust krke apni life ki sbse badi galti ki hai…..

  12. lovely episode.

  13. I suggest an idea again ishani gi with sikhAr rv u go to hell ritika u killed amba n laxmi after date talk with your 12 month old unborn baby…..
    How ishani…. U tolerate this script……
    Wanna change something borring and meaningless story.. .. Rv just a sixer type man hate this person

  14. MATSH = DEAD show

  15. Priya from Paris

    Boring today episode

  16. I think writers doesn’t not knows cmg up stories dragging like a he’ll

  17. hang the writer , director and producer of the show…. its ridiculous … the title shud be … meri dusmani tum se … O ! viewers….

  18. veryyyyyyyyy…….. boringgggggg………
    hating this show. stupid rv devil rithika.
    so much draggingggggg…….. pls end this show as soon as possible.

  19. Boring……boring…boring…tmrw onwrds i didn’t watch this stupid drama

  20. I’d already stopped watching this stupid and idiotic show…… I am just reading telly updates only……all colors TV shows are very boring…..they’re just showing meaningless and clueless, unlogical story……..
    So, we had no other choice of stopped watching this show….,no aashiqui remains in this show except hatred, revenge…….
    So I request to the maker’s of this show plz change the title and end this stupid, idiotic, bakwas show on a good note, as soon as possible…..

  21. Boring boringggggg plz end dis show as soon as possible I hate rv n ritika stupid serial

  22. don’t watch if u don’t like it…don’t make unnecessary comments…

  23. uff sooooooooooooooo boring this show now……….i think ekta ma’m have to tieup rv and ishaani..

  24. please show ritikas real face in front of everyone and don’t extend it

  25. Seriously Fed up of this drama. What a pathetic story where the lead pair has not been together even once. Brainless writers just strecting the story like a chewing gum. The show has really tested my patience I had stopped watching it since few days but now will not even read the updates. Hope this fulfills the writers n the production house purpose, with such writing I really think their objective is to irritate the viewers. Stupidity at it’s best!

  26. dont drag it plsssssssssssssssss,reveal the ritikas truth and plssssssssssssss make rv and ishani lives happily

  27. hi lolxxxxx how r u all?????? i see this show evryday i ll try many times to leave the show……..!!!!!!!!!! but i cant i love matsh!!!!!!!!!!!!! ishaveer r awsme…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 :* love evry episode of this show…..!!!!! 😀

  28. Love u shekhar ishaani plzzz marry him dnt marry dat stupid dump rv….. leave him alone wit dat evil ritika…..

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