Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mala comes into the room and gives Ranveer a courier that someone had given to the guard and left. Ranveer opens it to find Ishaani’s bangle, broken. He gets worried that it has been cut from her hand. He reads the letter that he is sending her bangle today, he must do what he asks for else next time he will receive Ishaani’s hand.
The kidnapper drived the car with Ishaani head covered on the back seat, the kidnapper comes to a place bringing Ishaani down the car. Ishaani tries to run, he says that he has already sent her husband the first clue, the next can be even worse.
Ranveer tells the inspector on phone that he got the bangle that was in Ishaani’s hand, this man is really dangerous.
The kidnapper brings Ishaani to another goddown, remover her face cover,

her mouth was tied. He tells Ishaani that he is going out, she must not try to escape as he hates cunning people. He informs his boss on phone that he took Ishaani on long drive, and brought her back but she thinks they are in a new place. He tells his boss that Ishaani will no longer know where they are, he also says that Chotu must be coming. He comes back to Ishaani and says fresh air is really important. Chotu brings Ishaani glass of water and some food. The man removes Ishaani’s mouth cover, tells Ishaani not to yell as no one will hear her. Ishaani watches chotu’s phone lying nearby. The kidnapper leaves.
The kidnapper calls Ranveer, Ranveer tells him not to touch Ishaani at all. The kidnapper says that now he will know what the cost of losing someone is. He tells Ranveer to take his red and black bag, put in thirty crores and bring them to church by bus. Ranveer what if he doesn’t leave Ishaani then? The man says he has no option now. He has to believe, and he must not inform police. Ranveer says he will do anything but will save Ishaani.
Chotu puts in biscuit in Ishaani’s mouth. He tells Ishaani not to cry, nothing will happen. He says that his uncle says that if life is sour like lemon, one must think that it will make a delicious lemo paani. Ishaani asks who he is. He tells her that he is his uncle. Ishaani wonders how Ranveer will be when she is like that.
Ritesh says that Ishaani had no enemity with anyone. Chaitali says sometimes love also makes one hate. She says Shikhar must have got Ishaani kidnapped for fear of loss, as Ishaani loves Ranveer. Krish and Dewarsh had come home then, Krisha says that Shikhar isn’t like that. He can’t do this at all, he knew Ishaani will expose Ritika and will go to RV one day, still he helped Ishaani. Why had he sent Ishaani to Ranveer if he had wanted to do so? Amba was hearing this all. RV comes downstairs. Krisha says that they must never suspect her brother again, he has sacrificed a lot. Ranveer says those who sacrificed can never hurt. He says the kidnapper is really dangerous and shows baa the bangle of Ishaani. Ranveer says the kidnapper asked him to bring thirty crores, Shikhar is checking on the numbers. He says that it must be someone who is really close to them all, he kidnapped Ishaani from room and called him exactly when he got the courier.
Ishaani tries to stand up, then watches the nearby lying phone. She looks at the door and struggles with the phone.
Ranveer talks to inspector that he has talked to the kidnapper, he is really dangerous. If he knows he has talked to police, he must do really bad to Ishaani. Ishaani dials Ranveer’s number but it was going busy. Ranveer tells the police that two men in civilian dress but very careful. Ishaani pleads at Ranveer to attend the call. Ranveer tells the inspector that he is getting a second call and by the time he reveives it Ishaani had lost hope. The phone bell rings, Ishaani views the number and attends the call. Ranveer asks Ishaani if she is alright, Ishaani was crying. He asks where she is. Ishaani says she doesn’t know where she is. She tells Ranveer the kidnapper is alone, he has a kid with him Chotu wearing grey and blue uniform. Ishaani tells Ranveer not to worry seeing her bangle. She cried and pleads him to save her. Ranveer says he will save her at any cost. He tells Ishaani to keep hand on her heart, take his name, this time she will not let themselves apart. Ishaani says she doesn’t know the enemity of that man but he is very dangerous. The kidnapper arrives. He holds the phone, then slaps Ishaani hard. Ranveer shouts at him not to touch her, he warns her. The kidnapper says to Ranveer he has lesser time, he has only two hours. He has to come alone and no police. He has kept an eye on him and hangs on. Ranveer tries the number again, the kidnapper comes close to Ishaani who was shivering in fear. He asks if she has to call someone else, shouts at her vigorously warning her to take her life. He leaves Ishaani crying.

PRECAP: Shikhar says to Ritika that she put Ishaani’s kidnapping blame on him but she had forgotten that he is the biggest lawyer of town. He has found the kidnapper and he has confessed that Ritika had hired him. Shikhar says he is planning to keep her in jail for lifetime now.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Hafsa

    This series is really getting boring day by day. First two halts were outstanding but now doesn’t feel like watching like I was eagerly waiting for next episode after or next week.

  2. suga

    What a sad episode… twist is necessary in a show for interesting track.. but not often… doesn’t know how leap and RV look alike will create in Ishveer’s life… always in some or other trouble… doesn’t know when they will be happy… precap sooper… Ri deserves it… waiting for a good episode..

  3. Swarnim

    Please ekta ji show some mearcy with love birds nd unite them as soon as possible . We want to see isheever together

  4. Shikhar jaane wala hai so sad…
    Ab toh updates padhkar he serial ka haal chaal lete hain
    Ekta madam story ki speed badhao toh trp aur badhh jayegi

  5. teenu

    now I am suare dat amba only did dat kidnapping…. I think rithika also knw abt dat… shikar work is good… life tyme she stay der only.. I mean jail..

  6. Sruthi

    Guys we knw chirag used to love a girl… Whom he hit by a car and blamed ishani and ranveer for the incident.. He also tried stabbing ranveer long back..may b he is the one behind kidnapping… Like he said in today’s episode, “cost of losing someone “.. So may b

    • Vish

      Chirag is dead…remember? Some new story is unraveling with this kidnapping plot, some unknown backstory coming forward. We’ll see.

  7. marry

    i love today,s episode its intersting………!!!!!!! eagerly waiting to see next episode……………i dont know wat ishveer ,s future but ……….. plz cv,s describe some aashiqui in the serial……….. otherwise change the title name of serial by request of veiwers like MERI NAFRAT TUMSE HI , MERI DUSHMANI TUMSE HI, MERI JUDAI TUMSE HI, HUMARI ADUHRI KAHAANI, MERI MUSHIKLIEN TUMSE HI OR MERI TAKLEEEFEIN TUMSE HI etc………??

  8. neha

    Love shikhar…. Very smart….
    But hate u ekta kapoor, for always separating our ishveer….what the hell is going on this show….didn’t like current track….feeling bad for ishani, the kidnapper always shots at her… Poor ishani ?!!!!!

    • ishu

      How can a person kidnap from his own house mean his house not safe… How a nee person do this kidnapping…. Full of negativity full of tear full of sorrow from last 10 month no one happy episode

      • Vish

        Haha, was thinking the same. The house needs better security. But Ranveer said in the episode that the person behind the kidnapping must be someone he is close to, because of easy access to house and the kidnapper guy calling him so quickly after finding the bag with the bangle…must be someone who is around the house.

  9. shujhu

    Superb serial….omg kitne pyare episode aaye aj… <3 kr rha h dance kru…kitni sundar lag rhi thi ishaniwoooow

      • Joydeepa

        Shujhu batmeez larka how can u say like that dirty word agar tum mere samna hota to me tumha ak slap to me tumhe zaroor marti jab tumhe ye serial nahi dakhna to mat dekho asi gandi words kyu likta ho batmeez kahika

      • shujhu

        Slap toh ty b khaygi… Tere se puch ke dekhugi ty beekuf toh puri dunia bewkuf ban jaygi kya… Chuoa chap beth ja ekta ku chamchi

      • ishu

        U right shujhu… Aisi aurate hansi ka patr banti h
        Slap toh tujhe dege hum bewkuf
        Serial tere se puch ke dekhege or ye ekta ki bakwas bazi tere jaiso ki wjh se bik rhi h.. Wrna log etne pagal na hote na director ki etni hemmat hoti k wo bewkuf bnati dunia ko
        Aage se muh band rkhna chudi phen or serial dekh

  10. mirza

    y cvs r making cheap tracks..? until chirags death d serial was well popular n supr hit of d tym.but nwadys fans r tired 2 watch d most lvd matsh due 2 nonsens track.plz cvs gear up d serial as d begining n dnt let d fans 2 feel bored….. plz unite ishvèer n bring sense 2 d title….pl……z

  11. teenu

    Now I am feeling dat amba not a real ma of ranveer.. May be she is second maa of ranveer… Other wise how can she do like dis.. Uska betaka saath.. Mera dimak abe eisa boolthi hey

  12. Ayush vikram

    Dont u people think so..
    Ishani who was blamed for killing chirag got phaasi’s punishment ,but ritika who is big murderer didnt get any such big punishment

  13. Tush

    mene serial dekhna chod diya so i am so sukhi 😜 …. serial se jada toh telly updates valey cmnt read krney me aata h 😝😝😝😝😝

  14. Priyanka

    ranveer ishani ki aashiqui kam or bichdana jyada dikh raha he… i think in logo k paas kuch story nahi bachi dikhane k liye… boring ho gayi he serial….

  15. Joydeepa

    Tush tumne yeh serial dakhna chor diya very good i am very happy kyuki tumhari yeh bakwaas comment nahi parna parega haha

    waise ye batwo ki tum larka ho ya larki

      • Joydeepa

        Abay oy shujhu ki chamchi tu jada likti ha tumhare se muje laga ki tu bohot hogi aur ha shujhu ko ya bhi bata dana ki ma orot nahi balki larki hu 9 standarad ki

      • Joydeepa

        Abay oy shujhu ki chamchi tu jada likti ha tumhare nam se muje laga ki tu bohot achi hogi aur ha shujhu ko ya bhi bata dana ki ma orot nahi balki larki hu 9 standarad ki

      • ishu

        Acho ke achi or buro ke liye buri hu…. Panga legi toh hockey he khaygi… Software eng hu… Khe toh tera b program set krdu…. House wife

    • ishu

      Serial bakwas ho tog bakwas comment he aayge phool nhe barsege….
      Kya sikh le rhi ho tum es serial se
      Serial ek seekh ke liye hote h corruption ke liye nhe
      Aisa ker ke hum ekta ko rok rhe h tum b sayad neg character ki ho

      • Joydeepa

        To dhakti kyu ha serial tujhe kisi kya ka dhakna ka liye aur ha tu churiya pahan ka serial dakh aur maine tuj na hi kuch likha tha to tu kon hoti ha bhih ma likna wali

    • ishu

      Just look in reality and dramatics
      Ek famous banda police ko gidgida rha or ghr me dushman paal rha kiski maa aisi hoti h. Look the reality n take step in positivity wrna chup chap dekho

  16. Shâžñā

    Radhika Madan(Ishani ) & Shakti Arora (Ranveer) show is going on the lines of SalmanKhan’s Bigg Boss 9. Well, there will be some double trouble on Colors this daily soap too. Ranveer & Ishani’s love story is so complex that no one would wanna ever be in their shoes. Well, blame the shows writers for gyrating complications after complications in this supposed pre kahaani that has now become a suspense thriller. So Ritika the [email protected] is out!

    But hey wait, now we have Rajat aka Amit Tandon as the new villain on the show. Small screen is run by vamps & villains, how also will out goody-two shoe protagonists look like Gods made into living humans, right? & so the makers decided tonot just bring in one baddie but two of them. Confused? Well read on to get more clarity on the upcoming trackSo there will ouster of Ritika & there will be the entry of a new villain, Rajat (Amit Tandon). Rajat has an old rivalry with Ranveer(Shakti)and in order to take revenge from him, he will kidnap Ishani. Which is when we will see that the show will take a six year leap. When the leap happens it will also be the end ofShikhar on the show.

    And after the leap we will see that Ranveer has changed and has become a mean man. Are you wonder how? Well, there lies the twist, it will not be Ishani’s Ranveer Waghela, but a different person who has striking resemblance with RV. Which means that it is Ranveer’s double role thatwill lead the way forward and on show and it is the evil Ranveer, who will end up bringing together Ishani and Ranveer again.

  17. neha

    I think this rajat has some link with ritika…. May be her brother or friend of ritika….. I think ritika send thanks msg to rajat only….
    Anyways, let’s see how cvs turns the story….. And I also think that rv’s mother amba was also involved in ishani’s kidnapping, coz she’s very happy with ishani’s kidnapping… And she never want to see ishveer together.. She always tried hard to part ways ishani and ranveer….. Even she talk about this matter with her hubby(rv’s father-kailash) in last episode.
    Oh god!!?!! What a bad twist is this….don’t know what’s going to happen next in this show…… Sad for ishveer.

  18. Joydeepa

    Muja lagta ha tu bohot moti hogi kyu shuju tu na mujhe ekta ka chamchi bola ara budhu tu bhi to usiki chamchi ha to bhi to usiki serial dakti ha moti

  19. Joydeepa

    To dhakti kyu ha serial tujhe kisi kya ka dhakna ka liye aur ha tu churiya pahan ka serial dakh aur maine tuj na hi kuch likha tha to tu kon hoti ha bich ma likna wali

  20. kuldeep1234567

    its losing interest day by should be near to real life sitiations or at least near to the theme….

    • aahna

      Deepa whats your problem why yoy bear out about serial if you able to tolat pay then request to ekta …Don’t make blunder.. if you have a strong base then antagonisting for us… They criticize Ekta kapoor if you have problems it’s your headache not for us… Am sure
      You are big idiotic who combat us what ur role between us n who you don’t make tedious our fun according to Ipc 19 A we have power to say our opinion… Don’t garbage here

      • neha

        I agree,recently we celebrated 68th years of independence….
        So,we’re free to give our opinion….. It depends to each n every individual what they want to see or not…each n every person have their own choice and freedom to watch serials and give their views on that show…
        If someone have any problem then ignore their comment don’t read…nobody forces you.

  21. swana

    the episode is gooodd……..but please don’t give negative role for shikar we can’t even imagine him playing negative role .

  22. Christi

    Dis story is so bad….its too much,its getting far from d reality also….i m so tired of dis drama nw…i like it dis story b4,but nw i dnt even want to watch it….its getting so boring day by day

  23. Shahlo

    If I were Ekta Kapoor, I would finish this story with ishveer reunion n ritikas getting punish…Who needs another twist? Why she added rajat??? Or what the hell she created rv’s look-alike? Is it serial or fantastica? I m tired of waiting for ishveers happy moments…
    I’m gonna stop observing this stupid serial, coz I know, ekta ji will create another twist after “rajat n rvs look-alike twists”
    maybe our ishveer never will be together…
    Btw, I will miss shikhar, he did good job!

  24. Joydeepa

    Abay oy mana kab kaha ki comments mat do pagal larkiyo shujhu chaha jo bhi muje kya phark parta ha aur ha mujhe ye batao ke tum logo ki kya problem ha maine ek larki ko kaha to sari ki larki mujhe kahana lagi akhir koi comments ma kya gandhi words koi likta ha ab kon naya heroine tapak na vali ha ma class 9 par hu to kya serial nahi dak sakta ara aaj kal to class 6 bacha bhi serial dakta ma shaya up sab se choti hu isliye up sab mujhe hi likh raha hai kyu hai na gandi larkiyo ab bulao upni new herione muje comment dana aur aahna aur neha aur shujhu aur isha apni bakwas comment bhajo muje timepass karne ka liye kuch namuni mil gaye ha!ha!ha!

    • neha

      Its OK joydeepa…ur right aj kal teenagers bhi TV serials dekhte hai…no problem… U just chill….don’t take it personal… And one thing,,,,I am not commenting you,,,its a general opinion… I am not saying to any particular person, even I didn’t take ur name also.
      So dear, “as salman khan says” do whatever you want to do!!!! And enjoy?

  25. Joydeepa

    Bari aye dialog marne vali tuje ko rok raha dakhna se ak to tu khati ha HUM ISHAANI AUR RANVEER SE PYAR KARTA aur upar se khati rok ka dikha my foot tujhe kon rokaga

  26. neha

    Another breaking news for matsh fans:
    I heard on sbs that,The kidnapper soon fix a bomb on ishani’s stomach rv, shikhar ,baa and amba and family ran to save ishani…rv reaches to save ishani he holds her and hug her and said that if we(ishveer) can’t live together than at least they died together…. Ishani shouts at rv don’t come nearer to her, stay away from her otherwise bomb gets blast…seeing this amba gets emotional for ishani.. She(amba) finally realised ishani’s true love for her son ranveer…ta last rv n shikhar both saves ishani and rv hugs ishani and confessed his feelings for ishani…
    One miracle happens is that amba except ishani as her daughter in law…she also hugs ishani and finally excepted ishveer relationship.

    Woooowwww…..isn’t this is great news for us(ishveer’s fan)….I am glad to heard this news and eagerly waiting for that episode.

  27. teenu

    no… Ranveer cant heart ishanii…. Guys I got one shokking news about dis show… What ranveer skiipping d show… Sure or no

  28. malika

    Shikhar is sooo sweeeet….
    Ranveer is very stupid he let ishani to be kidnapped…. nohing like that happened when ishani was with shikhar…..

    I think this all kidnapping drama is there just to kill one among rv or shikhar….

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