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Ishaani wakes up, and says to RV that she will hit her. He was worried, is she alright. She was in a different state, and said she will kill him sunk in water he poured on her. He calls her name. She was posing to be a cat. He said he is her husband. She said he is Shaitan, and she is the naani. He corrects her as Ishaani. She says he is chai ki patti. He reminds she drink tea in morning. She says at night, she only drinks blood. He called her cat, now she won’t leave him. RV ran in front of her, while she gets him when he was about to fell down. She fells on his chest, winds her hands on the back and fells asleep. RV hugs her in return.
He helps her to lie on the bed, and caresses her forehead. He puts the quilt on her. He says he promise that he won’t let her past ruin her,

not even CHiraag.
Baa and everyone was in much pain, as they prepared for beds. Baa says this is their house. Falguni says they will leave here, in the morning. Baa says that now Amba must leave the house. Payul brings food for them. Darwesh invites her inside, saying they were playing Antakshari. She apologizes, that since they hadn’t eaten anything se she brought food. They were all hungry and heads to eat.
Amba comes there, and asks Parul if she brought the stale food. Parul stammers, but Lakshmi says she told them to give them stale food. Amba says to Lakshmi that she doesn’t know about the rules, but they all know about the rules of the house. She asks how dare they even see the fresh food, but since today is her son’s wedding, they must eat it.

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From tomorrow, they will have to earn this food. They won’t get safe. Falguni says they will do what she will say, but requests her to leave. Amba tells Lakshmi to make them sleep early, as the servants wake up before the masters here. Lakshmi appreciates Amba, and says she must have took class of Falguni as well. Amba laughs, and says she is angry at most. Hansa won’t like it, if she makes up with Falguni. Chaitali comes to Amba, and says she gave her a lot, she will do all her house hold and asks for a separate room. Amba tells Lakshmi to give a room without AC.
RV was wearing shoes, when Ishaani wakes up. She sits on the bed, them thinks how she came here on the bed. He says he will show her. She forbids him to come near. She asks he only thinks about it, only. He saw she was asleep, couldn’t do anything. She feels the head ache, watches a bottle she drank from. He thinks it was the juice Chaitali had given him, and smiles.
Amba comes to wake them next morning, and says here the servants have to work from 7 o clock. Baa says RV brought them here, she will complain that she will tell him what his maa is doing to his mota bapu’s maa. Amba laughs, that will he scold her. She is his mother, he gave them place to live, not her place. She will complain RV, such that he will throw them on the road. RV bought their office, to take revenge. They must think what he will do to them. She instructs everyone about the household work, and says to Baa to come to her room, as she will only do her work.
Ishaani says he mixed something in the juice, so that she got unconscious. He says he doesn’t need to mix anything in it, to do anything to her. He sits by her side, and says he enjoyed what ever happened. Ishaani asks what happened. RV says no one tells about such things. Ishaani sees marks on RV’s neck.

PRECAP: Amba asks what happened on RV’s hand or neck. He says a wild cat came to their room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mind blowing episode,,,,, I wish ranveer n ishaani would always be same way n also I wish let ishaani start loving ranveer as soon as possible ., , lvu u RV

  2. Amba and baa scenes are bahut boring and intolerant . We want more romantic scenes of Ranveer and ishaani

  3. ^ agreed

  4. Ranveer you are such a lovely guy. U r fabulous and romantic. Love u Ranveer

  5. Aww this was such a nice episode, the more like this the better 🙂

  6. Ranvir have more romance with wild cat

  7. Please update fast within 5-10mins after completion of serial. See for Ye hai mohabbatein serial the written update is very fast. We don’t know hindi still we are watching the serial. Hope u will understand my problem. Thanks Sona for ur work

  8. yeah teju i agree.. coz i also don`t understand hindi… but this epi was fantastic.. though i don understand hindi i was keep on laughing… tom n jerry fight starts..

  9. Nice episode amba is doing fabulous wrk

  10. mayuree moharana

    Nice epi..luv u ranveer

  11. i feel now its boring. its like the old sas bahu serial. i like it before. ishani should have married chirag n make to regret for misunstanding ranvir.

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