Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer curses himself standing out his car why he is being uncontrollable, why he gets restless hearing one name. He gets into the car and says he has his commitment with Ritika but he want to see Ishaani once, to see if she is fine. He will leave then. He looks at Ishaani’s window who comes out on the balcony to water her plants. RV watches her intently, her childhood flashes into his mind.
Kanchal comes to the hall an watches Ishaani’s car parked outside, she notices Ishaani on the balcony. She calls Riitka and asks if she knows where her husband is. Ritika says RV has gone for office. Kanchal says he is standing outside their house, he is here as Ishaani’s lover and is staring Ishaani. She says to Ritika that RV isn’t ready to accept Ishaani and Shekhar’s marriage. Ritika

says he is very concerned about Ishaani. Kanchal says the only way is her and RV’s marriage, else Shekhar will remove RV from his way, he loves Ishaani and can do anything for him.
Baa knocks at RV’s car, he comes out of the car and comes to take Baa’s blessings. Baa asks if he is worried for Ishaani, she thought she alone cares for Ishaani but there is someone else who cares for Ishaani. RV says he was just passing by, Baa asks why he doesn’t meet her. She tells RV to see her, she had called Ishaani on balcony for water, so that he can see him. Baa says those with big hearts never betrays anyone and Ishaani has a big one, she still has him in them. She tells RV, she has seen in Ishaani’s eyes that she still loves him. Baa says she also sees love in his eyes still, she begs on him to take Ishaani with him. Baa asks how can he forget his childhood love. She says she doesn’t want to know what Ishaani said to him, she accepts that is was she who sent his parents to jail not Ishaani, and Ishaani took the blame for herself. Baa says she doesn’t know why they decided to get apart. RV says Ishaani decided that. He says he thought Ishaani is lying but he and Baa both are wrong. He says to Baa that both of us have moved on, have decided to marry; they can look back but can never come back. He gets into his car and leaves Baa standing there.
Parul brings Ritika a CD, she gives her a CD of RV’s mobile’s back up he gets each month. Parul asks Ritika why is she worried. Ritika says she must give them to Ishaani, she wants Krisha and Dewarsh’s engagement videos to get know about Falguni’s murderer.
Ishaani tells Shekhar that her mother’s murderer clues with caterers had also been sent by that murderer. She tells them she doesn’t know the murderer. Shekhar takes Ishaani to the police station. Ritika calls the landline of Shekhar’s house, Kanchal tells Ritika Ishaani has gone to police station for some verdict on the attacker yesterday. Ritika tells Parul she is going to police station, she has to give the CD soon.
Shekhar watches Ishaani in the car, he says what he would have done if something happened to Ishaani. Ishaani asks him not to overthink about it. Shekhar says saying is easy, doing it practically is really difficult. Shekhar watches Ishaani’s arm and the bruise on it, he stops the car with a jerk and asks why she didn’t put something on it. He goes to get ointment and puts it over her bruise softly. Ishaani says she is ok, they must not waste time but Shekhar says he can’t ignore her bruise; if she isn’t taking care of herself, she must let him take care of her. He asks her to promise him, she would tell him any problem she has. Ishaani promises him, says thank you and smiles.
At the police station, the inspector says he is a contact killer. He tells Ishaani it is her brother who hired the contact killer. Shekhar asks which brother. Ishaani leaves the station. The inspector watches the statement of the killer. Ishaani comes out disbelievigly. Shekhar follows her, Ishaani says her brother wants to kill her, this isn’t possible. She says none of her brother is like this, that man is lying. Shekhar gets hold of her, he says she must take care of herself, she can’t break coming so near to finding her mother’s murderer as well; be it Dewarsh or anyone.
The kiler stands up in jail as a veiled person comes to him. He tells the lady he took Ishaani’s brother name instead of hers. It was Ritika who removes her veil.
The killer tells her he did what she asked him. What he would say when they will question him much, she didn’t save him the other day and has now trapped him. Ritika says she paid him, he must do what she asks him to. The killer says they hadn’t this deal. Ritika holds his hair, she says that she is pregnant, her boyfriend refused to marry him so she killed him herself; still she bears his child. She says if he knows the feelings of a mother, she scraps her nails over his hands, he resists in ache. Ritika gets a cramp, she asks the killer if he can see the feelings of being a mother; she asks him to think his 3 year old son is riding a cycle and a big car is coming near to him and hits him. The killer says no, not this. Ritika asks him to care for his wife, he must not make any mistake that his son would have to suffer.

PRECAP: Ritika watches Shekhar and Ishaani coming through the corridor. Ishaani asks Shekhar to see…

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Thnx for quick updates

  2. Today’s episode was good.. Atlast Rithika ia shown as negative blackmailer vamp psycho shade.. the black cat behind all things happened.. she was a killer.. waiting for this for a very long time.. eagerly waiting for her vamp character coming in front of all..
    Baa moves was right.. atleast she try to unite Ishveer.. eventhough I want Ranveer to unite with Ishaani.. at the same time iam feeling sorry for shikhar.. bechara will be heart broken if he cant marry Ishaani.. Doesnt know how dewarsh will prove himself that he didn’t do the crime.. precap seems to be interesting.. but I think that Rithikaa vamp will escape. Waiting for a good episode.

    1. Thank you sona for express update..

  3. Nice episode
    At last ritika convert to vamp
    Ritika pls go away to ishveer life

  4. so ritika has chiraag’s baby!!!!

  5. LOL 😛

    Ye sb Ritika ka kaam hy ishaani ko v wo hi marwana chahti hy

  6. Finally it gives a picture tat chirag was rithikas bf n she killed him. Something seems to b interesting now. 1 month they just dragged d serial. Just don get it why a serial starts soo good and after few months looks like they lose interest and start killing d storyline. Once TRP falls down they rem to bring the story line back on track. Hoping hereon the story becomes interesting. What is ranvir so dumb all his life he loves ishanni and he knows her since childhood such strong bonding. He must have sided her always irrespective of ishanni loves him o not. What is love if you give up. Shikar being a 3rd person trust her more than ranveer who spent his whole life so far. Its like making fun on love and relationships..
    Sacrifices….? Really are we in 1960 o 2015 we are in make sumthn wch wil show of living then sacrificing your love and no one being happy. Get life 2 serials guys

  7. Yup thanks sona for quick updates

  8. Wowwwwww finally rithika face shown….pudinga sir pudichu jail ah podunga sir…..they r so much high voltage drama upcoming episodes….rv and ish divorce…so much of spoilers ….waiting for ishveer remarriage….

    1. kandipa avala pudichu jaila than podanum……..

  9. now what shikar will do.???

  10. Woooooow finally rithikas negative characters shown hoping ishveer get together soon nice episode ??

  11. So fast!! Thank you for updates.. Omg ritika was shown so pretty n good natured in d beginning n now they have turned her to evil.. It’s total crap writers change characters character so easily.. Next I wonder if they would show it was ritika who killed her dad!

    1. Why would she kill her dad

  12. Rithika idiot black dress vamp really U suits for vamp Sherman is not her bf its Chirag I really feel for amba if she know the truth about rithika then her face would be like a red chillie.

  13. Thank god the story is back to its track after so long. Waiting for ishveer reunion.

  14. O..wat an epi..angane vaziku va..ritikade sathyangal ellam purathu vannukondirikunnu..waiting 4 ishveer union

  15. harriet juliet

    can someone tell these people to bring the love birds back soon. Am tired of Ritika or whatever her name is and her f*cking pretence.

  16. Wow finally ,,,! The mystery is revealed,,, wow RVs emotions were priceless today in the car,, how much he yearns for a sight of Ishani ,,, as soon as he see her ;and that light smile with happiness, admiration and care were in his expressions and beautiful memories recalled,,, amazing,, got no words,, i really felt that feeling from my heart,,,
    I juz wanted to see amba’s face, wen she comes to know about Ritika,,
    But bechara RV,, all women in his life are not true to him,, lol
    Anyway I want RV to unite with his love,, he should attain his love in his life,,

  17. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hiwill soon bring about a major twist as Ishaani will choose to marry Ranveerinstead of Shikhar on the wedding day.Currently it is seen that Ishaani (Radhika Madan) and Shikhar’s wedding ceremonies are going on and on the other hand Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and Ritika’s functions are on the way too.However, Ishaani is not sure about the exact nature of relationship between Ritika and Ranveer.Ishaani is keen to know the truth about whose baby Ritika is carrying as she had gone away from Ranveer thinking that he is the father of Ritika’s baby.However, Ishaani will soon come to know that Ranveer is actually not the father of Ritika’s child and she will ultimately get married to Ranveer on the day of the wedding.

    1. Ohhhh nice expected twist,,, all wedding functions happening like last time ,, so boring everything the same,, I want real RV and Ishani wedding with mehendi , Sangeet, haldi and all,, with so much happiness like arnav and khushi remarried,,
      Y can’t shiker confess Ishani that’s it’s not Rv’s baby,, he knows that and he knows that how much RV loves Ishani because he was the person who was trying to patch up with Ritika and RV… So y can’t he tell everything to Ishani,,, y should Ishani do some of research to find out whose baby is that,,? She can directly ask shiker or baa,, or even RV ,,all unpractical

      1. I agree with you

  18. wot’s gonna happen next

  19. Rithika go to hellllllllllllllllll

  20. But in the latest news they said that ritika is carrying sharman’s child and if we notice sharman is also not being seen in so many episodes….

    1. Bt Ritika says she killed her boyfrnd.Thrn how..v hav seen sharman on party aftr all…And there Rv secured her frm sharman..Do u rmmbr

  21. Hope ishveer re unite soon

  22. Ritika’s truth got revelaed but it wasn’t as expected… anyways, it will be good to see the love birds unite. after all thts wht we want. As far as shikhar is concerned, he will be heartbroken for a while, but bc of his Casanova nature, he wouldn’t have been with Ishani for long 😉

    1. Nice compliment for shiker ahh,,, lol

    2. Ya…a postv cmplmnt to shikr..if stry vl b so..v vl b hppy..bcz Ishani fr Rv

  23. Lovely episode.

  24. kya h .. what do u want to show in this serial .. we are waiting eagerly… and we want to know all truth regarding this serial. plz plz now i cann’t wait .. reveal all truth .. and plz ishani and ranveer don’t be so dumb .love should be expressed and this ritika should go to hell..

    1. Ishani is only dumb,,, hehe,, RV already expressed his love, in many ways but not Ishani,,

  25. So finally there is some improvement. Thank God

  26. It was serman’s child..which was shown in recent episodes… than why this ritika..repeatedly used to say..your child..your ranveer..and ranveer mahan is listening it…where is serman gone according to serial.. anyone knows?

    1. It is chirags child since she herself confessed that she killed her bf coz he didn’t want to marry her. Sharman is alive. If he was dead, they would have shown it

    2. Yaa ranvir itna mahan kyn bn rha hai…aur wo ritika ki himmat to dekho br br bl rhi thi ki “tmhara bcha”…..2 thapd khich k lgane ko mn kr rha hai use

  27. WOW. Ritika should go to helllllllll.

  28. Nc episode…Again serial gained its power …..

  29. OMG!! Thank god mystery revealed.. Bring back my Ishveer together ASAP!! Starving for their moments 🙂

  30. she(Ritika) deserve it…

  31. Now atlast we have to not tolerate this sweety ritika
    Today i like baa very much she had clearly told ranveer that ishani luv him but our dear ranveer was not able to catch the main point
    I m eagrly waiting fr that episode where ishani unknowly told rv not to divorse his wife…

  32. Pls any one tell me that rv d ishani ki divers hogi

  33. I saw in fb yaar plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss any one knws abt it

  34. so sad of shikhar……………….

  35. Merina ningal malayali aanalle?

  36. Wat a change with Baa☺☺☺

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