Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nurbhay was enraged and announces that this wedding won’t take place. Everyone asks why it won’t happen. He says he is saying so. He says that man isn’t Veer. Maa says it doesn’t matter, what matters is that he is the happiness of Naina. She can’t overlook her daughter’s like and dislike. Naina will marry him. Nurbhay joins hands, he says he doesn’t like this but this house is his, he takes the expenses of them all so only what he wants will happen in this house. Ishaani arrives at home. Maa stops Nurbhay, she says this is his house. She has always accepted his decisions, but she won’t let him take false decisions for her. Nurbhay says he can foresee problems for his sister’s life. Maa says he isn’t brother, but brother in law of Naina. He married Pooja, her sister.

He can’t take right on her life’s decisions. Aarti is her sister, Vikram is her brother and she is her mother. She says he takes on their expenses, fulfils his duties as a son in law but he doesn’t has a blood relation with them, she herself will take the decisions of Naina’s wedding. Nurbhay says alright, they don’t consider him a family member.
Maa says he didn’t consider them as their owns. She says he didn’t tell them who that Ishaani is, why he brought and married her and then why he behaves so badly with her. She says Naina is her daughter, she will marry Veer only. She watches Ishaani at the door and asks what Veer said? Ishaani says Veer is ready meaning Ranveer said yes. Naina, Aarti, Vikram and Uttam are happy. Ishaani gives maa the platter of Shagun. Maa is also happy. Aarti hugs Naina. Maa also celebrates this with Naina. Nurbhay curtly watches Ishaani, goes to her, holds her hand and takes her in the room.
Amba says to Ranveer that she saw he said yes to marry Naina. She says a mother must be happy, saying yes to marry Naina means going near to Ishaani. He will have to go to Ishaani always. She doesn’t get he is doing it for his love and his hate. That Naina will suffer in this all. Ranveer says he will always keep Naina happy, her family says his presence gives happiness to Naina. He will fulfill all the responsibilities of a husband. He will go to Ishaani daily, to hurt her. She betrayed him for the happiness, he will let her pay for that. He tells Amba not to think much, just prepare for her son’s wedding. Amba leaves. Ranveer says Ishaani once said he taught her to love, now he will teach her to hate.
Ishaani asks Nurbhay to leave her hand, it hurts. Nurbhay says he has heard their love story, childhood marriage and all. How did Ranveer agree to marry his sister? Ishaani says Nurbhay had sent the proposal. Nurbhay says last night she was asking Ranveer from him and today, she got him ready to marry Naina. How is that possible? He says he won’t let her and Ranveer ruin his family. Ishaani says if Ranveer marries Naina, the last hope of Ishaani and Ranveer’s unity will also die.
Amba and Kailash get gift for Naina from Ranveer. It was a painting, Ranveer proposing Naina. Vikram says Ranveer hasn’t sent a gift but proposal for Naina. Nurbhay watched this from upstairs. Ishaani comes there and watches the painting as well. Vikram says he likes his personality. Ishaani serves the tea, Maa introduces Ishaani to Amba and Ranveer saying she is Nurbhay’s wife. Maa tells Ishaani that they are Ranveer’s parents. Nurbhay watches this all. Ishaani touches the feet of Kailash and Amba, who doesn’t bless her. Maa asks Ishaani to serve tea. Amba says she wants to tell them something, every person has a past. She wants to tell them about the past of Ranveer. Amba says there is something in his life about which he doesn’t want to hide from them, Ranveer was married once before.

PRECAP: Nurbhay asks Ishaani to get the date of marriage. He will marry his sister well. Ishaani hears Nurbhay saying that he has to marry his sister to someone he wants to destroy, Ranveer killed his wife Pooja. Nurbhay introduces Ishaani to Ranveer, Ranveer says he wants Ishaani to do the Tikka ritual tonight.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    Today i don’t like ranvi dialogue that i fullfill husband responcibilities for naina. It’s really irrting dear. Don’t say the word again my handsome hero ur birth is only 4 ishani not someone. Ishveer always best.

  2. Oh sona thank u so much for ur fast updation,iam eagerly waiting for ur update u r like my angel.,omg ranvi u hurt ishaani a lot,how could u do all the resposibilities of husband to naina,is it possible.u love ishaani then how u told to amba like tis,anyway pls makers unite ishveer as soon as possible.even i am not interested to see ranvi wit naina in rituals,but i hope ranvi find the truth soon,we want that cutipie ishveer moments soon

  3. Keerthi

    thanks for the quick update as I did not want to see the serial today..I am waiting till ranveer spots rithika …because when ishaani cries I cry a lot and eventually get angry on ranveer so ll wait till the roka episode….it’s painful to see these episodes???????

  4. K.praveena

    Today amba and kailash won’t bless her. Both r u now? Ur son is well now it’s all happened only 4 ishani. And i don’t like naina charector i don’t know y. I saw the her portion then i feel little irrtation.

    • Keerthi

      Me too praveena
      I am hating naina so much when I see here it’s irritating
      And that too nirbhay family members are all disgusting with latest video of aarthi and vikram making nirbhay to look cozy with ishaani to make ranveer watch it I felt so much angry

  5. rosy

    Couldnt undrstnd da precap…nirbhay will marry naina to destroy Rv or nirbhay will get naina married to Rv to destroy Rv????????

  6. riya

    ishani should let this marrige happen and then go somewhere far…ranveer doesn’t deserve her.he never trusts her..the girl did so much for him…everytime she goes away from him hurting herself the most,and she does it for ranveer’s wellbeing…but he never understands her….let him marry naina and ishani should just leave him forever -_-

  7. K.praveena

    Ranvi u want to marry maina and he will keep naina happy. How it possible rv. And today i really likes nibhray charectoration. His wife is not alive but he take her family as own family and always keeps in happy in everyone. Nice nibhray charector. But u can’t be hero of the show. Rv is one only hero of the show. And ranvi wants revenge on ishani and he gives pain to ishani. But however ishani cries then u also cries and hurt.

  8. K.praveena

    S sathya my cousin house which has colors tv. So i saw first half of the show and 2nd half i comes to my home pa. I missed it.

  9. IshuRV

    by reading update feeling so sad for ishveer but by reading upcoming news feeling very happy and joyful . want shout, celebrate, laugh . can’t wait REUNION EPI OF ISHVEER….

    i have posted this news but if some one have missed than read it

    Fans will get to see more scenes between the lead pair in the coming episodes
    The judaai of Ranveer (Shakti Arora) and
    Ishaani (Radhika Madan) has angered fans of the show till no end. This has been evident in the declining TRPs of the show. At last, the makers have decided to bring the lead closer and the track seems to be proceeding towards that.
    We have seen so far how Ishaani goes to Ranveer’s place with marriage proposal of Naina (Aakanksha Juneja) and he agrees for the same. Ishaani is heartbroken. In the mean time, Nirbhay (Mohit Abrol) discovers that Veer is actually Ranveer and is furious. He thinks that the husband and wife are playing a prank on him.
    In the coming episodes, we will see the roka of Ranveer and Naina on the show. As per reports, he will spot Ritika (Smriti Khanna) there and get suspicious. Ishaani will get drunk at the event to know if Ranveer still feels for her. He will look around the house and hunt for clues. Ranveer will come across Ishaani in a room, where she will be crying inconsolably. He will ask her to reveal the truth but she will be silent. Ranveer will also touch her after a long time. Nirbhay’s brother Vikram will spot them and tell Ishaani that he will help her re-unite with him.
    The reunion of the lovers will hopefully bring a fresh lease of life on the show. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi fans were extremely angry and upset at the track, where the couple got separated even before they could spend some time together. The effect was seen on the TRPs. Will this be the game-changer for MATSH in 2016?

  10. Its better u ll not saw the 2nd part praveena,bcoz ranvi romance wit naina and hurt ishaani,so i wont see tis episodes in youtube,when ranvi understand ishaani that something truth behind nirbhay and ritika that episode only i want to see,eagerly waiting for that episode

  11. K.praveena

    I can’t understood the precape. Nibhray what he means of saying. He wants marry naina or? I really getting confused. Any one clear it ya.

  12. IshuRV

    yeh news soonkar pagla gayi hun mein. do din se ishveer reunion ke bare mein soch sochkar kar kabhi bhi hasti hoon . aj to class mein science teacherne question puchha to answer tha ‘resistance power’ meine galti se bol diya reunion . teacher ne puchha whose? mein ishveer bolne hi vali this par mujhe realise hoova meine bol diya WBC and RBC. kisiko kuch pata hi nahi chala aur sab mujhko dekhake hasne lage… yad aata hain to mujhe khud par hi hasi as jati hain…

  13. K.praveena

    Ishaniveer even i don’t know abt tikka caremony i thought it’s tilak caremony. Tilak appiles in groom forhead. Today i really confusing a lot.

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      trp comes on evry thursdayy last weak matsh 1.6 and now this weak 1.7 and thursday its comes….lets see what improvement search on trp of indian serials fb…….and also on wiki…….

  14. renu

    hi friends!! special hi to IshuRV…….mujhe bhi bhut hsi aayi tumhari reunion n WBC n RBC k union se…. wats ur name dear!! actually my xam is continue in coming weeks so mai comment nhi kr pati….bt mujhe MATSH bhut psnd h….dekh pati nhi to written update pdhti hu….thnx for written update!!

    • marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

      yes but onlyy to findout the nirbhayy past truth and in emotion nirbhayyy reveals all the past storyyyyyyyy

  15. marry (meri aashiqui ishveer only)

    todayyyyyy nothingg special…..but now onward its gonna b interstingg and i love u ishurv and now when i put my biology book open i really laughhh when wbc,s and rbc,s topic come……….so sweet……waitng for reunion we crazyy all………. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • shalini

      hai………can u remember me??? u r right, we all r crazy about ishveer and especially me soooooooooo crazy about ranveer and ishani………..

  16. shalini

    OMG!!! soooo cute and funny performance by shakti radhika…………but I love the TSA performance than this……….

  17. shalini

    thank u guyzzzz fr commenting more………for past somedays nobody was commenting…but yesterday I was really shocked to see nearly 500 comments………thank u sooo much fr supporting MATSH inspite of its dragging………..keep going………..

  18. K.praveena

    I really likes ranvi love 4 ishani. Whatever situation made that (hate or love) but ranvi want to beside with ishani whatever reason behinds this(taking revenge or love). That is reason i can’t hate matsh show.

  19. I am curious nd waiting fa ishveer union…..Ranveer plzz understand Ishaani soon.
    I enjoy watching matsh in tamil urave uyire. ” Nee illai endraal naanum illai inge en svasamum nee dhaane”….
    Amazing n mesmerising lyrics. Rv gifted beautiful wind chain fa Ishaani….Suprbbbbb.

  20. K.praveena

    It’s grt news vyshu. After a long times i waiting 4 that momemt(ishveer unite). Ishveer always rokz dear.

  21. K.praveena

    Just i read in fb abt math that is ishani wants to find out the nibhray’s wife”pooja” death. So she makes some accident drama in front of nibhray and she dreesses up like pooja. That accident scence nibhray gets panic and he reveal all the truth abt wife death.

  22. Keerthi

    Wow nirbhay I really appreciate your love for ur wife pooja……. Really u showcased ur love when u saw ishaani bleeding and u crying for her thinking her to be pooja….but one thing for sure ranveer is not responsible for ur wife death…..hope after this upcoming episode nirbhay will fall for ishaani and start to love her……I hope ishveer unite soon and ranveer learns the truth…….

  23. shalini

    IS it true?????????????ekta plzzzzzz dont do that…………..drag it to the extent……..I wil support u………plzzzzzzzz……..plzzzzz……………

  24. Omg we want matsh forever,tis ll not happen,i love my ishveer lot they r my soul.i never live without ishveer,so pls ekta there are lot of dieheart fans for matsh so pls dont do tis,trp ll increasing soon,we all r support always

  25. K.praveena

    It’s true news matsh going end soon? Oh no! Ekta ji y r doing like this. I want matsh forever. True fans of matsh r here. If u stop the drama then i cries badly. Oh no! I can’t imagine my whole day without matsh.

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