Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

There was no telecast today

due to longer episode of Swaragini.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sathya and vyshu
    Yeah dears I saw their photoshoot and the MATSH feb 6th last day shoot
    I have ordered for gr8 magazine dear hopefully will get it on Monday or Tuesday
    I feel the emotions dear but will it come true
    Even if shakti accepts will radhika accept?
    My heart always says shadhika shadhika lets see wat God has plans for them
    But U know only one person wish for a particular thing to come true but there are many fans who wish for shadhika to be in real life so let’s see if God agrees to our plea…

  2. keerthi dr ….. first time valentine masti i cant see bcouz shakti with someone else …..
    But i see that video vry tension couz i want to see shakti expression …..

    I feel happy bcouz there is no love for neh…

    I want shadika real life couple….
    I want shadika real life couple…..
    I want shadhika real life couple….
    I want shadika real life couple ….
    i want shadika real life couple ….
    I want shadika real life couple ….
    I want shadika real life couple….
    I want shadika real life couple….
    I want shadika real life couple ….
    I want shadika real life couple…..
    I want shadika real life couple….
    i want shadika real life couple ….
    i want shadika real life
    i want shadika real life couple…..
    i want shadika real life couple….
    i want shadika real life couple…
    i want shadika real life couple…
    i want shadika real life couple….
    ? ? ? ? ? ?

  3. Keerthi dr ….. u saw na feb 8 th epi ….. i dwnload nd i saw nearly 50 times still no boring….,

    what a Mind blowing love couple …. keerthi dr …..

    Lovers only acted natural chemistry… ( shadika )
    friends only acted artificial chemistry….( neh, shakti )

    1. Yeah vyshu it’s crystal clear when seeing the video but y are they hiding God is playing so much ?

  4. Keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu do u know the new show of shakthi without radhika….i am totally upset mind is totally blanked ..pls tell is it true .? Or not

  5. Keerthi ,sathya ,vyshu do u know the new show of shakthi without radhika….i am totally upset ..pls tell me …

    1. Raji
      No dear I think he went for that show launch still no confirmed news I saw in the Internet
      That shakti is acting in it

    2. No raji its yet not confirmed dr,i think he gonna as a cheif guest

  6. Ya keerthi and vyshu dr totally agree wid urs comments,day by say am more crazy about shadhika drs

  7. Thank u so much keerthi dear ….

  8. Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers, and “Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi” star Shakti Arora is no different. The TV star, who was until a few days ago busy with his hit show, can now devote his time to girlfriend Neha Saxena. “Neha would complain at times but thenit was an everyday routine so she adjusted and now that I am free, I am making up for the lost time,” he toldAbsolute India. Talking about V-Day plans with Saxena, he said he has been asking his friends for ideas and may just go with the flow. “I believe friendship is essential in everyrelationship. Your partner should be your friend. Moreover, bond and compatibility is the key to success,” he further added when asked about the secret to his heart-warming relationshipwith his ladylove. In other news, Arora’s show is to be taken over by another Balaji Telefilms product “Kasam,” which will reportedly star Ssharad Malhotra and Yuvika Chaudhary in the lead. The story surrounds a certain Bedi family and their rich and spoilt brat of a son. The”MATSH” crew has shot for the final episode and the final episode is expected to air on Feb. 19. Meanwhile, all the Arora fanatics needn’t be upset as their favourite TV idol would return on “Yeh Hai Aashiqui.””I have seen some episodes of the showand wondered if I ever could be part of it. I felt blessed when I got a call from the production house. Now that they areheading for a new season, I am excited to be the part of the show again,” the web portal quoted him as saying.

  9. Matsh gonna end,shakthi in new showYeh hai aasiqui,shakthi celebrate valentines with neha,really am totally depressed

  10. Sathya …. Dont be depressed … He is tottaly showering fake love for neha …

    He always love Radhika ….

  11. Sathya it is conformed??? I am in restless…

    1. Ya raji dr shakthi is in new show yeh hi aasiqui,iam also fl crying

  12. But keerthi said no ???? What sgoing on ….pls tell me dr…

    1. I did not see this news dear it’s really shocking

  13. Guys pls do one favour for me pls who r all having fb account pls send msg to shakthi,request him to not play any role in any oter show without radhika ,pls pls guys

  14. Sure sathya

    1. Ya sure dr.pls read my above comment shakthi also told abt tis

  15. Omg shakthi in new show with out radz …..i lost my control …i want its a rumour…

  16. We want shadhika back ..but here shakthi alone…i feel cry …i want matsh 2….god pls give our shadhika back…

  17. Wish u a happy bday rookey rookers,may god gives u all happiness and ur wishes..i wish u many more happy returns of the day dr..

  18. Rookey rookers i think u r very lovable person that is y u born on valentines day,god bless u dr

  19. Keerthi dr ….., slownly slownly Radhika aslo fallen in love …..? ( shadika )

  20. Vyshu and keerthi when our shadhika celebrate valentines together iam waiting for that day drs

  21. Keerthi pls tell me where did u bought Gr8 magazine dr,through flipkart?..

  22. India’s jack and rose my ishveer,i love u sooooooo much shadhika u r the best

  23. Keerthi , sathya dr pls see shakthi be the lead in yai hai aashiqui ..which is aired in bindass tv …i am crying…..

  24. Is it true raji i cant imagine shakthi any other girl iam also fl crying dr pps pls god do something pps god

  25. Sathaya,keerthi rei hai aashiqui is a short episode storya???? I dont pls refer & then tell me dr …iwant mu shadhika..but in twitter people r trending matsh2 ……pls refer dr …

  26. Sathya… dr nxt yr my dearest shadika celebrate valentines … together …. ? ( shadika )

  27. Radhika madan boy friend i dont like him ( yuck ) …..!

    Shakti aora girl friend i dont like her ( yuck ) …..!

    i want ishan Aryan nd neha saxena ( ishena ) …..

  28. Raji i dnt know about that show dr,but i search about that show but i cant understand,i think its not a long episode serial dr,if u know abt that pps tell me

  29. guys pls dont again same mistake …..
    If you ask colorstv In MATSH 2 again they do same in mistake for Matsh 2 …..

    These colors channel never understand beautiful love story ( MATSH) …. love , sacrifice … caring ….

    MATSH in always 1st place in my heart…..! no one can beat my dearest shadika …. jodi forever …. in my heart 1 st place…. for shadika … till my death ….


    Pls guys dont do mistake with Matsh season 2 ….

    Iam begging u guys …. pls i dont want these stupid , mannerless , selfish colors tv channel…

    They only understand bhoot, black magic tracks …. etc ….

    guys pls asks ekta mam ….. telecast MATSH 2 in other channel …. !

    Ok Guys ….,

  30. I dont sathya bez i have not bindass tv
    …i dont know about the show bout we try to refer it dr ….but i want my shadhika as ishveer…

  31. Vyshu dr but shakthi play role in new show without radhika dr,y he always hurt me,if he is not fallen in love with radzna then y he became very close to her,as a fan we r all understand their love but y they not fl their love still now,iam totally fed up dear,if shakthi play role in different show without radz means sure his realtionship with radz is so far,when matsh 2 Started y tis all happen to true fans,iam die heart fan of ishveer becoz of tis i depressed a lot dr

  32. Raji dr i dnt know about tis new show , i search about tis but i cant understand dr whether its a short episde or reality show or anything else,pps if u knowna tell me dr

  33. Ya i also dont understand what is this…we want shadhika…but shakthi u totally upset me …

  34. Hey all! Can we all put an effort and try to increase the TRP of the show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi( “MATSH”) for the remaining episodes, so that we might be able to see more and more of #ishveer #shadhika #MATSH, please guys i feel crying after hearing about the show’s ending, i have lost my love and feel relaxed after watching the ISHVEER chemistry, please guys, try to do the following steps to increase the TRP of the Meri Aashiqui tumse hi(MATSH)!
    1. Switch onto colors at 9:55 p.m Mon-Fri.
    2. When the show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi come, dont move to other channels even in the advertisement(ads) in between the show,
    Tell as many friends and your closed ones to do it, please.

    This is only way we can increase the TRP of MATSH, please guy, lets put an effort, so that we might be able to help their producers , and hence we can stop it from getting close. PLEASE GUYS

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