Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raaval comes and tells Ritika that he said what she asked him to, now she must release his wife and children. Ritika says she has come here to return them to him. She gets him passports and tickets, says that his family would reach airport too. He must leave the country forever but stay in contact with them. Raaval leaves.
Ritika thinks she must now see what Ishaani does in court. The court’s session begin. Shikhar tells the judge that their witness must be reaching. The prosecution lawyer says that they were saying this before lunch as well. Ranveer thinks that she must come. Amba cries. Ranveer says he trusts that Ishaani will come. Ishaani calls from behind that she is the witness. Ranveer is happy to see him. Shikhar says this is Ishaani Vaghela, an important witness of this

case. They all looked hopefully at Ishaani. Ishaani takes the oath to tell the truth. Shikhar asks Ishaani what she had seen. Ishaani says she saw her brother Sharman’s murder. Shikhar asks who did that. Ishaani was silent at first, lost. She thinks about Ritika saying that she must give life against life. Ritika will save her husband’s life but for that Ishaani must give away her life. Ishaani points at Ranveer saying Ranveer Vaghela. Kailash and Amba stand in shock. Ishaani says Ranveer Vaghela murdered her brother Sharman. Shikhar says what she is saying, she had seen Milan. Ishaani was silent. The prosecution lawyer puts an objection, the judge asks Shikhar to ask questions only. Ishaani says she knows he is her husband but right now he is just a murderer who killed her brother Shikhar in front of her eyes. She wants him to be punished strictly. Ranveer loses control of himself and fell in the witness box standing. Shikhar tells the judge that there is something wrong happening, Ranveer Vaghela hasn’t killed Sharman. He asks for one more day to find any proof or witness, it is about the life of someone. The court gives them one day time. Ishaani steals her looks to have one teary glance at Ranveer. She leaves the court. Ranveer goes behind her but the police doesn’t let him out of the court. Ishaani runs out of the court, Ranveer comes behind her. She stops, turns around and watches the police take him inside. Amba cries. Ranveer asks Ishaani not to leave him, she promised him to get him out of here. Ishaani leaves without a word. Ranveer keeps on calling her. Police takes him in his mobile, he was struck with disbelief. Amba cries for him.
Ritika claps for Ishaani and says well done. She says now she is calm and says she also wants Ranveer to live but without his life. She asks Ishaani if she feels bad? It feels bad when heart breaks, she recalls how Ishaani broke her heart once.
Ranveer insists on the police that it is really important for him to meet Ishaani. The inspector says he has got time till only tomorrow. Ranveer keeps on calling Ishaani and the inspector. His partner in jail laugh at him saying he had told Ranveer about it. Ranveer is back. Ranveer fell on the floor crying, broken and shattered, thinking about Ishaani’s words.
Ishaani says she hates a man so much that she is destroying his life. Ritika says this isnt her revenge. It is his revenge. Ishaani asks whom? Where is he? Ritika says she has met him… he will too. The one who wants to take revenge from her and Ranveer. A man in a car moves away from the site. Ritika says she wants to meet him but he doesn’t want to. Ishaani says she wants to meet him right now. Ritika says beggars can’t be choosy, he won’t come to her front right now so Ishaani must do what Ritika is asking her to. She goes inside, Ishaani says she won’t do. Ishaani says now Ritika must do what she promised, she must send the doctor to Ranveer that will treat him, today. Ritika asks Ishaani to shout even more. She says to Ishaani she has to do one more thing for her, then she will take the doctor to Ranveer. Ishaani says she won’t do anything like that, else she will go to court and tell that she did it all because of Ritika. Ritika pleads Ishaani not to tell anyone about her. She laughs, and tells Ishaani to say what she wants to, the man she is with is so powerful that even law can’t any bad of her. She slaps Ishaani on the car and tells her not to tell anyone about her else Ranveer would never get the doctor and will die soon. She asks Ishaani if she is ready to do something for Ranveer now. She asks Ishaani if she told Ranveer how much she loves him. She says that they had talked about it before. She must go and prove her love for him now.

PRECAP: The man tells Ranveer he must not trust blindly. Ranveer was hopeful when he watches Ishaani arriving and gets happy.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. seema

    I can’t see this …… This all is going so negative ….I can’t see rv and ishani separated again….its now enough to see this all …….

  2. K.praveena

    Ritika u r seriously devil ya. How can u do that. So sad for my ishveer. And ranvi plz understand the fate ishani do such a bad think only bcoz of ur safety an virus infection. Plz ranvi not again lost ur trust on ishani. She is saviour of u. And precape defintely want to hurts ranvi indentionly. And who is other man to more powerful than ritika. I thought r it’s milan or mohit

  3. K.praveena

    Before the day i decided not to see matsh and read matsh write epi. But i’m bcoms failure i still commenting about matsh. I can’t control my self.i know that the upcoming track will be Ranvi and isha love and hate each other scence are shown. But it’s same thing happened in sekhar portion. Ishani and ranvi cried somuch today. So feeling epi

  4. Suga

    This show completely ruined.. feeling very bad for Ranveer.. Now Rithika will make make Ishaani a puppet and make a show… no one is interested in this track and the upcoming leap.. i thought after Milan trach Ishveer will unite.. but, nothing happened as we wished.. doesnt know for what we are all watching this show..

    • marry

      like ur comment and ithink just we all c this show bcoz we hav hope 4 good ishveer ending…..wating for that……….

  5. ishRV

    yar phir se vahi sab. kyun? I am sure agle six months tak yahi track suru hogs. us chirag murder track me tarah

  6. K.praveena

    Just now i read some news on matsh. Coming to leap shows that new charector name’s naina who plays in alefia already seen satrangi sasural which played negative role coming to the point she paired opposite in ranvi and she introdro she sufferring to serve an accident and keeps im wheel chair and ranvi entry in her life then recover so she fallen love with him. I don’t know i read the news that time i really getting irrting. No one can’t accupaying ishani place in ranvi heart.

  7. Andre

    Not nice you guys have to give ishanI and Ran veer some episodes for they love then you start again bad stuff but today is my last day I can’t watch anymore becomes is this too much nagativeness

  8. ashiqui

    All villains has come again.Wating for CHIRAG.he must not have to miss.& ekta kapoor ji do anything but first cut the ”aashiqui”.

  9. NIBIR

    oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!plz don’t do this & guys this is not ekta’s mistake………..have u ever seen the epi? producer——>ekta kapoor and shobha kapoor and……..story? story—>SONALI jaffer

  10. swana

    atfirst this serial was very good but now it is very bad …can’t writers unite ishveer and prolong the story by concentrating on other characters too..are they that much incapable..expect asshiqui serial in other serials there is only one hate and one separation after that unite them together..but in this serial…worst better..close this serial..

  11. Zeenat

    Oh!!!:[email protected]’s terrible…;->ya It’s high time 4 chirag’s re entry as all villians are re entering dis serial…

  12. Diya

    They have ruined the serial totally… It is so painfull watching ranveer and Ishani hating each other…. Ishani can send a letter to ranveer as to why she is doing this and ritika can go back to jail… But they are unesasarily dragging and bringing other characters which has no meaning

  13. giri

    Yes its too dragging and got worse day after day
    So sad after long struggle they reunited but within 2 days Milan separated and now they joined and rithika separated wht nonsense is it
    Hate it to the core extend
    Writer’s don’t know to continue this better they can provide a happy ending
    It will be nice to watch and be strong in every viewers mind
    Hate it

  14. sunaina

    Ishani cant you find any way to sign rv that you are doing to save his life…bcoz rv can understand evrythg just by looking at your eyes…so plzz ishani give him an evidence…plzz dont let him get hurt these much…cant see him soooooo sad???
    If you cant…..then just go to hell??

  15. HEY guys im lakshana……….ive started writing MATSH FF……….trust me its gonna be full of aashiqui….love……entertaining………..check it out…………….

  16. nithya

    I like this serial so much .when never I watch this I feel daily i feel badly it just a drama .I hope coming year serial will move better than now ….now a days 1ly sad .next year isver change there dress code..I am waiting for new twist and isvere together ..jolly episode I am waiting………

  17. sree

    dis writter must get some good thought…if u dnt knw hw to write….dan watch iss pyaar ko kya naam doon part 1 serial in starplus…it was da most successful show till end

  18. Pri

    This show used to be one of the best shows! Now it is bullshit.
    I wonder if the writers/producers of the show are paying attention to what the audience thinks

  19. nithya

    Pls writer always they doing same thing any problem coming in isveer life bcoz that they separated .upcoming show ishani with a new man rv with new girl .then this story going this way .what a hill always they separate each other and they move story with that don’t do next time ……..I like this serial so much .now it paining rv feel so bad .ishani also trying to save rv life…………good panining.

  20. laiba ishfaq

    ekta g aap serial bana rahi hain .aap apni aur karan g ki story mat lkhiye
    plz reunite ishveer .I love this serial I dont want to hate it ..ishaani plz tell the truth to ranveer

  21. K.praveena

    I can’t belive it. How it’s possible matsh seriel this epi getting 45 comments from fans. I know now a days most of them don’t like this seriel. Already many of them getting irked to watsh and read epi of matsh. But till now i can’t hate this seriel önly this track giving me irrtatiön not only me lots of matsh fans. Again leap comes in and shows some love and hate each other portion which is same as the before the leap.

  22. K.praveena

    Ekta mam showing a again leap and ishani, ranvi as a new look. I t thought ishani and ranvi changed in dressing stylist. And ishani wear in modern dress. Ekta mam people’s does not expect this type of change and new cast only want new story don’t reapeat same story. Already u r copied so many tamil films like varalaru, attakasan, and I film(milan portion) etc. But i hope u dn’t copied in ur own matsh seriel. If u plans copy in ur own script plz drop the idea. Whatever i really likes matsh seriel.

  23. Nandu

    how many villian will enter into this serial to disturbe two loved hearts.. that too repeattly showing same track to create gap between RV and Ishani..

  24. sweety

    Bad..the serial best part ranveer and ishani nd the romance between. I have stopped watching this serial. Will never watch again if they seperate ishveer.Ektha wat the hell is wrong with u.

    • Kai po che

      We , the fans of MATSH can say anythng related to serial .
      Without us (fans) there is nothng , NO SERIAL,NO DRAMA,NO EKTA ,NO SONALI JAFFER .
      Got it?
      We can QUESTION them .
      YES WE WILL QUESTION THEM , what will u do?

  25. laiba ishfaq


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.