Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani pushes Shekhar away, stands up and asks him angrily what he was doing to do, has he gone crazy. She repeats all the inspirational things he had told her. Shekhar lets her talk, then says he was only standing there so that no such nonsense comes to him. He says the countless tides of sea give his mind and heart depth. He asks if she thinks she will come closer to him this way. Ishaani rudely leaves, saying she doesn’t even want his face around. Shekhar thinks she will drive him crazy, he will have to jerk her away from his mind atleast.
RV was working out, Shekhar was thinking about Ishaani. His phone bell rings, RV asks Shekhar to take it but Shekhar says he won’t. RV says it must be some of his girlfriend. Shekhar says he won’t pick it up, RV asks if he has fallen in

love. Shekhar is moved but doesn’t speak much. RV says I understand. SHekhar says it can be anything but love. RV says one can not have choice in love, the firstl sign is ignorance; a person isn’t ready to accept this is love. Shekhar says for a few days he has been feeling awkward. RV says love is awkward, he asks if Shekhar wants to hear Rafi’s songs. Shekhar says yes, RV says when a person is in love one doesn’t even want to talk to other girls. RV asks who is the girl, Shekhar says it is Nirupa. RV recognizes her as the girl who locked herself in washroom. Shekhar says since she has come to his life, he has been extra good as person, doesn’t want to talk to girls anymore and is changing. He says what if she doesn’t like a guy like him. RV tells him that sometimes loves of one person is enough for both, he must let that happen. He must go and tell her he loves her, no matter what she replies. He must tell her she let him love someone so much, just remember about her happy face that he loves. Shekhar says he has been hypnotized now, and will say as he said. He takes a leave saying today Krish’s in laws are coming. RV asks who is she marrying. Shekhar says Krish liked by herself, he is some oversmart guy Dewarsh Parekh. RV is moved, Shekhar asks if he knows him. RV gets Ritika’s call, calling him home urgently. RV says Dewash is a nice guy but they will speak about it later.
Baa, Chaitali and Ritesh were worried about the expenses of Roka function. A man comes to their door and tells them they got a prize in lucky draw. Ritesh asks what they won, a juicer or a mobile phone. The man announces it is 5 lac cash. Baa and everyone is shocked to receive the gift. The man leaves receiving the call. Dewarsh just comes in and wonders if RV has known he doesn’t give money at home. Baa says to everyone that Thakkur ji has arranged this all.
RV comes to Ritika who was worried in the room. She looks at his face, thinks about what the lady inspector says and tells RV she has something important to tell; something that is joint to both of their’s lives and may change the lives of both as well. Amba just comes to the room calling Ritika. She asks RItika to come along her, she has important to say to her. RItika asks for a minute, Amba was impatient that she doesn’t have a minute. Ritika says she will come after talking to RV, Amba says she may talk to him late, she is feeling drowsy and only she knows where her medicine is. RV asks Ritika to go with Amba. He wonders what can change their lives. Amba takes Ritika to the hall and asks what she is going to do, has she gone crazy. Why is she going to tell Ranveer about Ishaani, she is hitting her own feet. RItika says he must know that. Amba asks does she know how much RV loves Ishaani, he has been unable to forget her. He seems to be waiting for her still, how can she do this as what will happen to her and her unborn child if Ranveer comes to know about Ishaani bring alive. RItika says somehow he will come to know, Amba says Ishaani herself doesn’t want to come to him, else she must have come here. The matter that is hidden shouldn’t be brought up. RItika says she is right, but she herself doesn’t like it. Amba says she will like it once she thinks about her child, fate wants her to stay with Ranveer not Ishaani. For Ranveer Ishaani is dead, if he even comes to know they will tell him this is lie. But she will bury this thing in her mind, she must think with her mind not heart. Ritika asks what she will say to him now, but Amba swears her upon her child to keep quiet. She must make up a story for now, let this be a secret. Let Ranveer come out of his past, he will own her completely one day. He will marry her one day, and be happy with his family. She cries that she wants to see her son happy.
Ishaani was in the hall when Shekhar comes home. She calls Shekhar and asks him to have dinner with her, she is hungry too. Shekhar asks why was she waiting for him. She says she wants waiting, but she wasn’t hungry before she thought she will eat when he will come. She asks him to take seat and serves him. He asks lady finger? She says she doesn’t know to cook anything, someone liked her cooked lady-finger so she cooked it many times. Ranveer’s words flashback in her mind. Shekhar brings her back to world, then murmurs she isn’t as bad as he imagined. She asks him to eat, he takes a bite and gets hard cough at once. She hands him water and asks if it isn’t food, he says it is too good. She asks why is he crying then, he says these tears are of happiness. He is eating such good ladyfinger after so long, he got emotional. She says if she should give him some more, he abruptly says no; then explains one must take tasty things less. Ishaani smiles and takes a bite herself, and makes a bad face. She asks if he liked this, salt is too much and it is rotten. He asks really, no it isn’t; actually he likes high salt in food and ladyfinger is undercooked that gives it crisp and crunch. She laughs, he says she looks good while laughing; then explains it is better that crying infact she looks beautiful. She says she had to talk to him so was waiting for him. She says she knows it is his personal matter, but since she lives in this home she can’t stay blindly there. Shekhar thinks if she is going to say I love you. Ishaani says tomorrow is Krisha’s Roka, and it is better he and her papa resolve all the problems among them. He doesn’t respond. She says it is for Krisha, every girl wants her family to be posed well in front of her in laws. Shekhar asks how she knows about it. Ishaani says she is also a girl and a daughter. She says he must promise that he won’t argue with uncle tomorrow. Shekhar says she must be a lawyer, and accepts what she said. Shekhar thinks this girl is going to drive him crazy.

PRECAP: RV tells Ritika he told Shekhar to let this happen, and tell her how much he loves her. RItika says he gives the world advice about love, what about himself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode ……..

  2. OMG Today’s episode was not good as expected. Except shekhar ishaani scenes. Amba irritated a lot today.. please make ranveer know that ishaani is nirups.. make them meet face to face. I think rithika will plan to marry rv.. waiting for a happy episode.

  3. good episode!!!

  4. today episode asusual iritating, i expected it from rithika and amba, and ishkar scene really really amazing, shekhar loves ishaani, he realize it,

  5. Hi Tamil friends enaku oru help. Na oru kathai eluthaaren tamilla than. Enaku onnu mattum theriyanum atha ippo irrukravanga read panuvangala. Athu oru English novel. Please enaku reply panunga. Response nalla irrundha na continue panuvan so please. Yella tamil friends um reply panunga. Please unga suggestions irrundhalum sollla lam please helpme yaar

    1. hai saranya, epd irkinga, romba bc ya,,,,,

    2. ninga eludunga, elam padipanga….., dont worry, inga irkura nanga le elartaium slrom, ninga continue panuga saranya, ithu nalla visayam than…….,

      1. Thanks arora. Ippo nan konjam thairiyama eluthuven. Busy la illa

    3. mmmm….. Nethi varave ilaya athn ktn, ninga brave ah irunga nanga irkom, ena tamil friends, na slrathu crct thanaaa?

      1. Saranya avangaloda mind ku Nama ellarum encourage pananum. Correct thane Arora

    4. Sure saranya nan padikira

    5. All the best Saranya. Dhairiyama eludhunga kandippa success aagum..

    6. neenga eluthunga ..naanga padikirom..keep rocking..
      we will support u akka..

  6. Saranya neega kadhai azhudhalam na padhikiren na exams mudhichithu vettiya da irukken

    1. Thanks athira

      1. Dnt wry saran this is gud one…we r al encouraging u…gud job …nalla eluthunga

  7. shekhar ishaani scene nala irndadu, wow its amazing, shekhar ishaaniya love panran, rv shekharku help panran,but anda nirupa yarnu rv ku therilaye ena seirathu, but shekhar, ranveerkum devershkum ena samandamnu yosichana, kandu pidichirlam, ishaanikum rvkum etho relationship irkunu,

  8. thanks for update ,
    aachaa laga aaapne jaldi update kiya mai despertly wait karta hu
    thanks again

  9. Actually now am loving so much rv. Because sakti also did tourism. I think he s d one who did tourism in acting field am so happy

    1. ninga story eludunga, nanga padikrom,

  10. Saranya romba nalla vesiyam kadhai eludhuradhu. Ungoloda creavity ah veliya konduvarum. Neenga tamil laye publish pannunga… englishum ok thaan ..

    Tamil madhiri vera edhuvum varadhu…

    1. Thank you so much shruthi. Its was best novel English. Am just translating it

      1. Saranya antha English novel name Enna? Please sollunga nd all the best for ur future

      2. Ok ok saranya.naan ninachen ninga tamil ah illa english ah kekuringanu…

      3. Sorry – tamil la kadhai ah illa english ah nu …. i ll read ur storu

    2. Malayalam is also a good language.

  11. But it’s irritating day by day. Dis amba & baa never change stupid

  12. Plz make rv and ishani meet.we wnt to see happy moments now.

  13. sure saranya antha buk name enna vaika pora ?

  14. I am really liking shekhar and ishaani scenes… I like ishkhar… looking good together

    1. Me too surprisingly

  15. Guys shekhar is gonna get slapped from.his girlfriend and ishaani is there and mocks him

    1. oh god, what……! It is really true, muskan?

    2. Where did u get this news…..plzzzzzzzz send me the link……plzzz

  16. Wow.Shikar loves Ishani!too good.Today’s epi was really nice and I want Ishani and Shikar to be with each other always.Love you Ishkar.

  17. some news says tat ranveer would come to know tat ishaani is alive…eagerly waiting for tat

  18. i don’t want shekhar n ishaani to unite

  19. secret admirer

    Saranya neenga unga booka ezhudunga.Kandippa naanga ellarum padippom.

  20. Saranya all the best. Nanum unga story a padickaren

  21. ninga thairyama ezhutinga saranya…nanga ellam kandipa padipaan…kadhai elluthardu chinna vishayam kedayathu…it requires a lot of creativity nd talent…so u write it wit full confidence…nanga ellam kandipa ungla support panuvanga…well as for today’s epi…it ws gud..ishkar r luking great together..but really feeling sad nd tensed for rv…amba nd baa as usual annoying lot….

  22. I feel sorry for shiker now,, dunno how Ishani gonna turn out his life,,?? after everyone’s,,

  23. What the. Hell !!!!! This episode is getting boring n boring day by day it’s just getting too annoying now …… And that stupid Amba I hate her soooo much like why isnt she letting rithika tell the truth to ranveer he’s her own son and she’s not tellin him that the person ranveer loves soo much is love like what is that ambas problem ………… Why is she hidin the truth from her son I hate her….. And whys is drama keep draggin day by day …. It’s soooo irratating now omg when will ranveer come to no that ishaani alive ….. Why do they have to drag it soo much ………..when will ishveer meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Shekar and ishanni suit doe wats gunna happen nw

  25. hai saranya….. i am vasanthi naanu tamil dha naanga padikirom….. all the best…..

  26. nice episode…. ana yepo rv nd ishaani meet panuvanga….. rithika nd amba scene get irritating day by day…… shekhar i like u

  27. Mokka episode..i hate u rithika and amba …pls writter wen wli he know ishaani is alive…its dragging so sooooo much…i think upcoming episodes will be superb…ishaaani select shirt for shikar…sanaya slap wagela family and parekh family gng to attend the krish and devarsh roka ceremony…

  28. Thank you so much friends. Thanks a lot. Book name “I’m heartless”. Please suggest best title for dis in tamil. Thank u so much for ur support. Ippo na romba thairiyama eluthuven. Ennana en family members ku ithu puriyala. Athan na itha start panathum niruthiten. But ippo ròmba santhosham thanks friends. College mudichitu friends oda sariya contact illama irrundha nelaimaila than telly updates ku vandhen. But inga enaku romba nalla friends kidaichi irrukenga thanks. Please nalla name ah suggest panunga.

  29. episode was okyyyyyyyy bt precap is pathetic

  30. So boring…….

  31. Vazthukal Saraya

  32. The writers are going crazy
    The show will lose further trp as it is losing now
    The story is shitty and has gone down the drain

  33. Nice episode…

  34. It’s going boring day by day…very boring …..why r thy dragging the show??

  35. Enduku shikhar,ishani pelli chesukokudadu rv ishani pair baguntadi

  36. jaldi upload karo aaj kaa

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