Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranveer and Shikhar leave for police station and asks the family to inform them if Ishaani’s news come. Chaitali questions who is Ishaani’s enemy if Ritika has gone to jail.
Ranveer was driving, thinking about mota bapu deterring him for loving his daughter. Ranveer thinks why is this so that everytime they come together someone comes between them. Shekhar was in his own car, he tells the other one to be alert, police is in search of Ishaani and no one must know what they are upto.
The kidnapper calls Ranveer telling him that Ishaani is with him. Ranveer asks to speak to Ishaani but the kidnapper hangs on. He tells Ishaani that her lover is out to find her, and till he reaches here Ishaani will be dead.
Ranveer and Shikhar come to jail, Ranveer asks Ritika where

Ishaani is. Ranveer and Shikhar insist that Ritika has done this all for sure. Ritika says she doesn’t know, and questions why Shikhar is so concerned with Ishaani. Ritika says to Ranveer that she can be no worse than be in jail. Ritika says that she has no motive now to get ishaani kidnapped, but Shikhar loves Ishaani a lot and has a reason to keep her away from him. Shikhar is enraged at her but Ritika asks Ranveer to ask the caller who sent her. Shikhar says to RV that Ritika is just diverting his attention, they must leave for home to find Ishaani out. Ranveer says to Ritika that he will find Ishaani in any way. Ranveer tells the inspector who says they are trying to look for the number.
At home, Ranveer says that they couldn’t find Ishaani. Police arrive at home and says that the number that called him was registered on Shikhar’s name. RV thinks about Ritika’s accusation on Shikhar but Shikhar is clueless, he says that he himself is looking for Ishaani himself. He tells police that this is a new trick, the kidnapper now wants to confuse them so that kidnapper can take Ishaani away. Shikhar leaves saying he will bring Ishaani back now. Ranveer tells police he knows Shikhar can’t do so, this has been done by someone who doesn’t want them to be together.
Amba and Kailash were in room, Amba says this is good now as all will get set, Kailash insists that Ranveer loves Ishaani so much that he will be torn if something happens to Ishaani. Amba says she has seen Ranveer dying again and again because of Ishaani, it is better Ishaani stays away from them. Kailash asks what she is saying. Amba says she is a mother, who can go to any limit for the happiness of her son.
Ishaani was tied to a seat on the goddown. She wakes up and finds herself tied to the chair, and vigorously tries to free herself calling for help. The kidnapper places a cover on her face, Ishaani asks who is he and why has he brought her here. The young man keeps his hand on her mouth telling her to shut up, only he will speak here. He makes a call and tells his boss that they are in the safe house. Ishaani moved vigorously, he gripped her head back and pushed it backward, listening to his employer’s instructions. He gets a big sharp knife and heads towards Ishaani and removes the cover off her face.
Ranveer comes into the room.
The kidnapper says Ishaani must do as she says to him. He says he doesn’t like the ones who doesn’t listen to him. Ishaani cries and says he must have a misunderstanding, he must leave her. The kidnapper holds her jaw and says she must do what he says her to. Ishaan cries to leave her. He shouts at her to stop.
Ranveer fell on the floor besides the bed.
The kidnapper says she might not listen to him this easy, he must adopt his method.

PRECAP: Ranveer looks into the bag and sees a cut bangle into it, he reads the message that this time he has sent her bangle but if he doesn’t follow the instruction, he will get Ishaani’s hand next time.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Colors’ popular show “Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi” always keeps its viewers entertained. 

    After the over-stetched Ritika-Ranveer-Ishaani track, the makers have decided to bring another spicy track in the upcoming episodes.

    It has been reported that the show is taking a six-month leap, post which, new cast will create trouble for Ranveer and Ishaani.Amit Tandon will be playing the antagonist named Rajat, who will enter the show to seek revenge from Ranveer (Shakti Arora) by kidnapping Ishaani (Radhika Madan).

    It has now been reported that post the short leap, lead actor Shakti will be seen in double role. Shakti’s other character will be introduced to viewers as Ranveer’s look-alike.

    “The daily is all witness a leap before whichIshani (Radhika Madan) will be kidnapped byRajat (Amit Tandon). Later on after the show takes six months leap, Ranveer will be shown to turn into a devious man, who will later on be revealed to be Ranveer’s look alike,” a source told Telly Chakkar.

    The news will surely brighten up Shakti fans who will soon be treated with double doses of their favourite actor.

    However, it has been reported that before the leap, Shikhar’s (Arjun Bijlani) character will come to an end in order to bring lovebirdsRanveer and Ishaani together.

    Latest Spoiler..

    Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi’: Post Leap, Ranveer to Have Double Role, Shikhar to Exit Show.

  2. Really fast update??

  3. Guys i dnt know this news was true or Not.i read in fb page.
    Balaji Telefilms’ popular family drama Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Colors) is all set to witness the entry of a new character. And it will be none other than Ranveer’s (Shakti Arora) look alike.
    Yes, Shakti will be soon seen donning a double role post the six months leap in the series.
    A source shared, “The daily is all witness a leap
    before which Ishani (Radhika Madan) will be
    kidnapped by Rajat (Amit Tandon). Later on after
    the show takes six months leap, Ranveer will be
    shown to turn into a devious man, who will later
    on be revealed to be Ranveer’s look alike”.
    Moreover we hear that Shekhar’s (Arjun Bijlani) character will also make an exit before the leap making ways for Ishani and Ranveer’s reunion.

  4. wirters hav gone mad …first they show ones character as good and then change them into bad….. this show shows more MERI DUSHMANI TUM SE HI than MERI ASHIQUE TUMSE HI…

    1. i agree with u on the meri dushmani sirf tum she hi

    2. Mera badla sirf tumse he

    3. Agree. The writers seem to get a kick out of devising absurd, over-the-top scenarios. This whole upcoming plot of an evil Ranveer lookalike sounds so stupid. The thing that first drew me into the show was all the complicated emotional relationships between Ranveer and Ishani and Ishani and Shikhar, and Ishani and her family. I actually felt moved by these things for a while. I will be sad to see Shikhar go. This kidnapping plot already feels so irritating. I wish something really bad would happen to Ritika..I’d love to see her just go away for good. So sick of her callous, psychopathic personality and the faces she makes. Makes her look so ugly.

  5. Current track is interesting but… before that the cv’s could have given some happy Ishveer episodes… it’s my suggestion.. always Ishaani Ranveer are in some or other trouble which I hate.. Amba won’t change ever… hope we get some happy Ishveer scenes soon.. Ekta ji show some mercy on Ishveer… unite them asap . Hate this new villain torturing Ishaani…OMG.. precap is scary and annoying…

    1. I really hope Amba’s attitude changes soon…I would really like to see that. I wish she would also admit her the mistakes of her bad thinking like Baa admitted to her.

  6. I feel like d series track is going similar to d previous series ”beintihaa”…two ppl married each other whom they know frm childhood..n later wen they r about to unite…big twist occurs n also lead role having double characters….nw i feel like this story is almost similar to story of zain n aaliya .

    1. Ya itz similar to beintehaa…. double role track f zain ws thr…here lso same..beintehaa n rangrasiya ws fav shws earlier…bt nt oly ths shw…almost al shws copying ech other…

      BT nw MATSH z ma fav bcz f shakti n radhika ♥♥ double role f shakti..track sounds interesting….waiting 4 post leap epiz…

  7. Today episode very borring ishveer reunite fast shakti double roll mathkar single role pothum

  8. Pata nahi wat ekta is up too.aashiqui ke alawa sab dikha rahi hai….idiot ko yeh bhi samaj nahi aata jarrorat se jyada tadka swad badhta nahi kharab kar deta hai….karo karo aur nautanki karo Shakti aue Radhika ko Jo chaiye mil raha hai both fame and money…par tumhara toh serial hai ekta baby kyon besir per ke leap aur twist dikhakar use barbad kar rahi Ho…as an viewers we all wanna see some good romantic moments btwn ishveer…guys plz vote if u all want d same agar is platform Ki thodi nji value hai toh makers jaroor dhyan denge


    1. I agree with you sona…..I also think that before leap we have some ishveer cosy moments,love n happiness…. After that they can create any twist….. But its too early to separate our ishveer….
      That was not reunion episode when they hugged at railway station coz after ritika’s get arrested…. there some more aashiqui between ishani and ranveer…
      Anyways, its not in our hand….what to do!!!!!

  9. This is high time to give up on this serial as it’s stretching unnecessarily. Become bore nowadays. Too much excitement for no reason.

  10. Oh god!!!!fed up with writer’s now…..this is worst track than before twists….why shakti’s double role now…what they want….
    Is show me kabhi kuch achcha kyu nhi dikhate…..
    Now I think chirag is better as villain….when this show was started ,,, show was awesome at least we had seen so many romantic moments between ishveer…. But now, no aashiqui only dushmani…. No positivity remains in this show,only negativity…
    Don’t know what happens next in this show….sad for ishveer.?

    1. Really, the writers seem to enjoy upsetting the fans with these stupid plots. Think they need to be more creative than a double role for Shakti Arora. I wish these serials would be a little more grounded in reality too, instead of trying to go for the craziest drama non-stop. Would be nice at some point to see Amba understanding Ishani, to see their relation improve. There could still be a little tension, but wish they could come onto the same side for once, unite against some common enemy, whoever that might be.

  11. Todyz epi rajat talked to som1 lyk boss n al…sm1 lse lso involved in his plan…I strongly feel lyk itz may be shikhar…

    1. Yeah shanza… i too feel the same.. bt y he is doing like dat?? Confused??

      1. as he luvz ishani so much…n lso I heard tat shikhar’s track endin soon…bcz he z roped 4 ekta’s an other shw in colors “naagin”.

    2. Shazna i don’t think DAT shekhar is involved.. It’s smone else.. Story is tarah dikhai gai hai k SB shekhar pr shak kre.. But shekhar will help in finding ishani..

  12. Dual role…. hahaha its fun to hear.. bt i dont knw y dhy r dragging the story…

    1. Comedy nights of MASTH

  13. Hahahahhahaha es drame ko itna lamba kar ke kya mesg de rahe ho? Pakistani drama deko 25 epiaode z zyada nahe chalta ketne ache ao behtareen drame hote he pak k

    1. Ye india h pak nhe….

    2. BT almost al pakistanis watching Indian drama’s…. 🙂

  14. so sad to see ishani,why the writter not include the ishveer scenes,i only watching the serial b’coz of ishani

  15. Mujhe toh ye serial comedyserial lagne lga…. Ekta thapad khaker he manegi kyaaa
    Latoo ki bhoot batoo se mann jaa

  16. Kamini…. Dimak ki dhakkan. …badam khaya kr dudh ke sath… Wrna log pathar se mara krege tujhe… Battmez aurat 1% b positive serial nhe h sab tera manghadat ha.. Kuch practically h b ya nhe sakti or radhika madan ki jgh koi orr hota na by god tera ye fatichar serial koi na dekhta…ek kissa khtam nhe hora dusra utha deti h….kha se aaye ye kali soch tujh me

    1. Hahaha.. Shujhu correctly said… Cnt stop laughing after reading ur comment..

      1. Toh kya kre bechari wo… Pichle months se ek b happy episode the 🙁

  17. nice episode??? but i m confused all r looking villian eccept ranveer???………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anywayzz i know rv is not nowwwww brainless he cAN go to the depth of truth 4 ishani and thats goood………..he is a bussiness man he know these types of thingzz .now plzz rv use brain not your heart only……….get your love soon……………?????❤❤ ranveer rockzz today love u ishveer………… i olso like that the next track will b like beintahaa but now i dont want that second rv olso love ishani i wannt only this ranveeer to love ishani…………………..!!!!!!?? anywayzz i like the serial but i miss only one thing and that is…….!!!! AASHIQUI TOGETHER…??????☹??

  18. Now its fully drama yaarr… No realitty.. No heart touchh… Feeling booring… Not feeling… Actually its its comming doubl charecters in real life.. Just dragging..

    In our real life we are facing so much problum.. While waching dis show insted of less we r facing more heart btocken…

    Pleas writter dont do like daat… Pleas make it happy..i am requisting……

    Before 6 month only I stoped dis sh

  19. please reunite ishveer soon,we are fed up with your extra drama episodes,there is no +vity left in your serial.when one villian leaves other one is ready to enter.i think the show name shd be MERI JUDAI TUMSE HI

  20. I think may be amba was linked with ishani’s kidnapping…. Coz she’s the only who is very happy with ishani kidnapping news…..she always want rv and ishani never unite, she’s always trying hard to separate them….and she told that ,,,for,rv’s happiness she can go any extent to part ways them(ishveer)… On the other hand, I think shikhar always support ishani so I think he can’t go on wrong path to get ishani…coz he knew that ishani is not in love with him(shikhar)….
    Anyways this is ekat’s show…we can’t predict anything…. She’s brilliant to change the story in a seconds…I just hope that kidnapper won’t hurt ishani…
    I am not happy with this twist n leap…. Its boring now….very sad for ishani n ranveer….

  21. Koi bhi kisi ke ghar me ghus jata hai. Ekta kapoor pagal hai. Bina matlab ki story badha rahi hai. I am sure ishani ko kidnap bhi R.V. ne karwaya hoga kyunki ishani ko room me chorne r.v gya tha. Faltu serial hai.

  22. This is the worst serial… Please stop it

  23. Boring… Very very boring

  24. Itni negativity Kisi KO nahi acchi lagti na reel life na real life mein….ekta Mata samjho is baat ko…..saas bhi kabhi bahu thi wala time Gaya …ab nonsensical content nahi dekhega koi jaise upar uthaya hai ishveer ko nahi milwaya toh dharam se patki milegi….darling we guess this is a love ❤ story Lt it b dat way… leads united and gv twist

  25. Too dragging.
    Story writers r damn going crazy…Idiotic kidnapping track…Boring…

  26. Guyss.. new spoiler has come…..

  27. I think amba involved nh hai.. Amba ko ye saare dialogues bolne k lie islie die gye hai taki log amba pe shak kre.. Jbki real me kidnapping kisi aise bnde ne krai hogi jisko hm guess bhi nhi kr pa rhe.. I think ritika is also not involved in all this n of course not shekhar… In sbne kch na kch aisa kia jis se logo ka shak in pe jaye.. But they are not actual kidnappers.. They are just given this to make people think k kisne ishani ko kidnap kia hoga.. Actual kidnapper in teeno se alag koi hai..

    1. Mai hu…

  28. never seen such a boring program as this one, my mother watches it and i think she’s wasting her time, Ekta needs to get a life and sort her serials out 🙂 she’s making money out of nothing. And i guess people like my mother watches it!!!

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