Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani says that she wants Amba and Kailash to be there on all her anniversaries. She calls Milan and says that she hasn’t loved anyone else like she love him, and he also loves her in a way that no one can do. He is the reason of her life because Meri Aashqui tumse hi. Everyone claps. Ishaani calls him on stage, Milan comes up, and she says she knows he has organized this party for Maa and Baba but she has also planned a surprise for them. She wants them to dance for them. Milan thinks about Ranveer’s words that he can never get Ishaani. Milan thinks he wants to dance with her being Milan, for that he must fill her with hatred for Ranveer. He says to Ishaani that he isn’t in a mood to dance, Ishaani asks if he is fine. Milan says mood has nothing to do with health. He announces

that his WP reminded him of something, today he wants to share something else with them. He wants to announce another wedding of this family, Parul’s wedding with Manas that is going to take place soon. He comes to Parul and asks if she is happy. Manas tells Disha that Parul will say no in front of everyone. Parul smiles and says that she is really happy. Everyone is shocked. Milan says Parul is saying yes to Manas. Manas says he wants to talk to her. Milan says he talked to her already, he tells Parul not to leave him as he is a good man. He announces that both boy and girl are happy now. He says today, his parents are happy and Parul and Manas are going to get married so he wants to share another happiness with them. He says today he wants to open an orphanage in the name of his mother today. He says some orphans will do a stage drama here, only for his parents. He asks Ishaani to come downstairs.
A boy announces that this play is named as ‘Tumhe sabb hai pata-meri maa’. Amba is happy, a boy was crying. Milan makes a video call and tells him men to leave silently with camera on Ranveer. He tells Ranveer to see the live telecast of the party. He makes a video on Amba, Kailash and Ishaani.
The boy played with his parents. There comes another similar boy. Ishaani goes to Milan who was filming. Ishaani asks what he is doing here, if he making a video he must go in the crowd. Ranveer calls there. Ishaani says she miss him so much these days, he neither spend time with her nor family. Ishaani holds Milan’s hand, but the video gets switched off. Ranveer cries for saving Ishaani from that wild animal.
In the show, one of the child gets ill. The mother tells her husband to bring the doctor. The doctor says they must admit him in hospital and needs 50,000 rupees for that. The doctor said they can’t save his life otherwise. They sends their son away.
Amba shouts at once. Kailash takes her inside. Baa wonders what happened to Amba, why was she wo worried. Milan thinks this is what he wanted to see, bringing her past in front of him.
Kailash takes hold of Amba as she cried. He says that they has promised to each other that they won’t bring this secret to anyone. He shuts Amba’s mouth. Ishaani comes there and bolts the door, he asks Baba why he has shut Amba’s mouth. She holds Amba and asks why is she crying. Amba says that child… Ishaani says that was just a drama. Amba says no, he isn’t an orphan. He is alive and he has parents. Kailash tells Amba to shut up and not to worry Ishaani. Ishaani tells Amba that was just a drama. Amba says his parents left him, because they were poor. She says she knows about it, Kailash holds her again as she runs out. Amba says what the children did wasn’t a drama, it was a reality of their life. She must ask Baba. She says what she has seen in the drama has happened in their lives. She says he is her child, Ranveer’s twin brother, their second son. Milan enters the room then, enraged.

PRECAP: Ishaani holds Milan’s hand and comes to confront him. She tells him that he doesn’t need to do any more drama, it is all crystal clear and she knows who he is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Precape is nice. Ishaani to knows amba twin child. Plz ranveer escape from milan goons then to save ur family from milan. But now a days i really so much of like milan. I thought milan has so many pain in childhood.

  2. I was eager to see the next episode

  3. Omg.. today episode is really good… finally truth will come out of every one… but i feel so pity to ranveer.. bcoz he has cry.. omg.. i feel so bad..

  4. Shakti araro u r best acting skill even +role or -role. U done a very well. Day by day i don’t get irked to see milan bcoz i really likes milan role.

  5. So many fans for Milan also..
    K.. anyway waiting for Ishveer uniting.. precap interesting hope CV’s will not disappoint us.. already Milan started to love ishaani.. so, he will never release RV for ishaani’s love.. since this is the 1st time someone cares for him..
    shakti is acting awesome.. waiting for next episode..

  6. End milan track immediately.

  7. SO GOOD

  8. I think milan written back to good life… May b he vl all right… How can manage yaar… Plssss unit ishvr..

  9. I am happy that ekta made precap intersting pls unite ishveer

  10. I love shakthi I like him in both role .he is doing well.I think he’ll change to good man and will reunite ishveer.I just hope Milan gets a cute pair for him too who is more beautiful than ishaaaaani

  11. love u milan….sooo cute….shakti u r awesome….love u to the core…..extraordinary acting…want ishveer’s romance…..meri MATSH always rockzz…..

  12. Hello guys i got a new news in dailymotion ishani ne phasaya milan ko apni pyaar ki jaal mein i don’t know its true or not but i hope so my cutiepie ishveer luv u:-)

    1. Hi.. jasa hw r u.. ? I was not feeling well that day.. missed ya..
      Waiting for Ishaani Ranveer uniting..hope it happen soon.

  13. accept ishani nobody nobody recognize rv good news 4 matsh lovers beintahaa track…… ???

  14. Nice… want to see next episold …. and by the way HAPPY DIWALI

  15. precap is quite good but i hope nothing bad should happend i pray that ranveer should escape
    from there

  16. Whil ishani on stage baground music is my favart… Too many months aftr i hrd dat music… I really like it

    1. what music is that?

  17. Sona plzz update the nxt epi fasttt…

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