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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV gets Ishaani on wall. She turns her face, crying. He puts ice in the glass of water, and gives it to her. He says he knows she feels really hot, that is why she was putting her clothes down. He is going to check the AC, then says what will happen of her in one glass. He hands a full jug to her. She pushes it away, and says she won’t drink water from him even if she is dying. He says she surrendered herself to him, and now doesn’t want to drink water from him. He says his baba is right, no one can understand wives. She asks him not to call wife. He says she is his wife, but he will call him Ishaani. She forbids him to take her name, he asks shall he call Billi, and teases her for being a wild cat. He goes to change, as eh knows he gets flu real quick. She drapes a dupatta around

herself, goes to the vase bottle and drinks from it.
In the house, Baa says it is so hot and asks Disha to bring the AC’s temperature down. She asks to tell her mother she has arranged for an extra bed for her. Pratik and Darwesh come and tell her that they will live with Sharman in a bedroom.
RV comes and tells Ishaani that there is bath-robe in the bathroom, She might wear it. She denies, he says a wild-cat will look awkward in bathrobe. She opens the wardrobe and finds a nighty in it. RV comes to her back, and says this is honeymoon suite, here people come to celebrate wedding night. Ishaani says this belongs to the girl he was about to marry. RV says it is destiny, which wanted them both to get married. Ishaani puts it inside and says she won’t wear it. RV asks what is she disliking, that they weren’t for her, or were they for someone else. He says he won’t mind of she wears them, but she might get flu, cold and even pneumonia. He sits on the bed, with TV open. Ishaani goes into the bathroom, and see the bathrobe.
Chaitali brings Baa, milk with Kaisar. Baa thanks her, that she started doing her old habits. Chaitali tells them that she started AC in her room as well. Amba watches this, Lakshmi says this is the right time to show them their place as RV and her husband both are out.
Amba comes inside, and shuts the AC off. Baa asks what is she doing. Amba says this is her house.
Now, she and all of them must get out. Baa says has she forgotten her son brought them here. Amba drags Baa. Lakshmi stops them all inside, while Amba drags Baa to the stairs. Parul watches this from a side. Amba takes Baa, she gets rid of her hand and asks where is she taking her. Amba says she is taking her to her real place and brings her to servant quarter. She says she will live here, now.
Ishaani comes draped in bath-robe. RV watches her, while she hides behind the sofa. He looks away. She comes out, and she looks at her legs. She asks why is he staring at her. He says he is imagining, it seems the cat fell into the milk bowl, and smiles. She sits on the sofa, covering herself. She says firstly she has an head ache, now she is feeling dizzy.
Everyone comes to the quarter. Amba tells her that her family will also live here. She says this is a place for humans, she also lived here. Cold breeze come from window, they must consider the store as their own room. Her son thinks with her heart, but she never takes the dust to her head. Baa told her that she deserved to live here, but today Amba says she doesn’t deserve to stay here even. Amba tells them, they will have to work like servants for her.
She warns them of changing her decision, otherwise and leaves.
All the family is worried to know about it. Lakshmi appreciates Amba, Amba says she just showed them their place. She wants to show all the fear and pain, she used to feel years ago.
Ishaani sleeps on the couch, while RV on bed. He notices she was about to fell off the bed and brings the quilt for her, then makes her up on the couch. She turns, her face visible. He looks at her and smiles. He says she didn’t say anything to her, though he tried not to love her. But he couldn’t help loving her, he caresses her hair. She hits him with a fist, he fells down. She says he hit her, she will kill him now.

PRECAP: Ishaani poses to be a cat for RV, he fears her and asks her to sleep.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice episode. Ishaani today ur acting was good for the first time. Ranveer love u. U r killing girls with ur eye looks

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  10. all i can say is that i love the musical background of this drama.

    all i can say is that i love the musical background of this drama

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