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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

RV and Chiraag beat the murderer. Mr. Mehra stops RV as he was beating the man hard. Police arrive at the spot, Mr. Mehra asks them to take the man away. The police asks someone from the family to come for the FIR, RV goes alone. RV takes a seat. Krisha brings the first aid box, Ishaani asks to bandage him but Ritika takes the box off her hand and says she can take care of him. Ishaani stands up and leaves feeling awkward. Ritika takes RV along. Baa notices this all. Both Ishaani and RV turn back to see each other. Ishaani’s eyes filled with tears.
Ritika puts on medicine on RV’s injuries, she asks what happened today, was it loyalty or love. She begins to cry, and says he crossed all his limits today and didn’t think of her even. She asks what if something had happened to him.

RV asks what if something had happened to Ishaani. Ritika says someone else would have taken care of her, the people who have relation with her. She says he always fulfils his duties to Ishaani but not his relation to her. He asks why she is so angry. She says today he has crossed the limit he put between him and Ishaani today. Ranveer comes out and looks for Ishaani in the hall, Ritika looks at him, he pasts her away to leave. She follows.
Baa asks Ishaani why she is marrying Shekhar by killing herself. This doesn’t make relations. Baa says her eyes have got weak, but the assessment of eyes hasn’t, she has an experience of life time. She says she asked her to marry Shekhar, but today she is asking her to marry Ranveer and not Shekhar because she is only made for Ranveer. Ishaani says no, this is wrong. Baa says nothing is wrong, there was only a proposal. Shekhar loves her, but it won’t be a betrayal on her part because she loves someone. She says he loved her so well, and she watched how Ishaani felt pain for Ranveer. Now, how will they both live without each other? She asks Ishaani not to make her love a shame for her, Baa accepts she did wrong to her relationship, but today she wants him not to marry Shekhar but Ranveer. Baa says Ranveer didn’t marry Ritika. Ishaani says she took the decision with much difficulty, won’t change it. Baa says Ranveer is her first love, she will only go with him being his wife. Shekhar comes calling Ishaani, Baa leave the room. Shekhar holds Ishaani and asks if she is fine, he was concerned that the man wanted to kill her. He hugs her saying for the first time he was endangered of going away from her, he asks her to take care of her. He says no, he will take care of her, she has become his weakness now.
In the room Ranveer was walking restlessly thinking about the incident. He thinks there were two accidents with Ishaani, someone wants to kill her but who. First Falguni and now Ishaani, what benefit anyone will get after killing Ishaani. He thinks about Ritika’s words. Ritika comes to the room with milk, she asks him to lay down as he needs rest. She asks if he was calling Ishaani, RV says he was thinking about it as he wanted to know if she is fine or not. Ritika was upset. Ranveer asks her not to think him wrong, he thinks someone wants to kill her. She had an accident even outside the function. Ritika says police has arrested the person, they will find out the truth now. She gives the milk to Ranveer.
Ritesh is shocked to hear from Baa about Ishaani and Ranveer’s wedding. Baa says we thought we are giving Ishaani her happiness by getting her marriage with Shekhar, but Ishaani is killing her own self and thinks there is something that Ranveer isn’t happy with her but Ritika. She says if they don’t stay together, they will only keep Shekhar and Ritika happy but not themselves. She says Ishaani has sacrificed enough, but now she will do what her Harshid wanted. He wanted Ishaani to marry the one she loves. Ritesh says there would be a big drama, there would be such disrespect if Ishaani doesn’t marry Shekhar. Baa says she doesn’t care, now she will care about Ishaani as a daughter. She says now she will be the tongue for Ishaani and Ranveer so that they understand each other.

PRECAP: Ishaani asks Ranveer to stop coming behind her and care about Ritika, Why is he so selfish and only thinks about himself?

Update Credit to: Sona

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