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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani asks the lawyer if he is married. Baa stops her but she still asks if he is married. He says yes, Ishaani asks does his wife ever takes more time than him to get ready; does he stop loving her. She goes to hold Ranveer’s hand and says she was getting late and asked Ranveer to leave for wedding as she knew Baa would be waiting. She asks him if he is satisfied should she attend her brother’s wedding?
Shekhar watches Ishaani and is getting emotional but stops himself and says he has to forward the plan now. He makes a call to Ritika who was eating to her full in the room. Ritika wonders why he is calling her, she must begin her innocent helpless girl’s action. She attends the call, Shekhar asks if she is his friend or not. She says off course, he is her best friend. Shekhar

asks why she did so, all his friends have come here even RV and Ishaani, and he says she is his oldest friend. Ritika says Ishaani is also there. Shekhar says he understands what she went through when Ishaani was calling Ranveer her husband. He says to Ritika she must not leave the world, he says he wants his best friend to be here at his sister’s wedding. Ritika asks if he remembers RV had promised her to get married to her, now if she comes there how will she face the world. Shekhar thinks he must bring her here at any cost, else all the plan will be spoilt. Shekhar says to Ritika he is also like her and she isn’t a weak lady, if she doesn’t come to the wedding people will make even more issue of it. Shekhar hangs up, and says as much as he knows about Ritika she will come for sure. Amba had heard Ritika’s talk, she comes inside and says Shekhar is right, she must not leave RV’s side. She hands Ritika the juice and goes to get her clothes ready.
Baa makes Ritesh eat some sweet, she offers him even more food but Chaitali comes there and snatches the plate saying if she eats anymore of this he will seem to be older than her. Baa takes the plate and tells Chaitali that if she wants to do dieting she must, but she must not let her son suffer with her. Pratibha also come there to announce that the food has been served. Chaitali goes to refresh her makeup but Baa stops her saying it is her son’s wedding.
Shekhar’s bua tells the ladies their Shekhar was marrying Ishaani but she underwent an accident, forgot Shekhar and could only remember Ranveer. Ishaani seems to be happy, it was only tragic for Shekhar. RV notices the lawyer and gives Ishaani a smile.
Chaitali asks Ritesh to take a photo of her, they head towards the stage. Pandit ji stops them and asks if they are fasting. Chaitali says she has been on diet for the last three days, to reduce weight for the wedding. Baa taunts if she wants to appear slimmer than her daughter in law as well. Pandit ji gets angry and says this is pooja not a Sangeet, he tells Baa that she must tell them one must not eat anything before wedding Pooja. Pandit ji says this is important to fast while sitting in this wedding. Shekhar wonders won’t this wedding take place if someone isn’t fasting. Pandit ji says a couple from boy’s family must sit in the pooja. Ishaani looks at Baa approvingly, then Shekhar who smiles at her and nods. Ishaani prays Ritika be here soon, she wish she wants that when she arrives at the wedding Ishaani asks to pray with her husband.
Ritika comes to the wedding, Sharman was standing outside. Ritika says she has to be a helpless innocent lady here, she goes and congratulate Sharman. Sharman asks her why she doesn’t be an actress. Ritika says he broke their relation, she always behave well with him but he always misbehave. Sharman says a snake is poisonous no matter how sweet it appears from outside. He says he has kept eyes on her and is just waiting for his sister to get well. He leaves inside.
Ishaani watches Ritika arrive at the wedding, she comes to stage and says to Pandit ji that she is the elder sister of Dewarsh, she and her husband haven’t eaten anything since morning; can she do the pooja with her husband. Pandit ji allows. Baa says this is so lucky that in brother’s wedding a sister will do the pooja. She asks Ranveer to come to stage. Ishaani says whatever happens is for good, Ranveer didn’t take breakfast in morning in anger and she also didn’t eat anything; now they will do some good due to this. She calls Ranveer on stage who watches the lawyer and goes with her. Baa asks Pandit ji to start the pooja. Pandit ji notices something and asks them if they are really a couple, they don’t appear to be. Ishaani asks what is he saying. Pandit ji asks where is her sindoor and mangal sootar, he curses the new generation. Ishaani is apologetic that she forgot sindoor and mangal sootar but it is in her purse, she will just wear it. She brings out the mangla sootar, Pandit ji says she is sitting in pooja and her husband should put it around her neck. RV looks at Pandit ji and then Ishaani.

PRECAP: RV puts Sindoor in Ishaani’s head and mangal sootar around her neck. Ishaani comes to Ritika who was drinking, she slaps Ritika hard.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Ranveer had to do a scene where he got too close to Ishaani, and the latter who didn’t want to cross the limits, pushes the candles towards the curtain that catches fire. Some parts of which fell on RV’s left foot and was burnt severely.

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