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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Haveli
As ishaani rushes down and is tensed, ranvir finds her tensed and again comes to taunt her, and try to divert her from her sadness and tension. He offers to tag along with her, when he hears that she is going out. she places a condition that he wont make fun of her. He complies. they leave.

Harshad invites and welcomes chetan and his family and introduces him to everyone as they all sit down. finally Disha comes and sits down between falguni and baa. Harshad asks about ishaani and baa says that she went out for some imp work. He asks what happened. baa sdays that she doesnt know and asks him focus here. Baa asks chanchal to get snacks and sends manohar to monitor them. harshad tris ishaani’s phone after sometime, but it doesnt get through,

and he is tensed. baa tries to test chetan, for being elgible for disha. She asks about his girlfriends, and he candidly accepts, shocking all, while they think that baa would instantly reject him. Baa asks if he has ever kept any secret, and asks him to reveal it. He replies that if its a secret, why would he say it not. baa asks if he would keep it a secret after marriage too. he frnakly says yes, if it keeps his relationship happy. Baa asks why does he want to marry her granddaughter. Chetan says that he wants a girl who has an X-factor, and disha smiles in shyness, as chetan gloats about the kind of girl he wants. He asks if there’s zny other questions that baa wants to ask. Baa asks him tyo stand up. all are tensed, while he complies. Baa comes upto him, while all anticipate her next move. but she relieves everyone saying that she liked his talks and him, and finalises the relation and arranges for sweets. baa asks for the safe and when chanchal does it, baa presents a loadful of jewellery as the shagun which the bride would get with herself. Chetan’s parents eye hungirly. Chetan says he has a request. baa asks whats it. He says that he wants to ask something from her, just to balance the questions that she asked him. Baa agrees. He asks if she has any objections, to the couple’s personal life and no interference from others shall be tolerated. baa says that she doesnt have any problems with that. While all enjoy at the finalisation of the relationship, harshad is still tensed as to where ishaani went.

Scene 2:
Locatioon: On the road
While ranvir is driving, ishaani is haunted by the memories of the stinging remarks by baa and disha. ranvir is tensed to see her emotional like this. He finally opens the window, so that she can feel the fersh breeze and divert her mind and cheer up a little. as she soaks in the freshness, ranvir is happy, but doesnt show it to her. She asks him what happened. He again gets into teasing mode, as ishaani is frustrated with ranvir, and asks him to concentrate on the driving. ishaani complains of being thirsty. ranvir again teases her that then she would want to go to the bathroom and he cant afford that. she gets furious and he stops the car. she offers to go and get the water but he says that he would do so himself, while she waits in the car. After he is gone, ishaani is nabbed by goons who force her outside, and snatch her purse and valuable belongings. They ask for her locket, her father’s memory. As she denies, they begin yto force her. ranvir comes just in time and fights off all the gons and beats the pulp out of them. But he receives a fatal blow on the head and spins around as his head goes in a dizzy state. The goosn rush off, while ishaani notices blood coming otu of ranvir’s head. they both get tensed. but ranvir again makes a joke that she should drink blood instead of water. She makes him rest in the car.

Scene 3:
Location: Haveli
Finally harshad spots ishaani, and is shocked to hear what happened to them. He is shocked to find ranvir hurt. As ishaani comes hassled and tensed, Chetan tells that the bride too has finally come and that someone should tell her also the good news, that the relation is finalised. baa is confused and turns around to see who is chetan talking about. She and others are shocked to find that its ishaani that he is talking about. disha is shocked and furious. Baa stands up in shock, while chetan is tensed. She asks him whats he saying. Chirag shocks everyone saying it’s Ishaani for whom he came. Baa clarifies that they were talking about disha. Chetan says that they fought, but he liked her tremendously, and hence made this descision. Ketan and his wife try to tell chetan that ishaani isnt the daughter of this family, but he is unfazed. All are shocked and tensed. Meanwhile, ranvir asks him to go and be with disha’s ceremony right now, as its more important. When ranvir insists, harshad agrees. He comes inside. Baa says to ketan that this isnt a joke. ketan tries to intervene, but baa shuts him up, saying that chetan insulted them, and their daughetr, and had they not been guests, she would have had them thrown out instantly. Chetan’s mother says that they too deemed respect. But baa reveals their background and insults them all the more. Baa reminds chetan that he needs to fear her. harshad comes and sees the tension and asks whats the matter. harshad too is surprised, when baa tells him what just happened. Chirag and his family are asked to leave. Chirag tries to talk sense to them, that they were all happy with the relation and if he wanted, he could have been lured with the jewellery to agree to marrying disha. He says that he wouldnt have been able to keep disha happy, and even if he did, he would have been a hero in disha’s life but he would have been highly infidel, and that wouldnt have been justified for disha. Chirag says that Disha is a nice girl and he doesnt want to lie, and that he would get a much better guy than him, but he likes ishaani and if she agrees to this relation, then he would want to marry her only. all are tensed, while baa is frustrated.

Ishaani, is meanwhile attending to ranvir’s wound. She is tensed, while he again does his best to cheer him up, as usual by teasing her. she gets angry. ranvir sees her like that, and smiles. ishaani asks if it was paining so much, then why did he dive in to save her, and when he doesnt say anything, she sys that he cant see her being hurt. he says that if anyone troubles her a bit, he is unable to bear it. They eye each other overwhelmingly. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Baa is furious at Ishaani, while all the other ladies try to stop her, asking her to forgive her as she is just a child. But baa doesnt listen to anyone. when ishaani comes across baa, she slaps ishaani tight across her face. Baa vents out her furstration that she didnt sit quiet and managed to ruin disha’s future with chetan. All are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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