Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani runs out of the room saying she can’t live without him, she stops in the hall as Ranveer was coming inside from the main door. The come to each other. Ishaani cries and hugs him, caressing him. He hugs her tightly. Ishaani cries. Ishaani says she can’t stay without him, he must take her from here. She says whatever happened last night, they are both one now. Ranveer says he knew that she loves him, why she didn’t tell him before, why she came here and why was she silent. Ishaani says because of him, for him. his medicines are only with Nurbhay, he said he would only give them to him if she lives here. She says she isnt afraid anymore, she won’t be able to live without him and hugs him again. They watch Nurbhay standing at the staircase, and fires at Ranveer.

had been day dreaming, she watches Ranveer coming. She hides herself behind a pole. Ranveer wonders where is Ishaani, he feels strange and wants to meet her once. Nurbhay comes and asks if he is looking for his wife, he is alert. Nurbhay says he means if Naina? He offers Ranveer to come to hunting with him and takes him.
Ishaani comes looking for Naina. The maid says she didn’t see Naina. Ishaani says she must talk to Naina, she must ask Naina not to tell anything to Nurbhay. Ritika meets Ishaani there and says Naina watched everything last night, she is broken and hurt. She has gone to tell Nurbhay the reality. If Nurbhay knows the truth, Ranveer’s life will be endangered. Ishaani goes to stop Nurbhay.
She comes at the forest sight, hears a fire. Nurbhay was saying to Naina that he killed him. Ishaani hysterically runs to them and asks why they shot Ranveer. Naina tells Ishaani that Ranveer is fine, nothing happened to him. Ranveer comes from behind, Ishaani was shocked and panics. Naina tells Nurbhay that Ishaani is in panic, he must take her home. She takes Ranveer aside. As they walk down the road, Naina says she spread the rumor of the bullet. She wanted to see whom Ishaani cares for, him or Nurbhay. She says Ishaani was taking Nurbhay’s name instead of Ranveer.
Ranveer drives Naina back silently. She notices him, and says if she had heard his name from Ishaani’s mouth she would have moved from between them. She says Ishaani has really moved on in her life, she just glance back her past life. Ranveer thinks he knows that he had seen Ishaani’s eyes, there wasn’t any love for Nurbhay but for him only. There, Naina thought she would make Ranveer hate Ishaani.
Nurbhay comes to the fire lit outside and recalling Ishaani’s concern for Ranveer throws a bag in it. Ishaani and Ranveer’s photo burn in it. Ishaani comes from behind with a tea for him. He gets on the chair curtly. Ishaani watches the photo burning, keeps the tea and picks up the ashes of that photo. She watches the ashe in her hand for a while, then mix it in the tea. Nurbhay watched her. She drinks the tea, Nurbhay was moved. She looks at him, leaves the cup on table and says he can take Ranveer away from her, but can’t take him from her. Until her love is there, he can’t separate them.

PRECAP: Ritika asks Naina to invite Ranveer for dinner, so that they can accomplish what was left last night. Ranveer comes home and apologizes for being late, he says he got late because of tyre puncture but a young man helped him. Naina is shocked when the young man came in.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Guys in future generation people if they see matsh they gonna surely like matsh becoz it was about pure luv
    But if they see sasural simar ka they feel like cartoon show some peoples cannot able to understand the serial they feels what was story why they r showing like that they gonna feel like this as cartoon show thank god matsh does not use any bhoot,athma like funny and stupid supernatural thing I liked swaragini before but when I see Patali devi used to control the car of sanskar I was just laughed and laughed I think is that sanskar driving a remote car and it’s remote was in Patali devi’s hand then i stopped that serial and if when I used to change the channel and i suddenly seeing sasural simar ka I get stopped and I used to laugh for while what they showing actually cartoon shows are nowadays doing good they using scientific things for even kids but nowadays serials are like cartoon lol na frd guys if ur really upset then see sasural simar ka and suddenly u will get laugh and sathya dear my fav episode is 341st epi of matsh I was seen that for much more time I got the memory of all dialogues in that epi but I will watch again that epi I am sure about it and I don’t think that another serial makes an beautifilul episodes with small thing that is using bells actually I don’t know the name of the thing but when it sounds ishu get knows that rv room is open actually in that time all episodes are really super yar matsh best serial ever na

  2. Saranya

    Am really excited for ishveer unite. But show s ending I can’t able see tis. Its really hurting me. I think today s best day for me. Because in both hindi and tamil best episodes of MATSH. Loveeeeeee for ishveer. Meri aashiqui sirf ishveer. ……

  3. Oh ish hugs ranvi its just a dream,naima devil u dnt have sense always thinking wrong but its helps our ishveer to unite,and idiot nirbhay now u unerstand what is true love,oh mu ishaani i.learnt lot from u mainly sacrifice and loyal,i miss u ishveer just 9 Days remaining.we r counting our last days guys

  4. K.praveena

    Its just dream of ishani. But i gets afraid to see the portion. And first runs from inside and hug each other portiön. Its awesome. And nibhray burns the their photo and ishani take ashes and mix the tea and drink it. That time ishani expression its simply superb. Naina wrongly gives information to ranvi bt does not believe her. Ishani and ranvi r still proves that their love never be decreased. My ishveer best 4ever.

  5. Keerthi

    I am getting angry only today I am not able to take the pain….. I could not think anyone else with shakti except radhika but y is God doing like this y did he bring them together as ranveer and ishaani…. Y separating them now….I am not even able to sleep properly only thinking y God is doing this….I saw the news that before finalizing shakti and radhika ekta matched their horoscopes and both of them were perfectly matching….do anyone of u frnds feels so or only I am feeling this by thinking about them all the tym….I want them together in real life too will it happen I am praying praying daily wat u say frnds

    • priyas

      Yes keerthi I also felt the same. My heart is paining if I see shakthi with some one else.hope God will do some magic and bring them together in real life also

      • Keerthi

        Yeah priya wat to do but one thing is sure God had made ishveer together and seperated them by ending the show… knows not it’s own depth until the hour of seperation lets see wat happens

  6. Shakthi talk about neha in an interview,he loves neha a lot guys,he alwayssing about neha,always he talk about neha neha neha..oh iam really disappointed,though he loves neha lot atleast he consider shadhika fans,he well known that most of the fans like shadhika a lot then y he always talk about neha inpublic media,always he praises neha a lot,shakthiy u do tis,he never consider radhika as a pair,even radhika always talk gilood thing about shakthi ,but he never consider her,i think shakthi celebrate Valentines with neha i cant even imagine that,soafter valentines only i seenews about shakthi,till than i didnt search for any news about shakthi,really i’m disappointed

    • Keerthi

      Not only u dear I am so much disappointed I only think y god separated them both but when he says neha I only think about one thing when I listened to his interview with raj baddan he said he likes number 6 people a lot because they are very lucky and people who also be with them will also become lucky dats the only reason I feel shakti is still with neha dats wat my husband said after looking all his interviews with radhika he said he saw love in shakti s eyes for radhika but y doesn’t he express it….as far I can say only after radhika entered shakti s life he s become so popular so radhika is his lucky charm

    • Sriranjani

      why should he consider about shadika he should only consider about ishveer n not shadika
      as his real love is neha n not radika n onemore thing bhai don’t try to peek anyones relation n do ur business its their life n their worry not your worry

  7. swana

    Superb epi …nains fails in her plan because she doesn’t understand wat true love is…loved ranveer during car scenes thinking ishaani’s eyes shows love only for him

  8. Ya keerthi dr i’m also pray for that,shadhika is the best pair in the world,y shakthi love neha,i know neha is good but god give super pair to neha and sepearte shakthi from her that os my only wish frnd,i want shakthi and radz forever they are just amazing

  9. Meera

    WHY so much dragging people ???
    Pls unite my ishveer fast without much of such stupid incidence ( like the tea one ) hope ishani is fine after drinking that tea with those ashes !! 😉

  10. chinki

    i m rlyy vrryy sad for ending of ths sho…. i want see ishveer more n more..luv u ishveer
    i lik n luv a lot matsh…i rlyy miss

  11. HELLO SATHYA radhika madan OPPOSITE ishani charactor.I SAW the photo with RADHIKA and ISHAN ARYA in BEACH and FOREIGN TRIP and DISCO PARTY.ANOTHER one truth is HE WEARD TWO PIECE dress and closed selfie with HER BOY FRIEND i saw the photo in VERY ANGRY.She personal life is so modern to go to party with HER BOY FRIEND.PLZ NOT disappointed SAKTHI.I angery RADHIKA closly with ISHAN ARYA and Also SAKTHI with NEHA.I ALSO want SAKTHI WITH RADHIKA IN REAL LIFE. but both choose our own life.SAKTHI AND RADHIKA IN good friends.

  12. K.praveena

    And sathya. I’m also in few interview of shakti. Even i also feel the same. Shakti only talk abt neha and he did not give any important to radhika. But i want shadhika. Even shakti well know abt loyal fan heart that our wishes only be shadhika.

  13. Hi SATHTA plz understand SAKTHI.I am also want SAKTHI and RADHIKA IN REAL LIFE but BOTH CHOOSE OUR life.RADHIKA lover is ISHAN ARYA.plz U see the RADHIKA INSTAGRAM page to see the RADHIKA mostly closed still with ISHAN ARYA IN SHORT DRESS i saw that pic very angry. ONE thing RADHIKA talk about SAKTHI IN Real life VERY calm and quit not speak over and simplicity But RADHIKA herself told I VERY opposite ISHANI charactor i am TOM BOY and over fun and go to disco with her friend.So plz understand both choose ur life but why SATYA Purticularly disappointed with SAKTHI ARORA.I want SAKTHI &RADHIKA in REAL LIFE.I am not seen SAKTHI &RADHIKA with ANY OTHER PERSON.

  14. K.praveena

    I read the shakti interview and i remember what he said the before matsh he went to the 250 auditions above but he could not be selected and shakti gets a suppourting role play in some popular seriel and he suffered a lot and that situation which girl only near the shakti and she supports him alot and its neha only. i understood shakti’s real life charector but i want shadhika only. I could not be changed.

  15. thenmozhi

    Hi dears am thenmozhi, from Chennai, me also the greatest fan on ishveer, if you want to watch the serial again , then you can look it in tmpolimerchannel but it telecast in Tamil, here in now only they telecast the death of chirang, so if you found the channel, you have lot of episodes to watch , so you can enjoy the live of ishveer

  16. Disiya krish raan

    Guys please understand the love bw neha and shakti. In serial ranveer love ishani but in real life he love neha. two are real love.but real life is real not imaigination. If you are girl think about neha’s reaction

    • Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

      Hii guys sorry I could not comment but I was busy there are daily test in my tutions so sorry…..
      And me too want SHADHIKA in real life
      Guyss….i think that Shakti is always appreciating Neha because he want to show that he loves her a lot…..and as we know all actors read the comments he might be have read the comments and don’t want to open his love for Radhika that’s why he only talks about Neha…………because as we know the people who show off’s more there is something always wrong…..
      I’M 110% SURE THAT SHADHIKA LOVES EACHOTHER……and as the show teaches us to sacrifice for love they are the lead pair so they’ll obiviosly gonna seperate from eachother for any body else who is kind hearted…………

  17. sana

    Ishani’s dream was superb and also that tea part.Ranvi don’t believed that devil.thank god.why naina shocked on that man.waiting for precap.

  18. Sriranjani and disiya krish i know its their life i am not force shakthi to propose radz,its just my wish,if i told na shakthi joint with radz?i cant understand u people,i’m simply tell about my wish as a fan,i know neha and shakthi ,ishan arya and radhika are love each other is that change for me?y u r showing tis much reaction,i like shadhika pair a lot as same as ishveer pair,so its my wish if its come truena i’m the happiest person

    • Sriranjani

      Ohh but as a fan u should think abt the feelings of the 2 innocent heart.
      if shakti really loves neha he will defn. break the relationship with neha proposed radika but as a frnd he loves radika not as a lover……………
      always ishveer pair is best but in real life we can’t say.

  19. sana

    Guys I understand ur is true they are awesome pairs.but think about shakthi and neha’s love.we loving ishveer for their unending wise shakthi is in love with neha for many years.that means he is in love with neha before he seeing radhika.and radhika is also dating with shakthi’s words it is clear that he loves neha a lot.I think it is not fair to think about their separation.
    Sorry frnds if I hurted u.don’t mistake me.this is my opinion.

  20. Mathankumarji i know radz also love ishan arya,but one thing is she never talk about her bf in social media,shakthi always talk about neha,i know he loves neha a lot but as a fan my brain umderstand tis but my heart is not accept it,at first radz told she is lie tom boy and oppose to ish charecter i know verry well but at last day shoot radz told as she learnt lot from ishaani charecter love sacrifice,so she basically good girl,her brought up is like that so only she gone to party but basically she is good girl,iam also girl,even shakthi also take pic with neha closely,its their wish,and what keerthi told is 100% crct,i see shakthiblove with radz in his eyes,both r love each other but they that commitment with other one that is y they keep mum,but one thimg i wanna tell u i dnt care about anything blanckly i love shadhika a lot i want them on real life thats it

    • Sathya …., dr nght once again i saw shadika interviews …., i aslo confirmed dr …. they both are in love …..

      when u saw that shaktiblove with radhika in his eyes ….,

      Nght i didnt sleep Only criying
      i want shadika in real life pair…
      i want shadika in real life pair …..
      i want shadika in real life pair ….
      I want shadika in real life pair….
      i want shadika in real life pair…..
      i want shadika in real life pair …..
      i want shadika in real life pair….
      i want shadika in real life pair….
      i want shadika in real life pair…..
      i want shadika in real life pair….
      i want shadika in real life pair ……
      i want shadika in real life pair …..
      iwant shadika in real life pair…

  21. writwika mehra

    Poor colours, always believes in superstitius issues and nt reality… the dramatic stories which can nvr realistic and to a great extend stupid.
    Apart frm these i would love to look forward for aashiqui season 2,3,4,…. being a shaktian as well as radhitian!!!!
    On behalf of matsh lovng frnds i wud say , hamari aashiqui tumse hi!!!

    • sana

      I think the same sathya dr.if our trp increased it is to convince ekthaji for matsh 2.praying to god for high trp .

      • No guyzz ..plzz don’t trust trp rat..this mak our’s ferlings very bad…every don’t thnk abtt trp..i thnk tis week trp is 0.6 0.7..bcoz tis week also no 1 hr epi and the tym was only 15 guyzz trp se yekin mat karo na….

  22. nithya

    Hai frnds. Daily I read every one comments i post my comments also but it post now comments in my dad phn .i agree with every one comments

  23. Keerthi

    Sriranjini and disiya krish
    I know it’s not fair to poke into ones personal life….I know both radhika and shakti are committed to someone….but then too after seeing them as Ishveer I am too much affected and I always believe in destiny and I know fate had brought radhika near to shakti if she would not have bagged the role of ishaani she would have gone to USA for her dancing course it was a week before leaving to USA she got a call from ekta….I know I cannot speak about their personal lives but I am telling based on my experience as WE DONT MEET PEOPLE BY ACCIDENT THEY ARE MEANT TO CROSS OUR PATHS FOR A REASON and I also know that always DESTINY DECIDES WHO YOU MEET IN YOUR LIFE BUT ITS ONLY UR HEART THAT CAN DECIDE WHO GETS TO STAY IN YOUR LIFE…even though I know it’s not reality to think about shadhika as real life Jodi my heart and mind always think about them both only …one thing I saw love in shakti s eyes for radhika in one interview

  24. I dont care about anything….., i want shadika real life couple ….,

    These ektha do 1 st show with neha nd shakti …. ( tere liye ) in star plus ….

    That is only ekta mistake….., after they started love each other …

    These ekta do 1 st show shakti aora nd Radhika madan ….., in tere liye show
    shadika married now ….,

    Ekta is my first enemy …., she only seperate my dearest shadika …. ,

    I never ever forgive her ….. she biggest enemy of me …. ,

    Shakti atleast u consider as a fan wish ….

    Dont disappointed fans shakti …., pls u leave neha …. nd married Radhika …,

    Radhika …. pls leave ishan …… nd married shakti….,

    Today my heart broken …. for these news …. i dont no shakti loves neha these much ….,

    omg only news i feel this much ….. ,
    if i see direct …. 🙁

  25. kirthi

    every time Ishveer reunite pothu naa romba happy ya irupen bt this is the first time santhosatha vida ini ishveer ra miss the panna porom kura feeling romba athigama irukum. And tamil urave uyire wt a acting shakti. Ravi yoda kaneer verum acting nu yennala yethuka mudiathu. Ravi alum bothu yennala yen kan la irunthu vara tears sa control panna mudiala. Even though I know that ravi and shalni sernthuduvanga nu, irunthalum ishani ranveer ra hurt panra mathiri pesuratha ennala thanga mudiala ishani pesunatha ippa ninacha kuda thannala alugai varuthu yenaku.

  26. kirthi

    En life la ishveer lv story mathiri ithu varaikum irunthurukathu and future laum ipdi oru story varathu. Ithu yennoda matsh ku mattum ulla romba peria spl.

  27. pooja

    Did you so last day shoot, the way radika hugged and kiss shakti.I think she loves him but what to do it’s too late.both of them got their partners and iam sure they don’t want to hurt their feelings. May be not in this life. This is what I felt. Let them make their own decisions.we just can wait and see.and respect their decisions.sorry if I said some thing wrong .

  28. sathya ….. dr in u tube …. Abp news….. sbs segement feb 6 th see that video yar ….., i saw that video i think shadika love each other so much ….. , u saw that video nd say to me ur opinion for that video ….. my brother said that shadika love each other Y they engaged else other person….,

    In that video clearly shadika ( Love birds ) 100% purely love with each other…., ? ?

    Gud8 mazagine …, valentine world play with Meri aashiqui jodi ….
    shakti aora nd Radhika madan….,
    They are in that mazagine very hot …., ?

  29. pooja

    I feel the same,if we saw some thing on the 6 th if its real, I know they love each other, they just don’t want to express it.because of their current situation. The sad thing is most of the time when you actually find your soul mate its always too late.but it says if you love two people at the same time choose the 2nd one because if you actually loved the first one then you will not fall in love with the 2nd .

  30. Ya pooja dr ….., that video only say they are too much in love with each other ….,

    But Y god doing like these… if i doing some work my heart my mind always think for them…., only i cant express my feeling …., where i saw only shadika come in my eyes….

    My heart is vry painning …., dr

  31. Plz note In last day shoot scene off screen SAKTHI HUGS RADHIKA IN TEARY EYED but camera man shoot that scene BUT sakthi TELL the camera man NOT SHOOT this scene and RADHIKA tell don’t worry and again hugging.WHY SAKTHI AVOID RADHIKA real reason CAMERA MAN SHOOT video to publicity so avoid radhika in INFORNT OF CAMERA.I saw the many scene BEHIND THE SHOOT SAKTHI and RADHIKA play with each other.SAKTHI and RADHIKA married in real life that true I AM THE HAPPIEST MAN OF THE WORLD.

  32. Hi sathya dr..ystrdy r u saw u2 na..i saw tat..and continiously cryied yaar..i can’t stop my crying..already i saw it in hindi..tat tym also i feel sad..innu 2 r 3 weeks la shikar entry scene vandhudu..adha nenachu en feelings a konju control psnikre..irundhalu mudyla..

  33. Sherin

    Maths is really interesting, but I am feeling bad that I couldn’t see this. Wishing the repetition episode will come back to the same time.

  34. pooja

    If shadika have some thing its beter if they realizes soon before its too late. Otherwise its not only them that going to suffer their partners too.let’s pray for the best.and respect their decisions

  35. Its Real Guys …..
    I saw shadika eyes both are in too much love with each other ….

    I want to fight ishan arya nd neha saxena ….

    neha nd Arya … pls leave that couple freely nd pls go their life ….

    Shadika in too much love with each other…… guys …

    • neha

      I know you like shakti and Radhika very much but that doesn’t mean that you guys will force your actor to be together in real life….there’re many serials and movies in which our favourite star casted on the show but in real life they’re not couples but good friends…like big examples are shriti jha(pragya) and shabbir( abhi) from kumkum bhagya,,they’re couple only in reel life but in real life shabbir married to kanchi kaul…2nd example is karan Patel(Raman bhalla) and divyanka tripathi(ishita) in reel life they’re couple but in real life they’re friends and karan married to ankita bhargava and divyanka got engaged with vivek dahiya…. In movies our Bollywood iconic pairs Amitabh- Rekha, Shahrukh-Kajol, Salman – Aishwariya Rai, Ranbir-Deepika, etc… the same way shakti and Radhika are onscreen favourite couple but in real life they both have their own partner(gf/bf) ….
      So we have to respect their feelings, love, emotions which attactched to their real life partners…this kind of emotions are OK with show but not connected to their personal life…they’re enough mature to take their own decisions…. And let me tell you shakti started the show tere liye with Neha s*xena as lead pair…they’re together till now and I wish they never part ways like MATSH …
      Well nothing personal but I like shakti and Neha together off screen but no doubt that shakti is best paired with Radhika……and there’s lot of difference in reel and real life.
      Sorry if I hurt you, but believe me my intention is not to hurt you…..but its a fact yar…and I really respect their decision and and love both shakti and radhika.❤?

  36. you waste too much of time in showing see today and then in the end showing see further which turns out to be tomorrow. Further the same scene is shown see to morrow for three/four days.

  37. marry

    happy colors again didnt on no 1…..yoooooooohooooooooooooooo or kro matsh ko khatam time b 13 min ker do matsh ka ……..i m happyyyyyyy…………no 1 channal matsh offair ki wja se hogyaaaaaa ???????

  38. K.praveena

    I want shadhika in real life. Plz god give me a power that i want change the fate. Just shadhika 4ever.

  39. marry

    swaragini top 10 se out hogya ager matsh ka time swaragini ko na milta to acha tha swaragini b………….

  40. marry

    ishq ka rang safed 1.3
    swaragini 2.5
    krishndasi 1.0
    matsh 1.6
    ccl 0.2
    chothi anandi 0.3
    naagin 5.5
    comedy nites bachao 1.9
    comedy nites live 2.1
    star plus on no1 and colors no 2,,,,,,,,,,,well down colorss keep it down i m happy…………

  41. K.praveena

    Ya arham. I saw the trp fb. Colors tv gets 2nd place and starplce stand 1st level. But colors not deserve 2nd level. Bcoz its just deserve last level. Colors shut of their fav show. Now my pray abt matsh seriel god should be hear that. I just want matsh2 4ever.

    • marry

      dear when matsh starts colors was on 4th place and due to matsh colors become no 1 and now matsh going to end colors also going down………..

  42. So sad again TRP 1.6 IT IS FAKE TRP or ALL fans stopped the MERI ASHQUI SERIAL this is good fan?.Most of fans BLAMED OUR SERIAL i am very upset.LOT OF FANS NOT FIGHT FOR MATSH 2 i am daily trend tweet and WE WANT MATSH 2.HOW MANY FANS trend ing the twitter?.WORST serial script of SASURAL SIMAR HA serial most loved serial BUT ur FAV meri ashqui serial NOT LOVED ANY AUDIENCE so sad.I DESERVED meri ashqui tumse hi IS END REASON was MOST OF FANS LEAVED OUR SERIAL and NEGATIVE COMMENT ON UR SERIAL this reason EKTA end the show.MAIN reason WRITTER.

    • No mathan kumar … that is colorstv channel …. telecasting only 13 minutes only our serial running ….,

      fans all are seeing …. but 13 minutes give only 1.6 ….. so

  43. Ya vyshu and keerthi dr i totally agree with u,i dnt care about anything i want shadhika in real life i love them verymuch,i know both love each other,if god grace they unite i’m the happiest person in the world

  44. Previous week MERI ASHQUI serial very nice BUT why TRP( 1.6) NOT INCREASED.I hate all fans of meri ashqui serial ur blamed ur serial.SERIAL ending ATLEAST I HOPE OLD FANS watched the show and improved the TRP but ALL FANS TOTALLY SPOIL THE SHOW i feel very sad.

  45. Meera

    Hey people , any idea why Tim slts on Tata sky ate not showing matsh at 10 pm timing , instead they r showing swaragini – 9.30-10.16 and krishnadasi – 10.16-11..
    Why this ???
    Has the channel decided to end it now only ??

  46. I am really happy matsh ki low trp se shw ki ending kr rhe they na ab apne channal ko lo hote dekho and happy promise day and mai promise krti hun ki aftar matsh mai colors nahi dekhungi

  47. Matsh Good News: Meri AashiquiTumse Hi may come up with Season 2Ranveer ( Shakti Arora) and Ishani ( Radhika Madan) is one amongst the most famous on screencouple of the date from the show MeriAashiqui Tumse Hi.The news of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi coming to an end served as major shock to the sincere and diehard fans and followers of theshow.The eternal love story of Ranveer and Ishani,the separation, hurdles, evil plans made by the villains in the show to harm Ishani andRanveer were the turning points of the show.However, with the constant fall in TRP ratings has finally led the makers to take the decisionof shutting off the show.But big news is making its way from the Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi sources for the fans.Apparently, humongous amount of fans have asked the makers to comeback with sequel of Meri Aashiqui.As per the sources, makers of Meri Aashiqui TumseHi are seriously planning to bring up Season 2.Looks like Ranveer and Ishani’s love saga will continue for the fans.

  48. raji

    Guys keep trending for matsh 2 just i saw the twitter some one posted like masth 2 will come again.. i don’ t know is it rumour or not ….. but i wish shadika come back with matsh 2……..pls check twitter pages…

  49. Sathya ….., dr But i dont want these colorstv ….., colors tv never deserves my dearest shadika jodi bcouz in u tube always sound prb ….,

    Pls guys i dont want Matsh season 2 sound prb …..,

    pls they telecast zeetv or colorstv …., i think there is no sound prb ….,

  50. Manisha

    Mixing ashes in the tea is actually. I feel that it’s taken from old movie Ek duje ke liye movie.(kamal Hasan & Rati Agnihotri ).i also read in forum abt matsh 2..if they will really decide abt matsh then we all will be very happy.hope we get news soon.cant wait for that.

  51. Shakti always talk about neha in public ….., No

    He is too much love in Radhika ….. not neha ….,

    But always change the name into Radhika and talk about her….

    But in public he say neha… changed into Radhika …. think guys …..,

  52. What nonsense is this ? The tantrums of this colors channel r incresing day by day now a channel could do something like this with its vry popular show have they forget

    That just bcouz of MATSH
    They were on top oneday

    ” Bastars “

  53. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Woah……guys on the seventh sky I’m dancing singing song of love just acting as a mad person is it true ??????
    Yessss I’m so happy yaar… you sathya cause you gave the best news of 2016 to all ishveerians……

  54. rookey rookers

    love love matsh . i need matsh 2 . and guys pls dont comment on their personal life as ishveer the one who made us to feel whar is love and shadhika was the one who made us to realise it . and as we are commenting . if it is not true . it may bring some prblm in their life we should not do it . it is against what matsh teach us right ? so pls its humble request pls dont do it
    need matsh 2 . pray god and post much mails to colors . hole the best . thax r the good news baby . . .

  55. Hrithika

    I watch only 3 serials dat is swaragini,meri aashiqui tumse hi and naagin i would rate swaragini 4.5/5 ; naagin 3.5/5 ; and meri aashiqui tumse hi 3/5(i would hav not given matsh 3 because of d current episodes but this 3 is for ishveer)

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.