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Ishaani asks Falguni what is she looking for. Falguni is worried what she is doing in this room. Ishaani asks her inside, Falguni asks why isn’t she with RV. Ishaani says she wants RV to move on, and talk to her. He is bind to some thought which isn’t letting him move on, she asks what if the person you loves want you to get apart. Falguni says when two people love each other and one is happy in living away from your lover, shall he be left alone. Falguni says in love distances doesn’t mean anything, but she says she wishes her life doesn’t has to go through any such situation. She says tomorrow is her birthday, and she will get all the happiness of her life tomorrow. Falguni leaves, the wind chimes begin to move, RV was about to knock the room door when Ishaani opens it. She

was about to say something when RV gets a phone, he says to the caller that he knows it is difficult to let go but if the other person doesn’t want to stay with us, we must not stop him. He looks at Ishaani. A servant brings RV clothes behind, and gets a file from Punit. He looks at Ishaani, then leaves.
Ishaani thinks she won’t stop him if he is happy with something and someone else. He turns to say something but she shuts the door. He thinks he has seen love in her eyes but is it for him or for someone else. The wind chime fell down, Ishaani recalls Falguni had said if your lover wants to go away from you, you must respect him. Ritika is worried if RV has told Ishaani his feelings, and if they had a patch up. She calls RV, Ishaani watches the phone near the vase. She thinks should she pick up the call as RV is bathing. She picks the call, Ritika says did he tell Ishaani his feelings, he must tell her what he feels for whom and if I am serious about it, he must also take it seriously. She tells him to call Ishaani and then call her. Ishaani thinks about Sharman and cries what if there is something between Ritika and Sharman.
She comes inside to find the broken wind chime. RV enters the room and finds Ishaani crying. He comes to her and asks what happened. She says her wind chime has broken, she had taken care of it but now like a broken heart doesn’t make a sound, it won’t also not make a sound. And if it doesn’t make a sound, how she will know he is around. They both look at each other.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Ishaani says it has broken, there will be no more sounds. He asks if she was crying for this, she nods saying if something made of crystal breaks it doesn’t rejoin. RV says broken hearts rejoin, if someone touches it with care. Ishaani thinks who joined his heart, who else touched it.
Parul, Derwash, Pratik, Sharman and Disha were making cake for birthday. Disha instructs about the recipe. They all wait outside the oven, he cake turns out to be burnt. They all regrets what it has turned out to be. Amba comes and asks what are they all doing here, Parul says they were making cake for Ishaani. Amba tells them to go out. Baa comes and says she will see who stops them from making the cake. She says this house is half RV’s and half Ishaani’s. Ritika comes there, Chaitali says now Ritika will make the cake. Ritika says she has a simple recipe to make the cake again, they all get to work. Ritika comes to Sharman that he didn’t call at night, she was awake till morning and when he didn’t call she came to meet him. Sharman was silent, Parul asks Ritika to get to work. Ritika thinks she wishes to tell Sharman that yester night it wasn’t Sameera but Ranveer, it is getting complicated so she needs to talk to Ranveer about it. She tells them to mix the ingredients and she will be back soon.
Ishaani talks to lawyer that she wants to change all the clauses of her divorce. She wants to free Ranveer of all the bindings, she doesn’t want to make him live with someone who has extra marital affairs. She doesn’t want him to pay her a penny for this freedom, she is happy with someone else. She gives the lawyer some photographs to prove her unfaithful in the court, once it is proven the divorce case will get easy. She says Ranveer has done a lot for her and her family, she doesn’t want him to face many problems. The lawyer says he is watching it for the first time that a lady wants her respect ruined. Ishaani says she doesn’t love but respect RV. She asks the lawyer to give the papers to her, she will give them to her at the right time.
Ritika asks RV why he didn’t talk to Ishaani. She says tomorrow is her birthday, her cousins are planning a surprise for her, he must also do something. RV says he is planning a surprise for her, he told her. She cheers. They were both happy. Ritika says she has lied a lot to Sharman now, but she is really happy for him now and hugs him.
Sharman says he wanted to tell her the same yesternight, she might see it by herself. Ishaani and he stood in the window, watching them talk and hug.

PRECAP: RV makes Ishaani eat the birthday cake, he gets a call, is shocked and leaves urgently.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. RV is a fool. Its going to b d worst phase for them both.

  2. Tujhe bhuladiya oo tujhe bhuladiya
    phir q teri yaado ne mujhe ruladiya

  3. Today’s episode was good.Ishaani Ranveer conversation was nice.Day by day Misunderstanding is growing.Sharman don’t mistake Rithika she is only helping her friend in his life.Ishaani why are you hurting yourself.. please trust your love for RV. Trust is most important in lovely life.Don’t take wrong decision like Divorse.Sometimes own eyes will also betray.Please don’t drag this track much.Reveal the mystery track behind Ranveer & Rithika.Waiting for a good episode.

  4. plz ekta this is a request…plz make rv n ishaani 1 plz…i want to see there romance n not hatred

  5. Can anybody tell about d track that went in today’s Ishveer moments???

    1. har kise ko & judaai

  6. update fast please

  7. plz reveal the mystry behind ritika and ranveer.

  8. Gud job kep postoing like this u guys doin gr8 job

  9. hey guys dnt worry becoz on 14th feb valantine special both of them reunite themselves. I am sooooo happy to saw this promo………. Today episode is so good ishveer conversation is really touching to heart and especially ranveer bocoz ishaani was crying lonely when he open the door and watch ishaani crying. And asks her to what happened. This scene was amazing I didn’t expected this..we are waiting for a special episode on saturday

  10. sharman your thinking is too wrong you must understood it and dnt create another problem to ranveer and ishaani you must believe rithika. She always think about your sister happiness you must understand it clearly

  11. I am losing my patience day by day. Please give a good episode soon…

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  18. Ranveer suffer a lot of pain only for ishanee so now this time for ishanee did great job that ranveer doing for her in past i hate baa and disha charecter such a charecterless personality bt amba charecter is good she get a lot of pain from baa when she was servant on baa’home so amba doing same thing with baa

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  20. Thanks Ekta for subtitling this recent episodes. Some of the episodes in January were not subtitled. They were boring as one doesn’t understand their language.

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    things Ishani gets hurt and he consoles her with
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