Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani comes to the car happily. Ritika comes out of the car, she says long time. Ishaani is shocked seeing Ritika. Ritika says if she needs her introduction again, she forwards her hand saying Ritika Zaveri. She says to Ishaani that there has been so much happening in their life. Milan’s arrival, Sharman’s death, RV getting jailed for the murder and his ailment about virus D. She says she has the antidote and all the proofs. Ishaani tries to grab the file, Ritika asks what so urgent? Ishaani pleads Ritika to help her. Ritika says she brought this file to help Ishaani, but let them talk to each other for a while. Ishaani takes the file anyway and run away, Ritika asks who is playing the game now? Ritika brings about the real proofs, the photo of Amba and Kailash with two suns alike.

She torns all the papers. Ishaani picks all the torn papers and asks what she did. Ritika says she now know how Ishaani lost such a wait, she runs so much for Ranveer’s problems. Ishaani asks Ritika what she wants from her, Ritika asks if she doesn’t know what she wants. She slaps Ishaani hard saying this is for coming between her and Ranveer. A second hard slap for playing that Chiraag’s game and sending her to jail and third one to kill her baby.
In the court, Ranveer keeps a hand on Geeta taking vows. The lawyer asks Ranveer if he accepts his crime of murder. Ranveer says no, he is innocent. The lawyer shows him the video that Milan had made. He had confessed in the video that he has done a lot of frauds in his company which Sharman knows. Ranveer says he didn’t make this video. The lawyer insists. Sharman objects saying the lawyer is pressurizing Ranveer. The objection is over ruled. The lawyer asks court to punish Ranveer. Sharman takes the case, he says this isnt Ranveer but his twin brother Milan who was separated from family and wanted to take revenge from Ranveer. Shikhar calls Raaval in the witness box. He says that he knows Amba and Kailash since childhood. Raaval says he knows Ranveer and his dual faces as well, he has two faces and dual personalities. He calls himself Ranveer as well as RV. He says that Ranveer is a split personality disorder person. He says they have no twin son of Ranveer. Ranveer shouts at Raaval what he is saying, he insists on the judge that he is lying. Baa questions Raaval why he is saying this, Kailash also asks Raaval to tell the truth. Raaval says Ranveer is the only son, he has been ill mentally. He is like two men in one body, he doesn’t know what he will do in a while. Shikhar’s objection is over ruled. Raaval says Kailash insisted that he tried to tell Kailash about his son’s ailment but he didn’t want to listen. Amba and Kailash requests Raaval to tell the truth as lie never did any good to anyone. The judge asks Shikhar to make them quiet else he will charge them with contempt of court. Ranveer says there is another person, Ishaani who has seen him and Milan together.

PRECAP: Shikhar asks Ishaani if she has seen who murdered Sharman. Ishaani points her hand at Ranveer. They are all shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. K.praveena

    Precape so worst i remember the same thing that chirag case its all the stupid ritika. I kill u and ravaal. Again leap again seperation, again love and hate each other portion . I can’t tolerate this.

  2. ishRV

    Ishani ko to Ritikake vajah se aisa karana pada but Ravaal ko kya huva ? kya yeh bhi Ritika aur new villains ke saath mila hain

  3. Waste of time and energy,today i saw 17 Th dec premiere of matsh omg they started another drama,ekta if i get a chance to see u means i ll kill words to express myself,that devil rithika stupid lady how dare u slap ishani..finally they started another drama tis ll be going on som week totally waste of time..ekta pls one thing u remember shakthi and radhi are the talanted guys but u just waste their acting skills.matsh trp surely get down bcoz of ur stupid twists..most of te fams get frustrated and commented but u dnt take fans suggestion.i think after feb 2015 Episodes ur brain is not working,bl***y lady i hate u i ll kill u.omg when i see my ishveer unite only in dreams

  4. teenu

    only wast of tym..bye bye maths..only for dis serial i am using net recharg monthly .. if iktha doing lyk dat den i vl not recharg … its good for me.. thank god… ektha god vl punish u.. wasting our tym and lyf.. bye… bye… maths… go to hell… idiots.. folish….love u ishveer…

  5. Too much dragging. …Non sense scripts. …..Idiotic story writer don’t know to make a perfect move in matsh. …Hate to watch it. …But Love U ISHVEER… Its clear they won’t unite ISHVEER now. Idhuku mela thanga mudiyadhu Ritika rentry n all. …

  6. May sachihum may deka nahi serial.all fulishness serial today villian aftar villan befor villian? New villon .ishvr unite or sepreat kya kya serial mey. ‘Meri villon tumse hi’ new name.maza ayaka hahahahaha

  7. MATSH

    I just hate it… They are making the 2 years leap to increase the TRP… But surely the TRP is gonna less… Fans are irritated seeing the separation of Ishveer… Waiting For Ishveer’s Reunion…

  8. swana

    Worst precape after the leap again rv will love ❤ ishaani they will marry then separate then Again another leap hate,love…so on if u take such a no of leaps then the male and female lead will become aunty and uncles…considere ishveer fans we r spending our time to watch ur serial but uu..selfish brutus

  9. K.praveena

    Ekta mam so bad twist It’s better to end this show i really feal pain to write end of matsh bcoz i can’t see again leap that ranvi hates ishani scence so end this show and come back with same cast but different unique story. Plz reunite ishveer.

  10. Affreen

    Me too I stopped watching it. Its no more entertaining. No real enjoyment of seeing two lovers together. Bad people always wins .

  11. This serial was at the top before but getting boring every day I’m not watching this anymore repeating the same story again and again very irritating complete flop wth with bringing ritika back waste of time.

  12. wtf serial it ws kiya readers ko pagal banaogea kiya kitna drama kitna week guzarthiya thumlog kitna draging such idiotic show waste of time gud by matsh

  13. HKC

    After feb 2015 episode this serial is nt going anywhere
    I became addicted to this show bt now its getting annoying day by day

  14. Rajcho

    Ekta mam so bad twist It’s better to end this show i really feal pain to write end of matsh.devil rithika ???
    worst screenplay now a days.waste of time

  15. Looks like the MATH team don’t have any idea and create good story anymore by uniting ishveer.So,it’s better to end a story rather than complete nonsense .

  16. Zeenat

    Totally nonsense:[email protected]’t able to take dis idoitic tracks anymore…;->Dey r just repeating da samethng again and again.

  17. brindha

    such an horrible precap…. Ekta mam if u r in a plan not to unite ishveer then y the hell did u show us like uniting them. Pls..u dont deserve to be a good producer at all….. waste of time watchin KKB and MATSH. U r a devil mam.. if u are gonna shoe this much negativity in your serials ppl will really lose their willingness in watching ur serials…

  18. shivani

    Seriously,i mean this is the limit now. This show has become worthless. Bad things always win. The writer is spreading negativity. I have just stopped watching this serial. Big boss is better than this show. I am fed up now by these type of serials. Just dragging dragging and dragging,nothing else.useless things are happening in this show. Huh. Now i regret,i wasted my precious time in watching this show. ???

  19. Boring. Ishani ko pehle hi divorce le kat shikhar she shaddi Kar leni chaiye thi.
    Ranveer ishani ashiqui he hi nai.

    Bas humari judaai nam kardo badal ke is serial ka. :@

  20. Guys maine sbs mein dekha yaar ishani amba & kailash ko mental hospital le gai h and ranveer unhe wapas laiga aur phir start hgi meri nafrat tum se hi

  21. Vish

    This show needs some grounding in reality. They cannot keep doing these stupid plot twists that make no sense. How does Ritika get out of prison? How is it even possible for her to know everything and get her hands on all the evidence? Is she supernatural? If they introduced that kind of idea, it would at least begin to make sense. Why does this shiw need to recycle villains! Just kill Ritika, please. Actually, Ishani is really irritating to. Her character is perpetually idiotic, completely clueless about everything and everyone around her.

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