Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani was working in the office. RV comes to the NGO, looks around a number of women working with sewing machines. He asks about Nirupa Roy. Ishaani hears his voice from inside, and goes to see who is it; seeing RV coming inside she is worried and looks around the office for some place to hide. He keeps on observing the work if ladies. Ishaani shuts the lights of the office disconnected, RV can only see her shadow in black standing in front of the window. RV says Nirupa ji, I was trying to talk to you as I wanted to say something important. Tears fell of Ishaani’s eyes, she doesn’t respond to him. RV says may be she didn’t recognize him, he is the one who talked to her in the restaurant that day when she had locked herself in the washroom. He came here to give a few orders of his

company, he appreciaties their job. He says when there isn’t any hope in your life and you give others the hope to be someone, it is really commendable. He asks why she isn’t saying anything. Ishaani begins to cry, RV says I am really sorry if I hurt you with anything. He says he can understand her pain because someone his very own had to go through this, she also had to go to jail. He says that her attempts for others to are worth appreciating because one can suffer own pains but understanding the pains of others can only be done by one who lives for others. He says he thinks he came on a wrong time, he wanted to work with their NGO and support them because he likes their thinking as well. She must not get hopeless, many people are associated with her. There must be a time the reason of life was the once who she lived with, but now she must make those the reason to life for whom she is everything. He leaves, Ishaani comes behind him to the door and cries. She thinks he was the reason of her life, and her death as well. She couldn’t say this to you, but she wishes she could tell him how much she loves him, but she won’t even now because he is married now. She wipes her tears.
Ritika was at the police station and asks the lady inspector if Ishaani is really free and has been forgiven. She tells the inspector upon query, that Ishaani is really a close friend and she felt really happy hearing that she is free but she didn’t come to meet them so she thought about confirming. The lady inspector tells Ritika this is true, she has left the jail. RItika asks if she can tell her where she can meet her. The lady inspector says they don’t know anything about where she is, she can just tell her that she spent 6 months as if it were 6 years. She was happy when she knew she and no one else will be punished, she wanted to meet her family and everyone she loved. The lady inspector says she is shocked why she didn’t meet anyone. Ritika leaves thinking if Ishaani is alive, why she didn’t meet RV. She thinks she must tell RV about it and her family too, in case she didn’t meet them.
RV was driving at night, thinking about Ishaani. He thinks that he can understand Nirupa’s condition, maybe she had also loved someone and might not be able to forget him; like he isn’t able to forget Ishaani who isn’t even in this world. On her way back, Ritika thought should she tell RV if Ishaani is alive or not.
Derwash tells the family he wants to marry as soon as possible. Baa asks if he has gone crazy, his sister just left the house. Derwash asks why he should care about others, when Disha didn’t think about them. She went on to make her life, why should he bother then. He isn’t going to sell the respect of the family as Disha did, he wants to marry with all of their consent. He says he won’t ruin his life because of those sisters. One wanted to run with Chiraag and other has run with an unknown person, one let them all down and one left them black-faced. He has decided that he will marry Krishna soon, Falguni tries to speak but Chaitali stops her and asks her not to say anything. She asks Baa what is wrong if Dewarsh wants to marry soon, RV has stopped sending money at home now Dewarsh will have to take care of expenses. If Krisha helps her this way, what is going to be wrong. Baa was silent, Chaitali says she is a daughter of rich family and will even be lucky. She tries to convince Baa that they can’t cry over whoever has left, they must be happy about the one who is about to come. She tells Falguni that the way she has forgotten Ishaani she will also forget Disha soon, she was like this; she brought someone else’s house to home and when Manas held her hand she left both here. She says when daughters get characterless, one must be happy they have left. Manas was hearing this all, and stops Chaitali saying he won’t hear anything about his wife and goes inside. Derwash says Krisha is a lottery ticket, he has to cash it. Shekhar gives his life for his sister, will give her money as well. He says if they want to come out of this life of poverty, they must keep their dresses ready for Roka.
Shekhar’s father scolds him for going to Dewarsh’s house. Shekhar says he never takes permissions when he likes something. The dad says he could atleast tell them, will he take Krisha’s life decision as well now. This isn’t courtroom where he will argue and prove good as bad and bad as good. This is my house, Krisha my daughter, I am responsible for her. Shekhar shouts that I am her elder brother, I has the responsibility of taking care of all her demands, he says he doesn’t like Dewarsh but went to talk about her wedding just because of her. The dad says it is done by elders, parents go for proposals. They must be thinking that the elder brother has come for proposal, the girl must not have a father. Shekhar shouts that he isn’t anyone’s father, he is only Kris’s biological dad, he doesn’t know what it is being a father. And I myself have only a mother, and a sister. Kanchal was silent in all this. Her husband asks her to see what he is saying. Ishaani comes home. Shekhar’s dad was hurt and says he hasn’t done anything for anyone, he is nothing. He asks Shekhar that if he has done so much, he must do the Kaniadaan as well and tell the world that he has died. Kanchal asks him to stop it, he knows how Shekhar is. She scolds Shekhar if he cares for his mother, doesn’t he think how would she feel about it. His father says he just cares about himself. Shekhar says he only feels wrong what is right in my opinion. His father says he has a problem with his attitude, Shekhar says I have a problem with your arrogance. He shouts he wishes he could change his past. Kanchal tells him to stop it, Shekhar tells Kanchal he doesn’t want to say anything, he has talked about Roka and his decision is final. His dad calls he doesn’t accept his decision, but Shekhar runs into his room. Kanchal asks her husband to be quiet for her atleast. He says he has been quiet for her for his lifetime, but now he will have to speak else he would be more misbehaving. Ishaani watches him leave the hall as well.
Ishaani comes to Kanchal sitting on the bed in her room. She wipes her tears seeing Ishaani arrive. Ishaani says she knows that Shekhar shouldn’t have spoken to his papa like this and when sons grow up they argue with their fathers but he speaks to him really badly. Why she doesn’t scold Shekhar. Kanchal says she tried her best to solve the problems among them, Ishaani asks what is such a problem. Kanchal says Mr. Mehra isn’t Shekhar’s father, her first husband was Shekhar’s father and suicide years ago. Shekhar’s words on beach echo in Ishaani’s mind. Ishaani thinks it means Shekhar was right about her dad. Kanchal tells Ishaani that he was going through a huge business loss and thought he won’t be able to get through these losses. Shekhar was five years ago, when his father suicide in front of him. She remarried, Shekhar didn’t like her but she was ill so she accepted her but not her husband. She says her smiling son has such a pain which he can never forget. Ishaani hugs the crying Kanchal, she says she will talk to Shekhar, she can’t promise but will try that everything gets better between them both.
Shekhar stood on the wall, Ishaani comes looking for him and drags him down. They roll on the garden glass, lie one above the other looking into each others eyes. The hotel’s view go through his mind.

PRECAP: Shekhar mocks Ishaani’s cooked food, she laughs. He says she looks beautiful when smiling.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good. OMG today also ranveer didn’t know it is ishaani.. please make them meet.dont drag much.shekhar fell in love with ishaani as expected. Waiting for a good episode.

  2. what the hell is this … please update this asap ,, today u people uploaded so late , i was waiting from so long ..

  3. What song played at last part in ishaani shekhar scene.some one please tell?

    1. dhokha dhadi from r rajkumar…..

      1. Thank you..

  4. mothing new

  5. dragging n dragging

  6. now the show going a wrong track and continuously so boring don’t drag it plz meet them after then u going to your choice

  7. what d hell is going on…??? now its really going through a wrong track…1st of all ders a big misunderstanding btwn rv nd ishaani…nw shikar falling for ishaani…i mean wat is dis dat dey r tryibg to convey to d viewers wit dis type of crap story line…!!!!

  8. today episode good…… i like rv so much……

  9. rv yepo ishaani ya meet panuvan……plssssss dnt drag too much its get iritating. rv plssss sekarama ishani ya meet panu plssssss

  10. check out the new promo…..ritika comes to know that ishani has been released from jail after meeting jailer didi…….when rv comes back home, she tells there is something which can change their life….he asks what……she was about to tell something…..
    now the point is will ritika really tell the truth to rv?????

    1. No she won’t tel….shez goin to tel abt ishani….bt thn shez realisin tat evn she luvs RV….so shez gonna stop thr oly…. 🙂

    2. when she is about to tell she gets labour pain.

  11. Nw a dyz I juz luv to watch shekhar n Ishani….♥♥oly their part ws interestin n watchable♥both lookin stunnin together♥

    Bt i thnk nw d script writer hmself may b confused abt nxt track n lso revealin d past mistrys…lol 🙂 while watchin d shw it looks lyk tat 🙂

    1. the writers have already added so many new twists and tales that they do not how to make the story back to track… is irritating to see ritika with rv but it is fault of rv that he is giving so much space to her:@ ……..scenes of shikhar and ishani are really nice 🙂 🙂 ……its nice to see her smile …….maybe in the upcoming episodes she will try to be close with shikhar so that rv never returns back to her coz she has always tried to give happiness to rv whether in return she gets sadness……

  12. wTF
    if u don’t have a story right now.don’t anything arbit.just stopthe serial.this is disgusting

  13. abe idiot story writer tera wife tere pich roegi to tere ko pata nahi chalega uska awaz se wo tera wife hai
    tu itna gadha n bewkoof hai kamina sala ,itna to koi bhi nahi khichta yaar
    dikhana hai to acha kuch dikha nahi to band kar ye f**king drama dimag garam ho raha hai.feeling like why i started watching dis serial??????u people just made me crazy u idiots

  14. This serial is just dragging an draggin it’s really annoying nd wenever I watch it I always hope that ishani n ranveer meet but it’s just never happen it’s draggin to much wen will they meet each other and when will ranveer find out that ishaani is alive it’s just too slow nd it’s boring whenever ranveer is near ishani he never sees her face I just hope that they meet !!!!!! now shikhar has started falls in love with ishani wat the hell!!!!!!!!! It’s just draggin !!!! Plz writer just make ishveer meet somehow ……. Rithika has come to know that ishaani alive but I bet the b*t*h won’t tell ranveer…….. I hate shikhar and ishani scenes errrrr it’s not right it’s only meant to be ranveer and ishaani scenes not that blo*dy shikar or rithika in between ishveers love …….. I only watch this for ishveer and now I can’t take it anymore it’s getting boring and boring … Day by day if will only start gettin interesting wen ranveer finds out that ishaani is alive so stop dragging its sooooo annoying and now it’s makin me upset …….. I really hope that ishaani finds out that ranveer and rithika are not really marrried ….. I really hate that a ba she wants rithika and ranveer to get married like what the hell !!!! I just hate that am a like soooo much … Nd rithika plzz tell ranveer that ishaani alive don’t be sad

  15. Borin episode suckers and hu ever like shikar and ishani scenes are just wrird

  16. Shekhar n ishani scene was good.,.

  17. Why every one is very upset ? It is just a serial , not real life!!!!
    Our writer has gone nuts how on earth any one don’t recognize when thier love cry in front of them? Let alone so called RV ‘s one sided love !!! How pathetic they are portraying RV and Ritika found out about Ishani’s truth with one single jail visit. They are making a twist just for the sake of a twist. Durin g this process they murdered RV’s character completely. It is like Ishani got death sentence and RV really died. The essence of Ranveer is completely gone.
    It is really very foolish of the writer.
    The main story is on Ishveer so they may come back together again , but RV must pay the price for sleeping and sharing Ishani’s bed and things with another woman.he must repent at least now after the hate track he didn’t even regret properly so smart of RV.
    I hope that Amba won’t try to kill Ishani to clear way for Ritika in Ranveers life.
    I would like to see a bit of romance between Shekhar and Ishani so that RV will be jealous !!!!
    He will try to win his girl back.
    Who killed Chirag? It look like Ritika didn’t do it , I think this crazy cv trying to fool us by leaking the on location video . Why there is no punishment for Amba maid ? Only parekh family must suffer!!!
    I am happy Ishani started to laugh after how many days she looks happy. See that is why I like him to be around her.Shekhar reads her mind & understand her better than any one else.
    I wish that RV looked in to his Ishani’s life deeper enough he could have found the truth.
    The love , pain,agony& sacrifice every thing was there in her eyes he never got it because of his own fault .
    My point of view I want Ishani to be happy with Ranveer she only cried now with Shekhar she is laughing now that is my main concern, let the story continue.
    See how much more the writer & Ektaa can insult our social norms and culture !!!!
    See how many more illicit affair , unwanted pregnancies, live in relation ship while wife is alive & moms blessing son to sleep with an adulterous woman will be thrown at us .
    OMG my only mistake was first time I got hooked in to one Indian soap opera!!!!!

    1. i know it is not real life but just another tv show.this is the first time i have been closely attached with the show.i have been following this serial since its first episode but the serial is losing all its high points. i like when shikhar is with ishani, at least she smiles. she overcomes her suffering and gets new life. why ranveer is not concerned with ishani when he always says that his asshiqui cant die ever……..its simply bakwaas……..the impracticality of the show has already gone much far. can they not show some real sense in it???? …
      why is ishani and her family have to suffer when the mistake is on the other side??? nowadays i m confused what acually is ritika showing…….she has grown a lust for ranveer but maybe she is not behind other things…….the kind of ranveer they are showing these days: i have a doubt whether he will simply desert ritika and come back with ishani…
      whatever be it, just let everyone be happy………..ishveer fans are waiting eagerly……

  18. Ishveer :-) :-) :-)

    Guys pls explain me wen ri came to know about ishani is alive or not… which day episode…

  19. Not this epi… wen rithika got an idea??

  20. Cvs are dragging the story.i can’t tolerate Ritika Ranveer scenes.if they don’t want to show Ishani Ranveer Aashiqui then stop the serial or Ishani Shekhar wedding.ranveer is already happy with Ritika.

  21. today also ishaani didnt see rv, i really so sad of her.enama ishaani ipd panringle ma. And ishkar scene really nice, in precap he tells her to look beautiful when smiling…., wow very nice,

    1. Hi Arora ninga Enna panringa?

      1. studying…….. Anu

      2. hey anu ungalku final year ah, farewell lam mudinjircha? Semester holiday vitutangla?

  22. Viewers in the upcoming track will witness a hit and miss scene between Ishani and her family members.

    Source says, “Soon there will be a Roka ceremony of Krishna and Devarsh on the show which will held at Shekhar’s house. The entire Parekh family, Vaghela family and Mehta family will come together for the Roka ceremony function. There will be a dance sequence where Shikhar will be seen dancing on the foot tapping song Bachna AE Haseeno. There will also a couple dance of Ritika (Smriti Khanna) and RV (Shakti Arora) and then there will be lots of hit and miss between families and Ishaani. Ishaani, will try all possible ways to hide herself from everyone but her mother Falguni (Gauri Pradhan) will spot her.”

    Hide n seek game 🙂

    1. oh thank god, at least someone came to know….otherwise it is always go like hide and seek….everyone will come to know but not ranveer and even if he comes close he will not sense her………hah!!!!

  23. What madness yaar

  24. Oh that’s great Shazna,, atleast falguni must come to know that Ishani is alive,,,
    It’s too much dragging,, and we are committed,, so lets see how far it’s taking us,,,

  25. this is stupid serial i have never seen in this world

  26. All Indian serials are supposed to be stupid . My bad luck I thought it is a love story so started watching now I can’t stop it . Now it like an addiction if I want to also I can’t stop it.
    See how it goes !!!!!!!
    Atlast Ishani started laughing , so glycerine use is reduced . Shekhar brought some fresh air to this mad crying saga.
    A difference here is crying and some one cupping his face. OMG show some thing logical at least for a short while

  27. I mean hero also crying usually it is heroine right?

  28. I agree with ur point rosh…im also want to see romance between shikar and ishaani…this will be rv jealous

  29. every one is upset because rv and ishani is not met them together. please meet them. they are loves each other. Ishani is good and skilled persons. She loves RV very much . its our Humble request please Ishani and Rv ko alag math na ka ro

  30. Friends in todays episode rithika will ask ranveer that what will he do if ishani was alive he will say i will never let her go out of my life again when she about to say that ishani is alive she will havr labour pains

  31. I think ishani and rv must meet and sooner. Pleasure in watching is when they meet and stay together. Rest is crap. I enjoy when both are together and their romantic moments

  32. rithika please tell to rv ishani is alive

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