Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 3


Hii its me komal i am here with my 3rd episode plz plz plz read and comment am really sorry guyys its sambhav not ankit

Nnext morning Yuvaraj wakes up… He notices Suhaani sleeping… He admires her innocence and smiles at her…

All of a sudden he remembers yesterday’s incident… He says ” I wont leave them… They cant run away from Yuvaraj Birla after behaving badly with his wife…”

He gets ready and Suhaani is still sleeping…

He comes out of the roon finding everyone gathered in hall…

He goes to Pratima and says “Ma!!!! I need to go out for an important thing.. Take care of Suhaani.. Dont leave her alone…”

He leaves and Sharad goes to him and calls out “Guruu… Wait…”

Yuvaraj stops and turns to him.. Sharad says “Guru.. Where are you going???”
Yuvaraj says “I need to meet sambhavright now…” Sharad notices that Yuvaraj eyes are full of anger… So he accompany him

Both meet sambhav in his house… sambhav greets them and ask about Suhaani…

Yuvaraj says “She is fyn… I came here to thank you for saving Suhaani… Thanks sambhav..”

Sanbhav says “Its okay Yuvaraj.. Suhaani is my best friend…”

Yuvaraj ask sambhav “Do you remember anyone’s face who tried to misbehave with Suhaani??”

Smbhav and Sharad notices the anger and hurt in his voice and eyes…

Sambhav says “I didnt see anyone’s face.. Before reaching them they left…”

Yuvaraj says “I cant leave them.. I need to teach them a lesson… How dare they?? Suhaani she is my wife… Mrs.Yuvaraj Birla.. How can they touch her?? How can they talk rubbish to her?? I wont leave them!!!”

Sambhav and Sharad tries to calm him… sharad says “Guru.. How can we find them!!! This all happened in the theatre!!!”

Sharad gets an idea… He says “Guru.. In theatre… Lets see the cctv footage…”

All the three reach the theatre and watches the cctv with the police… And they find them..

The footage have the incident happened near the restroom… Yuvaraj , Shard and sambhav turned red finding Suhaani scared because of those idiots…

With the help of police they reach the place of those idiots…

After seeing them Yuvaraj cant able to control his anger.. He goes to him and starts to beat them hard… Sharad and sambhav start to beat all of them…

Police tries to stop them… Police takes them away.. But Yuvaraj insist police to allow him to take these with him for an hour…

Yuvaraj reaches Birla’s home with these people.. Suhaani is in her room remembering about yesterday’s night.. Pratima is consoling her…

Yuvaraj enetrs the hall and calls out for “Suhaani…”

Pratima brings Suhaani to hall… She is shocked to see those guys with Yuvaraj…

She gets afraid… Yuvaraj goes near her and holds her hand tight…

Yuvaraj takes Suhaani near them… She remembers that incident and sweats a lot… Yuvaraj notices that and calms her…

Saurabh and Anuj ask Yuvaraj “Who are they??”

Yuvaraj says “These are the idiots whose tried to misbaheva with Suhaani yesterday” with an anger tone…

Saurabh and Anuj beats them and says “How dare you touch Suhaani??? She is Birla’s house bahu!!! Our sister…”

Yuvaraj says “Suhaani.. Dont get afraid.. We all are with you.. I brought them here as you need to forget about those incidents… You shouldnt be weak seeing them.. Be brave.. They need to learn how to behave to women.. Teach them a lesson..”

Hearing those words Suhaani walked towards those guys and gives a tight slap on a guy’s face… Yuvaraj smiles…

Suhaani says “Dont ever try to misbehave with any women…  You know what is girl ??? She is not just a piece of flesh… She is the one who gave you birth with all struggling as Mother(looks at Pratima)… She is the one who encourage you all time as Sister(look at Sharad,Saurabh and Anuj and Ramesh too)… She is the one who stands by your side always as Friend (looks at sambhav)”

“She is the one who leaves her parents, her likes and forms a new family with her laws jus because of the love she have in her husband as  Wife (looks at Yuvaraj with tears)”

Everyone have tears in their eyes except the evils of Birla… Dadi says “Hey ladki… First of all a girl needs to be prettier in her face.. Not like you” and smirks..

Yuvaraj says “No dadi.. A girl can be preetier to see but doesnot know the value of relationship(looks at Sowmya)”

He says “A girl with pure heart knows the value of love , trust , relationship.. Pure heart is enough.. She is the most prettiest women in the world.. Like my Ma and..{looks at Suhaani) .. My wife..”

To be continued Soon…

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