Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) special episode 16


Hii i am komal i am here with my 16 episode its shory episode i am sorry tomorrow kalso i will update i will noy be late lets start

After few weeks Suhaani was feeling better.. Yuvaraj was with her always and took care of her… There were some intense eyelocks and some cute scenes.. 😛

Suhaani was feeling happy that todday she is going to go back to her house,, Birla house… Yuvaraj completed the discharge formalities and came to her room…

He notices her happy face and feels happy s HIS SUHAANI is going to be back to his house.. No to our house…

He sits beside her and back hugs her… She is feeling to happy to be in his arms… 

They are brought back because of some sounds and notices all the family members present.. Both are surprised to see all of them in hospital..

Yuvaraj says “Why did you all come here?? I  said rite that I will bring Suhaani to our house.. Then wats the need to come???”

Dadi says “No Yuvaraj.. Suhaani cant come to Birla’s house…” Yuvaraj and Suhaani are shocked to hear it…

Yuvaraj says “What?? Dadi what are you saying???” and Pratima says “Beta.. Dadi is saying rite.. Suhaani cant come…” Yuvani are shattered to hear this from Pratima…

Yuvaraj and Suhaani says “Ma!! What are you saying???” Pankaj comes and says “Yes beta.. They are saying the truth.. You gonna come with me…” Shocking Yuvani..

Yuvaraj shouts “No!!! Suhaani wont go anywhere leaving me.. If it bothers you all we both will leave together…”

All the family members laugh seeing Yuvaraj’s anger… Both Suhaani and Yuvaraj are confused to see their families laughing…

Yuvaraj says “Arreyy!! Stop laughing.. Say wats happening here???”

Sowmya comes from behind and says “Let me say!!” She gives the both gift box and ask them to open it…

Suhaani and Yuvaraj are shocked to find their marriage dress in it and looks at the other confusionly…

Suhaani says “Our marriage dress?? But y??” Everyone laughs and says “Because after 2 days its going to your marriage…”

Yuvani says “Kya!!!!” in a shocked manner…

Suhaani says “But we are already married”… Dadi says “Yes beta.. We know but this time its going something different.. We all accepted yoy whole heartedly.. So we need to celebrate your return…” and smiles..

Suhaani and Yuvaraj too feels happy,, Yuvaraj ask in a sad tone “But y Suhaani going to her house??” Everyone laughs at hima nd teases him…

Pratima says “Yuvaraj, girl should enter her in-laws house after her marriage oly” and smiles..

Sowmya says “Suhaani today evening engagement.. tomorow mehendi.. after that Sangeet and finally your marriage…” and hugs Suhaani.. Suhaani blushes seeing Yuvaraj and Yuvaraj winks at her…

Both are happy for their marriage but they need to be separate for more two days.. So Suhaani went with her parents and Yuvaraj goes with his family half heartened…


Sharad notices Yuvaraj walking in his room with his phone in a tension face… Sharad ask “Arrey Guru.. What happened?? Y r u so tensed?? today its ur engagement…” 

Yuvaraj says “Ya i know.. But Ur bhabhi know she is not attending my calls”.. Sharad laughs and says “My Bhabhi.. Whom do u mean guru?? Rags bhabhi or menaka bhabhi.. I hve oly 2 bhabhi’s till now…” and laughs… Saurabh and Anuj enter the scene and tease Yuvaraj.. Yuvaraj smiles..

In Suhaani’s house she is getting ready for engagement and Rags, menaka and Sowmya helps her and teases her also… Both blushes and waits for their engagement…

And yuvani moments

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Credit to: komal

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Komal sis .. Ur really awesome.. I was eagerly waiting for your update… .. Luv it..
    Pls make next epi more lengthy..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sanaa i will try but if i post lengthy episode so it will finish in 2 episode so that’s why I am posting short episode i hope u understand

  2. Aqsxxh

    Stubby flawless I need as dictionary of new compliments! ?????

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks Aqsxxh my sweetheart

  3. Nithu


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      Thanks nithu

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      Thanks ruksy dear

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks my sis ci

  5. its is really awsome yaar…..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks darling

  6. Too cute.yuvraj taking care of suhani.ur writting in an amazing way

  7. Cutie cute episode

  8. Wow.. Lovely epi..

  9. Really really sweet epi Komal,,,,can’t make it through this post without smiling 😀

  10. Aww the episode was too cute Komal dear! ??

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks my dearest neethu

  11. Nice epi komal

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      Thanks dear sanaa

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