Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) special episode 15


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Recap : soumya saw suhani move her hand yuvraj continue saying suhani i love u and i need u
All are shocked to hear it… Yuvaraj opens his eyes realising what he heard now… Yes…its her voice.. 

All are surprised and shocked to hear this voice… Suhaani mutters “YUVARAJ” finally… Yuvaraj cant believe his ears… 

All rush towards Suhaani.. Yuvaraj holds her hand and says “Suhaani.. You called me rite?? Please open your eyes…”

All are surprised to see Suhaani’s eyelid moving.. All gets happy but suddenly Suhaani breathes heavily leaving everyone in shock…

Sharad rushes to doctor.. Yuvaraj keeps on saying “Suhaani.. Suhaani.. Nothing will happen.. Im there na!!!”

Doctors rush towards Suhaani and are shocked to see her breathing… They cant believe their eyes but they notice that she is not breathing normally…

Doctor says “She is not breathing properly.. We need to take care.. Please everyone leave now…” Everyone starts to leave and the doctor notised him.. Mr.Yuvaraj Birla.. Still holding his wife hands… So he walked towards him..

Doctor says “Mr.Yuvaraj.. Dont worry,, Everything will be fyn.. Please leave..” Yuvaraj doesnt want to leave her but the doctor insist him…

When Yuvaraj moves a little he notice that Suhaani has held his hand tight… He remembers the incident when Suhaani held his hand at first.. He thinks “No!! I wont leave her this time.. I will be with ther..” He begs literally to doctor to be with his wife and doctor agrees…

Yuvaraj is watching his wife treated by doctors and silently praying…

Outside everyone is praying for their Suhaani… Jus then doctors comes out.. Everyone rushes to him and ask about Suhaani…

Doctor says “Its a medical miracle.. She is out of danger.. Love and faith had brought her back.. She need to get conscious…”

All are happy to hear it… They all enter the ward and notices Yuvaraj holding Suhaani’s hand and crying…

Sharad goes to him and calls out “Guru..” Yuvaraj turns to him and hugs him and cries… He says “Sharad I said na!! My Suhaani wont leave me alone.. Look she is always with me.. She didnt go away… ” and cries…

Everyone gets tears… Sharad says “Haan Guru.. Your love brought Suhaani Bhabhi back… Im so happy guru…”

Pratima notices Suhaani opening her eyes and rushes to her… Pratima says “Suhaani beta… Your fyn right??” and cries… Suhaani smiles and nods to her…

She sees everyone and notices that their face… All crying with smile seeing her back… She sees her Sowmo and smiles.. Sowmya runs to her and hugs her.. Sowmya cries “Suhaani…Im so happy to see you back.. Thank god.. And Suhaani as you say always love and faith will break the death and it happened today.. Your love and faith with Yuvaraj and his love and faith towards you as brought yu back…”

Suhaani smiles at her but her eyes searches for him.. There he is… Yuvaraj Birla who was always seen happy or angry but now his eyes are red due to the tears.. His face looks so pale but that smile seeing her.. “He is so handsome” thought Suhaani…

Yuvaraj comes towards her and sits beside her… Both eyes are filled with happy tears now… He just want to hug her tight so tight and not let her go.. and she needs to be in his arms just his arms and not to go anywhere…

Both controls their emotion and smiles… Suhaani says “Got afraid ah??” Yuvaraj says “I was almost dead…” Suhaani wipes his tears and Yuvaraj says “I know that nothing will happen to you… You will be with me always because..” Suhaani says “because I LOVE YOU” and tears rolls down… Yuvaraj cups her face and kisses her forehead…

Yuvaraj says “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH… 🙂 ” All are happy to see this lovely couple and prays for their happy life… 🙂


Yuvaraj takes care of his wife… He is with her 24×7… All day and all time… He gives her medicine.. Feeds her food.. Makes her to walk… Makes to her to smile… Makes her to blush… Makes her to sleep..

(waiting for YUVANI moment rite?????)

In hospital Suhaani is thinking the moments with her YUVARAJ and smiles.. She notices bunch of roses near her bed… She thinks about Yuvaraj and slowly gets down from the bed…

She reaches the table and picks a rose and smiles…

When she turns her leg gets hit with the table and was about to fall down but suddenly someone holds her waist so tight… She opens her eyes and sees him… Her love.. Yuvaraj.. Holding her.. She smiles but he is so angry…

Suhaani thinks “Oh!!No!! My angry young man is back.. How should I convince him now???” and calls “Yuvarajj…”

Yuvaraj says “Chhuuppp!!!! What are you doing?? What would have happened if I didnt come here at right time..??? why did you get up?? Cant you wait for me?? Whats so urgent?? Haan???”

Suhaani makes her face like disappointed and show him the rose and says “Thought of giving this to you but…” Yuvaraj seeing her innocent face and the rose smiles… As he smiles Suhaani too smiles..

Yuvaraj makes her to sit down and sits beside her… She gives him the rose and smiles… Yuvaraj takes the rose and says “Y suddenly rose???” Suhaani says “There is no reason.. Wife can give anything to her husband whenever she wants…”

Yuvaraj says “Acha!!! Then husband also can give whatever he wants to his wife rite??” Suhaani says “Ah.. Yes.. what are you going to give??” Yuvaraj goes her and gives a kiss in her cheek making her to blush… 

Suhaani says “Yuvaraj.. This is hospital.. Dont forget it…” and blushes.. Yuvaraj says “Hospital.. but what can I do when my beautiful wife blushes like this.. I cant control myself” and winks at her…

Sharad who was standing at the door notices evrything and feels so haapy… he thinks “Oh God!! I was waiting for this day.. My Guru and My Suhaani bahbi should be happy like this always…” and leaves giving some privacy to them..

Suhaani smiles and Yuvaraj says “I will do anything for this smile Suhaani.. I want you to smile like this always… I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART..” Suhaani says “I LOVE YOU TOO MY DEAR ANGRY YOUNG MAN…”

Yuvaraj goes near her and kisses her lips and she too starts to respond it… They start kiss passionately forgetting about the place.. about their surroundings… They just need each other.. Their love.. 

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Ohhhhhhh god!!!!!! The last part… !! !! It was sooo hawwttttt….. I hv no words!!!!!!!! Pls give a very lengthy update in the next one…….. Komal sis u are mind blowing!!!!!! Hats offff to you….. Luv u nd ua ff…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks shilpa saraj luv u too and ur ff also its amazing

  2. Aqsxxh

    AMAZING! KOMAL I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Fantastic YuvAni moment! 😀 :heart_eyes:

    1. komal sontani

      Thanku Aqsxxh my januu my sweetheart

  3. Aqsxxh

    Eagerly waiting for next epi! 🙂 Love ur ff sooooo much 😀 ;p

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks my dear

  4. AMAZING komal

  5. Ruksy

    awsome carry on being amazing

  6. Nithu

    Grt superb no words dude

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu dear

    2. komal sontani

      Thanks my sweetypie ruksy

  7. komal mein ne kal thumse kuch naraz hui tho thum ne mujhe samja badale mein naaraz nahi hui.Isse patha chaltha are really expecting good and bad from us.Us hak se thum se kuch kahana chahathi ho.Nahi kuch mangana chahathi ho.Mein do chaar ff mein ek plot jo mein dekhna chahathi ho eo bathaya.Bt they didn’t even give me any reply.I dont want the same.plz give me answer.If can or not.
    plot is I want to see suhani become pregnant and yuvi tc of. well.Hamesha bache ke or suhani ke bare mein sochtha hum.Kuch prblm.And su giving birth to them.At that time yuvi ki tension.They tc of baby.Yuvi office jaathe hai beech mein problem company mein ya phir ghar mein.Phir bhi they tc ofvery well.They togher look after their baby.Yuvraj. is doing shopping fir them.jise wo suhani ko pyar kartha hai use bhi zyada pagal hein apne bacho mein.kyuki wo suhani ki parchai hei. uske liye.plz write something.

    1. komal sontani

      I will write it in my new ff surely icwill do and its my promise this ff is going to be end in 1 week or 2 weej

  8. Ye aaj mujhe bolne keliye sach mein koi words nahi yaar.Thumare bare mein bolu ya thumahari kahani ki.patha naahi yaar.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanls ci for loving my ff

  9. superb komal …

    1. komal sontani

      THANKS ash

  10. Oh god its fab.. Luv u.. And ur ff as well..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks farhat love u too muahhhhj

  11. Woow,,,,,,superb komal,,,,,U said that Suhani will die and I was lyk “Oh no,,,” bt I’m really happy that u brought this twist………..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks roz actually i dont want to tell anyone that its a twist bt ci so angry so i tell her anyway thanks for compliment

  12. That’s what I call a super se upar epi. Amazing epi, and pls continue komal dear…..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sanaa and comments more and keep reading !!

  13. Its Very Nice Komal I Lv U Yaar

    1. komal sontani

      Love u too dear deewani

  14. Excellent episode!? U just nailed it komal!
    Loving your ff to the Core!???

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