Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) special episode 14

Hii this isme komal first of all i am really sorry ifvu all are hurt by my ff or my words it is a special episode for ci plz plz plz sopport me whatever you want u all get that lets start

Yuvaraj notices that diya was going to off so he runs and protects it.. The doctors comes out… All reach them.. Yuvaraj ask them about Suhaani.. All are eagerly waiting for the response..

The doctors says “We are so sorry… Patient is so critical… Its hard to save her… She has only few minutes left.. Its better you all go and see her…”

All are shattered to hear those words.. Yuvaraj is dumbstruck.. He turns and sees the diya is off… He doesnt know how to react.. All the members cries hard and harder… All start to enter the ICU.. There they find the innocent girl…

She is been operated with various machines.. She is feeling hard to breathe.. She smiles when she sees everyone.. The same cute innocent smile.. Suhaani’s smile… All remember their moments with this innocent girl…

They doesnt know whether to cry or speakk with her… She smiles seeing everyone… First Pratima sits beside her and speaks. and then followed by Dadi , Rags , Menaka , Saurabh , Anuj , Krishna , Her dad , her mom , Her Sowmo and then now her eyes are searching for him… The one she loves more and more.. The one she admires.. Her young angry man..

She notices him near the entry.. She calls him.. He walks towards her… They both remember the moments together.. All the memories flashes…

Both the eyes are filled with tears… He sits beside her.. She notices his tears and he too.. Both wipes the other one’s tears… Suhaani smiles and says “Yuva.. Yuvaraj.. I feel like i spoke with you a;; the things.. Havent i??”

Yuvaraj says “Yes.. You spoke with me.. But nothing will happen like that.. You are Mrs.Yuvaraj.. Nothing will happen.. You get it??” Suhaani smiles…

Yuvaraj holds her hands and Suhaani says “Yuvaraj.. I love you..” and tears falls down..

Yuvaraj says “I love yoy too.. You will be always with me.. I wont let you go anywhere.. I will hold this hand forever.. Dont go… please.. dont go leaving me alone… Please Suhaani.. I cant live without you” and cries harder… All members cries seeing this..

Suhaani liftes her hand to wipe his tears but her hand falls down in midway and the ECG machine doesnt show any heart beat.. Jus a blank line…

All are shocked… Yuvaraj Shouts “SUHAANI!!!!!”
Yuvaraj is shocked to see Suhaani’s hand just dropped off… His heart stops… He doesnt know how to react for it…

All the family are hell shocked to see their Suhaani NO MORE… None cant digest it… Tears are flowig from everyone’s eyes…

Pankaj and his wife as lost their lovable daughter.. who was always smiling at them.. They remember the moments with their beautiful daughter and is heart broken to see that she is NO MORE…

Pratima feels dizzy because her bahu whom she considered as her daughter Suhaani is NO MORE…

Sharad eyes are full of tears his bhabhi His SUHAANI BHABHI who used to treat him like her brother is NO MORE…

Rags and Menaka hugged their their partners Saurabh and Anuj tightly.. All the eyes remembers the moments with Suhaani and then sees Suhaani lying in bed NO MORE…

Dadi felt guilty and pain because when she started to like Suhaani this god have taken from her and tears rolled for her eyes because Suhaani is NO MORE…

Two persons are in shock… Sowmya and Yuvaraj.. They have lost their soul… SUHAANI.. Who ment everything to them…

Sowmya remebers all the moments with Suhaani and the way she plotted against her and how she hurt her.. the way Suhaani supported her always… Her Suhaani… She knows that she is responsible for Suhaani’s life…

She remebers car hitting Suhaani.. Her smile.. the way she calls her “SOWMO…” tears started to roll from her eyes…

she started to burst it out.. Sowmya shouted “Suhaani.. Suhaani.. Dont leave me.. Please.. Im so sorry… I was the one who done all mistakes.. Y did u take it.. You cant leave me.. Ur Sowmo is calling you Suhaani.. Please come back to me…” and cries harder..

Krishna comes and consoles Sowmya… Sharad notices his Guru… Yuvaraj Birla… Who is in shock… No tears.. didnt even blink his eyes… His eyes are just staring at his wife.. Sharad doesnt know how to console his guru and walks towards him…

Sharad keeps his hand in Yuvaraj shoulders and says “Guru.. Cry out… You cant be like this… Speak out.. Please guru..” and cries… Still no response…

Saurabh and Anuj comes to Yuvaraj and tries to make him cry out louder but still NO response…


All the memories start to flash.. Their first meeting when Suhaani’s dupatta falls on him… Their dance.. Their nok-dhok… Their marriage.. Her care.. Her smile.. Their eyelock.. Their kiss.. 

And then the accident scene… Suhaani shouts “Yuvaraj”… He closes his eyes tight… He doesnt want to remember it… Tears starts to flow down.. He cant control it…

He opens his eyes and sees HER… Suhaani.. His world lying in bed with no action… He starts “Suh… Suhaaa.. Suhaani…”

“Your playing with me right??Ahh??? Dont play… You know my anger rite??? Then how can you play this stupid games… Enough Suhaani.. Please enough.. Just open your eyes and see me… Please..”

“Suhaani do you think that i can live without you??? U know that i cant… Please open your eyes and see me once.. Just open your mouth and say Yuvaraj.. Please Suhaani… I cant see you like this… Suhaani your my life.. without you im just nothing.. Please.. Dont go away from me..”

“All needs you.. Dadi accepted you.. she understood you.. please come back (Dadi cries)… You know Rags and Menaka bhabhi likes you.. You always want that rite???(Both cries harder).. Suhaani what about ma??? She needs you.. please come back..(pratima too cries)…Saurabh and Anuj loves your dish.. They need u.. Please come back(Both cries)…and what about your P.A bhaiyya..He cant live without talking with you.. please come back(Sharad cries harder).. Suhaani see ur Sowmo.. She is with Krishna.. You always wanted that right?? Please come back(Sowmo and krishna cries)… Suhaani see ur papa and ma.. You never wanted them to cry rite?? they are crying because of you.. please come back..(they too cry)”

“And Suhaani jus look at me.. Your husband Yuvaraj.. The one who needs you always.. The one who cant live without you.. The one cant sleep without you.. The one who cant eat without you.. The one who cant breathe without you.. He needs you.. I need you.. Please come back” and falls on his knees and cries harder… None knows how to console him…

Sharad tries to console him and says “Guru.. Please control yourself.. Accept it that Suhaani bahbhi is no more.. i know how much u love her.. but please…” Yuvaraj’s mind strikes with the word “LOVE”

He remembers when SUHAANI says “Yuvaraj.. Just say i Love YOU and I NEED YOU.. i will wake up from death also…”

Yuvaraj goes near her.. everyone is watching him with tears.. he goes and holds her hand tight and says “SUHAANI I LOVE YOU AND I NEED YOU..”

everyone are shattered to see yuvaraj like this… they all know that Yuvaraj loves suhaani a lot.. Dadi and co with Sowmo understands his love but they feel its too late…

all are confused to see Yuvaraj uttering those lines continously… No gap.. againa nd again…


All of a sudden Sowmya notices a slight shake in Suhaani’s hand and looks suprised.. She shouts “Suhaaani.. I saw.. I saw.. her hands jus moved now…”

All are shocked to hear it but Yuvaraj continues “SUHAANI I LOVE YOU AND I NEED YOU…”

Sudden miracle… All are shocked to hear it… Yuvaraj opens his eyes because jus now Suhaani called out “YUVARAJ…”

To be continued soon ……
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  1. Wow awesome yr u r amazing writer plz update soon I can’t wait now ???

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks my dear anu

  2. best thing ive read

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks my januu ruksy

  3. Just amazing. I had tears in my eyes reading your fanfiction. Plz update soon can’t wait anymore ?

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks rani

  4. Shilpa-Saraj

    OMG… Its really awesome and heart touching.. Komal sis.. U r really awesome..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks shilpa sarj i am glad that u al like it l

  5. Yaa its really really awesm… i m still feeling emotional….
    Komal u r just superb writer…
    Great … i just love yuvAni .. and u r writing superb for dem…
    Waiting for next

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks anju

    2. komal sontani

      Thanks anju dear

  6. its really amzing and heart touching … waithing for next exi .

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      Thanks sri

  7. No words just hats off komal

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ayushi

  8. Ruksy

    amazing best thing and could you plz add a recap because im reading so many ffs about suhani and yuvraj and i keep getting mudled up

    1. komal sontani

      Ya sure now i will write recap also and thanks ruksy

  9. Nithu

    Lovd it

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu darling

  10. kudos to ur ff i cant control my tears.its amazing. please keep goimwg like this

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks radha and keep reading and keep commenting

  11. Tumne tho mujhe rula diya yaar.Jab suhani yuvraj se kaha whenever u need me say this”I Love u&need u”.aisa nolna.thab she will wake.Tab mujhe laga thum aisa koi situation mein ye dialogue dalogi.Par kal episode ke cmnt mein thumne kaha sorry guys suhani has to die in my ff.I was really sad and i cried becoz i love the character.So i told like that.par patha nahi thum is twist ko lana chahathi ho.Mera dimag kam hi nahi kiya.thumne sirf ye kaha suhani has to i misunderstood ur sentence.sorry for that.Thum real mein mujhe phir se rula diya komal.U r uding correct language/sentence to express pain.All ff i will read and imagine.But it is like happening in serial.u r sucessful in bringing tears in evry fan of ssel.Frankly speaking i was decided to stop reading this.

    1. komal sontani

      Thamks ci u made my day by ur comment

  12. wow nice epi komal….. it was very emotional and i cried all the way reading this epi. the descriptions seems so real that i feel that I m seeing this with my own eyes. You have a very bright future and can be a screen writer…. u put your whole heart to write this episode….bravo komal and i would like to give a hand of applause for u.

    1. komal sontani

      Thank you so much sanaa love u

  13. Wow…..this is an amazing ff….loved today’s epi komal

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear dear

  14. Waw…what an episode. Actually I’m a silent reader of ur ff…but today’s episode was so emotional and heart touching that I couldn’t stop myself from commenting.
    Really u r a fabulous writer and today’s episode brought tears in my eyes. I needn’t imagine it….it seems like happening before my eyes….just amazing and very emotional….. mind blowing episode…..
    Keep going like this….I love ur ff very much…..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks mukta i am glad that u commented and ttsm for loving it

  15. am drumstruck yarr… i ill give big hug fr u.. tq so much …

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  16. This is sooo gooood!!! I love it komal sis ❤️

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      Thanks Aqsxxh love u tooo…..

  17. Oh this is fantastic…. Waiting for next episode.. U Wrote the today’s episode very nicely..

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      Thanks farhat sweetheart

  18. THIS ONE IS JUST EPIC!!!! Komal dear, I don’t know how to express my views because just mere words cannot explain your talent! U are too awesome. It was much more than watching a serial on TV , the words u used to explain each of the character’s emotions is just incomparable! U are very very very very talented. I hope u would become a writer someday. And now I think my ff is just nothing compared to yours. Keep up the good work darling! Love u!!

    1. komal sontani

      Thank you so much neetu u made my day love u tooo ??????

  19. And one more thing u told me not to cry right? But I’m sorry I can’t stop being emotional after reading this..

    1. komal sontani

      Its ok u cried but next time dont cry not only u all of you 7 dont want anyone to cry love u guyyss

  20. This is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 loved it <3

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks roz

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