Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 9

Hii its me Komal I am here with me 9th episode I am Very happy lets start longggg update

Suhaani goes near ankit all are shocked she slaps sam and say i ….hate ….u … sam open her mouth to say something but she say just shut up and .. Get out of the house now…”

Sam says ” i Will go only with you…” Yuvaraj fumes in anger.. sam says “Suhaani I love you a lot.. Your someone special… I will take care of you.. Please come with me…”

Sowmya smiles and says “Suhaani.. See sam loves you a lot.. Betteer go with him??” All are shocked to hear this from Sowmya..

Yuvaraj shouts “Enough.. Suhaani is my wife.. She is Mrs. Yuvaraj Birla… And I love my wife a lot.. I know how to take care of her..”

Sharad and Pratima smiles as Yuvaraj confessed his love… Suhaani turns to Yuvaraj with teary eyes… Yuvaraj kneels before her…

He says “Suhaani… Me Yuvaraj loves Suhaani a lot.. I promise you that I will take care of you till our life time.. I LOVE YOU SUHAANI…”

Suhaani sits down infront him and wipes his tears and says “I LOVE YOU TOO…”

Both hug tigtly and BGM plays… Saware…

Sowmya says “Suhaani.. Dont trust Yuvaraj..” Suhaani and Yuvaraj looks at her shocked…

Suhaani says “What?? I trust him more than I trust myself…”

Sowmya says “No Suhaani.. Believe me.. You dont know what happened in your marriage…”

Sharad , Pratima , sam and Yuvaraj are shocked… Sharad says “Shut up Sowmya..” Suhaani stops him and ask “What happened Sowmya??”

Somya starts to narrate the entire story to Suhaani… Yuvaraj is scared that this will hurt Suhaani a lot… And so does for Pratima , Sharad and sam …

After hearing everything from Sowmya, Suhaani stands idle… She didnt even blink her eyes… She didnt cry too…

Yuvaraj gets tensed and calls out “Suhaani… Let me explain…” Suhaani just shows her hand to him and says “Please dont..

Yuvaraj is hurt.. Sowmya smiles seeing this… Sowmya continues adn says “Suhaani I know how much your hurt.. I thought of hiding this.. But Yuvaraj is again playing with your emotions.. Thats y i said the truth to you… You better leave Yuvaraj…”

Yuvaraj is shocked and stares at Sowmya.. He doesnt know whats in the mind of Suhaani… Suhaani speaks up..

She says “Ya your right Sowmya…” Yuvaraj, Pratima , Sharad and sam are shocked and the evils smiles…

Suhaani goes near Sowmya and says “But Sowmo… You didnt still complete the story???” Sowmya ask “What?? Nothing is more…”

Suhaani says “No Sowmya… There is some more story… Like Y did you come here?? Y did u proposed Yuvaraj?? Y did u blackmail him??? More there rite??” All are shocked…

Sowmya says “Wht?? I didnt blackmail him.. What are talking about??”  Suhaani says “Sorry Sowmo.. The news you said now is very old for me… I knew these already…” Again  shock for everyone..

Yuvaraj ask “What?? You know everything?? But how??”

Suhaani says ” On that day.. You , Ma and Sharad bhaiyya were dicussing about this.. And i heard everything…” Suhaani says “I ws hurt first.. Thought of leaving you all but I know that I didnt do any mistake then Y should I go.. The person who does the mistake should leave… Am i rite Sowmo??”

Sowmya doesnt know how to react.. Suhaani says “I know Yuvaraj didnt love me before but now he loves me a lot.. Im really happy for it… They didnt say to me this as they I will be hurt.. But Sowmo how can you hurt me??”

She says “We know this Birla house members for past some months.. But what about us?? I trusted you always Sowmo… I thought that your my sister.. I will give you whatever you want.. You could have asked me rite that you love Yuvaraj so that i will be leaving rite??” Yuvaraj is shocked and sowmya smiles… Yuvaraj says”Suhaani what are you saying??”

Suhaani says “I dint finish it still.. I would have gone before but not now.. I know that my husband loves me a lot and so does me.. So i wont leave him go… So its better if you lave the house now…”

Sowmya is shocked and Yuvaraj smiles…

Sowmya shouts “No.. I wont go.. I want Yuvaraj.. I want this house.. I want to be the bahu…” Suhaani says “No.. You wont get anything you asked for.. Its better if you leave now..”

Sowmya in anger says “If I didnt get what I want I wont leave you take it..” Saying this Sowmya grabs Suhaani’s neck and tries to kill her…

Everyone are shocked to see Sowmya hurting Suhaani.. All rushes to them to help out Suhaani.. Sowmya doesnt leave her neck… Suhaani is in pain..

Yuvaraj noticig Suhaani’s pain cant able to control his anger.. He pulls Sowmya away from Suhaani and gives her a tight slap shocking everyone…

Yuvaraj shouts “Dont dare to touch Suhaani.. I will kill you… Just leave from this home…” Sowmya runs to her room followed by the evils…

All leave tha place leaving Yuvani and Sharad-sam… Yuvaraj is still angry with sam but Sharad says about their plan to unite Yuvani.. They smile..

Suhaani and Yuvaraj ask sorry to sam……sam smiles and says “Today I dint do any drama…” Sharad is shocked and ask what does he mean..

Precap : suhani is hurt by knife by ……….

Question Time
So whom do u think suhani is hurt and for what reason ??

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  1. nice epi komal….. loved it very much. this should actually happen in the serial.Suhani is hurt by knife by her dear friend Somu . eagerly waiting for the next epi komal

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sanaa

  2. Aqsxxh

    I have no words… I really don’t its astonishing, Like wow! Eager for the next epi now! I think she will get stabbed by dadi or somu… or it could even be an accident by Yuv! Ah Komal, Suprise us 😉 I know u can do it sis x Ly
    ~Aqsaah x

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks Aqsxxh and plz tell me ur real name

    2. Komal my real name is Aqsaah ?

  3. Nithu

    Awsm..lovely pls update ua ff fast its…grt
    No words n i think….sowmya will hurt her with knife

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu and plz comment more

  4. so many surprises in single epicode.but,each and every surprise was nice and waiting for next surprise.hope it will also be like previous ones.

    1. komal sontani

      Ya there are a lot of yuvani moment ….

  5. komal thank u suhani has trusted yuvi… and one more yuvi proposing scene its amazing..
    i loved it …

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks for loving it ash

  6. Really loved this epi,,,,, 😀 so many beautiful twists in a single epi!!!

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks roz darling

  7. awesome episode….

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear Leonardo

  8. Resiel

    Really gud continue plzz

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks Resiel

  9. Oh lovely episode dear and waiting for the next episode

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks dear

  10. A wonderful episode with all kinds of emotions! I’m totally loving it Komal dear?

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sweetie pie neethu

  11. Superb epi komal and no guesses but waiting for the next part post it soon

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ayushi darling

  12. I wish there should be a video

  13. I wish there should be a videocan we found it somewhere

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