Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 7


Hii i am komal i am here with my 7th episode I want to request to gyyys you all are very bad guys just learn one thing old is gold the lovng runningff i telly update,com is love is the way its awesome as credit gose t nedtu first you all commented on that then now what happen its not fair bura lagta he yarr when is want go stop the ff y all said no and now u all are not giving comments and not reading if you dont want to read then why u ask him to not to stop sorry but it digusting !!plz undrstand guyys we also have feelings
After seeing yesterday’s episode Im in a good mood… So thought of updating the next chapter too…

Hope so you guys enjoy it… Thanks for the likes and comments…

So here is the next chapter… This chapter has more YUVANI moments.. Enjoy it…

In party… All the four enter the party hall… Suhaani and Sowmya notices their college mates and are happy to see them…

Soumya thinks “I was the queen of college.. Everyone will praise me… Yuvaraj will now know about me” and smiles…

Suhaani and Yuvaraj comes together holding the hands… All their college mates rush towards Suhaani leaving Soumya in shock..

Everyone starts to praise Suhaani and Yuvaraj’s pair… Sowmya hears comments like “Wow!! You both look hot together..” , “Cutest pair” , “Suhaani looking gorgeous” , “Your husband is handsome”…

Sowmya gets irritated as none recongines her… Suhaani and Yuvaraj feels embrassed as all are complimenting them… They both look at them and smiles… sambhav is happy to see them both…

All head towards the party.. Party starts and all start to enjoy…

Sambhav goes with his friends leaving Sowmya and Yuvani alone… All starts to dance… Sowmya ask “Yuvaraj Shall we dance”

Yuvaraj gives a cold look and says “No Im not feeling to dance now”

Just then sambhav comes and calls Suhaani for a dance… Suddenly Yuvaraj says “sambhav. You can take Sowmya with you.. She waa searching for a partner…”

Sowmya gets irritated… sambhav finds that Sowmya creating rift between them so he takes Sowmya with him…

Sowmya goes and dance but her eyes are seeing Yuvaraj…

Yuvaraj and Suhaani look at eachother and smiles… They feel embrassed… sambhav notices and thinks I need to make both of them dance.. So he plans..

He leaves Sowmya and goes here Yuvani… He ask them to join the dance but Yuvaraj refuses… sambhav takes Suhaani hand’s and says “Our friends insisting.. Come” He takes away her leaving a man to fume in anger…

Suhaani starts to dance with her friends.. Yuvaraj watches Suhaani who is dancing with her friends and smiles seeing her happy… he notices some guys watching Suhaani in a wrong way…

He gets up.. Sowmya comes to him and holds his hand… He just throws her hand down and goes near the dance floor…

He goes and holds Suhaani hands and pulls her towards him… They are very close to eachother… They both hve an eyelock… (BGM Saware plays)…

Sambhav gets happy to see them like that… Yuvaraj holds Suhaani’s waist in a hand and holds her tight hear his chest… Suhaani places her hands in his shoulder…

The song plays… Teri Galliyan…

They both start to dance… They dance so romantically… Yuvaraj pulls Suhaani near him… Their lips are inches apart… They have an intense eyelock…

When Yuvaraj goes near her lips they are brought out of their dreams as everyone claps for this hot couple… Sowmya is shockes to see Yuvani’s closeness and fumes in anger…

Yuvani are feeling shy as everyone says “Hottest couple in the party…”

Sowmya is fuming in anger and plans to make Yuvaraj jealous.. She finds some guys near the bar.. She goes and stand near them to make them tease her…

The guys notice Sowmya and when they are trying to get closer Suhaani arrives and says “Sowmo.. Where did you go?? I was searching for you??”

Sowmya gets irritated and scolds Suhaani and leaves the place… Suhaani gets worried for Sowmya… Suddenly she feels someone standing behind her and notices some guys..

They ask her “Helo madam.. Where is your husband..?? Will you dance oly with your husband ?? Shall we give company for you” Suhaani feels someone holding her arms tight…

She is glad to see yuvaraj who is staring at the guys… He says “Better go away.. Before I give tight punches on ur faces… Run away.. ”

The guys ran away.. Suhaani notices Yuvaraj in anger and holds his hand tight… Yuvaraj in anger tone says “Whats the problem for these guys??? Always after my wife.. I know your beautiful and gorgeous but how can they say… I have the right on you…”

Suhaani is shocked to hear those words from Yuvaraj Birla and blushes… Yuvaraj notices Suhaani blushing and remembers what he told now…

They both feel strange and smiles at eachother… sambhav calls Sharad and informs “Plan 2 successful”


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