Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 6

Hiii its me komal I am here with my 6th episode wow i have completed 5 episode its like i am in heaven lets start

Suhaani ask Yuvaraj “Have you loved anyone???”

Yuvaraj is shocked and tensed too… He doesnt know what to answer to Suhaani… Suhaani is eagerly waiting for the answer…

Yuvaraj decides to say the truth to Suhaani.. He says “Suhaani… Actually…” Suhaani says “No need to say anything Yuvaraj…”

Yuvaraj says “Why?? Let me say first..” Suhaani says “No need for any answer Yuvaraj.. Let the answer be yes or no.. I dont care about it…” Yuvaraj ask “Why?? ”

Suhaan says “Because I believe my husband… I dont bother about any girl who was your past… But I know that Im your present and will be your future.. So y should I care about your past!!!” and smiles…

Yuvaraj is stunned hearing Suhaani’s words… He doesnt know how to react for this… He felt so happy because his wife believes him a lot but hurt too as he lied to Suhaani about his past…

They both goes to the bed and sleeps…

Next day morning… Outside Birla house Sharad and sambhav discussing about their next plan…

Sambhav says “Actually Sharad Im feeling little scared…”

Sharad ask “Scared?? But why???”

Sambhav says says “Because of Yuvaraj…”  Sharad says “Because of Guru??? Y so??”

Sambhav says “Im making him more angry.. I dont know when he is gonna beat me!!!!” Sharad laughs and says “Get it sambhav..”

All are gathered in hall… Suhaani is serving everyone… Yuvaraj is using his mobile and slightly staring at his wife… Sowmya as always tries to sit closer with Yuvaraj…

Yuvaraj understands her plan and gets up from their and moves away.. But he stops when he hears sambhav voice… “Good morning everyone.. Good morning Suhaani…”

He turns back and sees sambhav smiling seeing Suhaani… Yuvaraj thinks “Ah!!! There he cames again to torture me… Y special morning to Suhaani alone… Stupid…”

Sambhav sits in sofa and Suhaani serves him tea… He ask her to sit besides her… Suhaani agrees and sits down… Yuvaraj’s anger fumes again… He straightly goes to that sofa and sits inbetween the both…

Sharad smiles… sambhav too… Yuvaraj sits closely with Suhaani making Sowmya fume in anger…

Sambhav says “Actually I came here to invite Suhaani and Sowmya for a birthday function!!” Menaka says “Is it your birthday??”

Suhaani says “No bhabhi.. His birthday comes after two months.. Am I rite sambhav??” Sambhav says “Your always right..” Yuvaraj fumes in anger…

Suhaani ask “Whose birthday??” Sambhav says “Our college mate Rahul.. He asked me to invite you both for his party…”

Sowmya suddenly says “Actually Ankit Im not well.. I have slight head ache.. You better take Suhaani alone with you..” Suhaani and Yuvaraj are shocked.. Yuvaraj thinks “But Y oly Suhaani?? I wont leave her..”

Suhaani says ” No sambhav… Im not coming…” Yuvaraj feels relieved and happy too.. Dadi says “Hey Ladki.. It will be good if you go with him… So go that party..” Suhaani agrees as Dadi said… All the evils smile…

sambhav and Sharad wonders Y still Yuvaraj didnt speak up… Yuvaraj says “Yes Suhaani.. As Dadi said you need to go…” Sharad and sambhav are shocked…

Yuvarj says “But not alone… I will come with you…” and smiles.. Suhaani also smiles… The evils get shocked… sambhav and Sharad smiles..

Sowmya says “sambhav.. I will also come to the party..” Sharad says “But Sowmya You said that your not well..” Dadi supports Sowmya.. So evening the party will be attended by Suhaani-Yuvaraj , Snaky and sambhav…


Suhaani and Yuvaraj are getting ready for the party… Yuvaraj is not interested to attend the party but he cant leave his wife with that sambhav… So gets ready.. He finds Suhaani and is stunned looking at her..

She was wearing a black saree with red border… She left her hair loose.. She was stunning.. No make up.. Yuvaraj thinks “OMG!!!! She is looking gorgeous…” Suhaani is feeling shy as Yuvaraj keeps staring at her..

Yuvaraj is wearing a black and red suit… He is damn hot… They both look at eachother and have an intimate eyelock…

They are disturbed by Sharad who knocks the door saying sambhav and Sowmya are waiting…

Here in hall Sowmya is wearing a blue dress to attract Yuvaraj..sambhav in black suit…

All are stunned to see YUVANI… They look so hot and cute together.. Pratima blesses them.. Sharad , Ankit , Saurabh and Anuj adore the pair…

The evils of Birla are fuming in anger… sambhav comes and says “Suhaani your looking great…”  And Suhaani says “Thanks sambhav.. Your looking handsome”.. Yuvaraj feels like giving a tiht slap to sambhav but he controls…

Sowmya tries to make Yuvaraj notice her beauty.. But Yuvaraj didnt instead he was adoring his wife’s beauty…

So the four goes to attend the party…

Precap : some goons are teasing suhani





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    Yuvi’s insecurity.. I love it!!

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  5. Nice one komal.. 🙂
    I loved that scene when yuvi sits in betwen suhani and sambhav .. ;-);-)
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    Amazing episode komal as usual! 😀

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    I love how realistic this is!:D

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    Lovely superb awsm….no words dear…its …u no i cant describe…its soo lovely

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  17. Hehe Komal U called Soumya ‘Snaky’,,,,,,,loved the way she is ignored by Yuvi

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  18. komal i luv u yar… wht we expect in onscreen ssel … u include all things in ur ff dr..
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