Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 5


Hii i am komal i am here with my 5th episode
Lets start
The evils of Birla’s house are planning to separate Suhaani and Yuvaraj…

Menaka says “Dadi… Yuvaraj bhaiyya started to care for Suhaani jiji..”

Rags says “Its not like that… If any girl was in that situation, Yuvaraj will react in the same way…”

Dadi says “I have a plan… Bringing Suhaani and sambhav together will make Yuvaraj feel that Suhaani loves sambhav.. So he will ask her to leave the home…”

Sowmya smiles and says “Yes Dadi.. Your right.. I will take care of it…”

In Dining Hall..

Sowmya invited sambhav for Dinner… sambhav is happy as he can suceed in his plan now…

Suhaani is serving food for everyone… sambhav says “Suhaani… Y dont you have food with me?? That is with us???” Yuvaraj gets angry…

Suhaani says “Its okay… I will have it later…” But sambhav holds her hand and says “Please Suhaani…” Yuvaraj is getting angry seeing sambhav holding Suhaani’s hand..

He says in an anger tone “Dont compel her… She will have when she wants…” Sharad smiles…

Suhaani says “Yes sambhav… You have first…”

Sowmya says “Suhaani.. Whats wrong with you… During college days you both will be having lunch together.. What happened to you now???”

Menaka says “Is it so jiji..?? So sambhav and Suhaani jiji were too close in college ah??” Yuvaraj is fuming in anger… Everyone notice Yuvaraj reaction except Suhaani and feels happy as their plan started to work…

Sowmya says “Ya menaka bhabhi… Actually in our college all thought that sambhav and Suhaani are lovers…” Yuvaraj is shocked and is unable to control his anger…

Suhaani says “Enough of your teasing… Me and sambhav are good friends…

Yuvaraj without completing his dinner leaves from their… Suhaani gets confused and walks towards him…

All others are smiling for the plan working correctly…

In Yuvani Room

Yuvaraj is thinking about the events happened in dining table… sambhav holding Suhaani’s hand… Sowmya saying Suhaani and sambhav having food together… And college thought that they are lovers…

He cant digest it… He is fuming in anger…

Suhaani comes to the room with food in her hand…

Suhaani says “Yuvaraj… What happened?? Y you didnt have your dinner?? Y are you angry ???”

Yuvaraj doesnt respond to her and he is still angry…

Suhaani places the food before him and says “Lets have food together…” and smiles..

Yuvaraj says “Im not feeling hungry…” Suhaani says “But Yuvaraj Im feeling hungry…”

Yuvaraj says “If your feeling hungry you have it.. And if you want any company you can all your dear friend!!!”

Suhaani says “Sowmo.. She had her dinner” Yuvaraj says “Im not talking about Sowmya…”

Suhaani says “Then whom your saying??” ย Yuvaraj in an anger and jealous tone says “That guy!!!”

Suhaani says “You mean sambhav???” Yuvaraj gets more angry when Suhaani says his name… Yuvaraj says “Ya that sambhav.. Your close buddy!!! You used to have food with him right?? So you can have it now also..”

Suhaani says “Yuvaraj.. What are you saying!?? Sambhav is my best friend and so in college I used to have food with him But now…”

Yuvaraj says “What but now???”

Suhaani says “But now Im having my hero angry young man!! So y should I have it with sambhav??” and winks at him…

Yuvaraj who was in anger seeing Suhaani smiles… He says “Okay.. Lets have dinner… Because me too feeling so hungry…”

Both laugh… sambhav and Sharad notices this near the door and says “Plan 1 is suceessful…”

They both leave leaving some privacy for Yuvani…

Yuvaraj is feeling relieved and happy too… Then Yuvaraj ask “Suhaani… Have you loved anyone???”

Suhaani is stunned to hear Yuvaraj’s question and with her heads down in sad face she nods “Yes..” Yuvaraj is shocked… He feels like someone pinched in his heart.. He never felt this pain before..ย 

Yuvaraj ask “Who is that???” Suhaani says “My first love… My crush.. The one whom I thought I need to hug.. To dance with him.. But its one side.. ” Yuvaraj thinks “Who is that?? She feels to hug him once.. How can she?? she can oly do this with me rite??”

Suhaani says “Yuvaraj.. You too know him..” Again another shock for him.. He says “What?? I know him?? Who is he??”ย 

Suhaani says “He is Amithabh Bhachan… ” and laughs.. Yuvaraj feels irritated and then smiles as he is relieved…

Suhaani says “I love Amithabh… I always loved him.. I thought I cant dance or hug him!!! But I can…” Yuvaraj says “How??” in a confuse tone..

Suhaani says “Because my husband Yuvaraj Birla is similar to Amithabh Bhachan.. So I can dance or hug him…”

Yuvaraj says “Is it so??? So Im your Amithabh Bhachan ah?? So you want to dance or hug me ah??” and winks at her…

Suhaani smiles and says “Ya my dear young angry man…” and keeps her hand in his shoulder…ย 

They both share an intimate eyelock… BGM plays…

Suhaani and Yuvaraj moves aways… They feel strange…

Suhaani ask “Yuvaraj.. Have you loved anyone else???”

Yuvaraj is shocked to hear this!!!!!!!!

Precap : yuvani confession

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