Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 4

Hii its me komalwith my 4th episode i am very happy but little bit unhappy also bcoz their is no comment of jenny i dont talk to her cati
Lets start

Police takes away those idiots to the station… Suhaani is relieved from that incident… 

She goes and hugs Pratima happily… Yuvaraj watches with a smile.. He thinks “Suhaani I was waiing for this smile…”

Sharad is noticing Yuvaraj reaction and thinks “Guru… Have you fallen for Suhaani Bhabhi???”

Sharad notices change in Yuvaraj face.. The smile turns down into anger …He thinks “Whts the reason for this anger.. Due to Sowmya ah??”

Sharad turns and sees Suhaani and sambhav’s side hug… sharad understands that Yuvaraj is getting jealous seeing Suhaani and sambhav together…

Yuvaraj seeing Suhaani and sambhav together gets angry and rushes to the room…

Suhaani notices Yuvaraj going in anger and follows him..

Sambhav doesnt understand anything.. He says “Y is Yuvaraj angry again??? I cant understand him!!!”

Sharad says “sambhav I know the answer for your question… Lets have coffee somewhere else..”

Sharad and sambhav leaves Birla’s home…

In YUVANI room

Yuvaraj is sitting in couch and thinking about Suhaani and sambhav.. He gets angry… He thinks “I hate that sambhav… I knw that he is Suhaani’s friend… But I feel like something… Does sambhav some feelings towards Suhaani ???  But he knows Suhaani is my wife… What if sambhav thinks like that Sowmya!!!”

He is so confused… Suhaani comes to the room and notices Yuvaraj being confused.. she thinks “Y his mind is confused… !!”

She goes to him and calls out “Yuvaraj…”  Yuvaraj notices Suhaani but doesnt respond anything…

Suhaani kneels before Yuvaraj and takes his hand… She says “Yuvaraj… Are you still thinking about yestrday’s incident… Dont… Im feeling much relieved… Because today i know that nothing will happen to me as Im wife of Yuvaraj Birla… ”

She says with tears in her eyes “Im feeling so protective and safe Yuvaraj… All because of you only… Thank you so much Yuvaraj… Yuvaraj you proved that your my hero angry young man…”

Yuvaraj wipes her tears and smiles…

She says “Yuvaraj… I feeling so happy today… I dont know what will happen in  my future.. Im really happy with my present… I wont feel sad if I die this moment alsoo…” Before completting her sentence Yuvaraj closes her mouth…

Yuvaraj says “No more words… You said rite im your hero.. This hero wil not allow anything to happen to you… Whatever hapens in future I will be always supporting and protecting you…”

They share an intimate eyelock…  BGM plays…

In a coffee Shop

Sharad and sambhav sit together… Sharad says about the marriage of Yuvaraj and Suhaani..

Sambhav is shocked to know it… He says “If Suhaani knows about it she wil die…”

Sharad says “Ya I know… Thats y me and Yuvaraj are trying our best to save Suhaani from Sowmya…”

sambhav says “Save Suhaani from Sowmya!!! Whats wrong with Sowmya!!!”

Sharad again narrates about Sowmya’s confession to Yuvaraj and she is blackmailing Yuvaraj…

Saambhav gets shocked to know the true face of Sowmya and says “How can she do this to her friend… Suhaani is so innocent…”

Sharad says “I know… The better way to get out Sowmya is to unite Yuvaraj and Suhaani bhabhi…”

Smbhav says “Ya your right.. But how?? Yuvaraj is getting angry with Suhaani always…”

Sharad says “Ya your right… But he have feelings for Bhabhi… You noticed his anger rite??”

Sambhav says “Ya… But Y he is getting angry with her for no reasons??”

Sharad smiles and says “Because of You…” sambhav is shocked and say “What!! Because of me?? I didnt do anything rite???”

Sharad says “The closeness of You and Suhaani bhabhi making Guru jealous” and smiles…

sambhav understands and says “Oh no!!! He cant misunderstand this.. I wil talk with him..”

Sharad says “Wait yaar… You need to help me to get Guru and Suhaani bhabhi together…” says “Ya sure… But first let me talk with Yuvaraj..

Sharad calms him and says “This jealous will make guru to confess his feelings to Suhaani bhabhi” and winks at sambhav..

Sharad discusses his plan with sambhav…

Sambhav says “Great plan yaar.. Lets execute it…”

Sharad and sambhav joins their hands and says “Lets make Yuvaraj and Suhaani as YUVANI <3 "

Precap :sharad and sambhav execute their plan

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    You keep doing u Komal! Its perfection! at least in here Sharad tells Sambhav! 😀 x

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