Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 20 *Last Episode*


Hiii guyyss its me komal and this is my last episode miss u all plz plz plz comment below luv u all lets start
Atlast YUVANI’s marriage was over with lots of enjoyment and joyness…  All the people were celebrating this day… Yuvaraj and Suhaani were the most happiest person in the world…

They got their life back… their loved one is with them now… always… forever…


Suhaani is sitting in the middle of the bed with her face closed with the duppatta… She remembers all the sweet and happy moments with her HUSBAND Yuvaraj…

She feels happy being loved by him unconditionally… Maybe the past was bitter but she know now that her present and future will be too good as her love her life her husband YUVARAJ BIRLA is there with her…

This maybe their second marriage but still she is feeling so nervous… Suddenly she hears the sound of the door being opened.. She knows it is HIM but she wasnt able to lift her face and see him… She hears the sound of the door being closed with the lock.. She hears the footsteps coming near her and she is feeling so nervous and she clenches her dress too tight…

Yuvaraj enters the room and finds its too romantic.. Full of roses and candles which gives sweet fragrance but then he saw her.. His love.. His life.. Hs Wife… SUHAANI YUVARAJ BIRLA… He was mesmerised by her beauty.. HE closed the door and walked slowly towards her.. He smiles as he see that His wife is feeling nervous and cletches her dress tight…

He goes and sits near her… He slowly lifts the duppatta for her face… Suhaani being shy wasnt able to see his face… Yuvaraj cant take his eyes from her… He slowly lifts her chin and makes her to see him…

Suhaani slowly opens her eyes and sees him… Their eyes are filled with…passion… Slowly Yuvaraj cups her face and looks straight into her eyes…

Yuvaraj kisses her forehead and Suhaani closes her eyes… Yuvaraj then kisses her closed eyes… Then he kisses her cheeks… Suhaani blushes and looks at him.. Yuvaraj then stares at her lips… His hormones urges him to capture her lips and taste it..

Suhaani feels Yuvaraj eyes on her lips and becomes shy… Before Yuvaraj can react Suhaani hugs him tight and rests her head in his chest…

Yuvaraj smiles and hugs her back tight… Both are feeling safe in their arms and feels happy…

Yuvaraj lifts Suhaani’s head and then touches her lips… Suhaani is feeling so nervous.. Both are breathing heavily… Yuvaraj cant wait anymore.. So he pulls her closely and capture her lips with his…

Yuvaraj feels like he is tasting some sweet thing and explore her mouth… Suhaani too responds to his kiss and pours out her love in that kiss… After few minutes they broke the kiss and looks at the other…

Yuvaraj slowly leans towards Suhaani and makes her to lie and he goes on top of her… He slowly removes the ornaments from her…Suhaani closes her face with her hands…

Yuvaraj smiles naughtly and lifts her hands and kisses her face fully… She clutches his shirt tightly and pulls him towards her…

Yuvaraj covers the both with duvet and THE LIGHT GOES OFFF…

(I Hope so you all know what would have been happened…)


Suhaani and Yuvaraj are sleeping in their bed holding together… Suhaani wakes up first and smiles at her husband who is sleeping by her side… Suhaani adores her handsome husband…

Suhaani thinks “Im so lucky to have you Yuvaraj… Thanks for loving me unconditionally!!!” and then she kisses her husband’s cheek…

Suddenly Yuvaraj pulls her towards him and capture her lips and kisses her… Suhaani was first shocked but then responds to the kiss… They broke the kiss.. Yuvaraj says “Suhaani.. I should thank you for loving me unconditionally always…”

Suhaani smiles and sees the time and shouts “Oh No!!!!!!” Yuvaraj ask “What happened??” Suhaani says “Look at the time.. Its already 7 past 10.. I should prepeare breakfast.. How did I sleep a long??”

Yuvaraj hugs her and says “Dont worry!!! Im wont need any food as my food is in my arms… ” and winks at her…

Suhaani dros her jaw down and blushes… She says “Yuvaraj.. Have some shame!!!” Yuvaraj says “Okay.. Dont blush.. Then I wont be able to control myself…”

Suhaani shakes her head and goes to washroom to get ready… 

After 10 minutes Suhaani comes out drying her hair… Yuvaraj cant able to take his eyes from his wife… He hugs her from back and smells her hair… Suhaani says “Yuvaraj!!! Im fresh.. Please go and have bath first…”

Yuvaraj pouts and says “Okay!!!” but before going he comes and kisses her cheek and runs to the washroom…

Suhaani cant believe this side of Yuvaraj… She is enjoying a lot.. She goes out to prepare the breakfast…


Everyone are present except Yuvaraj…  Everyone wishes Good Morni9ng to others and settle down in the dining table…

Everyone notice Suhaani’s face glowing with happiness and feels happy for the couple…

Aishu ask “Bhabhi.. Were is Yuvaraj bhaiyya??” Before Suhaani answers Yuvaraj comes there… Suhaaani is mesmerised by seeing her husband… She thinks “OMG!! My dear patti.. He is looking so hot”..

Aishu shakes her bhabhi and say “Bhabhi.. Bhabhhii!!!” Suhaani comes to sense and looks at her.. Aishu says “Bhabhi what happened??” Suhaani sees her husband and says “Nothing dear.. come lets have breakfast…”

Suhaani serves to everyone and sits beside Yuvaraj… All are having the breakfast… Aishu eats and shouts “Oh no!!!!!” All look at her confused… Aishu says “Bhabhi.. After a very long time im having a tasty food.. Its been three years i had food here..” and her face becomes dull.. Everyone notice this and feels for her…

Suhaani says “My dear Aishu… No worries… Your bhabhi will cook delicious dishes for you daily.. okay??” Aishu’s face glows and says “Thank you bhabhii” All bhaiyya’s face brightens due to their pyaari sister Aishu’s face is full of smile…

Yuvaraj gets hold of Suhaani’s right hand… Suhaani is shocked and tries to take her hand buts the grip is too tight… Aishu notices Suhaani not having her Breakfast and says “Bhabhi have your breakfast.. What are you waiting for???” Suhaani smiles and says “Ya i will have…” and tries to get her hand but couldnt…

Aishu notices Suhaani’s face and thinks something is wrong so she drops the spoon and bends down to take it and then finds her pyaari bhaiyya’s naughty behaviour and smiles…

Yuvaraj says “Arreeyyy Suhaani… What are you waiting for?? have your breakfast??” and all see Suhaani… Suddenly Aishu says “Bhaiyya!!! How can my bhabhi have her breakfast??” Sharad ask “What do you mean Aishu?? Y bhabhi cant have??”

Aishu says “Because my pyaari bhabhi’s hand is caught hold by my buddu bhaiiya..” and laughs… Everyone understands the matter and laughs… Yuvaraj leaves her hand and smiles… 

All starts to tease them and YUVANI are embrassed…

All the family members tease them and YUVARAJ-SUHAANI shyly smile at eachother…

Aftef 6 month ……..
Dadi has kept pooja for yuvani
dadi : do all work fast after some times guest will arrived
ramesh :ji dadi ji

In Yuvani room
suhani is sitting in front of mirror she is feeling very dizzy she place her hand on the head
yuvraj :suhani are u ok
suhani : yes i am tired thats why she get ready
yuvraj was mesmerized by seeing her beauty suhani saw that yuvraj is staring her she say what happened yuvraj i am not looking good
yuvraj:no non u are looking gorgeous lets go downstairs …
The pooja start yuvani sit there suhani feel dizzy and she faints yuvraj worries and says suhani suhani wake up Sharad docter ko bula he lift suhani in her arms and go towards her room followed by others members ..

After 1 hour
suhani open her dyes and see everyone looking at her
She asked what happened to me
Everyone is quite no one tells
pratima say again i am going to be dadi u are pregnant suhani she is shocked ….
bhavna hugs her slowly everyone goes to their rooms now yuvraj came he say suhani i am very happy today u gave me the world best gift and tightly hugs her as tightmasmhe could suhani also hugs bim back

after 9 month
all are waiting outside the hospital docter came and say congratulations u become father the girl boy and the mother trio are safe Yuvaraj ask the doctor may i meet them plz plz plz doctor dont say no doctor say ok bt only one of u yuvraj said ok he meet suhani and the children and name them yuvan and yuvani they live like a happy family

******The End******
I end it bcoz i dont have further story and i dont want to drag instead of dragging i end it plz plz comment silent reader also bt i think there is no silent reader thanks u all who give me support and strength luv u all
keep reading !!
Keep smiling !!
Keep supporting !!
Thanks for reading and supporting luv u alll muahhhhhh !!!

Credit to: komal

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    God bless you komal and i love you yaar.

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