Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 18

Hii i am komal i know you all are bored with my ff its ok no problem as soon as possible icwill end it and a very big thankyou to my sweetheart my jaanu Aqsxxh , sanaa ,?????????, napasha , nithu ,neethu ,neetu ,roz ,ayushi ,Leonardo ,ci luv u all and thanks for your comments and support and sorry to those writers that i dont commented in ff but its all awesome ptar ki ye anokhi kahani , love is the way , pyar ki intehann ,destined to meet , the jealousy track sambhav vs yuvraj os of yuvani and so on……… all sre ossammmmmm ….. lets start

Sangeet gets over and everyone goes to their room as tomorrow is Yuvani’s marrige.. 

Yuvaraj enters his room but misses Suhaani a lot… He knows from tomorrow Suhaani will be with him forever but what abt today?? HE wants to meet her… He knows that Suhaani is in guest room and thinks of going and meet her but stops and thinks “What if someone is there with her??” 

He says “Shall I call her?? what if she slept?? She may feel tired..” and pouts..

Just then he hears a knock and goes to open it… its Ramesh.. He says “Bhaiyya!! Suhaani bhabhi said to give this letter to you”.. Yuvaraj hearing Suhaani’s name grabs the leter and smiles…

He opens it and reads

 Dear Yuvaraj..

       Will you be able to come to terrace now.. I need to meet you…

Yuvaraj smiles and rushes to terrace…


Yuvaraj comes and searches for his angel.. Suddenly he hears anklet sound and turns.. He is mesmerized by beauty of his angel standing before him… Her face glows in the moonlight… Suhaani blushes as Yuvaraj is walks towards her..

Yuvaraj touches Suhaani’s face and says “Your looking beautiful Suhaani…” Suhaani shyly smiles…

Yuvaraj says “Suhaani Im really missing u a lot.. I cant able to live without seeing you a second also.. I know from tomorrow ur going to mine.. oly mine forever…” Suhaani sees him with moist eyes and says “Yuvaraj.. Im the most happiest person now.. Im missing u too.. From tomorroe I will be yours totally…” amd smiles..

Yuvaraj wipes her tears and says “Not anymore.. I need oly to see ur smile” and Suhaani smiles…

Yuvaraj kisses her forehead and Suhaani closes her eyes… Yuvaraj slowly caresses her cheecks and kisses.. He holds her waist tightly and Suhaani grabs his collar…

Yuvaraj goes near her lips and Suhaani closes her  eyes tightly.. They could feel the other’s breathe… Suhaani ask in husky voice “Yuvaraj did u call me here for this ah???” Yuvaraj says “I thought of calling u as i missed u.. But i got ur letter..”

Suhaani moves back and says “I didnt give any letter but got letter from u..” and Yuvaraj says “But i didnt send any letter” both are confused and suddenly they hear laughing sound.. They turn and shocked to find Saurabh-Anuj-Sharad-Krishna with Rags-Menaka-Sowmya..

All come towards them and says “How was our plan??” Yuvani blushes seeing them…

The ladies says “Your romance time is over.. So we are taking ur angel with us.. Bye” and takes Suhaani with them.. Suhaani leaves sadly with them missing her Yuvi… Yuvaraj watches her moving and pouts..

The boys tease him and take him down.. Both Yuvaraj and Suhaani cant able to sleep..

They are thinking abt the sweet moments and waits for tomorrow…


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Credit to: komal


  1. Neethu

    It’s too good Komal dear!! And yes, I felt bad as u didn’t comment in my ff..But now u are forgiven 🙂

  2. sri

    ur ff is very nice and interesting .dont end this …plz plz
    todays epi is awsome and update next epi soon…..

  3. ?????????

    After reading your FF, no one will dare to say that your FF is boring.

    Keep writing Komal, we as your readers are your strength and reason to keep writing and doing what you do best.

    I love you Komal yaar.

  4. ci

    i was sad komal today.Bcoz after a long time i come back my home.i was busy in college.Eventhoug everyday i read updates.i come yesterday & i have 1 day to spend here.I have to go tommorrow morning.I was eagerly waiying for today episode.After a long time i was going to watch it in its correct time and also iin Tv.I was excited.I was watching.But at the first break my cable connection gone bcoz of some issue.It wil be okay after some days.But i was very sad because upto now it was ok.But when ssel starts it go.I was sad and angry.Feel like throw simething on flower.But at that time i remember our suhani and become cool.But i was really sad and decide to watch movie that i like most.while watching i remember about written update.But it will not paste.But your ff make me happy.Aise feel hua mein ssel dekh chuki.Thank u fir that.

    ppz can anyone post todays episodr plz.its a humble request.

    • komal sontani

      Thanks ci icam glad to see that someone is being happy with my ff thanks ci and the episode is updated,just see luv u muhhhhhh

  5. Aqsxxh


    |Registered Member

    I love love love ur FF komal, and yes u did mention me x I dont want this to end,I am obsessed with it, and noone finds this boring, Komal, u mean a lot to me and if u do end this ff, please please pleaseeee make another one, becos ur writing style is unique and i like it Ty Komal for such an amaizng journey, please do reconsider ur desicion

  6. NAPSHa J

    Its amazing dear.. And i m not able to focus on my ff coz i m too upset with the current track.. Will be back soon..

  7. Ruksy


    |Registered Member

    dont end it its too awsome i would feel so sad that you ended an excellent ff so soon plz carry on its very good.

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