Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 13

Hello this is komal today’s episode is very very very emotional lets start

Yuvaraj shouts “Suhaani…” Suhaani gets hit by a car and lies in the blo*dy floor…

All the family members are shocked to see Suhaani’s state… All rush towards Suhaani and shouts “Suhaani.. wake up!!!”

Sharad finds Yuvaraj standing in a shocked state… He rushes to him  and says “Guru… What happened?? See Suhaani bhabhi… we need to take her to hospital… Guru!!!”

Yuvaraj is recalling the incident.. The accident scene flashes in his memory in a slow motion.. Tears are falling from his eyes.. When Suhaani gets hit by the car she shouts “Yuvaraj…”

Yuvaraj realises and shouts “Suhaani…”.. He runs towards her and is shocked to find her in the blo*dy ground… His heart stops… He gets restless…

Yuvaraj calms him and goes to her.. He picks her up in his arms and runs to the car followed by the members of Birla’s house..

In car.. Yuvaraj is having Suhaani in his lap and Sharad drives the car.. Yuvaraj wakes Suhaani.. She doesnt respond.. He says “Suhaani… Nothing will happen to you.. Dont worrry.. Im there rite.. You will get well soon.. Nothing will happen..” and cries..

Sharad too cries seeing her Bhabhi’s state and his Guru’s state… All the members are coming in their cars…

In hospital… They all reach the hospital… Yuvaraj carries Suhaani in his arms and runs inside the hospital… He says “Suhaani.. dont worry.. look we came to hospital.. you will be fine..” He places Suhaani in the stretcher and rushes to ICU…

When doctors are about to take inside Suhaani’s hand was holding Yuvaraj’s shirt tightly… He doesnt want her to go alone but doctors took her…

Pratima cries and says “What is this?? Y this is happening to us?? Just now i prayed to keep us all happy but y did u do like this?? Please save my Suhaani…” Sharad cries too but tries to console his mausi…

Dadi , Menaka , Rags , Saurabh and Anuj pray to god to save Suhaani… Sowmya hugs Krishna and cries and he consoles her…

Sharad sees Yuvaraj who is standing idle… He doesnt know how to console him… Sharad goes and keeps his hand on Yuvaraj’s shoulder and says “Dont worry.. Bhabhi will be fine.. Nothing will happen to her..”

Yuvaraj cant control his tears anymore.. He hugs Sharad and cries harder… He says “Y this happening to her alone.. What mistake she done?? She jus loved me and married me.. Is this a mistake??? From that tym she is suffering.. I thought I will give all happiness to her but Im giving all hurt to her…”

“Her happiness is gone because of me oly… She might be happy if she didnt meet me… All used to hurt her.. But she will accept it witha a smile.. IS this the punishment for her??? ” and cries…

He sees Sowmya and goes to her.. He says “Are you happy now??? You expected this to hapen rite???” in an anger tone.. Krishna tries to interrupt but Sowmya nods let him say… Yuvaraj says “Y u didnt let her to live happy?? Did she ever hurt you?? have she ever stole ur happiness?? No.. She wont.. But you stole her happiness.. Used to hurt her.. what did you get from this?? She always cares about you.. She was the one who called Krishna because your were feeling alone…” and sees Krishna.. Krishna nods Yes and Sowmya cries.. 

Sowmya says “Ya you were right.. I betrayed her.. I have hurt her.. This punishment should be for me but she took it.. I wont let anything happen o her.. Suhaani.. My Suhaani will be fyn..” and goes to the god.. She says “God.. If anything happens to my Suhaani i will die at the moment.. The trust Suhaani as in you will also break..” and she lights the diya.. She prays…

Suhaani is treated in OT… All are waiting outside and praying for her… Sharad calms Yuvaraj and makes him to sit in the chair… Yuvaraj sits and keeps his hand over his head.. He slightly closes his eyes… Suddenly someone keeps hand on his shoulder.. He turns and is shocked to find Suhaani…

He ask “Su.. Suhaa.. Suhaanii.. You.. Your okay!!” He gets up and holds her face and cries.. He says “Suhaani.. Your fine ah?? Nothing rite?? I wont let anything happen to you… im was really afraid.. But I know that nothing will happen to you.. Your okay rite??” and cries.. Suhaani wipes his tears and says “Arrey!!! Yuvaraj dont cry… I dont like to see my Yuvaraj to cry…”

Yuvaraj wipes his tears and says “I wont cry.. Your here rite?? Y should I cry?? I wont…” Suhaani smiles and says “Yuvaraj I need to tell you something…” Yuvaraj says “Say Suhaani…”

Suhaani says “Yuvaraj… All lifes are with ups and down.. Anything can happen anytime… Bu we should stay stronger always hatever happens…”  Yuvaraj is looked confused…

She says “The best thing in this world happened to me is YOU… Loving you and marrying you… whenever your angry at me i will think once a day will come when you will love me unconditionally.. That had happened… I have never felt that I left my Papa and Maa because here Ma cared for me so much than my Ma… Im oly child in my home.. I dont have brothers.. But when entered here I got many brothers.. Saurabh Bhaiyaa.. Anuj Bhaiyya.. Ramesh Bhaiiya and Mainly My P.A Bhaiyya the one who used to care for me always”

“And then My Sowmo.. My dear friend and My closest pal.. I was hurt a lot when she betrayed me / hurt me but i used to think a day will come when she will accept me and it happened.. And then Dadi , Rags Bhabhi and Menaka Bhabhi.. I used to wait for the day when they all accept me whole heartedly and it too happened.. My family is so happy but as I said life is so miserable we cant judge anything.. Anything can occur…” 

Yuvaraj says “Suhaani..What are you saying?? All we will be remained as always.. everyone will be same as befor..” Suhaani wipes her tears and says “I know.. They wont chnge.. Lokk everyone praying for me but what if their prayers doesnt become true.. They all will be shttered.. You need to give strength to them.. Take care of everyone.. Take care Maa.. Dont get angry… Eat healthy foods…” and cries.. She starts to leave.. Yuvaraj says “Wait Suhaani.. Were are you going?? what are you sayin?? Your there to take care of everything y should i worry about it??” Suhaani smiles and says “No Suhaani here afterwards.. Its going to be Yuvaraj” and leaves..

Yuvaraj doesnt understand anything and thinks about the things she said.. He understands and shouts “No Suhaani.. Dont go!!!”

All are shocked to hear Yuvaraj.. Shard and Pratima tries to console him.. He says “No I need to talk to her.. She jus now came and spoke with me..”

All ask “What??” 

Yuvaraj says “Yes.. She came.. She is asking me to take care of everyone.. She is talking like she is going somewhre.. How can she go?? I want to talk and stop her now..” Everyone is shocked to hear it and cries… Sharad calms him and says “Guru.. Calm down.. Suhaani will not go anywhere leaving us.. Lets pray”

Yuvaraj notices that diya was going to off so he runs and protects it.. The doctors comes out… All reach them.. Yuvaraj ask them about Suhaani.. All are eagerly waiting for the response..

Precap : The doctors says “We are so sorry… Patient is so critical… Its hard to save her… She has only few minutes left.. Its better you all go and see her…All are shattered to hear those words.. Yuvaraj is dumbstruck.. He turns and sees the diya is off… He doesnt know how to react.. All the members cries hard and harder… All start to enter the ICU.. There they find the innocent girl…

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  1. Nice epi komal. ….u were right it is so emotional that i had tears coming out of my eyes……? Keep up the good job komal.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks sanaa keep commenting

  2. OMG!!!! This was such an emotional epi,,,,,reaallyyyyy tears came down my eyes,,,,,,,plz don’t kill her,,,put her in coma state or anythng bt plz don’t let her die

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks roz darling

  3. Nithu

    Omg pls dnt make su die..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu i will think about it

  4. NAPSHa J

    Perfect.. And too emotional!!
    I think the “innocent girl” is not suhani..

    1. komal sontani

      Aww…. bt the inocent girl i suhanis

  5. :'( :'( komal its not happen yar . suhani il not to die

    1. Emotional episode….please komal don’t die suhani . you think something different that make everyone happy and shoked when they read….. We all are waiting for your next episode hopefully it make everyone happy …. Happy ending is always loved by everyone …. And one more thing your writing is awesome it make me feel that like I am see this episode in TV …..your are awesome and smart….all the best for your next ff

    2. komal sontani

      Thanks ash and dont be sad its not suit u

  6. Absolutely fabulous…too emotional… I want to see yuvani happy together forever… Please

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks farhat

  7. Very emotional episode komal

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ayushi

  8. I’m nearly in tears Komal.I think Suhani won’t die..plzz update the next episode fast I’m eagerly waiting..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks neetu plz dont cry

  9. komal sontani

    Sorry to guyyss but Suhaani will die in my ff u guyys just wait and watch

    1. I got your plot…..i think a look alike of Suhani will enter yuvi’s life…..who will be similar or contrary to Suhani’s character.

  10. Then i will not read this.Because mein ff asali serial se. kutch shanthi milne ke liya read karthi thi bt u r making me more emotional.U can atleast give bacha of suhani and yuvraj.and start their kahani.Bt i dont like suhani dying.yuvi mar gaya phir phi mein suhani.
    is episode read karne ke bad mujhe pehla feeling yehi hua agar aisa yuvraj asli kahani mein ro hothe suhani ke liye.
    Bt U r doing just like ssel writers doing.Dont minding readers concept.But sorry to say thum suhani jise kosiko bhi lavo kahani chahe jithni achi ho i will not read this.
    Agar aap yuvraj se uski shadi karva doongi phir kya suhani yuvi ki kahani hogi.kal ke episode ke bad i will not read this.


    I am npt scolding u.But its my pain.I like suhani.only beco of i watch ssel.suhani hein isliye mein. thumhari ff read karthi ho.Agar thum suhani ko mar doongi then it will be story of yuvraj.Suhani will not be in this.

    1. komal sontani

      Just chilll ci suhan nah maregi next episode dekhna sab samaj jao ge its a twist

  11. komal sontani

    Thanks khushi

  12. Yaa very emotional….. and ur writing is really awesm komal…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks anju

  13. Superb but very emotional, My heart is still sore. That’s perfect writing that invokes feelings from the readers ?????

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks mercy

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