Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 11

Hii i am vey happy today as my all projects have completed and submitted noww iwill start my studies wooww !! Byt dont warry its does not effects on it i will continue it ifff its not boring tell me guyyss may i stop or continue let’s start

They reach birla house… Yuvaraj is very angry but he walks holding Suhani gently…

Pratima and Sharad are shocked to see Suhaani’s hand.. They ask “What happened Suhaani?? How did you get hurt???”

Suhaani doesnt say anything and looks at Yuvaraj.. Yuvaraj fumes in anger… Pratima ask him but he doesnt answer…

He takes Suhaani along with him to his room and after sometimes comes out of the room with their luggages…

Yuvaraj and Suhaani comes to the hall and Yuvaraj says “We are leaving birla’s house…”

All are shocked to hear it… Pratima goes to him and ask “What happened beta?? Y did you decide like this??” and cries..

Sharad , Anuj and Saurabh also ask him about his decision but they stand idle…

After seeing his mom’s condition Yuvaraj says “Ma… You said rite I need to take care of Suhaani???” Pratima says “Yes beta.. You should.. But y r u going out???”

Yuvaraj shouts “If Suhaani stays here her life is danger…” Everyone are shocked and ask “Wht do you mean???”

Yuvaraj says “You all was asking me what happened to Suhaani?? Y her hand is hurt??” and goes near the evils of Birla… And shouts “Better ask them”

All are confused… Yuvaraj says “Dadi.. How can you think to kill Suhaani??” All are shocked and Suhaani gets tears in her eyes..

Dadi says “What are you saying beta??? I didnt do it.. You have to believe me..” Yuvaraj says “Enough Dadi.. Enough.. You all planned to kill Suhaani.. How can you all be so cruel.. What mistake she done?? What if I didnt see at right time and save her???”

He says “Dadi.. Let me say a thing.. I love Suhaani a lot.. I cant live without her.. what you thought?? To kill Suhaani and i will marry this girll… Never and ever… If somethings happens to Suhaani you all cant see Yuvaraj alive too..”

All gets emotional and evils faces are down… Yuvaraj goes to their bhabhi’s and says “What did Suhaani do to you bhabhi?? She was the one who took care of this house… Have you ever helped her… but always hurt her.. I remained calm because you all were my bhabhi’s but today i cant take it any more… Its better you both stay away from our life otherwise i dont know what i will do!!!”

Rags says “Yuvaraj!!! Your scolding your bhabhi’s for this girl?? How can you??? She is some..” before she completes it Saurabh comes there and gives her tight slap and shouts “enough!! Shut up.. No more words…” Rags remain silent…

Yuvaraj goes near Sowmya  with so much hate and anger” I feel like killing you at this moment.. But I dont like to touch you also.. Your full of dirty Sowmya… Do you the meaning of love??? I dont think so ur loving me?? Ur loving the name Birla’s bahu.. its status.. the money.. its luxury.. Shame on you.. Due to this money you betrayed your husband.. your friend…”

He says “I know Suhaani for just some months.. I understood her character completely.. But you were with her from childhood but how cn you even think like this?? But still you know she always care for you.. Because she is Suhaani”

Yuvaraj takes the bags and holds Suhaani’s hand starts to leave.. They hear voice “Wait..” Its Pratima… She comes to Yuvaraj and says “Beta.. After your dad left also still im living because of you beta.. Dont leave me beta…” Yuvaraj in tears says “But ma…” Pratima says “I will also come with you beta…” while the three start to move Sharad comes and says “Guru.. I dont have anyone.. I jus have my mausi.. my guru and my bhabhi.. How can you all leave me alone?? and cries..”

So all the four strt to leave and now they are stopped by their brothers Saurab and Anuj who wants to join them…

The evils are shocked to see everyone leaving… Dadi , Rags and Menala accepts their mistakes and ask then=m to stop but no use…

Just then Suhaani stops at the door.. All look at her confused… Yuvaraj ask “What happened??” Suhaani says “Yuvaraj!! This is not right.. We should not go out leaving them alone..” Yuvaraj gets furious and says “Y are you supporting them.. They planned to kill you.. Do you think that your a maahaan???”

Suhaani says “Im not a maahaan.. Im Suhaani birla rite?? Im the bahu of this house.. How can I make the family to break.. No.. We are family… We all need to stay united.. Yuvaraj the hate towards me as turned a love for you.. I havee a hope that all will understand me once… please lets all stay here…”

So hearing Suhaani words all head towards their rooms… Dadi and co feels guilty…

In Yuvani room…

Yuvaraj thinks about all happenings and feels… How can they try to kill her?? What would have happened if i dint see it on time?? OMG!!

Suhaani comes and calms him.. She says “Yuvaraj.. Look Im fyn.. Dont worry.. Ur face is not nyc to see like this…”

Yuvaraj feels and says “I will die if anythings happens to you” and hugs her tight…

She wipes her tears and say  “Arreyy!! Look.. If anything happens to me like that just say Suhaani im having samosas for you.. Surely i will wake up…”

Yuvaraj laughs and says “Is it so??” Suhaani says “Yuvaraj.. Your my world.. I wont leave you… Whatever happens to me jus say Suhaani I love you, I want to you.. I will surely wake up from death also” and cries..

Yuvaraj hugs her tight and says “I love you”

Suhaani replies “I love you too”

Precap : all are in hospital outside the icu and doctor came out and say sorry she is no more…..,,

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  1. OMG! Who is dead in Thebes Birla house.. What a twist.. Gr8 episode..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks farhat

  2. Awesome eagerly waiting to know who is there?

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ayushi

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu

      1. Nithu

        Komal pls update nxt epi its soo intresting

      2. komal sontani

        I will update it soon nithu

  3. who is dead……?????
    definitely not suhani……right???????

    1. komal sontani

      MAy be suhani is dead

  4. Aqsxxh

    NO WAY! Please Be Dadi! Please say she died… This is mind-blowing, phenomenal!

    1. komal sontani

      There is a big twist in the story

  5. Nice epi Komal dear.I guess its Suhani in the precap…. as in todays epi it is mentioned that if anything happens to her yuvi should say…i have samosas for u or i love u Suhani. Then she will surely wake up.

    1. komal sontani

      Let’s see what happens next thanks sanaa

  6. May be Soumya suicided due to her guilt,,,,,u won’t kill Suhani or Yuvi,,,rite…and I loved the part where yuvi was scolding the evils,,,,,I always wanted these scenes in the serial

    1. komal sontani

      Just see in this it will never there in ssel

  7. it must be suhani.Then yuvrsj will say i love u and i want u.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ci dear

  8. OMG.. i hope that’s not suhani pls komal ..

    1. komal sontani

      Its big twist let see

  9. Wow very interesting one indeed! It must be Dadi or somya who is dead..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks neethu

  10. the episode is awesome and today what suhani said exactly reflects her character.i hope twist will make yuvani more closer.

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks radha and comments more

  11. Nithu

    I wish dadi n sowmya to die…

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu amd ur ff is better than my ff

      1. Nithu

        No komal urs is soo gud i love it than my ff

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