Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 10

Hiii i am komal wowww i have completed 10 episode thanks guys for supporting me let’s start

Suhaani , Yuvaraj and Sharad are shocked due to sam’s confession… Suhaani says “But sam???”

Sam says “I know Suhaani.. Its all misunderstanding…”

All the three are confused… Yuvaraj says “We didnt get you.. Say it correctly…”

Sam says “Actually I didnt love Sowmya in my college days…” Suhaani says “But you proposed her rite??”

sam smiles and says “Ya.. I proposed her thinking its you…” Suhaani ask in shocked tone “What do you mean sam ???”

Sam says “Suhaani when I saw you first in our college i falled for you.. Ya love at first sight.. Then I tried to get closer to you saying I loved Sowmya… I started to love you.. And during the confession I thought Sowmya as You and proposed her.. She rejected me I felt haapy But what if you had done that to me?? I would die.. So I didnt say anything and left to US.. I heard that you got married and came here to see you..When I came here I came to know the truth by Sharad.. So we planned it…”

Sharad says “But sam.. What happened today was not our plan??” Sam smiles and says “Ya.. It was my plan.. I knew that Yuvaraj loved Suhaani.. But Sowmya and Dadi was planning to tell the truth to her.. So I thought of confessing my love to Suhaani which will make Yuvaraj angry and he will propose her…”

Suhaani says “Sorry sam .. I troubled you a lot…” sam says “Suhaani. No need sorry.. Okay???” Suhaani smiles..

Sam goes near Yuvaraj and says “Hey!! Sorry for troubling you… Your lucky to get Suhaani… You and Suhaani are brought together as per God’s wish.. I know that Suhaani is in right hands… So im happy now and its time to leave…”

Yuvraj says “Thanks sam for help.. I got my life now.. Im so happy.. But sam I need to ask you a think??”

Sam smiles and says “Dont worry Yuvaraj.. I dont have any feelings for Suhaani.. She is just my best friend and will also be…” All the three smiles…

Sam waves good bye to them and leave the Birla’s home…

Suhaani whispers in Yuvaraj ears “Are you happy now??” Yuvaraj nods Yes and says “But I need a gift now??”

Suhaani says “Gift?? Now?? What you want???”  Yuvaraj goes near her and shows her his cheeks and ask “Give one Please..” Suhaani blushes and says “Yuvaraj.. Are you mad??”

Suhaani says “Gift?? Now?? What you want???”  Yuvaraj goes near her and shows her his cheeks and ask “Give one Please..” Suhaani blushes and says “Yuvaraj.. Are you mad??”

Yuvaraj says “Yes.. Im mad about you.. So please give me na??” Suhaani gets shy and says “No.. I wont .. wat if anyone sees??” Yuvaraj says “None there..” At that time they hear someone coughing.. They both look at Sharad.. Sharad is laughing…

Yuvani feels embrassed… Yuvaraj signs Sharad to go.. While going Sharad teases the both saying “Give some privacy Guru.. Cant you wait until you reach ur room ” and runs away.. 

Yuvaraj is smiling and suddenly he felt some current is passing through his body… He didnt realise what happened… He turns to see Suhaani who was running to the room..

He realised that Suhaani has kissed him in his cheeks… He just rubs his cheeks and regains the incident… A sudden peck at his cheeks and feels shy.. He runs to his rrom…

These are noticed by the evils and all fumes in anger and decides to plan something…

In YUVANI room…

Yuvaraj comes to their room and searches for Suhaani.. He checks the room and doesnt find her.. He thinks to leave but finds that Suhaani is hiding near cupboard… He smiles and he leaves…

After he goes Suhaani comes out and says “Thanks god.. Great escape Suhaani..” She feels someone holding her waist tightly… She feels shy… Yuvaraj places his face on her shoulder and says “Y are you afraid Mrs.Yuvaraj?? Just now a got a gift from you so thought of returning it back…” and winks t her..

Yuvaraj turns her and makes her to face him… Their eyes get locked… An intense eyelock… (BGM Saware plays…)

Yuvaraj slowly comes towards her and kisses her forehead.. And then slowly in her eyes… And then in her cheeks… Suhaani is trembling.. Yuvaraj goes down to her lips.. He sees her lips are shiveing.. He slowly goes near her lips but at a fraction of secong Suhaani pushes away Yuvaraj and runs…

Yuvaraj starts to chase her.. They were running in their room like tom and jerry… Suhaani gets on bed and so does Yuvaraj.. While they fighting both falls on the bed…

Yuvaraj is in top of Suhaani… They could feel the other breathe… Yuvaraj admires her beauty.. He slowly takes the hair from her face and moves closer…

Suhaani closes her eyes and Yuvaraj lips gets locked with hers… They both closes their eyes and enjoys the moment… They are disturbed by a phone call… Yuvaraj gets up in an irritated mood and answers it.. He says “Ya we will be there in 20 minutes…” Suhaani ask him “What?? Where are you going??”

Yuvaraj smiles and says “Not me.. WE..”

Yuvaraj and Suhaani reach a beach side restaurant..  Suhaani is speechless and hugs him tight.. He too tighten his grip…

They both enjoy the view and plays with water…

A man comes there.. He gets a call.. The other person says “Did you see her?? Just finish of her…”

He cuts the call and takes a knife.. He goes near them… Yuvaraj goes to get ice cream for them leaving Suhaani alone in water…

Yuvaraj gets icecream and turns to Suhaani’s side and is shocked.. He finds a man standing behind her with a knife… Suhaani didnt notice it…

That man is about to hurt Suhaani but Suhaani moves little hearing Yuvaraj’s voice “Suhaani.. Move to your right side now!!!”

She gets hurt in her hand and blood starts to flow… Yuvaraj runs to her and ask “are you okay??” 

Suhaani still in pain but nods Yes.. Yuvaraj can feel her pain but he run towards the man who had hurt Suhaani… He gets him and starts to beat to  him..

Suhaani also comes there… Yuvaraj grabs his collar and ask “Why did you come to hurt Suhaani?? Who said you to do it???”

Suhaani and Yuvaraj are shocked to hear his answer…

Precap : Suhaani and Yuvaraj walks out of Birla’s house with their bags…

To be continued soon…

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  1. I’m sure it’s somu or dadi. Rags and menka can’t be that bad

    1. komal sontani

      Let see what happens

  2. It must be the evils of birla house and yuvani have made a right decision to leave the house post the next one soon

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      Thanks ayushi keep commenting

  3. u worth it komal fr ur 10 th ff and more and future episodes also…

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      Thanks ash dear

  4. Resiel

    Its really lovely continue and don’t stop writing<3

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  5. Wow wow wow,,,,,superb,,,!

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  6. Aqsxxh

    YES KOMAL! CONGRATS ON 10! made it worth while 😉 Please carry on to 100 😀 if u don’t imma be very very sad sis x Ly x

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      Thanks Aqsxxh and it will try my best

  7. congratulations Komal on completing 10th episode…..
    you are very talented….
    great episode……:)

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      Thanks Leonardo i will updated it soon

  8. Congrats for your completion of 10 episodes!! This episode was very interesting

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  9. first congrats on completion of 10 episodes and about today’s episode its too good.

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  10. Hey komal, u r just amazing in writing this story.. yuvani’s romantic scene s nicely written ..
    and congrats for ur 10th epi..
    keep writing 🙂

    1. komal sontani

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  11. nice episode

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  12. komal when are you uploading episode 11….????
    waiting for it desperately……

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      1. waiting is proving to be difficult…..
        please upload it soon……..

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        Me update kar chuki hu thanks for loving it

  13. Wow lovely episode.. Waiting eagerly for the next one

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