Meri Aashiqui Tum Hi Ho (yuvani) episode 1


Hii its me Komal guys I am so happy now I am starting a new FF guyyss its not my story but I have edited it’s my favourite story please please support me incorrect me I hope you all I hope you all like this because I know all of you all are my family please comment below

the story take place where from when Suhani didn’t know about the truth that her marriage is force full and Soumya is living in Birla house she left Krishna house as in story Soumya Mother want to marry Sambhav And guyyss its old track not new in place of a ankit i am replacing sambhav Soumya’s mother want Soumya To marrySambhav and on other side Soumya want two separate yuvani so she is closing suhani and sambhav so yuvraj thunks suhani love Sambhav and sambhav is a chidhod friends SOUMYA AND Suhani

Lets start
Yuvraj is angry with suhani just bcoz of their small fight .All reach the theatre… Ankit goes to get the tickets…Suhaani calls Sowmya to accompany her to restroom but she doesnt go..Suhani sees Yuvaraj but he turns away…So Suhaani moves alone…After sometime Ankit reaches the place with tickets and ask for Suhaani…Yuvaraj says she went somewhere.. She will come…After some time Suhaani doesnt return… Yuvaraj gets tensed for suhani.Ankit ask Yuvaraj to look for Suhaani… But Yuvaraj doesnt respond.. So Ankit leaves to search for Suhaani…Yuvaraj starts worrying for Suhaani… He call her maximum 20 times but she didn’t pick up the phone after 5 min yuvraj ring ring he feel irritated by seeing the name but attends the call..
Ankit says “Yuvaraj!!!! Come out soon… Suhaani…” Yuvaraj gets tensed when he hears Suhaani crying…

Precap: yuvraj rushes out and finds Suhaani hugging Ankit and crying hard…
He is shocked to see her state…
Yuvaraj move towards them and calls out “Suhaani…”

Credit to: komal

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  1. NAPSHa J

    Nice one dear.. Plzz continue.. 🙂

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks napasha ye to suruwat he aage aage dekho hota he kya ther are a lot of yuvani moment

  2. Nithu

    Nyc dr cntu

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks nithu thankyou very much

  3. Nice one ya 😀 ,,,Ankit=Sambav na,,,so y u calling him Ankit

    1. komal sontani

      Sorry sorry its by mistake now i will correct i next episode thanks for telling i just forget thanks roz

  4. A good start indeed Komal dear!! Please do continue..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks BFF!!

  5. awesome..di.. Continue with the next… Its fab..

    1. komal sontani

      Hmmm thanks small sis darling ruby !!!!

  6. nizz komal dr..
    ur title was perfect match to yuvani
    .. pls type it little bit space..
    i hope u also show ur best in ff..
    and all the best ..

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks ash u dont have any idea mere liye ek ek comment kitni maene rakhti he thankyou

  7. Nice one komal keep writing and post the next part asap

    1. Thanks ayushi very soon I will update next episode

    1. Thanks ci

  8. Nice komal

    1. komal sontani

      Thankyou dear farhat

  9. Its wonderful start and I’m waiting for the next episode. Loved it.

    1. Thanks sanna it will be updated soon

  10. A.K

    Nice ,plz continue

    1. Thanks A.K

  11. Aqsxxh

    Komal Its amazing! I love it! Absolutely Love it 😀

    1. komal sontani

      Thanks Aqsxxh muje to laga tha ki kiso ko bji pasand nhi aayega

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