MERI AASHIQUI – Swaragini – Intro

Hey swaragini fans…Lakshmi here!! I am going to start a new ff. It will be a triangle love story!!! If u find it good, pls give me ur supports….

Scene starts from showing a big mansion….
It is fully decorated with lights& flowers…. It seems like someone’s marriage is going to happen!!! Yes there is gonna happen a marriage!! … Every body seems very much happy….

Scene shifts to a room…
There were 3 girls in that room.
1st girl: wat will we do now??? Very thing gonna spoil tomorrow…! Ohhh, Yeh soch soch meri dimaakh par badi dard hogayi. Kyaa tum kyoom eise chupa rahi hei? Kuch bolona.
2nd girl: Anu,pls keep quiet for some time….
She get up & go towards the 3rd girl, who were sitting in front of the mirror…that girl was in deep thinking..
She placed her hand on that girl’s shoulder!!
2nd: tum kyaa soch rahi hei??
Just then the 3rd girl got sense!! She was lost in her thought….
3rd: nothing….
2nd:I know wat ur thinking… But wat will we do now?? We done everything wat we could do na??
3rd girl looked at her & went towards the window!!
3rd: haam!! We done everything thing wat we could do!! Yeh sach hei!! Par…meri kismat! Meri kismat kitni bura he na?? Ab meim kyaa karoom?? Meri pyaar ..meri pyaar ko kyaa hoga??
She started crying badly!!!he other two girls came near to her…
1st: ab rone se kyaa hoga?? Pls stop it dear,I don’t want to see ur tears any more!!!
3rd: but…this tears will be with me in whole my life from now!!
She hit her forehead with her hands&cried… She slowly sit in her knees
3rd: kyoom mujhse yeh sab ho raha hei?? Kitni buri hei meri kismat?? Meri pyaar meri pass dha!!! Par… Mujhe meri pyaar ko usko bathana na kar paayi!!! Ab yeh soch meim thadap rahi hei!!!! Yeh Kyaa hei bhagvan???….. Kyaa hei meri kismat??
She fell down in the floor!! Her friends picked her up& hugged her!!
Screen freeze on her crying face…..

PRECAP: character introduction…….

Credit to: Lakshmi


    • Lakshmi

      Thanks a lot Bresh& I said na,it is a triangle love story. So the pairs is not will be reveal now!! So u should wait…

  1. Kriya

    Make triangle love story between ragsanlak bcoz in the serial there was a triangle lovestory b/w swasanlak…..

  2. Lakshmi

    Ohhh here u r Taiana!! Thanks a lot my dear Friend 4ur unconditional support from the beginning to all my ffs….I became so much happy to see ur comment…I will expect this till the final chapter.

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