Meri Aashiqui season 2 – ishveer melted in love (Epi 2)


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Episode 2

The episode starts with ranveer asking Ishani about a truth.
Ishani: what truth ? I have said you everything
Ranveer: no you didn’t say one thing
Ranveer: what happened that night ?
Ishani: which night ?
Ranveer: that night when I came to nirbaya’s house dressed like a servent.
Ishani: (with blushing face) I won’t say
Ranveer: I feel something different about that night it is a new feeling please say Ishani what happened that night ?
Ishani: (she continued to blush) hmm I won’t say
Ishveer and their parents reached mumbai
Ishani was about to enter the house but Ranveer stops her and says he have a surprise for ishani
Ishani: (with lots of curiosity)what surprise?
Ranveer: you first close your eyes
Ishani closes her eyes after few seconds Ranveer says Ishani to open her eyes Ishani opens her eyes she was surprised to see her whole family standing she became emotional and hugs baa.
Baa: I know Ishani one day are family will unite again
Chaitali:I am sorry ranveer I scolded you thinking you killed my son
Ranveer: kaki forget it past is past
Prateek: everyone please stop talking I feel very hungry lets go and have lunch
Amba: ya ya come everyone

Everyone started move towards dining table but ranveer grabs Ishani
Ranveer : Ishani you still didn’t say what happened that night
Ishani: tk tonight I show you what happened that night
Ranveer: show how ?
Ishani goes without saying anything
At night ranveer comes to their room and opens the door he was surprised to see full room is decorated with flowers Ishani was standing their dressed like servent ( dress l ranveer was wearing that night) Ishani walks towards him. ranveer is standing speechless .Ishani comes close to him and says tonight I show you what happened that night . she plays a song Ang Laga De…Ishani comes close to ranveer and kiss him in his lips.

Ranveer says Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi to Ishani and she smiles

Credit to: Nividha vineyan

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