Meri Aashiqui Returns – (Intro)


Hello friends,my name is shagun and I am of 13 years in class 9.i live in uttarakhand .That was my intro. I am writing this ff because I am a great fan of ishveer.hope u all guys like it…..
All the characters that were in matsh are same here also in my ff.if I will include a new character I wiil surely tell his real name.
So here I go..

It was early morning when sunlight falls on our charming rv and rv puts his hand b/w .then a girl is shown in beautifull red colour saree and says,
Girl (smilingly):get up mr u don’t want to go office today.
Rv:holds her hand and brings her towards him and kisses her cheek and says I waana to go ishaani but u are looking so beautiful that I can’t go without u .come with me we will enjoy and smiles naughtily.
Ishu gets irritated and says :ranveer get up
Rv:I will but after 2 mins.
Ishu(thinking in her mind)ur 2 mins are 2 hours.u have to go ranveer and ishu puts a jug of water over himand laughs.
Rv (angrily)is this a way u made someone get up.u spoiled my morning.
Ishu(sweetly)kisses him on his cheek and sys now
Rv becomes naughty and says if u will do this atleast 10 times then my morning will be better and if u kiss me on my lip it will be the bestand smiles
Ishu (shocked)ranveer u are too much I am going
Rv holds her hand and says ok baba I am getting ready.fine
Ishu smiles and says: yes happy and goes out of the room
Rv too smiles and says this girl is crazy but I love her.
Ishu was waiting for rv to come down and have a breakfast

Just then rv comes down with red shirt and black attire.and says gm to her mom pops sis and mausi.
[I have made ishaani’s family rich and living in their own house] Rv and ishaani sits to take breakfast
And just then amba says(smilingly) that ishaani can’t do her breakfast without rv
It makes rv and ishu blushed.
Rv whisphers in ishu’s ear that they will go fir long drive today evening.
Ishu says smilingy yes

Precap:ishveer masti…..

Guys I hope u like it and please tell me where should I improveand one more thing I will update next one on 15 may as my fa’s will end on 14and then I will update long…

Credit to: priya

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  1. Oriya babe u write amazingly keep going ❤

    1. Hey sis how about ur ff??? Pls update it

      1. thank u meera but why u are not updating ur ff,u will not believe that ur ff was the first ff that iread.

  2. Hai priya dear good start.plz continue

  3. Wonderful priya keep it up i liked it dr

    1. thanku for liking it

  4. Fantastic sissy… the way how r u???

    1. prince dear what happened to me I am always fine and one more thing do u study in devisthali vidyapeeth??

      1. no dude i don’t even know these subjects…. cause I’m not from India……

  5. Awesomeeee episode dear!! I loved it! I am superrr excited for you ff darling!

    1. thanks dear and u too also write fantastic.

      1. Thank you dear<3

  6. Amazing… nice start… keep rocking ?? <333

    1. thanks ankita I will call u anku and I will keep rocking and entertaining u all guys.

  7. Hey dear Shagun your beginning is awesome I loved it pls continue your ff

    1. thanks for supporting and I will make my each episode awesome. don’t worry and u will be surely entertained.

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb shagun dear.keep rocking…

  9. Superb shagun di it’s awesome and cute and romantic and waiting for next

    1. thanks tanvee and how re u ur finger is fine.nd really sorry yar I have not commemted on ur ff.sorry dear but I will comment on it soon

  10. Wow shagun amazing epi.i love tis epi lot.keep going and make it long dr

    1. ya sathyav sorry for not updating long as I was not knowing that u all guys will like it or not

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