Meri Aashiqui Returns – (Episode 3)

Hi guys actually one thing I forget to mention in precap that they all will prepare for amba and kailash’s anniversary and thanks for reading my ff
So here’s the episode
Next morning
In rv mansionrv was getting ready for the office suddenly ishu comes
Ishu-what is the date today
Rv-27 may

rv-but why r u shocked
ishu-don’t u remember that tomorrow its maa and baba’s wedding
rv[shocked]-oh my god and we have also not plan something
ishu-ya right now…
rv-hmmmm I have decided that I will not go office today and we will make plan for maa and baba’s wedding
ishu-ranveer but today is ur very important meeting so how can u skip that..
rv-don’t worry I will postpone it
ishu-but ranveer

suddenly he kept finger on his lips snd said
rv-nothing is more important than my family
ishu smiles and murmers because of ur this quality I love u more than me
rv-u have said something
while ishaani was moving out of the room rv holds her hand and says u look very cute while smiling always smile like this only
ishu smiles and moves out of the room

she goes to parul’s room and told her about the anniversary
the both and rvalso comes to study room
parul-what plan we should make for maasi and masa’s anniversary
ishu-I have an idea

r v and parul together says whatttttttt
ishu-we will give surprise party to maa and baba without their knowledge
parul-nice plan bhabhi so we will implement it today
rv-ok we will distribute our work
they distributed the work as rv and ishaani will see the arrangements and its parul duty to make amba and kailash out of the house
ishu- so let’s move
rv-ya we have lot of work to do
at rv and ishaani’s room
rv was showing some designs to ishu
ishu-party’s theme design should be red and white

rv-no blue and white
ishaani-no red and white
rv-no blue and white
ishu-who comes the first an egg or hen
rv – don’t try to change the topic
ishu- I am not changing the topic I just want to say that if u will give the answer of this question the theme will be blue and white
rv[in attitude]- ok fine
rv was thinking
suddenly ishaani grabs his phone and calls to the wedding planner
the call was connecting suddenly rv says
rv ishaani coa..coa..coakroach

ishaani was scared and hugged rv tightly
then rv take the benefit of this and takes his phone and cuts the call
ishu-ranveer this is cheating
rv-oh really so u were doing loyality
ishu-but ranvi red and white is a nice thene
rv-no blue and white
ishu[angrily]-ok fine call the wedding planner and tell to her ur theme I am going
rv holds her hand says don’t u want to see ur husband winning
but rv holds her hand tightly and ishu was trying to remove his hand but it was so tight that she couldn’t remove and rv calls the wedding planner
rv-the theme should be red and white
now rv leaves her hand .

ishu was damn shocked and asks
ishu-ranvi why u have said red and white u want the theme to be blue and white
rv- ya I wanted but u want red and white so I said red and white only
ishi[making innocent face]-but why
rv[smile]-bcoz I love u more than me
ishu[smile]-ranveer I am the most happiest lady in the world who got such a nice husband
rv-but i am not happy
ishu-but why
rv-because my wife is so unromantic

ishu blushes
then rv pulls ishu by her waist but ishu tries to move but can’t
rv-see like this u always tries to move away from me
ishu makes an ignoring face
rv-sometime come closer to me
ishu removes his hand and say in attitude –apart from this I have lot of work to do
rv-is that work more important than me
ishu-nooo…I mean yes
rv smiles
suddenly parul comes and says

parul-bhaiya bhabhi have u decided the theme
rv and ishaani both says yes
parul –ok but I am not getting a plan to make maasi and kaki out of the house
ishu-parul have u discussed this plan with laxmi maasi
ishu-so discuss
parul-but whats the advantage??
Ishu-because she knows the solution of this problem very well
Parul-wow bhabhi what an idea
Ishu-ok now stop appreciating me and go to maasi till then I will send the party’s card

Precap-parul and laxmi tries to make amba and kailash out of the house

Sorry guys for the boring update u can scold me for this and also sorry for the late update actually I was busy doing in my hw hope u will understand but I promise u that further episodes will be nice..

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  1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Its not boring dear.superb episode.I like it.

    1. thanks sana for liking it

  2. Suuuperb epi…. I like ishveer part in deciding theme… good job priya dr… pls post the next epi soon….

    1. thanks julina and as my holidays are there I will post next episode today

  3. No need to scold u Bcoz u write so well n ya it was nice..

    1. thanks radhika and u too

  4. Hi dear I am tanishqa tanvee sissy actually she is not well so she will not comment on any ones ff and I well take chappal and hit u who said episode is boring it was so cute and dear don’t underestimate urself ok na God bless u

    1. dear tanishqa plase don’t beat me actually I think the episode was boring bcoz lack of ishveer romance

  5. Hi Shagun the episode was so cute and beautiful not boring and their is no need to scold you because you are doing it very beautifully ?

    1. Thanks neelam for ur support

  6. very nice sis update next…… r u???

    1. I am fine prince and thanks for comment

  7. The episode was just awesome and tanisqa what happened to tanvee dr just take care of her di

    1. thanks radhika

  8. Priya dear!! It was a great episode darling! I loved it! Please dont ever say that it was boring! I enjoyed all the parts.. Especially the cute knok jhok!!

    1. hey reena I have send u friend request in fb plz accept it and thanks for liking episode

  9. Very nice.

    1. thanjs rithu

  10. love you shakti i miss you too

    1. even me too goki

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