Meri Aashiqui Returns – (Episode 2)

Sorry guys for the late update actually my father has taken the net away from me so I cant update really sorry.Hello friends thanks for ur comments
Now here’s the second update
AS ishaani says I love u too rv they both hug each other
Rv-when we have properly confess our love then we can make our wedding night too
Ishaani shiesly says no and
breaks the hug and becomes nervous so she go nears the window and holds the curtains
Rv comes beside her and made the curtains close
Ishaani shies and moves away
Rv comes and hugs her from back and kisses her cheek then makes her faces towards him
And start kissing her neck just then ishaani pulls him away and says that by doing this u cant break ur promise
Rv-which promise
Ishaani-u don’t remember????
Rv –nooo
Ishu-u have said that u will share the secret that u have never shared to anyone
Rv-oh that I will but for this u have to give me something
Ishu- ok I will give but first tell ur secret.
Rv-ok then listen when I was small I use to play with Barbie dolls and other girls games bcoz at that time I just love girls
Ishu- what girls
Rv- I mean girls games
Ishu- really and she start beating her with pillow
Rv- ok sorry baba see now I have told u my secret now its ur turn to make ur promise
Ishani[with confusing look]-which promise???
Rv-don’t u remember u have said that if I will tell u my biggest secret u will give me something that I ask??
Ishu-oh yaaaa that one ok then tell what do u want??
Rv-hmmmmmmmmmm… a sweet loving kisss
Ishu-whattt ranvi I didn’t think that u will ask me this
Rv-but I have asked so u have to give me and by saying this he pulls ishu towards her and holds ishu by her waist and was about to kiss her just then ishu pushes her
Ishu-ranveer hve u seen the time its 10o’clock don’t u think that we should move (in loving way )
Rv-yes but first u should give me kiss and pulls her towards him and kissed her on her lips
Ishu was blushing too much
Rv-lets move
Ishu nods
Rv- so u enjoyed our first date???
While moving
Ishu was smiling and was lost in her thoughts so she didn’t answer
Rv[shakes her]- ishaani where are u lost???
Ishu[hyperly] in kiss
Meanwhile they both stopped
Rv[smiles naughtily]-if u want then I can give u one more sunny
Ishu-what again u called me suuny ranveer this is second time cant understand my name is ishaani and not sunny is it difficult to understand or do u have short term memory loss?
Rv-oh ur name is ishaani so ur not my wife bcoz my wife name is sunny
Ishu-ok ok…u won I lose fine now let’s move..
Rv- ok

Precap-amba and kailash 30th marriage anniversay’s surprise party

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    Hey Priya really an lovely update !!!! Loved ishveer romance

  2. It’s too cute and romantic keep going didi

    1. I am very very happy that u are fine and thanks by the way what is ur full name

  3. Wow wat a lovely episode ?

  4. Amazing update priya dear! It was so beautiful and romantic.. The secret was funny!! Loved it!!! Eagerly waiting for your next update!!

    1. oh I am very very happy that u like my secret and this time I will update soon

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So lovely episode.loved ishveer romance.pls update next soon.

    1. thanks and I will try to update soon

  6. So nice episode it was really really awesome the scene between ishveer was so beautiful ?

  7. Wow sis very cute story just like u

    1. thanks but how u know that I am cute…..

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