Meri Aashiqui Returns – (Episode 1)


Thanku guys for so many comments and I also want to thank silent readers for reading my ff (I was also a silent reader of all the ff’s but now I only start commenting) and sorry prince actually my sissy study in devisthali and her friend name is also prince so that’s why I asked that ques…
So here is the update
Rv comes to home and comes to the room and asks ishaani if she is ready
Ishaani- yes I am ready for the longdrive remember ??
Rv[smilingly] ya remember I have only asked from u na so how I can forget..
Ishaani – but first we should tell to maa about it.
Rv- I knew that u will ask thus ques that is why I hve already told to maa now we can go
Ishaani-yes lets move
*******************************************************In car
Rv was continuously looking to ishaani
Ishaani –ranveer is something there on my face and she started looking to the mirror
Rv –no
Ishaani- so why are u staring me

Rv- because u are looking so beautiful that I cannot let my eyes away from u.
Ishaani- [first she shies but then say] ok ok now u will be starring me only or concentrate on driving otherwise we have to met with an accident.
Rv[with attitude] –don’t worry the accident will not happen bcoz before becoming a business man I was a driver only.
Ishaani – ok fine I loose u win but now concentrate
Rv[smilingly]-ok sunny
Ishaani-what u called me sunny again
Rv-so what?? U are my sunny only
Ishaani [angrily] stop the car right now I don’t want to go with u

Rv [hyperly stops the car] Ishaani opens the door but rv says sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry but plz don’t go….
Ishaani –what do u think I will accept ur sorry
Rv starts the car
Rv-ok what I have to do ?????
Ishaani- hmmm…share a secret that u have never shared to anyone….
Rv-u know all my secrets
Ishaani –but still u would have one secret that I never knew??say u have na tell tell.
Rv- ya I have but I will tell u later on and stops the car near a hotel
Ishaani- ok share it later but why u have stop the car are we going back so early???
Rv- no we are going in this hotel
*******************************************************in hotel
They move to the hotel where rv booked a room
Ishaani move to the room suddenly light offs and she call ranveer ranveer
Suddenly a projector is shown where mempories of ishveer are shown and a voice came that;
When I was of nine years I saw u for the first time and fllen in love with u but that time I didn’t knew that we will marry one day.we together have faced many challenges but never properly confess our love.but now I have the time also and u also.
Ishaani hears that voice amd watch their memories smilingly suddenly red flowers fall over her ans she dances gracefully and after sometime she stops and rv comes there and bend on his knees with a red rose
Rv- I love u ishaani more than me more than anyone else in this world and I will love u forever and ever
Ishaani- I love u too and kisses on his cheek

Precap:rv told the secret and ishveer romantic moments

I hope u all guys like it and also tell me where should I improve
Thanks for reding……………………
Till then be happy……….
Love u all guys ….

Credit to: priya

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  1. Hai Priya its lovely. Plz update next asap

  2. Hi Priya!! This episode was fantastic!!! I loved it soooo much! The projector part was so good and I cant wait for your next update! Pls update soon

    1. thanks dear and I will update soon

  3. hii priya it is fabulous.
    plZ keep updating

    1. thanku and I will keep updating


    Hi Priya….its really a cute and lovely start……hope the way Ranveer confessed his love……..loved it dear….!!!!

  5. The episode was sooo nice Shagun dear I really liked it ? pls update the next soon

  6. Awesome awesome and awesome really u r fabulous and di r u angry on me u r not commenting on my ff

    1. tanu I am not angry with u and see I have commented on ur ff u are so cute so how someone can be angry with u and never think that I am angry on u otherwise I will never comment

  7. Nice epi…

  8. Wow… sooooo nice epi… its superb…. pls update soon….

  9. haii priya dr..ur ff is suprrbbb…nice episode..

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