Hey guys , its Alia here posting in favour of dolly ……how are u all ? Hope everyone is fine and fit now …..
Dolly’s operation was successful its all because of ur prayers and blessings …..she is out of danger and her leg is removed ….
We r really happy that she is back to normal ….but the feeling of her is not to be described ……anyways doctor said they will have her artificial leg operation soon …….she is still her trauma …..I guess we will have to hive her time indeed ….
Anyways sorry for the bak ….bak ….

Here is the link for the previous episode ,

So here is the promo,
Shona POV
The great sanskar malik steps in …
‘he is my son sanskar ‘ my future father in law Mr amran malik said …
That means he is the groom ……but I must say he was so dashing and handsome , I never saw a boy like him
He came towards the stage with a bright smile in his face … soon as he stepped on the stage he hugged his father and took blessings from my father …
Later his gaze fell on me , he came towards me with a light smile
But ,
‘Hi bhabhi……..’ he said
I was total shocked ………

Later on the busy city Kolkata
@flower stall
A girl wearing red crop top and black skirt was buying flowers ….
She was immensely beautiful …..her eyes were sparkling , her eye brows were of god creation , her baby pink rosy lips were made of strawberry ecense ……
A girl from behind called ‘TARA’
The girl turned …..
“Yes the girl who I was describing is Tara ”
Alia (friend) : Tara come we r already late now
Tara : sure one sec ….
Tara buys the flower and gives it to a grandmother who was sitting in the park
Grandma : why r giving this to me child ?
Tara (smiling) : happy birthday grandma ….
The grandmother was shocked …..
Grandma : but how do u know
Tara : I am seeing u sitting here from past 10years ……I just counted the years of urs ……that’s it
Grandma was really happy but tears comes from her eyes
Tara (innocently) : u didn’t like the gift !
Grandma wipes her tears
Grandma (happily) : no dear ……its actually I am feeling like seeing my granddaughter in u ……its been 10years ….
Tara hugs her …
Tara (happily) : will u consider me as ur grand daughter from now on ….
Grandma (smiles) : yes …..sure …..
Grandma also hugs her tightly ….
Tara : OK grandma I have class now …meet u in evening ….
Grandma : OK bye take care …..
Tara bends down and takes blessings …
Grandma : may u be happy as always ..
Tara smiles and leaves with Alia in her scooty .
Grandma in mind : may u be smiling like always ……god give her a prince charming who will light her day everyday …..

After some days
Tara was standing outside the principal office ….
At that time namish enters
Namish was memerised seeing Tara …..he couldn’t take his eyes off from her ….

A voice called “Swara”
Tara : yes ma’am coming …..
Namish was shocked hearing her name …….


Who is Tara ?
Why is sanskar calling Shona bhabhi ?
Who is the groom then ?
Who is the real Swara ?
Where is ragini ?
Its shova or swasan or shosan or swava or vakav ?

Who are the pairs …….who is real sanskar and Swara ….
Keep reading to find out

I know this promo is confusing but sorry everything will be cleared as it goes on …..
Thanks for the prayers and blessings !

Dolly will come soon …..hope for the best …
Plz comment …..guys it means a lot !

Thanks for the time guys ,
Love u,

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. Full confusing

  2. Can’t understand anything….n by the I have quit reading ur ff…bcz of dolly di behavior….

  3. Full if twist n turns.omg it’s so confusing. Will be waiting. Have a speed recovery dolly di.

  4. Confusing!confusing!confusing.Waiting for the part.Missing you dolly.Love you.

    #Be strong

  5. Alia give Dolly best wishes!
    Oh! I didn’t know about her accident I was offline so…….

    Hope she gets well soon!

    Nah! This story is more confusing now!

    Tara is Swara?
    Then who is SHONA?
    She is also Swara right?

    God knows!
    I am totally confused ?

  6. Happy to hear that dolly is fine…after all she is our kiddo…she will be back with a BANG
    Alia can you tell when will you guys post next update….as my semester exam is going to start….it will be useful
    Can you give the link to reach the whole episode in next update alia….it’s a request (would you mind if i call you by name…i’m reaching 20…or shall i call you di)
    And obviously both of you guys are confusing…..maths is better than this (i’m graduating in maths…i love it)
    We will pray for her faster recovery

  7. Soo good to hear dolly is fine alia plzz tell her that we all are with her she needs support at this time

  8. its amazing its not confusing but its giving thrill to know wt the twist is gonna bee

    anyways i was missing dolly badly ,how is she now ?

    come back soon dolly this world is waiting for a great writer like you

    and alia u are awesome dear i really like ur bonding with dolly it remaining my di

  9. Thank God dolly is alright.And promo is very confusing yaar.

  10. alia its nice…..but confusing…..dolly will get well soon…..our wishes are there for her…..

  11. So confusing bt I’m waiting for the epi

  12. Hi Alia. I’m glad to hear Dolly’s operation got successfull and fine now. I hope she gets out of trauma soon.
    I’m really getting confused of present track. But hope that u nd dolly well. clear it in upcoming parts of the series.
    I wish Dolly to get back normal soon.

  13. fully confused…. dolly god bless u

  14. Itna confusing???

    1. N plz take care of dolly…coz we can’t also think of the pain she is going through…n she is really brave facing it.

  15. bohoy confusion hai………

  16. full on confusing..

  17. mera toh dimag phir gaya 😉 😉
    ask dolly to tk cr……..

    1. Same yaar mera bhi . I am totally confused.
      Take proper rest dolly & get well soon.

  18. hi aliya. iam happy to hear about dolly’s present and better condition.just say her that i’m confused with shona, tara,namish,sanskar,varun and laksh. thanks for your promo di.convey my wishes to dolly .

  19. get well soon dolly.. don’t feel upset.. even sudha chandran (yamini of naagin) lost her leg in a minor age and she was a great dancer. . it is a difficult and painful situation. . but you can overcome it and live as old dolly.. be happy. . many are praying for you

  20. Confusing yaar… plz update soon.

  21. I think ragini(teju) is shona.. so sanskar called her bhabhi.. and varun is laksh(namish).. then tara is swara( helly) namish is varun ( vk) that means you interchange their names.. am I right?

  22. Hello Aliya, nice to see you back n happy to hear that Dolly is fine. definitely she will gets out from trauma soon.
    coming to ur promo, i want say, my head is spinning now. i am so confused.

  23. Totally confusing

  24. Happy to hear dolly is fine. Hope she comes back soon fully recovered. Waiting eagerly for her and her next episode ☺

  25. Happy to hear dolly is fine….

  26. thamiazh magan

    we are fully confused.. hope to clear it after Dolly’s recoverry

  27. are full confused yaar…..what is going on…and happy to hear dolly is alright………….

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