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Episode 8

Author note : there maybe a confusion in the episode ..plz read it patiently ….

So here is the story ,
Ragva comes to hospital as namish informed them …
Ragini (tears) : his is Swara now ?
Namish (pale) : hmm fine …she is sleeping !
Varun (tears , restless) : can I meet her !
Namish simply nods ….
@ward …
Varun enters ….he dadi have the courage to see her but still he gained his power and opened his eyes …
He became really sad and upset seeing the hyper girl like this ….full of bandages all over her body !
Varun tears fell ..
He goes towards Swara and sits on the bed beside her.
He takes her hand and places his on hers
Swara slowly opens her eyes ..
Varun : Shona I am really sorry ….I wasn’t there in need of help for u ….I shouldnt have did that but …
I am really sorry Shona ….
Shona jerks her hands…….varun was shocked …
Shona (tears) : don’t…….touch…….me …..plz ……..I … …..feeling ……bad …..don’t …..touch ….me
Varun was shocked and he cries ….
Varun (tears) : Shona ! I am ready to accept u ….I will always be there for in need …I really want to be with u Shona forever
I want to give all the happiness u deserve …I want u to shine as the moon in my dark days and sun in night times….
I love u Shona ! I love u !
Shona was puzzled but smiles ..
Varun (confused) : why r u smiling !
Shona (tears) : OK I am ready to accept u ….but answer this question first
Varun : ya …I will …
Shona (tears) : whom will u choose between me and ur parents ..if a situation comes ..
Varun was shocked …
Varun. (Tears) : of ….of ….course u ….Shona …
Shona smiles ,..
Shona (faint smile) : stop ur studies and be with me life long ..leave ur parents OK …
Varun was shocked and was really angry ….
Varun (angry) : shonaaaaa !!!!!!!
Shona (angrily) : what u can’t do right …..because u don’t love me …u love my money ….what do u think …whenever u feel like u will talk to to me and throw me …
Varun (angry) : Shona stop
Shona (angrily) : no varun …not today …I know what I asked was selfish ….I accept ….I said to make u realize that u don’t love me….
Varun (confused) : how can u say that ?
Shona (angry) : if u truly love me …..then y r sacrificing me to namish ….if u were a true lover …u would have tried to get me …but u didnt ….u just stepped back and what is the surety that in future u will be always with me …
U will leave me ….if u get an better choice …u r an coward ….we cannot even live for a month or week ….we r not made for each other …
Varun (angrily) : enough Shona ….yes I loved u for money that I can succeed and get a better life for my family but I don’t know about ur feelings ….and moreover ya I stepped back because I saw true love in u and namish …I don’t want to spoil that ….do u get it !
Shona (angrily) : namish is not my lover but my brother ….
Varun was double shocked now
Shona : ya we acted so that ragini di confess to namish Bro that’s it OK ! Nothing else …
Varun (angrily) : u cheat ….because if u both ragini is not confessing her feelings
Now Shona was shocked …
Varun (angrily) : but I never thought that u both can stoop low …how can a borhter and sister …chii
I am ashamed to say it …but u did it ,,,I thought u r from a good family and will know what is correct and wrong …but u !
Shona (angrily) : shut up ! And leave ….
Varun (angrily) : what ?
Shona (angrily) : I said leave from here …
Varun (angrily) : fine ….its my fault to love , its my fault to believe u …now u r nothing to me …and I am nothing to u ….good bye …
Saying this varun leaves in anger …
Shona feels bad and sad ! A tear escapes from her eyes …
@ragnam side
Ragini : namish don’t worry Shona will be back …she is a fighter not a coward !
Namish : yeah ! I know …
Ragini : then what’s bothering u ?
Namish (angrily) : I am thinking who the hell dared to touch my Shona …
Ragini feels bad and happy listening my Shona
Ragini : don’t worry …..soon they will be caught !
Namish (tears) : ragini …I need to say something !….!
Ragini looks on confused
Ragini : yes say me
Namish : I and Shona are not couple but brother and sister
Ragini opens her whole mouth ..
Ragini (shocked) : what ????????
Namish : hmm ya actually I loved u at the first sight but couldn’t express as I didn’t know ur feelings ….so I wanted to confirm thats y I and Shona acted
Ragini was so happy that even namish is loving her ,..she was about to say but namish interuppts
Namish (tears) : but now I can’t love u nor u can
Ragini looked on shock
Namish : because of careless ness Shona is in this condition …I was always thinking about u that I forgot Shona ..its not ur fault but I just can’t losses Swara ….I am getting distraction because of u ragini and I can’t again loose my sister because of that
Ragini looks on shocked …but composes …
Namish (tears) : uncle and we r shifting now …so ….
Ragini wipes her tears and gives a light smile
Ragini : its OK namish I understand …as now Shona is priortity now ….don’t worry about me …I came here to excel in studies …even I was distracted its OK namish ….I am happy that u took this decision ……but remember that I am always there for u !
(Ragini couldn’t control anymore)
Saying this ragini leaves running and crying !
Namish feels bad but makes his heart stone
@Kolkata …
(At malik mansion)
Two boys and some persons (the ones who raped Swara we’re sitting with the boys)
Men 1(sidharth) : u know what that girl was hot and super yaar …but she is 15 only yaar !
The two malik boys were shocked ….
Men 2 (karthik) : y r u shocked ….
Boy (malik first son) : u shouldn’t have did it …..come on only 15
Men 3 (sahil) : come on Laksh is that u who is speaking like that …

Yes guys …..he is Laksh , Laksh malik …..(confused right …I will let u know)
Laksh : come on yaar ….u can just di that I mean she is just 15 and how can ….its ridiculous what say sanskar ….

A hot dashing , handsome hunk who was sitting next to laksh wearing S dollar Chain
Sanskar : ya ..u shouldn’t have anyways …..whatever happened is for good ….u should try for collage girls not school children’s …
All laugh ..
Laksh : maybe sanskar is correct but don’t make a habit of it OK ..
Their men’s nods !
Sanskar ; Laksh listen there is a new family who is gonna shift from Delhi to Kolkata …make sure they know us and our commission rate ..
Laksh nods ..
Laksh : at least I am 18 I can manage ….but u r just 15 how could u manage ….I mean ….its hilarious ..
Sanskar gives a killings smile

The screen freezes

Is it shova or swasan
Is it raglak or ragnam ……
Who is their soulmate ?
Is varun or is sanskar …….
Is laksh or is namish ….

Who ! Who ! Who !
Real story is gonna get started from now !

Stay tuned to get the answers ….

Hope u all like it and plz comment ……I will be waiting !

So how was the twist guys …..Hope u all like it …..

If u any confusion ask me !!!!!!through comments
With love ,

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  1. Shova conversation was confusing..

  2. Well,very nice concept.I am confused about story, but it’s ok.Keep it up dear.

  3. What a twist yaar….. ?????awesome yaar….. I was a silent reader but u made me comment today…… Can’t wait for the next episode….. Update soon…..

  4. Yar its totally confusing!! Its mean varun nd sanskar r different person and laksh nd namish too??…btw today’s epi is good but pura suspense hai !!:(:$

  5. Omg wt a twist yar.ur superb. U just nailed it.eagerly Waiting for next episode. Post ASAP

  6. Who is real sanskar?
    Who is real laksh?

  7. dolly when u intro dat 2 boys in last update itself i confirmed that s laksh nd sanskar…..did really varun loved shona for money or he said dat n anger…..but y u brought sanlak again as a bad boys??????

  8. I will say now wait!….
    It’s Swasan and RagNam…??

    What’s say???……..
    I am sure……

    Pakka walla……
    I know it may be RagLak also but it will be SwaSan definitely…..
    After all I’m a SwaSan fan…..
    Unke rag rag se wakif hu main……. ????????
    Thanks for the lovely episode

    1. But I have a question in my tiny brain……
      Why did shova feel connected at the place where swasan died????????….

      This is a big big question mark on my tiny little brain……

      And why current passed through their bodies when shova hugged??????……

      Why did they get flashbacks??? When they touched???????….

      Answer OK…….

      1. Hi jaf …there is twist in it ….u will get to know it soon …..hmm as I said …this story is full of twists and turns ….
        I only said about Shona …..not about varun yet ….there is a big flashback hidden ..u will know it soon ….
        Thanks for the comment

  9. I think sanskar will be pair for shona bcz he is also 15… but it bit confusing that who is varun and namish…plz clear this

  10. twist..

  11. little princess

    Hey i am new one here but a great fan of u…just loved ur ffs..but this episode created some confusions but i think all those confusions will be cleared by next episodes…anyway i should say that u r fabulous writer with super talent…eagerly waiting for ur upcoming episodes…so keep on writing…

  12. Ek episode Mae Sara story palat dia yaar……..

  13. it is a heart attack for me yaar.varun sanskar or namish laksh 2 2

  14. Wow ,it’s nice twist .

  15. Ok frankly speaking dolly…your ff is losing charm and being a lot filmy and irr relevant. In short losing it spark…..try a bit to modify I seriously didn’t liked this twist sorry to hurt you but I didn’t liked it. Anyways I will continue reading it.?

  16. Rocked it yaar..Fantastic. U gave a SHOCKING TWIST. Keep it on.

  17. Woww superb twist but I am confused. & in Kolkata laksh is older than sanskar . sanskar is 15 & laksh is 18 na. & Plzz clear all this characters I am confusing yaar. & update asap.

  18. arey dolly app kya kiya koi toh mujhe gulcose doo
    shock pa shock i never gave such a heart stroke but u gave
    my mind is blank now until i read next part of ur ff i cant write mind so better do fast its warning ah yaad raknaa 🙂

  19. its gulk if suspense nd mystery. dolly u r just awsm

  20. i am so confused. just completed season 1 n 2,
    i think sanskar and swara will be together, also they are just 15. but confused between namish and laksh. may be history will repeat itself as sanlak were brothers in season 1 n 2.
    so in season 3 it will be raglak only. clear my confusion.

  21. Nice episode but so much confusion. Please clear confusion

  22. Dollyyy…wt twist is dis…ohhh god fullll confusion…but i hav a doubt lak n san wer dos who smashed swara’s dignity…yaar i jst want to kill dem…shova’s conversation is totally confusion…it means varun’s luv is jst fake to grab hr mny…ohhh god my poor swara…

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  24. S I guessed it from sterday episode but didn’t think that sanlak had connection with the rapists. Anyways awesome as usual. Waiting eagerly for next episode ☺

  25. Awesome twist…..I am a a silent reader of your ff but it is just amazing and thanks for adding raglak also and giving them equal importance till now thank you so much

  26. What a twist dr
    I thought that varun is sanskar
    And namish is laksh
    Totally shocked

  27. Confusing yar…and sorry to say but I am finding it boring…some time swasan..shova..ragnam..raglak..huhhh……plz u are a great writer but plz come back to ur track….and u know what I am very disappointed with u…n u know awriter duty is to entertain the readers but u really disappoint me…I asked u many times to upload your other ff….but u didn’t….so I have stopped asking/requesting u…..

  28. plz clear abt varun and namish plz

  29. Awesome twist dr u rocked

  30. Nice twist

  31. I am really confused of everything yaar

  32. This ff is loaded with lots of suspense I am shocked

  33. Swasan and raglak will be the pair I think….. Di this sanskar has all the quality of our sanskar.. Di were is manik,DP,ap???

  34. say me one think who is playing sanskar and who is varun? both roles play by vk?

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  36. wowwww wat a twist…..loved it

  37. couldn’t understand anything… confusing………

  38. Lyk seriously??????

  39. Uff so much confusion any way i think its going to be interesting

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